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  1. Dr. Pepper Update & Long Acting Medication Question
  2. Is anyone taking methadone for pain?
  3. Do you ever NOT KNOW how you REALLY FEEL??
  4. Tuff Questions
  5. long term pain relief
  6. Strange Fentanyl Patch Side Effect
  7. Norco question
  8. Painful skull fracture
  9. oxycodone compared to hydrocodone
  10. Status on Ultram withdrawal
  11. what is norco 7.5
  12. Breakthru pain doses
  13. incident at a major international airport
  14. Generic vs. Brand
  15. sciatic pain
  16. Mum Zonked out on drugs
  17. lateral med move. Im opiate resistant
  18. anybody on this regamin?
  19. Considering changing to patch from Avinza
  20. 90 day Mail in prescription Question
  21. Doctors will not prescribe anything for pain? what do i do?
  22. Doctors will not prescribe anything for pain? what do i do?
  23. Siatica
  24. Pain cocktail injected directly into shoulder surgical site in OR
  25. Struggling with the Ultram
  26. morphine
  27. Update On New Doc Visit From Lee
  28. In need of SERIOUS advice please help1!!!
  29. Pain Medications Question
  30. Cortazone Shots
  31. Advice, How To Talk To New Doctor
  32. RSD - Finally starting Pain Management...
  33. Help..confused on refills
  34. Generic OC - Which Manufacturer?
  35. More Drugs!!
  36. Well, this is a first for me......
  37. Buprenorphine patch
  38. advice please!
  39. Opiate Tolerance....how will I know????
  40. ? for anyone with a pain pump
  41. I feel bad for calling the doc and asking for a differents meds
  42. Thinking of changing BT meds....suggestions?
  43. Rotating between an opiates and tramadol
  44. Help! Do you guys think I'm in trouble here?
  45. SEVERE Pain in my right thigh,groin
  46. New here, questions
  47. Total humiliation at the pharmacy
  48. Not sure what to do - please help!
  49. Opiates for Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome
  50. Oxycontin Question.
  51. How long can it take for a cortisone injection to kick in?
  52. ULTRAM Stopped over 48 hours ago
  53. Avinza to Fentanyl without success
  54. radio frequency ablation
  55. Pain killers at work?
  56. vicoden-tramadol
  57. New Durogesic D-Trans Patches! Anyone else seen or used?
  58. i was put on oxycontin
  59. shoreline or anyone
  60. Update after doctor's appt
  61. codeine contin
  62. Update on PM Doc (oxy generic vs brand)
  63. Pain Pump Patients on Medicare!
  64. non narcotic pain meds
  65. continue Roxicodone but something much stronger at night - help
  66. where to buy Biotape
  67. started methadone for back pain
  68. more questions Roxicodone 30mg or dilaudid (hydromorphone)
  69. First Pain Mgmt. Appt on Friday-What to expect?
  70. suboxone
  71. naproxen is causing fluid retention in my upper arms, can anything be done about this
  72. A few questions about Opana
  73. cheapest painkillers for severe pain help
  74. Program On New Pain Management Tomorrow
  75. Update on my pain clinic closing down.
  76. question about my pain medicine!
  77. Opana
  78. Does this sound like an increased dose?
  79. Hi all Fairly new here
  80. Which med for back pain
  81. Lioderm Patches
  82. cervical epidural swelling after treatment
  83. Ultram is a Narcotic
  84. Has anyone ever heard of Dr.Smith in Orlando, FL
  85. Dr. Edward Shin in Plano, TX
  86. pain
  87. Hello to all, I'm new and need help with pain management treatment
  88. Managing pain with patches
  89. Where do you feel the nerve pain? And how?
  90. Just looking for some support
  91. Any insight?? Opiate tolerant? What comes after ESI's and trigger points?
  92. Please help me to help grandma manage her pain
  93. Best meds for nerve pain
  94. What is the difference between Norco and Percocet?
  95. Another pharmacy question
  96. Paregoric
  97. tounge pain.
  98. Bioclusive dressings
  99. How long does percocet last?
  100. Lidocaine Patches for Knees?
  101. new job and pain meds
  102. My protected rights
  103. How do you handle it??
  104. Topamax
  105. Very "Opioid Tolerant" person needs help
  106. cortazone shots in the foot
  107. percocet long term
  108. FOR my b/t pain i find that
  109. Fentanyl patch advice needed
  110. Is there anything worse?!!!!
  111. Re-Fill Trouble
  112. Tired of taking pills
  113. advice needed please respond.
  114. Confused do doctors numb area before cortisone injections
  115. I need some advice.
  116. what is stronger darvocet or tylenol 3?
  117. new to the group - question/story
  118. cortisone injection questions
  119. Methadone And Methadose
  120. Long post,but hope you can help
  121. shoulder blade pain
  122. Refill Timing
  123. Vitamins and narcotics???
  124. Help! Don't know what to do!
  125. I am 100% drug/alcohol free. What measures can I take to protect myself
  126. SHORELINE[1] how have you been?
  127. Relaxing Techniques
  128. Fentyl Patch Withdrawal
  129. Is honesty the best policy all the time?
  130. Update
  131. Horrible generic medication experience should I contact the company
  132. Oxycontin and Percocet
  133. Oh my God, withdrawls from oxycodone, switching from methadone to opana er! Anybody?
  134. vicodin side affects
  135. What happens if your meds are stolen/what lengths should you go to to prevent it?
  136. This is SERIOUS GUYS and I don't know what to do?????????????
  137. Generics Different?
  138. fenatyl
  139. medicine advice...
  140. The use of Ritalin in Pain management???
  141. pain managment dr in florida
  142. doctors questions
  143. shoulder surgery
  144. generic Roxicodone
  145. diagnosis?
  146. The honeymoon is over
  147. Stomach pains...could this be withdrawal?
  148. Suboxen for pain ?
  149. Need help, advise, opinions
  150. dorsal stimulator
  151. Optimal Dose of Cymbalta for Chroinc Pain/Depression?
  152. Does Anyone Else See a Physiatrist
  153. Subutex Question
  154. Liver Function / Blood Test
  155. Percocet/Oxycotin
  156. Update on my situation....
  157. Bad Life, Pain, Last Appt With Doc. Support Please
  158. Pain Meds & Antidepressants....Are they supposed to go together?
  159. Question on Kadian
  160. RSD questions
  161. Neurontin
  162. Can mixing meds make you tired?
  163. * Do Not take vitamins when on narcotic medication...WHY
  164. Director, C Diff
  165. What do you think?
  166. Help with depression from Ultram withdrawal
  167. Addictionoligists, spacecoast area
  168. Fired my P.M., should i write to his boss ?
  169. is this right?
  170. Ultram - Suitable for Everyday Use?
  171. Living without a diagnosis
  172. Cough meds against policy????
  173. Collapsed Disc
  174. Updated Post - need advice on med change
  175. Help please w/ med change (norco to morphine)
  176. severe neck pain any suggestions medication change
  177. Help please w/ med change (norco to morphine)
  178. Might as well flush the pills......they go there anyway!!
  179. question: medicines that you're supposed to take after food (in this case diclofenac)
  180. Jodom1979
  181. Acute pain near right hip
  182. Wisconsin...good, compassionate doctor needed. Any suggestions?
  183. I need advice, please help
  184. Pain Medication and Driving
  185. Break-thru Meds.....same dosing every day, or different?
  186. General Physician as Manager of your Care?
  187. Does anyone has heart problem and can't take Percocet or meds containg acitomophen?
  188. what else? when pain meds arent working anymore?
  189. what else? when pain meds arent working anymore?
  190. Question about medical records
  191. Looking for Pain Management Doctors in and around Portland, Oregon
  192. Shoreline!!! Please Jump Over To Knee & Hip Problems, I Need You!!
  193. Tapering off Oxycontin..
  194. my pm dr stopped seeing me. help!
  195. Need help with conversion: Duragesic to Oxycontin
  196. treatment for chronic bursitis not helping,awful pain
  197. So many "possible" diagnosis
  198. I Bake&Pray....
  199. Doctor INCREASED meds?
  200. Been in Pain Management for 1 yr with no pill count or urine analysis
  201. Pill Count
  202. Oh no! My Pain Dr has had his office closed down.
  203. Question and new to the PM board!
  204. Some Wicked #&*!
  205. Just a thought about self medicating
  206. Fentanyl patch made me itch all over so I took it off.
  207. Opana vs. Percocet.......
  208. another surgery while in pain management, can they contol my pain?
  209. Finally I have a Pain Management Contract!!
  210. yeah relief!
  211. New Plan For Pain
  212. Running out early...
  213. Prolotherapy
  214. Patch Issue (Once again)
  215. at my wits end...
  216. buprenorphine for pain?
  217. Day of Remembrance
  218. Ultram and other Opiods
  219. Pain management at Houston, Cleveland, Mayo, etc.
  220. Tegaderm/Bioclusive???
  221. Central Pennsylvania PM Dr. Please
  222. in severe pain
  223. Med question..
  224. Pain Management Versus Primary Care 2
  225. Hi Everyone. Got a Question for all exoerienced PM'ers
  226. Shoreline
  227. I did it
  228. Stopping Ultram (tramadol)
  229. Finally told MD I couldn't take pain anymore....
  230. Methadone Overdose???
  231. Klonapin and Headaches
  232. Primary Care Doctor Versus Pain Management
  233. Has anyone ever appealed their insurance co. and won ??
  234. How long for oxycodone mg capsules to take effect?
  235. My PM told me I violated their policy
  236. Calling All Durogesic/Duragesic users. Anyone seen the solid new matrix patch?
  237. Lyrica side effects
  238. Can I take lortab and Theraflu nighttime?
  239. Epidural steroid injections back and neck *help* Sorry....long
  240. medocodene
  241. Anyone ever gone to ER when Pain gets BEYOND CONTROLLABLE?
  242. Starting Cymbalta~ Would Love Any Input, Thanks!
  243. Going from Norco to Fentanyl Patch
  244. Is there any good o/c muscle relaxers??
  245. morphine pump
  246. Advice on Tapering ultram after starting the patch
  247. Shore=Can you help me with more med advice Please?
  248. Loss of libido- caused by Tramadol
  249. Jodom1979 I Have A Question For You...
  250. NORSPAN patches! Please help me!