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  1. Loss of libido- caused by Tramadol
  2. Jodom1979 I Have A Question For You...
  3. NORSPAN patches! Please help me!
  4. Bad Month for Fentanyl Patches
  5. Help for my 33 yr. old son
  6. Pulse rate
  7. Methadone Side effects
  8. Quick Question For Shore Or Anyone Who Would Like To Comment~
  9. What Do You Think
  10. Paging Jodom1979 Are You Out There?
  11. PM Doc for Arthritic Conditions?
  12. Can you help me understand my Avinza?
  13. Drug seeking behavior= What Doctors look for....
  14. Pain Management in CA?
  15. Don't be naive about Dilaudid. I was, and now I'm sorry.
  16. Feedback on condition and meds.
  17. New drug called Oxytrex
  18. What type of muscle relaxant has worked best for you?
  19. how to get rid of pelvic pains
  20. Pharmatist refused to fill my prescription
  21. Methadone For Pain Relief
  22. Working while on Pain Medication
  23. Disability and Pain Meds
  24. Unexplicable pain
  25. OK, I am really confused. Am I the only one who noticed this???
  26. question re: digestive upset from ibuprofen/anti-inflammatories
  28. Any experience with Methadone?
  29. Need help asap
  30. I was told how to talk possitivly to a PM Doc!!
  31. Who to contact?
  32. generic oxycodone question
  33. RF Ablation for phantom limb pain
  34. Advice for getting into Mayo???
  35. Vicodin vs. Vicuprofin
  36. At wits end
  37. Personal experience w/Neurontin vs Lyrica
  38. lab results getting doc to call ( not neruo)
  39. Lyrica vs. Neuotin .. please expain ?
  40. Hi Ozzybug
  41. Have YOU ever been shorted on your meds?
  42. Scar Tissue & Pain Meds
  43. Does anyone else take Robaxin?
  44. Hi All! Had Unscedualed Surgery Last Thursday, In A Lot Of Pain, Read This,scary....
  45. Stopping The Patch! Ugh!!!!!!"
  46. Will I be KICKED OUT for Non-Compliance?????
  47. P M Dr.
  48. Questions about Duragesic patches...
  49. Not so good today RE doc vacation
  50. What next step to take
  51. SA vs LA meds
  52. Kinda curious
  53. Need Help In Indiana!!!!
  54. Question about the release of Oxycontin?
  55. Duragesic patch question
  56. Confused and need answers
  57. New Mri-comments?
  58. what is a pain management doctor supposed to do ?
  59. Elbow Pain
  60. So exhausted,Lyrica,oxycodone? & still in pain!
  61. Doc stopped my meds
  62. Oxycontin generic battle
  63. Doctor On Vacation/partner Won't Refill Rx
  64. Successful Treatment?
  65. Has anyone been helped by a therapist who deals with pain management?
  66. My PM just dissapeared with little advance notice!!
  67. Any suggestions on pain meds?
  68. Im new,Im broken and I need advice on stoping ultram!!!
  69. Valium & Lyrica
  70. Tip for those in Hurricane prone areas
  71. Looking for good pain doctor in panama city area
  72. Pain Moved To A New, Higher Level
  73. In search of good, I mean GREAT Pain Doc in Philly/ burbs area
  74. Need Morphine info, SHORE?
  75. Question about acetaminophen
  76. 200 mcg Duragesic from 180mg oxy 2xday
  77. Just Started The 12 Mg.s Of Fentanyl Patch,not Impressed...ozzy You There?
  78. Went from Lortabs to 60mg of Morphine, is this ok?
  79. Back hurts...can't take pain meds! Please HELP!!!
  80. lots of pain please help
  81. D-cycloserine med for chronic pain?
  82. Major med change, did I do the right thing?
  83. scared me so bad, worried sick
  84. People who have been ON pain meds for a while
  85. constipation
  86. Morphine Pump question
  87. Losing my patience and getting a temper, short fused on meds?
  88. I am DESPERATE to find a good pain doc in Tacoma Wa. PLEASE!
  89. Xanax and Roxicet physical dependency
  90. Comments on Lyica please
  91. Anyone here know anything about MS Cotin?
  92. Insurance wont pay for oxycotin, gave me different...
  93. Is the prescription ever enough ?
  94. RSD/morphine pump erosion
  95. Confused,Scared and Upset
  96. Chronic Pelvic Pain syndrome - tramadol and alternatives
  97. Can you request a certain generic?
  98. Withdrawal symptoms when reducing MS Contin?
  99. Hydrocodone question
  100. DR asked me to sign contract
  101. Bad reaction to cortizone after nerve block....???Anyone???
  102. does the product Cystex really help UTI's?
  103. How else do I deal with the pain?
  104. Morphine Anyone?
  105. Help with break-thru med conversion
  106. Questions about the meds I am taking after cervical injury in MVA????
  107. Muscle Aches
  108. Ultram - Itching!!
  109. Izzy's Mom and anyone else who are weaning from Meds
  110. My insurance won't cover my lyrica...
  111. Doctor in Souther California
  112. Information and advice needed for Implanted Pain Pumps.
  113. Ambien Generic. Question.
  114. Methadone, I need to stop taking it. Please help!
  115. trigger point injection cost
  116. Cancer?
  117. First Appointment With Wc Doctor Tomorrow! Need Help Quick!!
  118. Gave up work to cut down on meds.
  119. Charlie Horses
  120. LYRICA & Weight gain/Increased Appetite
  121. generic vs name brand meds
  122. getting ready fro pm dr. need advice regarding liver
  123. New to PM
  124. Idea for irriated/blisterd skin from Patches
  125. oxycodone vs oxycodone ER
  126. Some advice for a NewB!
  127. Accupuncture questions
  128. Does anyone here feel like Bed time is Torture time?
  129. Problems with pain medication..
  130. started taking Lyrica........
  131. Advice # 2 ??
  132. Oxycodone and Sleep or Lack Thereof
  133. Marriage Problems after 2 years on Meds!
  134. anyone on Remeron for pain
  135. Please Help Me with Pain Management Options post fusion
  136. New here from North Alabama
  137. Internal Spinal Stimulator
  138. Don't Ask....Don't Tell?
  139. New to taking Topamax
  140. No return call from PM about the Opana
  141. Family back at it with my pain meds for my back
  142. Darvacet to Vicoden to Oxycontin etc " HELP!"
  143. oxycodone vs hydrocodone?
  144. Vicodin and Soma
  145. What meds are normally "under" the pain managment contract
  146. Had epidural shot
  147. Need Help With Conversioins!
  148. Stopped taking Avinza CT - Questions
  149. Withdrawal from Oxycodone IR
  150. Took Two Opana Er Today, So Far Not Impressed.......
  151. Percocet Headaches
  152. Pain and the Harry Potter Fan
  153. Losing my New PM Doc after 2 visits!!
  154. Question
  155. Oyxcontin teva brand.
  156. Rx and non-Rx Options for Pain - Need some advice for upcoming PM Appointment
  157. pain meds that wont damage liver
  158. Generic Oxycontin HELP!!
  159. fenoria[fentyol pill.]
  160. Still NO call from PM about the Opana mix-up
  161. epidural shot
  162. Update and Accupuncture questions
  163. People on Oxycontin: Question! Please Help!!
  164. We are trying Opana ER...
  165. Pain Pump Co-Pay w/ Medicare?
  166. Pm Put Me On Opana Er, Anyone Ever Hear Of It?
  167. Seeking Pain Management Doc In Tampa
  168. Nortriptylline
  169. Need Advise Please.
  170. Need Advise Please.
  171. still taking pain meds after 3 years
  172. Rx Cymbalta by my PM doc
  173. New Controlled Substance Agreement Pain Management Form...
  174. Feeling guilty about taking meds and My two docs dont agree!
  175. Any suggestions for non narcotic pain control?
  176. Pharmacy Profile
  177. Wanting to Reduce Meds, is it Possible?
  178. Vicodin and 'hyper' question....
  179. synovial cyst and tailbone pain
  180. In Orlando, FL : looking for understanding pain doc
  181. Back to work.....bad pain and fatigue
  182. Namenda
  183. Anyone taking Neurontin?
  184. Addiction to Fentanyl
  185. OK guys, the patch isn't a "fit"...help??
  186. Advice
  187. Just started Methadone, Any info would be appriciated....
  188. Pain Docs Not Writing Rx's in FL????
  189. MS Contin
  190. Cardiologist????
  191. Second Opinion?
  192. H--update Now trying Norspan PATCH
  193. Don't know if I did the right thing
  194. Is there an Alternative to pain medication?
  195. Trigger point injections for ongoing lower backpain
  196. Beta Blockers, Vitamins and pain meds??
  197. Pain meds, need help
  198. HELP! Conv. from patch to oxy
  199. Problems with PM doctor..
  200. Roxi, Soma, Fioricet...I need suggestions
  201. Pain Medicine Stolen
  202. Stevo41
  203. Im Tapering My Dose On The Patch...can Anyone Help Me???
  204. going down on patch dose...need help!
  205. Just Fired my PM Dr.
  206. Morphine Pump -Side effects-HELP!!!!
  207. Getting Clean even with chronic nerve pain!
  208. Endone/Oxycontin-urgent things getting bad
  209. HAPPY 4TH, CPers!
  210. very upset - need quick answer
  211. Roxycodone 30MG Manufacturer's
  212. my vicodin rx was just cut in half?!
  213. Have any of you fell asleep while driving?
  214. vicodin v advil
  215. compression fractures and pain meds...
  216. HELP! Running Low on Duragesic Patches
  217. I'm new. question: ultram ER & hydrocodone
  218. Avinza - what to expect??
  219. Will I experience Withdrawal?
  220. Broken tailbone/sacrum ... any pain management advice?
  221. Oxcy Vs. Methadone Conversion
  222. Anyone Using Combunex?
  223. Help finding a dr in DE
  224. Question please help.
  225. Pill Counting?
  226. Can someone tell me what this is?
  227. Are there some people for whom opiates simply do not work?
  228. Oxycodone does not work. whats next?
  229. Opiates And Adrenal Fatigue??
  230. New to this board and have a few questions.
  231. Newbie- need to know what to expect
  232. Help! Meds no longer work and pain is getting worse...
  233. Finally something is helping with my pain
  234. pain in side w/last 3 meds
  235. My Doc will not listen or doesn't want to....
  236. Surgeon Blew Me Off....What now??
  237. Is this to much of an increase?
  238. Radio Frequency Ablation for Facet Pain
  239. ? about fentanyl patch
  240. Blah Blah pain..more pain and cervical issues
  241. Morphine Pump
  242. 5 days notice for refills, the sign said.
  243. Pain management help
  244. MS Contin 60mg to MS ER 60mg
  245. Anyone have anxiety from Fentanyl patch?
  246. what is the difference in these pain meds?
  247. fentanyl zzzzzzzzzzzz/wanna wean
  248. Pelvic Pain Treatment
  249. So "out of it" when take opiate with anti-depressant- help!
  250. Advice for pain problem?