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  1. Can you fire your pain man. doc??
  2. Pain on my lower right side
  3. Is prescribing 3 different pain meds common practice?
  4. A Change in my Pain Management Plan
  5. I want a new label!!! "Function enhancer" not pain pill
  6. myofacial therapy
  7. Advice please my mix of meds, feel terrible
  8. New to board but not Chronic pain
  9. injection
  10. slipperyslope this ones for you
  11. now i have a new problem.
  12. First time on the board
  13. Unknown pain!
  14. Intrasmuscular Stimulation
  15. Bad News Redux
  16. Hydromorophone and OxyCotin question
  17. Still going through the ringer at new PM Clinic
  18. Aargh! The Specialist doesn't understand!
  19. How can I find out the class of a med?
  20. Fired while on work comp-need to vent!
  21. Lumbar Spinal Stenosis?
  22. question about new oxycodone med.
  23. help finding a pm doc in charlotte nc
  24. has this ever happened to anyone
  25. How does your spouse, BF/GF handle your pain issues?
  26. Aranger, anyone, I have a question.
  27. B/f sharing to much info
  28. Whats the diff between Facet inj. & Nerve blocks?
  29. amytriptilyne
  30. just started Lyrica
  31. kidney stones(chronic)
  32. Can they do this???
  33. Morphin Enjection In Back
  34. new med,have a question
  35. different manufacturers of oxycodone
  36. New Protocal bad reaction
  37. Advice on traveling with meds!
  38. Ctching Flak from PM Docs Office Staff..Advice Please
  39. Those days when it's closer to give up than fight
  40. Not sure what to do
  41. im really ******
  42. Daytime Sleepiness/Pain Control/Getting off meds (to do or not to do). . .
  43. Idea for early refills if going away
  44. Cervical & between shoulder blade pain
  45. Pain Journal
  46. Posterior Neck Muscle Pain. 5 years now :(
  47. my doctor called
  48. Help w/what is considered high/low dose of pain meds
  49. Question about seeing a sub PA
  50. Methadone and Dental Problems
  51. Can't find a med that works! Help!
  52. TOPAMAX. I thought it would be good, but I'm ready to flush it down the toilet.
  53. advanced degenerative disc disease
  54. early prescriptions
  55. Getting discouraged
  56. Thanks for Meds help.(update)
  57. Anyone have luck w/ accupuncture?
  58. How's your relationship with your pharmacist?
  59. PA Question
  60. Why don't they want me to get an MRI??
  61. Kathy Mac- How is your taper going?
  62. need help with my maximum d. dose [what is it?]
  63. Tina76 Are you O.K.?
  64. Went to San Diego.
  65. Had facet injections, what's next?
  66. K stone,where are youuuu??
  67. Effectiveness of Oxycontin?
  68. Hurting...need to vent....
  69. Withdrawal Symptoms from Oxycodone 30mg
  70. oxycontin to methadone.
  71. About to get my first Epidural Injection for pain
  72. conversion[shore\anyone\please
  73. Questions about pain management
  74. Please Help! Weight Gain (major) With Neurontin And Now With Lyrica. Desperate!
  75. fentanyl side effects
  76. Has anyone had weight-loss as a side effect with Topamax?
  77. Compounded transdermal gels... how well do they work?
  78. Muscle relaxant Q
  79. phantom limb pain
  80. Soma-Allergic reaction???
  81. Ouch!!!!
  82. Bad news
  83. i need help with meds question!!
  84. question about different mri's
  85. What a dumb thing I did
  86. what to do?
  87. Requesting a med??
  88. MRI Questions
  89. re do and don'tsof medication
  90. Difficulty Urinating?
  91. Medication Questions
  92. Pain Management in IL
  93. DR. Called me a wuss.
  94. Calling for help
  95. Starting injections, very very scared!
  96. hi! i am new to the board
  97. Shoreline - looking for you help and advice
  98. Constipation and Blood in Stool!!!
  99. Need Help with Meds
  100. Neck injections-need input
  101. Good experience w/ new PM Doc
  102. More Problems................
  103. Norco question
  104. Methadone questions.
  105. Another Try At Esi Leaves Me In More Pain
  106. Have med question
  107. Do PM clinics do background checks?
  108. Doc called in Phenergan.
  109. Is this common among cpers??
  110. Pain meds - Lyrica any advice please
  111. Starting new med...Oxycontin
  112. New meds, what do you think??
  113. Where are all the good Docs?
  114. Appt with pain dr today- need luck!!
  115. How does AVINZA release?
  116. Whatcha think?
  117. horrible oxycontin experience, what can I do?
  118. Jumping the Gun, with RFA?
  119. PLEASE HELP Question about Percocet side effects
  120. Post Disk Replacement Surgery
  121. I think my doc is trying to O/D me!
  122. weaing down?
  123. Pain Medications -- Are these side effects normal???
  124. PM app. tom. w/ new PMD-wish me luck:)
  125. Barbie/Kissa: heel ???s
  126. chronic pain-stop making us suffer!
  127. should i lower my dose of oxycotin?
  128. embarrassed and scared
  129. pain pump
  130. COST of filling Codman Intrecal Morphine Pump
  131. please help trouble with dr
  132. Lasting effects of meds question
  133. Methadone for Headaches
  134. Need Advice
  135. Oxycontin vs. MS Contin need quick help
  136. radiofrequency lesioning
  137. Topamax question
  138. Question About Kadian Release Technology
  139. Fentanyl illness. (Mylan)
  140. oxy or dilaudid
  141. soboxone[why all the stipulations?]
  142. need advice, I got dumped
  143. Death from withdrawals[shore]anyone!
  144. Tizanidine
  145. Why does Norco upset my system SO much?
  146. does kadian work better than hydromorphone?
  147. Has anyone taken Naproxen 500?
  148. Intrathecal Pain Pump - How to Pay for it?
  149. Im stuck is there any middle?
  150. Mysterious Neck Pain for 3 yrs! HELP
  151. Getting Off Methadone
  152. Tingling feet is it a side effect? Starting to worry
  153. Befriending/Support UK (Chronic Pain)
  154. Dosage Doubled
  155. Stolen Meds
  156. Can Pain meds reduce sperm count???
  157. Has anyone heard of/used DMSO?
  158. no meds at pharmacy
  160. John Hopkins Medical Center
  161. Switching to SUBOXONE Monday for Pain Management
  162. No solid answers about pain! Need encouragement
  164. DDD and knee pain, any relation?
  165. Oxycontin is not really helping me.
  166. what should I expect
  167. Docs Comments On Kadian Dosage-shore Please Read
  168. Doc Left Without Returning Call
  169. Hi All...I'm home after my radical nephrectomy (total kidney removal)!!!
  170. Oxycontin Conversion To Methadone
  171. Switching from fentanyl patch to...
  172. How do I know if I have built up a resistence to my pain meds
  173. Which Tricyclics to use?
  174. life time treatment
  175. Am I asking for something that is out of line?
  176. Kadian Question For Dave And Others
  177. Can someone answer a question for me please?
  178. My dr. fired me today......need to vent!!!
  179. Narcotic Dependant???
  180. have a ?--need and answer quickly
  181. Dave (Shoreline), question for you
  182. Hello gang!
  183. Success with SCS??
  184. Nerve block and headache
  185. Really need some advice on neck pain
  186. No more breakthru meds?
  187. could use some imput...new to PM
  188. Pain meds and alcohol?
  189. Longterm untreated chronic pain...
  190. Update on adjustment of meds
  191. Baclofen
  192. Lortab and hair test
  193. benedryl
  194. Called PM can they do this?
  195. Duragesic Patch Side affects
  196. Pain Pump
  197. Radio Frequency treatment..Help Pls
  198. Anyone have problems with TENS machines
  199. Had my knee surgery
  200. Nausia after Cervical epidural???
  201. Analgesic Rebound Headaches?
  202. new PM doc--what to expect
  203. Any way to help/cure Dyspareunia?
  204. Newbie needs Help
  205. I have truly seen a "10" on the pain scale
  206. How much is too much?
  207. Question about Depakote ?
  208. strength of oxy
  209. Update On Withdrawal From Pain Patch And A Big Ty
  210. Methadone, scared of long term use for pain
  211. Long term effects of Pain killers
  212. update nerve block ?? days ago
  213. Intrathecal Pain Pump Removal Advice
  214. Med allergies, what's next?
  215. 2 weeks left until nephrectomy
  216. spinal cord stim
  217. Back for advice!
  218. oxy question.
  219. New Hip Works!
  220. Hey Shore: Oxy tolerance and wd's question
  221. Opiates and tooth decay
  222. Husbands Meds ?????
  223. Newbie with a question--Please respond
  224. Epidural and shocks(please read)
  225. Celiac Plexus Block-Dave or anyone know anything about it?
  226. Writing Letters To Dr's
  227. So Afraid I'm Sick.....
  228. PM doc
  229. psychologist/psychiatrist for pain mgmt
  230. functional capacity evaluation
  231. First appt. with P/M Doc, what to expect?
  232. BRAND vs GENERIC Pain Meds
  233. Another reason I think my Pain Dr. released me. Read, feedback please.
  234. Duragesic Vs. Sandoz
  235. Finally asked my doctor about lowering my dose...
  236. Do you ever feel like crap for calling your PMC?
  237. MS Contin vs Avinza?
  238. Has anyone ever gone of meds?
  239. Pain Pt's should regularly know what their Dr's opinions are!
  240. Quickie Question - What is order of Pain Meds in strength?
  241. WHO exactly ARE Pain Management Doctors?
  242. Fabby is really.....
  243. nerve block etc questions
  244. Fever while on Duragesic
  246. Help, My Doc Cut Down My Meds, Why?
  247. desipramine for pain
  248. Pain management and addiction
  249. How is a nurse practioner different from a doctor?
  250. What tests should I ask for?

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