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  1. Seeing the rheumatologist
  2. severe back pain
  3. Using Additional Heat for Pain
  4. Reminding y'all of who I am...
  5. I'm new and have a few ??
  6. Pain Management --- May Not Be Worth Going!
  7. Question about BT's without tylenol.
  8. change in meds
  9. how much vicoden daily is too much
  10. Developing dependence question
  11. Hi I'm back
  12. Trans1 Procedure/Axialif Procedure
  13. Tips on getting new PM
  14. Breathing Issues
  15. nothing is workin for me {opana & dilaudid}
  16. hi new member in pain!!
  17. another flop at the PM doc!
  18. Hallucinations?
  19. Appendectomy...Need advice!!!
  20. What's up with the PM's?
  21. 10mg methadone compared to 10 mg of oxycontin
  22. Interesting Federal DEA laws
  23. cmpgirl's story
  24. Trying shots again
  25. Does anyone know of a good PM in Kansas City?
  26. is anyone on opana ??
  27. FENTANYL Patch - any advices, please?
  28. Something New About Class II Dispensing??
  29. Anyone get massages on regular basis for CP?
  30. Sticky?
  31. The difference in generic names?
  32. Needing a new PM in PA
  33. Norco/Lortab????
  34. anyone take Soma, zanaflex, clonidine, or klonopin for nerve pain?
  35. Doctor called back...finally
  36. Can I go cold turkey off of oxycontin?
  37. PM Dr. and medications...felt threatened
  38. BT meds really at 10%-30% of LA meds for anyone?
  39. Surgeon has referred me to pain management
  40. femoral nerve damage
  41. Pain & Exercise
  42. PM Communication
  43. How do I go from oxycontin 120mg to morphine?
  44. Positive Thoughts for Fabby & Everyone today!
  45. adductor tendon pain
  46. Question about pain meds
  47. I found a Biofreeze alternative
  48. Lortab withdrawl
  49. fentanyl patch works but scars me for weeks from the glue
  50. More than 1 LA med
  51. 20mg 3x a day of oxycontin. Is that a standard or low dose?
  52. All this pain medicine and my throat hurts!
  53. I am a wreck
  54. percocet concern
  55. Hi, I am new here
  56. Morphine Sulfate 15mg IR or Lortab 10's?
  57. Does anyone else take 3 LA meds/day?
  58. percocets
  59. How fast is the Morphine Sulfate Immediate Release?
  60. Am I ever going to stop having awful pain flares from everday life errands??
  61. Follow Up Re: Asking For More Pain Relief
  62. I Was Dismissed From My Doctor For Breaking A Pain Contract
  63. Morphine Sulfate Immediate Release???
  64. not much relief from hydromorphone(dilaudid).
  65. Ozzybug's Story
  66. Addiction vs. Pain Management Question
  67. Morphine Alert....
  68. has anyone tried the new oxycontin 60 mg?
  69. Where's the rest of my Oxycontin???
  70. alert on my name at pharmacies??
  71. Please Help in NJ...
  72. My situation - advice/feedback appreciated
  73. doctor took me off norco for no reason
  74. tramadol hcl
  75. Vitamin D deficiency and pain, food for thought
  76. How Long Before Celebrex Starts to Work?
  77. Radiofrequency Ablation is Over but need Pain Management?
  78. Saw PM and he changed meds to longer acting. 30mg Morphine Sulfate ???
  79. Made my decision, wish me luck!
  80. Question about Cymbalta
  81. Deoderant spray to make patch stick better?
  82. Thank you for the Lortab/Ambien advice :)
  83. Excellent pain control no sex drive at all embarrassed
  84. Pharmacy Story
  85. Increase LA med or BT med?
  86. Update on chronic Abdominal pain/issues
  87. 30mg Morphine Sulfate ER 2 a day ='s how much in a fentanyl patch?
  88. Pain gets better when no meds taken??
  89. So this is what Pain Management Doctors do???????
  90. Help me get some sleep!!!
  91. is a 5 mg oxycodone equal to a 10 mg hydrocodone?
  92. Too much Lortab consumption?
  93. Morphine Sulfate ER to Fentanyl Patch?Should I?
  94. Is it possible?
  95. Going Back to PM tomorrow!
  96. Drug Testin
  97. Pm Doctor Visit...
  98. fentora 200 mg equals how much in oxycodone?
  99. Changing meds-MS Contin?
  100. Pain Consultant
  101. New Rx could cause fatal results???
  102. Pain Meds and Constipation - any new suggestions?
  103. How can i get thru the withdrawal symptoms of lortabs
  104. 123dietdrpepper's Pain Management and Spinal Journey
  105. oxycontin = watery and bloodshot eyes
  106. Prialt? Help!
  107. What other BT med works with Fentanyl Patch?
  108. Long term pain medication?
  109. Chronic nausea from pain meds?
  110. Any ideas on a substitute?
  111. Third time??????
  112. Can you take Norco if your taking Percocet
  113. please help me!!!!
  114. Norco VS Avinza..
  115. Is there a difference in some generic brands of meds?
  116. Reversing Tolerance to Meds
  117. Flector Patch
  118. Pain Management! Better Late Than Never I Suppose!!
  119. Lets Compare Diagnoses & Medications
  120. Employment drug test ??(again)(sorry)
  121. Update On Going To See My Doc After He Moved Far Away...
  122. Does imovane help actually relieve pain?
  123. My husband does not agree with meds,plz help me
  124. Opana
  125. I am full of questions today..lol.
  126. Pregnancy and stopping pain meds
  127. I wanted to share my ER experience last night...
  128. Can't win for losing
  129. haveing questions about morpine pain pump
  130. Flare up, I don't know what to do.
  131. hydrocodone dosage
  132. From New Ortho to Neurosurgeon tomorrow...Back-to-back appt's!
  133. Can I exchange meds I just got at the pharmacy?
  134. Problems with Pharmacy please help.
  135. Surgery AGAIN!! at least I know now
  136. Replacing Medications With Generic Brands
  137. Oxycontin use linked to Enlarged Biliary ducts?
  138. New member. I need advice!
  139. Trying the Tramadol
  140. Quick Q Re: Wearing Multiple Fentanyl Patches
  141. I fell down
  142. Irritated at my Neurosurgeons office!!!!
  143. Oxycodone Questions (No Longer Working, Liquid, etc.)
  144. Primal Reflex Release Technique Any Good?
  145. I am going to stick my neck out
  146. Any recommended alternatives to Lyrica?
  147. Don't give up!
  148. Effective Nausea treatment
  149. What Is This Med
  150. Fentanyl patch side effects
  151. Oxycontin Refill Problems
  152. Switched to Opana
  153. Question about Pain Management Doctors
  154. IMPORTANT- Duragesic and Sandoz Patch Re-call
  155. what is this?
  156. Neurostimulation / Spinal Cord Stimulation
  157. New type of pain
  158. Itraspinal stimulators
  159. Do Not Take Tramadol!!!
  160. No medication, No sleep, TONS of pain!!! UGGGG
  161. mc contin/methadon
  162. Answer for sdc1213 (Your question from another thread)
  163. Question about generic medicine
  164. Pharmacy Police...page one out of 20, Im sure.
  165. Long acting pain meds..
  166. dea methadone law new
  167. New delima
  168. Duragesic patch questions????
  169. Question about anxiety
  170. How many of you suffer b/c you're too afraid to ask for more pain meds.
  171. Why Would I Feel Withdrawals??
  172. pancreatitis and methadose
  173. Has Anybody Had A Change From Generic Oxy To Brand?
  174. Painkillers For Everyday Chronic Pain
  175. Advice for breakthrough pain medication.
  176. Percocet 10/325 to Oxycontin 20mg
  177. Methadone 15 mg
  178. Anyone with Chronic Myofascial Pain???
  179. Dosing Goof What Should I Do?
  180. Dr. won't refill pain meds so soon.
  181. Not Another Pharmacy Error??!!
  182. Fentanyl Patch 50 & Percecet 10/325 =not working, HELP!
  183. Update...PM visit today
  184. 25Mcg Patch recall
  185. GI Pain - No Pills - Advice?
  186. new here
  187. Can you transfer a Class 3 narcotic med
  188. Taking Oxycontin CR and Aleve
  189. Leg Pain
  190. Just changed from Oxycontin to Methadone and having probs....
  191. Advice for my pain management problems.
  192. Medication
  193. Advice? Second visit with PM doc tomorrow...frustrated.
  194. Need help fast Pain Management and GP
  195. Fentanyl Questions
  196. I get pain in my right side when I take Vicodin
  197. Do I want to stop my meds??!! NOO!! Urg.
  198. methodone vs. oxycotin
  199. Where are you Memere????
  200. New Here....Would Like Some Advice Please :-)
  201. Home from Surgery & Rehab
  202. Fallout from Heath Ledger's death???
  203. doctors who can prescribe methadone in florida
  204. oxycodone vs. hydrocodone
  205. Very rough mornings...Anyone else?
  206. problem with headaches from MS CONTIN?
  207. will I get withdrawals again?!?
  208. Driving, Working, Child Care while taking pain meds...
  209. Difference between Tramadol and Vicodin
  210. Anyone heard from Amanda (butrfligirl28)?
  211. Thanking everyone....
  212. i need some advice...
  213. Update on PM appt! yesterday. Not sure how I feel!
  214. help im a little confused.
  215. Dr. Appt & Methadone Update
  216. This Is Spirit Again
  217. changing from methadone to ms contin
  218. Tolerance to opiods vs. opiates
  219. Do you take anything to help you sleep?
  220. alittle worried about Fred (athr Itis) & Memere
  221. question about pain meds and getting pregnant....
  222. Percocet effect vicodin withdrawal?
  223. Need some advise on getting a PM doctor.....
  224. pain med tolerance
  225. Lortab and Ultram for BT meds
  226. Medtronics Pain Pump
  227. Question????
  228. Switching From Avinza to Fentanyl Patches
  229. Oxycodone to Methadone conversion and issues.....
  230. Percocet, update
  231. No help from doctor with Pain, now what???
  232. Arthr itis, Fred question for you
  233. What narcotics are similar to oxycontin?
  234. I just thought my OBGYN was understanding!!!
  235. lyrica ,how long before it works or does it?
  236. Sleepless Nights and Pain
  237. Anyone taking Mobic?
  238. Central (nervous system) pain & wheal & flare reaction
  239. Too Much Meds?
  240. pain is running my life,need advice please??
  241. Pain management with headache
  242. Couple important questions about meds
  243. pain pills and gagging..
  244. What is a pain psychiatrist?
  245. New Strengths Oxycontin Due out by summer
  246. Pain Management??
  247. Help! My Doctor is going to Retire.
  248. Change in Med question
  249. pain and muscle spasms at night,cant sleep,need advice please??
  250. My first Pain Mgmt appt.

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