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  1. Put on a new medication.
  2. Percocet side effects
  3. Ups and Downs of Methadone & More Info Needed
  4. new to AZ- can you recommend a pain mgmt doc?
  5. Hope someone can give me some advice
  6. Fentanyl Patch 12mg Side Effects!
  7. I need some advice!!
  8. Seroquel
  9. best generic 8mg dilaudid
  10. Chronic Pinching, Burning pain on top of head radiating down.
  11. New to Fentanyl 25 mcg but having no relief
  12. New Here and New to Fentanyl, though not new to Pain
  13. Pain Management Meds
  14. New to Formal Pain Mgmt - Pill Counts
  15. negative urine test on Lorcette 10/650
  16. Percocet to Nucynta
  17. Pain in neck and shoulder blades
  18. Hydrocodone Not working
  19. It's the Anxiety
  20. Pain management MRI Results. Help me please
  21. -Given blank script? Confused...
  22. New to Chronic pain
  23. SURGERY TOMORROW! Please Advise ASAP
  24. Re: nortriptyline
  25. Painkillers causing pain?
  26. How can I get my MDs to prescribe effective meds?
  27. New To Pain Management.
  28. Pain management doctors in medford oregon
  29. Another new ER formula!
  30. He says he likes the feel of pain....
  31. Drug Test and False positive
  32. Opiate reduction
  33. Rude PMS... normal?
  34. Fast pain med metabolizer?
  35. Need help with doctor...
  36. MS Contin question
  37. Using Opana... and scared
  38. New Issues after old issues
  39. Percocet problems while dosing off/on
  40. Been on Norco for a while, false positive for dilaudid
  41. pain tolerance is less and less
  42. Need Pain Management Doc in S. Florida
  43. GERD meds + pain meds?
  44. Sudden Withdrawl
  45. Dose Timing vs. Pain Levels
  46. Transitioning from Oxycontin to Hydromorphcontin
  47. Chest pain when moving shoulder?
  48. lower back and leg pain
  49. Dr's in Pittsburgh Area
  50. Bit Of A Problem Need Advice...
  51. My story...
  52. My first post, just joined
  53. what's next... chronic pain
  54. Rib pain when sniffling?
  55. Fentanyl Patch Quantity Limit
  56. Just getting through the day!
  57. Shot my hand with a nail gun
  58. Help me be prepared to confront my pain mgmt dr!
  59. Skekaxin/Metaxalone 800 mg
  60. Sharp, but intermittent pain in my right side ribs?
  61. Here's my story (Chronic Pain, Endo, Migraines, etc.)
  62. Help with pain meds: Percocet and Tramadol
  63. suboxone withdrawal
  64. Surgery to correct anterior pelvic tilt?
  65. Needless suffering
  66. Non Narcotic Nerve Pain Advice
  67. Hello newbie here.. my migraine journey
  68. Could this be real, or all in my head
  69. Is anyone having probs with Mylan Fentanyl patches
  70. opana withdrawal
  71. Oxycodone question...
  72. Pharmacy regulations on refilling Narcotics?
  73. How to ask PM doctor to increase pain meds
  74. Change from Norco to Percocet = I am Irritable!!!!
  75. side effects
  76. Constant Tailbone Pain!
  77. Help Please!!!! Relationship probs, to oxy?
  78. Methocarbmol is NOT for older folks?
  80. PM dropped me..what should I do? Please help
  81. Now anemic so no more anti-inflamaroties
  82. Pain in ribs alleviated by cracking back?
  83. Advice needed please... tailbone pain...
  84. Oxycontin cravings???
  85. Flexeril use
  86. Need Pain Management doctor in Pittsburgh
  87. PM doc in VA, MD or DC
  88. leg pain when sitting or laying
  89. How long does suboxone stay in your system for a drug test?
  90. Hoping doctor will weigh in, no idea what to try next
  91. Switching from ms contin to methadone
  92. Just how accurate are UA tests from your PM?
  93. Pain med refill
  94. Testosterone Gel and muscle spasms
  95. Itching on Methadone switching to suboxone?
  96. PM for neck but impending foot surgery
  97. 17 and in severe pain
  98. BT drug vs. LA drugs and OTHERS?
  99. Post Lumbar Laminectomy Leg Pain
  100. Where can I fill Roxy script in S Fla?
  101. Chest pain! Could this be a pinched nerve?
  102. False Negative results
  103. Problem with my ankle.
  104. Trying to stop
  105. how should i take care of this pain after a root canal?
  106. Referral to Addictionologist!?
  107. Cant get opana er
  108. Employment Drug test
  109. Are any of you reluctant to share the name of your PM doctor?
  110. Oxycodone after Xanax
  111. Help!!!
  112. Very bizarre PM appointment.
  113. Help threat of closing pm clinic
  114. Oxy Tapering Support needed
  115. Urine Drug Test Mix-Up
  116. What do we do now?
  117. trying to reduce all pain meds w/tylenal
  118. Intrethecal pain pump implant
  119. Opana shortage due to Novartis plant shutdown
  120. Waiting for the results.... What is wrong with me?
  121. false positive results
  122. SOMA- which generic brands are the best?
  123. Radio Frequency Lesioning (neck)
  124. DEA raids 2 Central Florida CVS Pharmacy Stores
  125. Severe neck and shoulder pain
  126. Chronic Pain is severe and chronic
  127. im too young to always ache, someone suggest a place to go for help?
  128. Pain med allergies??
  129. Question about pain medicine.
  130. Opinions on how to change pm doctor
  131. my doc got charges need new1
  132. Alabama referral needed
  133. Gabapentin/Neurontin for Oxycodone withdrawal
  134. Pain Doctor in OKC?
  135. Anyone tried laser therapy for pain?
  136. Lortab to Oxycodone
  137. False negative???!!!
  138. Young, Confused, and in pain
  139. False negative urine test
  140. Tapering
  141. Pharmacies and NASPER
  142. OPANA ER shortage ?
  143. Need advice about pharmacy and nurse at my Dr. office.
  144. MS Contin NOT helping RSD any longer, how do i ask PM dr about a change?
  145. First time visiting PM clinic... nervous or excited?
  146. Is this ok?
  147. tylenol 3 withdrawal after just 1 week of use?
  148. Oxycodone & Baclofen
  149. Neck pain management
  150. Anyone take vicodin long term?
  151. new med "subsys" anyone try it?
  152. Only Anti inflammatory for Degenerative disk?
  153. Help! PM is letting me go!
  154. me taking my pain meds AS ORDERS is being compared to illegal drugs---vent
  155. Post ACDF pain mgmt Help!!
  156. My New Pain Management Regimen and Question
  157. Vicodin and Diarrhea?
  158. Bit of a vent and asking for opinions
  159. ""HELP PLEASE"" Infomation about pain & med's
  160. The effect to a person when medication is stopped cold turkey.
  161. Methadone side effect ?
  162. narcotic regiment
  163. Severe pain! I need help finding percocet, please read.
  164. Vicodin to butran ?
  165. just a simple quick question
  166. Which one is stronger?
  167. need some help with my pain meds!!!!!! help
  168. I think he got it. I really think he got it!!
  169. Trying to understand ppls point of view.
  170. during surgery
  171. To Those Prescribed Methadone
  172. Pain treatments questions
  173. anyone taking the NEW generic Kadian?
  174. pain pump
  175. Switching from norco to oxycontin
  176. diphendydramine hcl stops my opoid constipation
  177. Negative toxicology - be aware
  178. Is it me... or the meds?
  179. Nucynta or Nucynta ER for pain???
  180. I need a doctor! pa-philly area
  181. Kadian vs. Avinza
  182. Pain from ARIMIDEX
  183. Can You Help?
  184. New medication please help
  185. Getting away with UA? Help pls!
  186. help
  187. Filling out of state schedule 2 RX?
  188. Don't like the pharmacy I chose, what to do?
  189. Horrible experience at doctors office
  190. Refilling meds for holiday travel
  191. Switching Pain Meds
  192. Continued pain 1 year post 2 level lumbar fusion...
  193. 91-year old woman with chronic numbness
  194. Ugh dont know what to do anymore
  195. New guy here, question about med change
  196. Pain dr suddenly wants me off ALL pain meds in 2 weeks after 14 months
  197. How long does post op Spinal Laminectomy pain last for usually?
  198. pain management doc
  199. Having issues finding a good PM clinic
  200. Please help me!!- Vidodin and lyrica? Can they be taken together?
  201. Anyone ever have this happen to them???
  202. False positive ua
  203. Reducing Kadian to ...
  204. Finally had surgery! Need some advice pretty bad though...
  206. pain in my neck/steroid injection
  207. need help on when can get pain med filled
  208. Experiences with Butrans 20mcg patch
  209. discogram ?
  210. Pain doctors
  211. OPANA ER Co-pay card
  212. question about pharmacist
  213. possible lyrica side effects?
  214. The Diamond Clinic Facial Pain
  215. Norco while on subutex
  216. cmc joint surgery
  217. Odd pain/numbness spreading from upper neck to shoulder blade?
  218. Changing it up...
  219. Heart surgery scar pain
  220. medication suggestions for dr please
  221. Asking for Fentanyl patch??
  222. When can I get my oxycodone filled? In pain!
  223. Class 2 proscription question
  224. Choosing a New Pharmacy
  225. Please help..anyone....please
  226. Holiday refill?
  227. subutex and insurance
  228. do you think these are side effects from methadone?
  229. Talk to me about a Physiatrist
  230. first time screwing up... can they really do this?
  231. Question about pain meds post ADCF
  232. Can someone please help me understand what date a pill count would start????
  233. Ontario Canada and their new laws for patients in pain
  234. Pain management for a broken ankle?
  235. Refill problems
  236. Need to know about pill counts
  237. Stabbing pain in my knee at night
  238. Parents got away with far too much back then
  239. Seeking a quality PM Practice in the Northern VA area
  240. just plain WRONG Sister
  241. Apologies and Thanks
  242. how long does your Dr. keep you on a certain med for?
  243. Still needs pain relief from recent surgery
  244. Oxy vs Long Acting Morphine for mental clarity?
  245. In patient pain management clinic?
  246. Opana/oxymorphone
  247. Norco vs. Percocet
  248. hemipheresis
  249. Possible solution in sight!
  250. Meeting people in the same boat local?