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  1. New Here, Just want to introduce myself
  2. Memere Here - Checking In
  3. Hello, too new, just to say it.
  4. oxycodone name brand
  5. Hipaa: Does It Only Pertain To You And Your Doc And What About The Pharmacy?
  6. Is the Cold blast affecting your symptoms?
  7. Help with MS Contin
  8. what is stronger than tylonol #3
  9. PM and losing weight
  10. Does the cost of your meds change too often?
  11. Need help with PM Clinics in NYC
  12. worried about Memere!
  13. Breakage of catheter
  14. Morphine Pump - success/failure can anyone give me some information.
  15. Codeine Cotin
  16. Overdosing on Oxymorphone
  17. hydrocodone dosages
  18. Support needed
  19. Pharmacy problems and experiences
  20. Pain caused by artificial discs
  21. Neurotin
  22. Help, Need advice regarding fall, Please
  23. We are saying we cannot be trusted
  24. How do I find an acupuncturist?
  25. pain meds dropped shipped
  26. Problem at night, scary
  27. Topomax
  28. Question about tri-cyclics and weight gain
  29. can the pharmacy do this??
  30. Need advice on pain management
  31. Feelsbad, any surgery date yet?
  32. A Question for the ladies on the boards
  33. Need help answering a Oxycodone pill question?
  34. Emergency appendectomy and still hurting!
  35. Spinal injections - success stories?
  36. Is all this DEA hype true?
  37. Back from the Emergency Room
  38. Does Dr Franks Joint Pain Spray Work?
  39. Two 30mg capsules of Cymbalta instead of one 60mg capsule?
  40. a better undstanding of the pain medicine
  41. Question for those who have used Cymbalta for chronic pain
  42. message boards on doctors or clinics in mn
  43. sore middle finger
  44. use of cymbalta with methadone
  45. Marcia, question about your surgery...
  46. 3 level lumbar L3-S1 fusion advise
  47. Help needed! Dr. left!!!
  48. Surgery this morning!!
  49. Kinda good news
  50. Doc gave me Nasonex for skin rash from fentanyl patch
  51. Over a decade with the same doctor now I have to change!
  52. Prescriptions from my surgeon and PM doctor?
  53. Finally got a little relief!
  54. Pain Specialists Only Treat Backs???
  55. dr giving placebos instead of real meds?
  56. Need some serious, honest, advice...
  57. The Darvocet was crap just like you all said!
  58. Kudos from Amanada , Mama, and others
  59. what is the difference between percocet and hydrocodone
  60. Pain Pump Questions
  61. Increasing pain tolerance
  62. Epidural injections
  63. Cymbalta and Percoet 7.5
  64. Ok, the time has come...
  65. why do i feel like a criminal???
  66. What Meds Have Helped You Lose Weight?
  67. Upper Back pain (right side)
  68. Amanda
  69. Medications
  70. How well does Darvocet work?
  71. severe back, leg, and pelvis pain
  72. need help on pain killers
  73. Seizure due oxycontin?????
  74. Nothing is working for me, what do I do now?
  75. Just a reminder
  76. Lortab vs. ultram
  77. Has anyone been given Esgic Plus for pain?
  78. Back Pain, Dystonia, and Trigger Point Injections
  79. Castor oil in some Tylenol and Acetaminophen Generics
  80. Conversion Mistake? Help Please!
  81. Where do you get the cortisone nose spray?
  82. Shoulder decompression to start with
  83. baclofen
  84. Has this ever happened to you?
  85. lidoderm patch
  86. Need Pm Doc That Will Prescribe Meds In Colorado, Pls Help!
  87. fentanyl patch
  88. Strange things with increased Depakote...
  89. what is opioid-tolerant
  90. Looks like surgery for me, nervous about pain control
  91. What happens when a patient is red-flagged at a medical clinic?
  92. can hydrocodone bring on seizures
  93. how can I get off Duragesic
  94. what is considered DUI?
  95. Outpatient programs for ketamine infusion.
  96. Back to the Neuro
  97. duragesic patch falling off
  98. Question about Vicodin ES/Acemetaphine
  99. Someone Finally Listened! There is Hope and Help out there!
  100. Is Mccontin Safe
  101. Finally, some relief in sight!
  102. methadone schedule
  103. morphine addiction
  104. Occipital Nerve Block tomorrow....
  105. MORE surgery tomorrow :(
  106. Depressed, Hurting, Ready to throw in the towel!
  107. how long does it take for a fentanyl patch to start to work
  108. roxicodone 30
  109. Merry CHRISTMAS
  110. Family Member Begs for My Pain Meds
  111. Medication Vacation/holiday/time Out/??????
  112. ok I give up...I'm depressed
  113. Merry Christmas & Thanks
  114. is oxycontin and oxycodone the same thing
  115. Why would PM doc not want to prescribe meds after my surgery????
  116. Kelsey
  117. Pharmacy Tips
  118. Report on my new Pain Management Doc!
  119. Pain is limiting my activity! Some holiday blues...How are you coping???
  120. New Diagnosis for peripheral neuropathy
  121. For those looking for Bio Freeze
  122. Medications..
  123. Is there one particulair pharm.company to avoid with generics
  124. medicaid no longer fills oc's?
  125. Morphine Question ??
  126. My terrible pharmacy experience
  127. Terrible Pharmacy Experience This Evening
  128. Linda71 - are you still on the boards? status?
  129. Canine pain control???
  130. Biotene
  131. Pain Mgmt Update...oxycontin.......Methadone ???
  132. how long does it take oxycodone to kick in?
  133. Saw PM yesterday...results...pain
  134. hydrocodone dosage
  135. Kidney stones, medication
  136. Oxycontin/Morphine
  137. diffrent brands methadone
  138. UPDATE...new pm doc appt. today
  139. pregnant taking 100mgs hydro a day and tapering
  140. Put on oxcontin with percocet for breakthrough, when to take the percocet?
  141. Appt w/Surgeon Today!
  142. New Pain Doc Appt...here I go again!!
  143. Ultram & Cymbalta
  144. Oh God I hope I don't get terminated!!!
  145. New Leg Pain - Need Advice
  146. Advice needed for wearing a TENS unit.
  147. How to prevent red bumps under the patch?
  148. early refill
  149. Just got back from PM appointment, relatively pleased
  150. Nerve Medication List
  151. Where I'm at now
  152. Has anyone noticed a difference between the generic oxycontin and the brand version?
  153. Ultram prescription - no mg mentioned???
  154. Going to pm Wed and need to ask for stronger meds,help please
  155. Scared to fill a script
  156. Finally Got My Transfer
  157. my work ethic and what i take to get through a day
  158. Oxycontin Question
  159. Anyone with pelvic pain?
  160. Need Your Advice-emergency!!!!
  161. Controlling pain AND anxiety
  162. i am allergic to codeine what pain medication can i take
  163. Do you have pets and do they help with your pain?
  164. Med Side effects???
  165. Need new pain meds, what?
  166. how long does methadone stay in your system?
  167. The Power of Pain Doctors and the fear and anxiety of patients.
  168. Too Much??
  169. UPDATE...Awful PM visit...primary called
  170. They are nothing but LIARS
  171. Thankful For The Board, Members And The Mods...
  172. any advice on spinal cord stimulation
  173. Got a Pain Doc Recommendation?
  174. how long does it take for amitriptylin to work
  175. Update...Scared, first PM appointment...AWFUL
  176. How many hours do you sleep on average
  177. how long can you take pain killers everyday before getting addicted to them
  178. Very good Pm appt. today
  179. Feeling Down When it Rains, It Pours
  180. How do I find a new PM doc
  181. 19 year old with chronic back pain, advice greatly appreciated
  182. Insurance/vacation/refill/???
  183. Pain doc recommendation in NYC?
  184. Scared...please advise
  185. If percocet is taken during day, is it safe to take the norco at night
  186. Feelbad...what is biofreeze?
  187. Elavil question
  188. Day 2
  189. now what...
  190. Reducing meds
  191. Finding New PM Doc
  192. Question about refills?
  193. Oxycontin experiment
  194. My PM doc appt results
  195. I Cant Believe My Doc Said This To Me !!!!!!
  196. i take methadone and am in need of a doctor
  197. Pain meds & antibiotics
  198. Is new pain from a Hairline Tibia Fracture worth calling the PM Doc?
  199. Problems with oxycontin
  200. Question about Cymbalta
  201. Anyone who takes methodone for pain relief????
  202. any good non-opiate pain meds
  203. Please Give Me Some Advice!
  204. Update on "tolerant to meds cant take the pain"
  205. rude comment at the pharmacy
  206. Rhizotomy New Here
  207. Fentanyl affect any neurotransmitters
  208. Update -Doctor's Appointment Earlier today
  209. Whic is suitable to first-timer ... Cymbalt or Neurontin?
  210. So glad to have found you!
  211. Has anyone gone straight from Ultram to Methadone?
  212. Vacation
  213. Oxycontin generic not working, advice!
  214. oxycodone vs ms cotin
  215. Strange Pain Management Doc Policy?
  216. Oxycodone SR
  217. Question about LFT (liver test)
  218. bullied by 3 Pain management doctors
  219. Need Advice On Pain Med Change
  220. Increase in pain, feeling really down
  221. wierd question about diazepam
  222. Update " Test shows hydromorphone ( Dilaudid )..."
  223. Pain Meds Not Helping
  224. Fentanyl Patch - Use Tube Socks to Stay On. It Works.
  225. Newbie curious about new med...
  226. Update..pharmacy gave Rx back
  227. New side effect, constipation
  228. Oxycodone ER
  229. Post Dated Scripts.
  230. pain drugs
  231. If you move or change doctors question
  232. I cannot win. I give up.
  233. New Pain Dr., Change from Cymbalta to ?
  234. Fentanyl patches
  235. Topamax question
  236. any recommendations on topical pain relievers
  237. anyone reccomend compassionate doc in il(chicago)
  238. What next? Meds not helping..so down...
  239. Oxycontin
  240. Methadone legal or not?
  241. Dental Health And Pain Meds
  242. The lab test shows " Hydromorphone ( Dilaudid ) "
  243. oxycodone vs. norco
  244. Bless You All
  245. Awsam
  246. Thanks for the courage to tell the TRUTH
  247. Whats the next step up for OxyContin?
  248. New Doc is awesome....
  249. what is Norco, how does it compare to Percocet?
  250. Can I break this in half?

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