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  1. Has anyone gone straight from Ultram to Methadone?
  2. Vacation
  3. Oxycontin generic not working, advice!
  4. oxycodone vs ms cotin
  5. Strange Pain Management Doc Policy?
  6. Oxycodone SR
  7. Question about LFT (liver test)
  8. bullied by 3 Pain management doctors
  9. Need Advice On Pain Med Change
  10. Increase in pain, feeling really down
  11. wierd question about diazepam
  12. Update " Test shows hydromorphone ( Dilaudid )..."
  13. Pain Meds Not Helping
  14. Fentanyl Patch - Use Tube Socks to Stay On. It Works.
  15. Newbie curious about new med...
  16. Update..pharmacy gave Rx back
  17. New side effect, constipation
  18. Oxycodone ER
  19. Post Dated Scripts.
  20. pain drugs
  21. If you move or change doctors question
  22. I cannot win. I give up.
  23. New Pain Dr., Change from Cymbalta to ?
  24. Fentanyl patches
  25. Topamax question
  26. any recommendations on topical pain relievers
  27. anyone reccomend compassionate doc in il(chicago)
  28. What next? Meds not helping..so down...
  29. Oxycontin
  30. Methadone legal or not?
  31. Dental Health And Pain Meds
  32. The lab test shows " Hydromorphone ( Dilaudid ) "
  33. oxycodone vs. norco
  34. Bless You All
  35. Awsam
  36. Thanks for the courage to tell the TRUTH
  37. Whats the next step up for OxyContin?
  38. New Doc is awesome....
  39. what is Norco, how does it compare to Percocet?
  40. Can I break this in half?
  41. Lidocaine patch anyone??
  43. Pain management -- levels of narcotics
  44. what is fentynal
  45. 1 30 mg ofavinza doesnt seem to work for me any clues?
  46. Ultram withdrawl
  47. ER or Urgent Care?
  48. Doctor appt. today, need some help
  49. Doc switched me to Avinza-advice?
  50. Difference between tylenol #3 & hydrocodone
  51. Pain Management RE: Bowel Re-section
  52. From Oxy to Opana
  53. Pain Mgmt Doc Question
  55. very nervous about changing meds--need advice
  56. Difference between Oxycodone And Oxycontin
  57. how long is oxycodone SR supposed to last
  58. Nightmare Weekend
  59. Emergency room FIASCO
  60. Hey CrazyGamer
  61. generic Lortabs as effective???
  62. short on meds ...advice plz
  63. I hate this! Lying to my doctor
  64. Using Norspan (Bupe) and ZYPREXA (olanzapine)
  65. help re first step to pump and clock meds for all opiates dave you spoke to me last y
  66. Confused
  67. Question for anybody taking Actiq
  68. Tolerance to current med Cant take the pain anymore!!!!!
  69. Cymbalta - watery eyes
  70. m30 oxycodone Pill
  71. epidural question
  72. going to pm doc next month what should i expect?
  73. Advice needed please read, desperate for help.
  74. Morphine Allergy
  75. Root Canal Pain
  76. Patch Issue
  77. Need advice on fentanyl withdrawal--HELP!
  78. Questions, Questions, Questions.
  79. Happy Thanksgiving To All!
  80. has anyone had a morphine pump internal placement?
  81. Question for you folks ...
  82. nausea driving me crazy
  83. morphine pump placement advice
  84. Dilaudid/oxycodone replacement ideas
  85. Just call me Crazy
  86. what happens when you lose your meds?
  87. 24 and in Pain
  88. New to the board - would LOVE some feedback:
  89. how do you know when to increase dosage of oxycodone
  90. where can i get a morphine pump in cleveland ohio
  91. Pain that comes and then now goes, well, sorta.
  92. Pain Pump Sugery 1 Week Ago Need To Know Information
  93. shot in groin for nerve pain?
  94. Help! Need a little med advice Please
  95. Spine Pump
  96. Does the weather affect your pain
  97. Sandoz brand more difficult to find?
  98. pharmacy gave my Rx back???
  99. SCS Question
  100. does soma muscle relaxer cause tooth pain
  101. what medical insurance covers IDET procedure
  102. need Pain management in or around Phoenix /Mesa
  103. Advice Please....
  104. Insurance Pre-Auth's
  105. QUESTION FOR METHADONE USERS, or others if u can help
  106. Anyone use a home TENS unit?
  107. Ankle Block Injection
  108. At my ropes end
  109. Memere
  110. dilaudid does not work for me at all
  111. made the switch back
  112. fentanyl withdrawal
  113. I Found Out This Morning That My Doc Is Leaving! C'mon My Friends, I Need You! Xoxo
  114. Hey everyone, here's my update...
  115. severe burning sensation. what should I do?
  116. A Call Out for Information!
  117. Feel somewhat guilty and scared.
  118. feeling nervous about new med
  119. Need advice on good non opiate meds... are there any??
  120. Need help with new med: EFfexor
  121. Morphine shots after surgery -sore after 5 weeks?
  122. Contract
  123. prialt experiance
  124. need friends and pain med suggestions
  125. Declined treatment... again.
  126. how much tylenol is too much?
  127. Replacing One Benzo with Another
  128. dorsal spinal stimulator
  129. Has This Ever Happened To Anyone Else???
  130. Going to dr. - should I bring meds with me?
  131. Ultram not a $4 generic anymore?
  132. Update On Pm,havent Been On Boards For A While
  133. Pepper's First Pain Mgmt Appt
  134. Which Pain med might work best for me?
  135. what pain medication is stronger than percocet
  136. Need answeres to some pain management questions...
  137. Think I may have taken an extra dose??
  138. Prescription Only Good For 10 Days
  139. Dump drugs in cat litter...
  140. What is the difference between these two meds?
  141. Having BAD PAIN DAY :(
  142. Vicodin headache?
  143. My Vicodin RX bottle says *must last 30 days*
  144. why does my bones ache so much
  145. "actavis" newest fentanyl system ???
  146. med change
  147. Pain doc wants to burn a nerve in my lumbar to prevent pain
  148. mepergan fortis
  149. what does biforaminal stenosis mean
  150. First Pain Management appointment... so awful.
  151. hydromorphone for BT pain
  152. Please tell me everything you know about LYRICA!!
  153. What is the PM doctors job?
  154. to be honest
  155. Managing the Depression from pain/meds
  156. When do you count your days?
  157. where to find methadose
  158. moody & no patience on pain meds
  159. I have a morphine infusion pump can doctors refuse to fill it?
  160. Short And Long Term Effects of Methadone
  161. Just Started Fetanyl Patch.....Any difference between brands?
  162. Going off Ultram update
  163. Had enough Pain but don't really know what to do!!!!!
  164. WE need a patient ADVOCATE do you agree ?
  165. Saw my NEW GP
  166. Prescriptions Class II HOw do they Work
  167. links to finding a good and caring pain doctor>?
  168. Do you know if we need a letter from Dr?...
  169. can drug test differentiate between oxycontin and oxycodone
  170. Cymbalta
  171. Dr. Pepper Update & Long Acting Medication Question
  172. Is anyone taking methadone for pain?
  173. Do you ever NOT KNOW how you REALLY FEEL??
  174. Tuff Questions
  175. long term pain relief
  176. Strange Fentanyl Patch Side Effect
  177. Norco question
  178. Painful skull fracture
  179. oxycodone compared to hydrocodone
  180. Status on Ultram withdrawal
  181. what is norco 7.5
  182. Breakthru pain doses
  183. incident at a major international airport
  184. Generic vs. Brand
  185. sciatic pain
  186. Mum Zonked out on drugs
  187. lateral med move. Im opiate resistant
  188. anybody on this regamin?
  189. Considering changing to patch from Avinza
  190. 90 day Mail in prescription Question
  191. Doctors will not prescribe anything for pain? what do i do?
  192. Doctors will not prescribe anything for pain? what do i do?
  193. Siatica
  194. Pain cocktail injected directly into shoulder surgical site in OR
  195. Struggling with the Ultram
  196. morphine
  197. Update On New Doc Visit From Lee
  198. In need of SERIOUS advice please help1!!!
  199. Pain Medications Question
  200. Cortazone Shots
  201. Advice, How To Talk To New Doctor
  202. RSD - Finally starting Pain Management...
  203. Help..confused on refills
  204. Generic OC - Which Manufacturer?
  205. More Drugs!!
  206. Well, this is a first for me......
  207. Buprenorphine patch
  208. advice please!
  209. Opiate Tolerance....how will I know????
  210. ? for anyone with a pain pump
  211. I feel bad for calling the doc and asking for a differents meds
  212. Thinking of changing BT meds....suggestions?
  213. Rotating between an opiates and tramadol
  214. Help! Do you guys think I'm in trouble here?
  215. SEVERE Pain in my right thigh,groin
  216. New here, questions
  217. Total humiliation at the pharmacy
  218. Not sure what to do - please help!
  219. Opiates for Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome
  220. Oxycontin Question.
  221. How long can it take for a cortisone injection to kick in?
  222. ULTRAM Stopped over 48 hours ago
  223. Avinza to Fentanyl without success
  224. radio frequency ablation
  225. Pain killers at work?
  226. vicoden-tramadol
  227. New Durogesic D-Trans Patches! Anyone else seen or used?
  228. i was put on oxycontin
  229. shoreline or anyone
  230. Update after doctor's appt
  231. codeine contin
  232. Update on PM Doc (oxy generic vs brand)
  233. Pain Pump Patients on Medicare!
  234. non narcotic pain meds
  235. continue Roxicodone but something much stronger at night - help
  236. where to buy Biotape
  237. started methadone for back pain
  238. more questions Roxicodone 30mg or dilaudid (hydromorphone)
  239. First Pain Mgmt. Appt on Friday-What to expect?
  240. suboxone
  241. naproxen is causing fluid retention in my upper arms, can anything be done about this
  242. A few questions about Opana
  243. cheapest painkillers for severe pain help
  244. Program On New Pain Management Tomorrow
  245. Update on my pain clinic closing down.
  246. question about my pain medicine!
  247. Opana
  248. Does this sound like an increased dose?
  249. Hi all Fairly new here
  250. Which med for back pain

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