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  1. Dark Day
  3. Need to find a good pain Managment in Baltimore or Harford county!!!!
  4. Asking for advice from Methadone users for Nerve Pain
  5. Do not want Oxy can I get Methadone?
  6. Feeling frusrated, don't know what to do... LONG post
  7. Seeking out of state pain management
  8. Oxycodone and MS Contin
  9. Asking For Personal Experiences, please.
  10. Mother Stoke Pain
  11. tizanidine - makes things worse?
  12. PM help in Kansas
  13. botox injections into neck
  14. Need help in.Ky
  15. Pain Management in NJ With No Insurance?
  16. Hydrocodone 5/500 - question
  17. Ketamine infusion to come off Oxycontin
  18. switching from methadone to suboxone
  19. Prescription refill question
  20. One of my meds was double filled - anyone have this happen?
  21. Years of pain management, trying to slowly reduce at good pace.
  22. pain pills better or pain patch
  23. Oral Pain Meds Not Well Tolerated! Is there a better way?
  24. Wrist fusion surgery, lots of wrist problems
  25. help for a firefighter?
  26. Looking for Alternatives
  27. Oxyir dosages
  28. Emergency med supplies?
  29. Insurance Denied MRI
  30. New Pain Doctor After Being Red Flagged
  31. I was called a drug seeker to my face
  32. Looking for Houston Pain Mngmt Dr. that...
  33. please help, looking for any advice on current situation
  34. just moved... questions... questions...
  35. Update on pain medication and doctor's apt
  36. What alternative to oxycodone is there?
  37. Given up Methadone
  38. Anyone know a good pain doctor in the Surprise, AZ area that uses Methadone ?
  39. Pain Management
  40. Worried about getting Red Flagged...
  41. Early Refill Freakout
  42. Methadone and other items
  43. Indianapolis, IN. New doctor.
  44. Two doctors prescribing medications
  45. Multiple Pain/Health Conditions - how do you manage?
  46. Multiple Pain/Health Conditions - how do you manage?
  47. In alot of pain... need advice on pain meds
  48. In a lot of pain... need advice on pain meds
  49. Suboxone .or . Oxy
  50. Hey
  51. Tramadol causing problems?
  52. pain management dr - interventional?
  53. need a pain doc in syracuse, NY area
  54. Your Opinon of Butrans
  55. Going from norco to percocet
  56. how are you sleeping?
  57. switching from narco 10/325 to 12mcg+hr
  58. pain management in washington state
  59. DNA test for pain meds
  60. I screwed up big time, with my doc.
  61. Pain medicine advice
  62. NEWBIE, first post
  63. Pain is hurting my marriage too!
  64. Those who would steal vital medications
  65. So frustrated...
  66. Butrans 7-day pain patch
  67. Pain... in my head
  68. Doctor in Tacoma area and more
  69. be very careful with pain meds!!
  70. Non Narcotic medicine for pain relief
  71. Hey all noob here... pain agreement?
  72. Any information would help
  73. Newbie here, not to pain, have a question for anyone still in school
  74. topamax... new med
  75. chronic liver failure (cirrhosis)
  76. Chronic Pain due to Tumor
  77. Minimalistic pain management
  78. Anyone tried the P-Stim device?
  79. Cervical epidural
  80. ENDocet vs watson percocet
  81. HELP!!!! Pain clinic
  82. can fentanyl cause joint pain?
  83. How fast can I wean-off of Oxycodone?
  84. Does Oxycodone cause bad body odor?
  85. Newbie, help?
  86. pain doctor
  87. Pain doctor weaning too fast
  88. Would it be considered Doctor Shopping?
  89. Pain mangement doctor in Ocala
  90. Discussing a SCS with my neurosurgeon.
  91. Scare I will get dismissed
  92. Odors
  93. My Bones, My Back, My Ankles...
  94. Help me understand how pain pumps work
  95. Unexpectedly asked to sign contract. WWYD?
  96. Pain Management Las Vegas!!
  97. Need another pm doctor. Help
  98. Excessive sweating
  99. Help Finding New PM Dr in Houston TX
  100. Happy to be back!!
  101. Suboxone
  102. taking 2 meds at same time...
  103. Gabapentin withdrawls
  104. Suprascapular nerve block
  105. Request for Dr
  106. Hot Weather and Meds
  107. Suboxone
  108. Need Help Please - Oxycodone IR for Ms Contin ER to Avoid Temporary Withdrawal
  109. Properly Store Your Meds
  110. pain meds
  111. Suboxone
  112. Treatment at ER
  113. So tired of this.
  114. Pain! What's happening
  115. 2 yrs clean and scared for my near future
  116. Pain med refill problems
  117. I have TMJ now :(....Just a vent.
  118. in a lot of pain HELP!
  119. Please help my daughter thinks im a drug addict
  120. Pain meds losing effectiveness; any suggestions?
  121. fiindng the best pain meds for extreme hip pain
  122. Pain Med Refill Question-Not About Early Refills
  123. please help?? lost pain meds
  124. Patch question
  125. Pm... not so easy!
  126. Pain Management
  127. tramadol
  128. After 5 foot surgeries in 2 years, here we go again!
  129. Medication advice
  130. levetiracetam (keppra)
  131. Quick Question
  132. Need some advice!
  133. Help with alternative to oramorph
  134. Pain management clinics in Lafayette LA
  135. Methadone
  136. back/leg pain and need advice in pierce county, WA
  137. Personality Change
  138. Need advice on PM clinic
  139. post surgery update
  140. Vitamins and Chronic Pain
  141. Pain meds source of brain fog?
  142. TMJ Concepts custom total joint-any one having problems-especially with metal sensati
  143. Looking for answers (also posted in back pain)
  144. chronic back pain,
  145. question on 2 types of doc
  146. Generic vs brand
  147. Sweating on opiates
  148. Question
  149. questions about back pain and pain management
  150. Stolen pain med's- what do I do?
  151. Cervical Epidural side effects question
  152. Please need support and advice
  153. best medications for chronic back pain?
  154. Duragesic withdrawal
  155. Pain management coccyx/lower back
  156. Seattle Dr. Sympathetic to Pain Management
  157. Joint replacements , when to consider?
  158. Shooting Pain In Right Arm When Tilting Head Down
  159. prialt? motor cortex stimulator?
  160. Urine tests
  161. Question about muscle relaxers
  162. Anyone have trouble calling nurse?
  163. new to pain management
  164. Need advice - plz help - switch from oxycontin?
  165. Change in Meds/Pain unbearable
  166. Pain Management in Northern NJ area
  167. Pain Medications
  168. Insurance Nightmare
  169. In a difficult predicament... need advice
  170. Cost of Medication
  171. Back issues and endone (oxycodone)
  172. Post op and a lot of medication
  173. Searching for anyone who has had this type of surgery...
  174. My pain management experience
  175. Pain meds not cutting it
  176. Is lemon water diet changing my tolerence?
  177. Pain meds interfere w depression meds
  178. help needed truly unsure what to do
  179. Half lifes of medications
  180. Venting about Drs. treatment
  181. Why does Pharmacist need permission to prescribe Generice Opana ER
  182. What to expect from Physiatrist for PM ?
  183. Need advice on use of Namenda for improved pain control
  184. The pharmacy shorted me again!
  185. Abruptly stopping percocet & starting Norco
  186. Giving Lortab to an infant?
  187. Do I need a pm dr?
  188. Interaction with the Fentanyl Patch
  189. First appointment with another new PMD.
  190. pain management doctor needed in Phoenix, AZ
  191. Get off fentanyl with withdrawls?
  192. What's the difference??
  193. Help with extended release meds
  194. Fentenyl Patch Problems
  195. Tramadol
  196. advice please
  197. Fentenyl patch a resonable request?
  198. New to the idea of PM
  199. Genetic Testing for Pain Med Optimization
  200. shoulder replacement need help for pain
  201. Nerve pain meds not working, advice?
  202. First Post! fentanyl patch or oral oxymorphone?
  203. Severe Hemophiliac in NJ looking for an experienced Pain Management Facility
  204. asking for long acting med
  205. I need help really scared. Dui
  206. IV pain management
  207. From 50mcg Fentanyl patches to Opana ER 40mg
  208. scared to ask PM Doc
  209. How much APAP for how long is too much?
  210. Nucynta questions
  211. Pain Management Questions
  212. Which meds do you think work better
  213. Generic Opana ER ?
  214. North Georgia PM Docs
  215. Anyone dealing with vasovagel syncope?
  216. Dilaudid & Bupivacaine
  217. Anyone out there? please help!
  218. Neuropathic pain
  219. Myofascial Pain Syndrome
  220. Percocet/Fentanyl False Negative
  221. New side effects from Percocet and other meds?
  222. About to try the hypogastric plexus block??
  223. Doctor Took Extended Vacation... Surprise!
  224. Oxycodone liquid Switching to Methadone? Plus my story in a nutshell
  225. switch up med for chronic back pain , lumbar fusion
  226. Neurotin
  227. PAIN MEDICATION: For trauma or depression?
  228. compound pain creams
  229. How to ask Dr. for narcotic pain meds without acetaminophen.
  230. Been Very Sick... Missed everyone... have >>
  231. $1100 bill for UA??
  232. acute pain
  233. Newbie needs fentanyl patch help
  234. need help with pain management medication
  235. Time to switch meds. Want to go in informed.
  236. Itching
  237. Butrans Patches
  238. Desperately need advice
  239. Brand New Member... do u ever feel with CP other Dr's treat u differently?
  240. How to deal with non-understanding friend
  241. Anyone have RSD
  242. New State, New PM, New Meds... sigh
  243. Anyone on Fentanyl Patches and have a power port implant?
  244. Doctor Rec New Jersey
  245. Patient Assistance Programs
  246. advice needed badly
  247. More Bad News for Pain Patients
  248. Fiancee may have screwed things up.
  249. Pain Med killing my intimate desire?
  250. need help finding pain management dr in south florida that takes patients under 25

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