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  1. Marcia, Good Luck
  2. Dave, a "medication vacation" question
  3. Medicare site is updated with Part D info.
  4. New P.M. "Poster" - Introduction
  5. scared stiff
  6. Drug Shedule Question!!!!
  7. Is there a difference: Methadose and Methadone
  8. Having a few bad days here with migraines
  9. Moving - would like advice on finding new pain doc
  10. New Pain Doctor Blues
  11. I could use some advice, debating on quitting meds
  12. Numbness In Hand From Back?
  13. just a question? also anybody with chronic pelvic pain out there?
  14. Shoreline I decided
  15. just wanted to say hi
  16. ON Buprenorphine Patch, when stop Ultram?
  17. Just tried a "real" Duragesic vs a generic... WOW!!
  18. Any difference between the two hydrocodones?
  19. Knee surgery: rotating knee
  20. Pain Management Doc being pushy about Morphine Pump, or Stimulator!!!!
  21. getting refill out of state[may be stranded due to huricane]
  22. tears of frustration and worry
  23. Can gabapentin make my pain worse?
  24. bad reaction to avinza
  25. Bringing meds.on plane.[is it a hassle?]
  26. Dave, question about my Percocet dosage
  27. I have to stop the Lyrica! This just sucks!...
  28. Disc Replacement[feedback\advise please]
  29. Liver Function and Percocet
  30. BT Medication
  31. Warning for all Medicare & Medicaid beneficiaries....
  32. Just when things seem stable, someone wants to rock the boat. Is this nurse right?
  33. Methadone Dose
  34. Is the nerve damage my surgeons fault??
  35. The Pain Patients Bill Of Rights 2004
  36. OK who's heard of THIS!!
  37. The Saga Continues...now with the Pharmasist from H*LL
  38. Oxycotin generic-wich do you prefere?
  39. No more post dated scripts?
  40. Fentanyl Patch and itching..Any Help?
  41. Methadone and testosterone
  42. Doctor visits for CP patients
  43. Who manufactures this generic?
  44. Update On Er Hell Experience!!
  45. Actiq 200mcg. Lozenge-What to expect?
  46. MRI Result Surprise All But Me..
  47. Hydrocodone w/o acetaminophen
  48. Lyrica-- New Nerve Pain Pill
  49. Need Help: having Horrible Pain From Morphine Pump Implant
  50. Is Stadol NS still available in US?
  51. Need Information Pls..spinal Cord Stimulator Implant
  52. SHORELINE!?!?!?! Please Read
  53. Chronic Pain and Percocet
  54. My Half Day Of Withdrawal
  56. Rash from generic oxycotin[but not from perdue]anyone else?
  57. Horrible ER Experience!!
  58. Shoreline, time to write that book :-)
  59. Chronic Pain and Surgery: Please Advise
  60. slow release oxycontin
  61. ??? about switching from Oxicontin to Methadone
  62. Phantom Limb Pain.....Dave Help
  63. anyone use Tramadol?
  64. Shoreline....need some advice
  65. Shoreline The last thing I wanted to hear
  66. Running short on meds
  67. Just Curious About Pain Tolerance
  68. How do I change PM docs?
  69. Shoreline-Question About Trazadone
  70. My insurance company approved my appeal for the Lyrica today!
  71. how much vicodin leads to problems?
  72. back from hospital again, More ketamine and Midazolam
  73. tapering off
  74. Botox for Pain?????
  75. I'm Back!...Fentanyl Advice Please
  76. pregabalin (Lyrica) or gabapentin (Neurontin)
  77. Vicodin while pregnant? Anyone take it?
  78. New to morphine meds. have some questions
  79. Subcutaneous Infiltration has left me in agony
  80. Prescribing Depakote or Gabatril for PAIN???
  81. going to be 6 days short on med.[vacation]Need feedback please
  82. Anyone have problems with generic Dilaudid brands? (Hydromorphone)
  83. Started Oxycontin (Oxycodone ER) still on Klonopin..but not Ambien!!!
  84. Urgent , need help after taking generic OC
  85. SCS and MRI's not compatible ever?
  86. oxycontin withdrawal
  87. Pain Management wants to put me on Oxycontin! Or implant... INFO PLEASE???
  88. Question regarding "short term" Pain meds for CP'ers
  89. changing LA meds
  90. Do any pharmacies normally carry Sandoz Fentanyl patches?
  91. prialt study participant
  92. get off this morphine
  93. lamotrigine and Neurontin
  94. Intercostal nerve block tomorrow.. Dave
  95. medical review worried
  96. MS Contin,Kadian, or Avinza
  97. Shoreline I got thru my test
  98. Need Input on Oxycontin Tapering After Surgery
  99. methadone or oxycontin
  100. Methadone, dolophine, Methadose any difference
  101. demerol? Please explain.
  102. Is this the med that was perscribed?
  103. finally LA Meds
  104. 14 days in hospital for pain
  105. Discogram tomorrow.... yikes....
  106. Does my comfort matter!!!!????
  107. I.M.E exam
  108. Question About MSContin (Shoreline? Anyone?)
  109. New pain meds. coming today, what should I expect?
  110. What are signs to change/adjust meds?
  111. now what do i do????
  112. New Problems all the time
  113. Fentanyl Patch Users
  114. When is it Ok to go to Emergency Room for pain??
  115. Duragesic And Sandoz. Confirmed Not The Same!!!
  116. Great Tv Show For Cp'ers
  117. Discektomy?
  118. methadone withdrawal after short-term use
  119. phantom limb pain
  120. Help with Mothers chronic pain-PLEASE
  121. Shoreline and any others w/ info. on Spine instability
  122. Boy do I have some good news, finally!
  123. Did You Know
  124. Looking for relief
  125. Duragesic Patch 50 mcg
  126. Shoreline HELP!!
  127. Question about meds
  128. Confused need Advice
  129. Traveling to Foreign Countries w/ Meds
  130. My doctor is going to put my on Lyrica on Friday...
  131. HELP! CareMark sent Sandoz generic Duragesic...
  132. Duragesic AND MSContin?? Why both??
  133. Well, it's pump time
  134. The right combination
  135. Discogram next Thursday... help
  136. Yet another surgery/anesthesia ?
  137. Getting off Vicodin
  138. Pein & Pregnancy
  139. Surgery~Post Op Pain Management?
  140. What a terrible day I had on Thursday!
  141. Having A Bad Day...
  142. Nerve Blocks
  143. Results from peripheral nerve block
  144. occipital nerve stim
  145. Happy, sad, and confused
  146. Shoreline I had my appointment today
  147. ketamine lozenges
  148. Dave: Have a question for you!
  149. New "miracle" drug for nerve pain - Lyrica - anyone try it?
  150. cymbalta
  151. What to Expect with a Cervical Epidural
  152. I.M.E exam,how does comp. get away with this?[shore,whats up with that!]
  153. pains bad
  154. Need to find compassionate doctor in Portland Oregon and Maui
  155. Hurricane Katrina....
  156. Pain Meds to excessive?????
  157. { removed }
  158. Do you have a Morphine Pump and a Spinal Cord Stimulator Box?
  159. Kadian
  160. dilated pupil ???????
  161. Oxymorphone finally on the way.....
  162. High Pulse rate = most likely offender
  163. Duragesic patch won't stick
  164. Husband Pain Has Caused Family Pain
  165. AAARRRGGGG....Big Cities and Rules...
  166. how to manage pain meds
  167. can i work at a pharmacy if i'm on narcotics?
  168. Thinking about seeing pain specialist...
  169. First time pump user
  170. Shoreline What did you mean?
  171. big doseage increase..hmmm
  172. Please help
  173. Iv Ketamine Test?
  174. Im tired of the Duragesic Patch
  175. Watson's 932's generic for percs, any opinions?
  176. duragesic patch...generic difference??
  177. anyone help please explain
  178. Meds Question
  179. need to detox from oxy
  180. shoreline,about tolerance[anyone welcome feedback]
  181. Pain Management Contract
  182. Stiff Neck
  183. re-pharmacist saga[shoreline\feelbad/etc[read please]
  184. Shoreline-How do I wean off these meds?
  185. Has anyone experienced this?
  186. Tens Unit Is A Pain Saver And Can Be Bought Without Prescription
  187. pain medication question
  188. Dave..et al ..Oxy meds and Levomethorphan, Nubian and Stadol
  189. had a beef with my pharmacist over generic oxycotin!
  190. newbie here - looking forward to talking with ya
  191. pudental nerve entrapment??
  192. morphine
  193. The covers hurt
  194. Moving, PM Advice
  195. What mental/physical effects to expect from long-term use of Methadone
  196. ShoreLine,-- Need Help With A Conversion Ratio.???
  197. lortab or duragesic patch
  198. Leftleg says it all
  199. ketamien treatment for pain
  200. Take Oxycontin? How much (mg)? How long?
  201. Shoreline don't forget about me
  202. Looking for support
  203. Update...oxycontin brand vs. generic
  204. finaly got to see a pm but........
  205. Loratab help!
  206. Botox - anyone tired this?
  207. Running out of options - very scared.
  208. Hey Dave (Shoreline)..........
  209. Shoreline yet another Question
  210. Shoreline~please read!!
  211. hello everyoneq
  212. hello
  213. Duragesic Vs Generic/Dr. lowering dose now
  214. drug test from my doc.
  215. Could pain meds be causing weight gain? HELP
  216. fentayl Patch
  217. Dave I have a test result
  218. Med increase
  219. ULtram 50mg x 4 or 100mg x 3 for nerve pain?
  220. oxycontin withdrawals
  221. New pain med question about dosage?
  222. Leg gving away causing me to fall.
  223. Hello all, the scs is in and so far...
  224. OxyContin?
  225. Hi, I am new here, looking forward to talking to you
  226. how many ppl have ask thier doc this question
  227. Shoreline/Anyone ? about BT meds
  228. Shoreline - any suggestions?
  229. Formula 303
  230. aching in my bones HELP!
  231. Pain in the buttox
  232. Artist known as Mush
  233. TENS and muscles
  234. New to Fentnyl Patch
  235. Need advice on how to handle a Dr. who messed up.
  236. Nedd Help With Pain Meds
  237. Deaths Seen With Fentanyl Narcotic Pain Patch
  238. Chronic muscle ache--any info appreciated
  239. Does anyone get headaches or light headedness with Cortisone injections
  240. anxiety
  241. Generic form of Percocet - does it work as well?
  242. Pain and Fibromyalgia
  243. Doctor's differing opinions - opioids
  244. Has anyone had a prob with mallinckrodt oxy?
  245. hi ppl me again.
  246. Questions about Toradol
  247. I'm stopping my Celebrex
  248. False negative urine test
  249. Subutex question for Dave!
  250. A Letter to Normals from a Person With Chronic Pain

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