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  1. New medication please help
  2. Getting away with UA? Help pls!
  3. help
  4. Filling out of state schedule 2 RX?
  5. Don't like the pharmacy I chose, what to do?
  6. Horrible experience at doctors office
  7. Refilling meds for holiday travel
  8. Switching Pain Meds
  9. Continued pain 1 year post 2 level lumbar fusion...
  10. 91-year old woman with chronic numbness
  11. Ugh dont know what to do anymore
  12. New guy here, question about med change
  13. Pain dr suddenly wants me off ALL pain meds in 2 weeks after 14 months
  14. How long does post op Spinal Laminectomy pain last for usually?
  15. pain management doc
  16. Having issues finding a good PM clinic
  17. Please help me!!- Vidodin and lyrica? Can they be taken together?
  18. Anyone ever have this happen to them???
  19. False positive ua
  20. Reducing Kadian to ...
  21. Finally had surgery! Need some advice pretty bad though...
  23. pain in my neck/steroid injection
  24. need help on when can get pain med filled
  25. Experiences with Butrans 20mcg patch
  26. discogram ?
  27. Pain doctors
  28. OPANA ER Co-pay card
  29. question about pharmacist
  30. possible lyrica side effects?
  31. The Diamond Clinic Facial Pain
  32. Norco while on subutex
  33. cmc joint surgery
  34. Odd pain/numbness spreading from upper neck to shoulder blade?
  35. Changing it up...
  36. Heart surgery scar pain
  37. medication suggestions for dr please
  38. Asking for Fentanyl patch??
  39. When can I get my oxycodone filled? In pain!
  40. Class 2 proscription question
  41. Choosing a New Pharmacy
  42. Please help..anyone....please
  43. Holiday refill?
  44. subutex and insurance
  45. do you think these are side effects from methadone?
  46. Talk to me about a Physiatrist
  47. first time screwing up... can they really do this?
  48. Question about pain meds post ADCF
  49. Can someone please help me understand what date a pill count would start????
  50. Ontario Canada and their new laws for patients in pain
  51. Pain management for a broken ankle?
  52. Refill problems
  53. Need to know about pill counts
  54. Stabbing pain in my knee at night
  55. Parents got away with far too much back then
  56. Seeking a quality PM Practice in the Northern VA area
  57. just plain WRONG Sister
  58. Apologies and Thanks
  59. how long does your Dr. keep you on a certain med for?
  60. Still needs pain relief from recent surgery
  61. Oxy vs Long Acting Morphine for mental clarity?
  62. In patient pain management clinic?
  63. Opana/oxymorphone
  64. Norco vs. Percocet
  65. hemipheresis
  66. Possible solution in sight!
  67. Meeting people in the same boat local?
  68. What has happened to Plan-D insurance?,and where is all this headed?
  69. Is it okay to request a prescription NOT be substituted...
  70. Inadequate pain relief after emergency surgery..help!
  71. Crushing endocet tablets, is it safe?
  72. Ritalin for chronic pain?
  73. New PM contract sounds fishy. Thoughts on this please!
  74. Violation? I am worried?
  75. hydroxychloroquine
  76. Best pain management / diagnostic facilities in the US
  77. I just DONT GET IT
  78. am i in the wrong place
  79. different medication
  80. all good
  81. need help support
  82. I need some arthritis pain management suggestions
  83. New to Pain Management
  84. test
  85. Doctor 2morrow! HELP!
  86. Scared! New doctor arbitrarily cutting my chronic pain meds in half!
  87. Fentanyl- afraid to ask doctor to change dose
  88. Looking for alternative pain management
  89. Newbie & Need advice on Fentanyl/Clonodine
  90. maybe somebody not taking medication
  91. refill question
  92. Newbie Don't Know Squat!!
  93. Percocet question?
  94. Opana to Ms Contin
  95. I'm a nervous wreck!!
  96. Healthy life switch turned off!
  97. Explain to me the difference...
  98. Switching from Oxycontin to a different slow release med
  99. PM Contract Violation
  100. Seeking new pain relief advice-non pharm.
  101. intrathecal pump w/ dilaudid...need help asap!!
  102. Intercostal nerve block
  103. Help finding pain managment SLC utah
  104. Please Help: Pain Doc needed in Orlando area
  105. Managing pain
  106. When is enough .... enough...
  107. Bloated /distended abdomen while on opiates, please advise
  108. DMSO-used too much on foot?
  109. dihydrocodeine itch, prescribed fexofenadine
  110. Damaged nerve from facet injection - can I sue?
  111. sprained ankle and different pain meds please help!
  112. Neurostimulator vs. Intrathecal Pain Pump
  113. What are some alternatives to pain meds?
  114. frustration is my name
  115. Please help! Fentanyl or Kadian?
  116. Pain in back under shoulder that radiates around to chest
  117. Advice please....Going to PM for first time
  118. New Approach To Surviving Pain
  119. Washington pain managment center in Renton
  120. hydrocodone no longer working well, whats the next step?
  121. Marcaine side effects
  122. Referred to PM Dr.
  123. Neck Pain
  124. spinal electronic stimulators
  125. Please help me and my husband
  126. Percocet to Suboxone (Butrans) Patch - Day 3
  127. Feedback Please on New Pain Pump Docs
  128. using tens unit on achilles
  129. changing Pain Mgt docs
  130. My Story...
  131. oxycodone dose? Is this a lot? Please read...
  132. Cold turkey off pain meds - could use support
  133. pain when arm stretched out.
  134. pain dr needed
  135. Butrans Patch - Ready for a Change & Hoping it Works
  136. Pain but no diagnosis yet
  137. New to pain management
  138. My meds not showing up in my urine ???
  139. Update on new PM Doctor visit
  140. NEW Pain Pump & Legal Rights as Consumer Issue
  141. ?? about nucynta..
  142. Bad day at PM Doc...I am stunned!
  143. Dilaudid?
  144. New Meds not working
  145. From Methadone to Opana ,,scared !
  146. Pain management nightmare...
  147. Pain meds grrrrrr
  148. Different doc/Different meds?
  149. The Tylenol Issue
  150. Does anyone find Exalgos not working? Hi...new to board!
  151. Spinal Cord Stimulator zaps,shocks,surges
  152. legit back pain?
  153. OPANA 10mg TID
  154. Hydrocodone question
  155. PCP Best for Pain
  156. Scared HELP HELP
  157. ms contin and fatigue
  158. Mylan Fentanyl patch
  159. Drug testing
  160. Can't take it anymore
  161. Orthopedic dr won't see me because of Pain Management
  162. Are these silent migraines?
  163. 91yr. old using fentanyl patch-side effects question
  164. In hospital w/ new pain pump
  165. Greetings from a new member
  166. Don't know what to do next
  167. Is this a medication effect?
  168. When Converting LA to SA...
  169. Here we go!!!
  170. Pain Pump?
  171. New to Pain Management
  172. Can a pharmacist recommend a physician?
  173. Help getting treatment (Oregon)
  174. Pain management in Atlanta
  175. Where to from here?
  176. Pain medication management clinics
  177. Does anyone have other issues?
  178. Thumb pain and stiffness (I left dr speechless)
  179. Advice on sticking up for myself at the doc's
  180. is it unreasonable to ask for a dose increase?
  181. Doc is confused
  182. What is a likely adjustment of my meds?
  183. How do I get my doctor to switch medicine?
  184. New Guy looking for support w. my fibro & oxycontin
  185. Doctors in Ocala Florida
  186. ive lived with chronic pain for the last ten years
  187. any suggestions
  188. Hi to all
  189. Opana ER 10mg
  190. pain management doctor
  191. Otter0407 - what you said describes me...I think
  192. Morphine Burn out.
  193. False Positive for Dilaudid in Urine Test
  194. I belong here too!
  195. Help?
  196. switching from fentanyl to morphine
  197. Frustrated!! I need help finding a solution!
  198. new Opana er user
  199. I have a morphine pump inplant the alarm is on
  200. Pain and fatigue
  201. switching Ultram to Vicodin
  202. Meds being stopped why?nothing changed,,
  203. Starting Suboxone tomorrow....
  204. Intrathecal Pain Pump Cause Weight Gain?
  205. What my Dr. did to me today. I'm dumbfounded
  206. Mixed Bag
  207. Spinal Cord Stimulator
  208. Tolerance Question
  209. Trouble with/Advice Needed - Fentanyl patch!
  210. Pain management during pregnancy..
  211. I don't know how to approach my Nuerosurgeon about changing my medicines
  212. ATT: Fentanyl/Dilaudid/Oxy users... please help w/?'s!
  213. Did I do something wrong?
  214. upper chest pain
  215. Just Need Some Advice Feeling Frustrated
  216. RFA Question
  217. PHN - post herpetic neuralgia
  218. pain from healing broken wrist
  219. Looking for Doc in Westchester NY area
  220. Medial Branch Injection
  221. Need advice on upcoming med change
  222. Pain Management/Refill issues
  223. What dose should I take? Was at 70mg of Oxy, stopped taking for a month...
  224. Looking for IN Patient Pain Mgmt Programs
  225. Does any one know Lumbar discogram & intradiscal injections of glucosamine and dext
  226. Pls Help with advice!
  227. Will taking Nucynta lower my tolerance to Percocet?
  228. Radio Frequency Nerve Block on Neck
  229. need to inform us
  230. moved from Missouri to Indiana no doctor will see me yet that I can find
  231. Oxycodone/itching
  232. Not getting pain relief
  233. I made the mistake of telling my dad I take pain pills :(
  234. Recovering from anthroscopic elbow procedure
  235. Know of any good PM docs in Phila area??
  236. Advice on pain man. doctor
  237. Morphine dependence..Slow Withdrawl..
  238. Wondering How
  239. Has anyone else had this problem??
  240. Just hanging On!
  241. Usual Consant Pain
  242. Need Help in Ohio
  243. Topiramate for back pain management
  244. Denazol or Zoladex?
  245. Neurontin for Pain?
  246. pain management in detroit area
  247. Do your pain meds affect your ability to feel a "natural high"?
  248. Can I do this? Please advise!
  249. Question about Oxycontin..
  250. dx w Myofascial Pain