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  1. Pharmacist Question
  2. Switching from oxycodone to dilaudid
  3. Intrathecal pump and PNE
  4. Feeling trapped
  5. female low t and vit d
  6. Zohydro
  7. Is it normal for neurologist to...
  8. HELP please... Pain Management Doctor Issues, Is it time to change?
  9. epidural and pain relieving injections
  10. Troubles
  11. Medical Malpractice
  12. Bad News From My Pharmacist.
  13. Over Medicated
  14. pain doctor around charlotte, nc
  15. Severe Muscle Pain from OXY taper
  16. Question on in between Drs and meds
  17. Looking for good Pain Management Dr. in Arkansas
  18. Back Problems
  19. On 60mg. Methadone for pain control
  20. Ketamine
  21. short acting meds or pain patches?
  22. Withdrawal Assistance?
  23. Next step is to consider a pain pump, ?'s
  24. Best meds for nerve pain?
  25. Starting new regimen
  26. Long lasting medication Opana
  27. If Tramadol was a narcotic, what could it be compared too??
  28. Need a Toradol substitute?
  29. Generic lidoderm patches
  30. hydrocodone without acetaminophen
  31. Back Pain 101
  32. chiropractor and script question
  33. Out of the Frying Pan?
  34. Had a ua last month and had to take another today
  35. suboxone for hair follicle
  36. SuperGlue my Fentanyl Patch???
  37. Medtronic Neurostimulation Therapy Trial
  38. Questions, questions, questions
  39. Suboxone and weight gain
  40. My insurance is making me crazy (er)
  41. How to approach pn doc with a request for med. change
  42. Hyperalgesia
  43. purdue pharma
  44. Update - no Suboxone for me just yet
  45. Follow up with PM after Suboxone switch
  46. Update on MRI results after hip revision
  47. CT-Scan results/Never thought this would happen.
  48. Just wanted to say hello...
  49. Tell Doc or not about Hydrocodone usage
  50. Morphine er---hard to poop---911
  51. Too fast getting off pain meds?
  52. PDMP and why filling Suboxone can be verybad...
  53. Does anyone have any suggestions how to lessen the stomach pain while taking OpanaER?
  54. In Chronic Pain - Did everything right (in a very dark place and scared)
  55. running low on my meds
  56. Chat with PM doc
  57. Cleansing your system
  58. life in total shambles
  59. Anybody use Zohydro yet
  60. suboxone for pain
  61. Morphine ER and depression
  62. LA generics/cost
  63. New to boards and pain management but not to pain! Cervical & Lumbar Issues
  64. HELP! Family Doctor FIRED ME TODAY!
  65. Chest pain a side effect or cause of depression?
  66. Being switched to Suboxone by PM Doc
  67. im 26, 6 years in chronic pain
  68. Weaning off Oxicodone... advice?
  69. New Doctor Search in Suffolk County, NY
  70. Chronic pain
  71. Are there any safe pain meds for people with liver problems??
  72. Is my Pain Dr. too lenient?!
  73. Advice Please Pain Med Contract
  74. Urgent Care Question?
  75. Pain Meds and Alcohol
  76. meds and next visit
  77. Chronic pain, injections & coming off codeine
  78. Oh geez, how am I gonna wear clothes with this?
  79. is it ok to go to ER while in a pain clinic?
  80. This aint percocet
  81. Insurance messing up prescribed dose.
  82. Nucynta to Opana issue
  83. Pain Mgt. Question about meds?
  84. MORPHINE ER - Best time to take?
  85. I was kicked by a horse in my left knee...
  86. When pharmacy orders Meds for you, make sure they mark your name on them!
  87. Switching from fent to ____? Med suggestions after duragesic patches.
  88. Why are generic pain meds doubling, tripling in price?
  89. Fioricet physical dependence?
  90. New and lost need advice
  91. chiropractor now??????
  92. Changing PM Dr.
  93. why am i having pain
  94. Tested positive for Oxy???
  95. need to taper down
  96. norco vs vicadin
  97. update
  98. pain, pain meds & sex
  99. New... 1st time to pain management soon
  100. so sorry for all your problems
  101. No more breakthrough Meds with the Fentanyl patch??
  102. Doc refused additional meds in hospital after massive surgery
  103. New to sight
  104. Filled a day early due to bad weather. Should I worry?
  105. ISO: good pain management doc northern MN
  106. Need pain management help/advice
  107. New PM Doc a Good Start!
  108. norco and percocet???
  109. fentanyl patch and MS Contin ???
  110. fentanyl patch and MS Contin ???
  111. First Time Methadone User
  112. METHADONE for PM?
  113. Tramadol Withdrawal
  114. Doctor referral in MD/DC area
  115. WHERE to get ketamine for depression or pain?? Norcal
  116. when will Drug BL-7050 become available?
  117. Opana to Suboxone - advice?
  118. Neuropathy and nerve blocks
  119. question on fentanyl patch
  120. Too young for pain medication?
  121. Help! Tested positive for Oxycontin, FALSE!
  122. 1st PM APPT... Advice?
  123. Norco
  124. Fast Acting vs. Extended Release
  125. New to Health Boards
  126. facet injection cervical - more pain
  127. need help finding a pain doctor that perscribes
  128. Med help
  129. Will this anger go away?
  130. suboxone questions
  131. Is tramadol a controlled substance in NC?
  132. Dr keeps my extra hydrocodone
  133. Prime Doc on vacation
  134. Oxycodone/Sleep Issues
  135. Tramadol and night sweats
  136. not sure why
  137. Very scared about rebound pain
  138. Need new Maryland pain doc - mine is retiring
  139. First post, QUESTION
  140. First post ever, need advice
  141. norco not working for dental abscess
  142. Difference
  143. Withdrawal from Gabapentin
  144. cervical rhizotomy
  145. Switching pain meds - please help
  146. Pain meds & guilt
  147. Holiday overload-need advice
  148. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas
  149. expectations @ Christmas on PM patient
  150. Oxycodone question
  151. New Long Acting med with Hydrocodone
  152. Help! Severe Elbow/Triceps Pain
  153. nausea from percocets??
  154. Work Comp Nightmare
  155. Pharmacy won't let me pay cash for my meds? Refused to call my doc as well...
  156. huge price increase for Norco/hydrocodone app!?!?!
  157. need help finding a doc in maryland
  158. Swelling & Pain at injection site - normal?
  159. More PM fun
  160. BuTrans experiences, please (also cycling meds out)
  161. Conversion
  162. Please help?
  163. Getting off Norco
  164. Percocet and Anemia
  165. Percocet ~v~ Methadone
  166. Compounded pain cream question
  167. The Trifecta: Degenerative Disk Disease, Spinal Stenosis, and Herniated Disks at L4/5
  168. A question regarding a sorta issue with my pharmacy
  169. Pain pump exp
  170. If indeed they do make hydrocodone a schedule II medicine-
  171. Would like to get some input.
  172. Can you give me advice for my next appointment, please.
  173. Chronic Pain Patient support Groups (face to face)
  174. Paper script vs what the bottle said
  175. Needing help in Houston, TX
  176. Drug test and Endoscopy HELP PLEASE!
  177. Coming off Co-Codamol (bowel issues)
  178. Can Fentanyl patch cause feet to swell??
  179. RLS scuttles Narcotic taper
  180. Hoping for answers
  181. Searching for medication's to talk to Doctor about
  182. Fentanyl patch & Showering
  183. Narcotics causing abd. pain & diarrhea??
  184. Suffering
  185. Fentanyl Patch & hydrocodone
  186. Need pain managment doctor -asap !!!
  187. Hello im new to this site
  188. Question re: first visit/baseline urine test at PM clinic
  189. No relief
  190. Hydrocodone and St John's Wort?
  191. Someone Please Reply! ~Fentanyl
  192. PM and the public image
  193. Spinal cord stimulator
  194. Pain Management
  195. More PM fun and games
  196. Drug test shows positive for hydrocodone, but take hydromorphone
  197. suggest a med please
  198. difference in morphine ir and percocet?
  199. norco withdrawl
  200. Lexapro for pain?
  201. Cervical Infusion witlh titanium plate Neck-Surgery
  202. Cervical Infusion witlh titanium plate Neck-Surgery
  203. In Pain and Need Help
  204. Pain contract Minnisota
  205. Fentanyl patch question
  206. Pain meds don't work for my herniated disc pain
  207. Question on Meds
  208. Gabapentin... dosing down and off?
  209. Ouchies
  210. Can't believe how my my PCP treated me!
  211. Fentanyl with gel... Very nervous
  212. Methadone Side Effect?
  213. Oxycodone 30mg discontinued?
  214. Numb feet with pain
  215. My Drs' fear with hyperalgesia
  216. Dont know where to go or what to do.
  217. Flu jab and pain relief
  218. questions about morphine with methadone and oxycodone-
  219. My meds skyrocketed from $150/month to well over $300... please help!!!
  220. additional pain meds for dental surgery
  221. exalgo vs morphine sulphate er
  222. Lidocaine patches
  223. alternative for oxycontin
  224. Oxy and Percs and still in PAIN, Help??
  225. I hate dilaudid!! Please help!!!
  226. MS Contin and SEVERE Abdominal PAIN!!!
  227. Misery and No Company
  228. Can ANYONE help me with this situation?
  229. Ketamine Infusions Drs Western PA
  230. Anyone use Dilaudid PCA at home after surgery?
  231. If Tramadol Effective, At What Dosage?
  232. physicians in the Bay Area
  233. Question about getting my meds from diff pharmacies
  234. Cymbalta and Opioids?
  235. Pediatric pain doctor won't help me anymore, what do I do?
  236. Question about Employment Drug Testing
  237. Looking For Excedrin Back & Body
  238. Narcotic Bowel and Hyperalgesia
  239. New FDA Rulings
  240. Over and Out
  241. Hydromorphone
  242. noticable improvement with Baclofen
  243. Benefits Diminish, Hassle Increases
  244. Medronics Drug Pump
  245. Need Advice!!!
  246. Say a prayer for me
  247. please help, please.
  248. Sick as a Dog
  249. SLEEPLESS NIGHTS filled with PAIN
  250. Mississippi Pain Management Doctors?

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