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  1. what is and what does cotisone epidural shots do for pain ?
  2. what are epidural cortisone shots
  3. Ok 1st Meeting with PM Doc. Couple of ?s
  4. Embeda Recall
  5. Vicodin ES to Norco 7.5
  6. finding the cause of your pain - how far?
  7. need inpatient pain clinic
  8. Askina Derm Fentanyl Patch Covers
  9. Medial branch block failure
  10. Rash after spinal cord stimulater
  11. ESI complications
  12. Breaking a pain contract with PM
  13. Off all meds for last 3 months now. Good and bad.
  14. Great first pm visit, few questions
  15. Easier to just go to a script MD!
  16. Looking for PM MD in Greenville NC area
  17. First PM visit monday, need advice asap!!!
  18. Anyone Ever Hear of Butrans
  19. Pain Managment and work
  20. please help depressed due to chronic pain
  21. SSI Denial Question
  22. Cymbalta Out - Wellbutrin In
  23. MYLAN fentanyl patch, please advise
  24. need help w/ pain management
  25. Looking for Pain Doc in MI
  26. Pain mgt clinic
  27. Brand New to PM and just got a referral in Maryalnd any info would be great.
  28. Center for Pain Management Maryland
  29. Policy change at the PM's office!
  30. Kaiser Permanente out of plan Pain Management
  31. Morpine pump/sleep apena
  32. Need someone to recommend a good Pain Management doctor in VA or DC.
  33. Is any other reason that causes my leg pain other than Spine disk herniation?
  34. Suboxone for pain and drug testing (hair follicle)
  35. Pain all over... need help.
  36. Time magazine cover story
  37. Not doing well-need advice please?
  38. tonsillectomy and sinus surgery - hydrocodone
  39. I LOVE my Dr and I'm so excited :)
  40. Fentanyl Questions
  41. Nucynta for BT?
  42. Desperate Need of Pain Management Advice!
  43. Intrathecal pain pump side effects, heat sensation along spine
  44. hurting and ****** off
  45. New To Fentanyl Patch
  46. Best Prices on Medication / Vent about pharmacies
  47. chronic dystonia and dyskinesia
  48. new person - my story
  49. Seeking compassionate dr. In md/va
  50. Seeking compassionate dr. In md/va
  51. Hi! Finally get to see the real Dr. Hope I'm not in trouble
  52. New to Health Boards!
  53. Brain Tweak Options
  54. Dosages of Hydrocodone
  55. Newto Health Boards
  56. Percocet and Beer?
  57. Your opinion/experience requested
  58. Possible problems with getting the Duragesic brand patch for a bit
  59. how to find a dr who listens
  60. Cymbalta and Hydrocodone
  61. opana is failing me an having alarming problems
  62. a question about med
  63. Blood in stool..left side pain.
  64. Switch from Percocet to Norco?
  65. Is it safe to start up my pain management again?
  66. I need to start up my pain management again
  67. Anyone have Cervical SCS?????
  68. i need some help with my doctor
  69. Pain,relief
  70. New To Pain Management
  71. Oxycodone 15mg
  72. I want info on gabapentin/neurontin during pregnancy?
  73. Need New Pain Management Doctor in New Orleans Metro Area
  74. New to pain management, but not to pain.
  75. having trouble with tegaderm film
  76. I need a new Dr.
  77. Would pm prescribe antibiotics?
  78. Suboxone and Klonopin
  79. Terrible and Random Headaches
  80. Pain and Cymbalta
  81. Could long-term use of oxycodone cause urinary tract burning
  82. Need help
  83. Medtronic implantable system
  84. New Meds questions
  85. Pain Management Dr. In Maryland
  86. advice on how to ask my dr. to increase my pain meds
  87. advice on how to ask my dr. for an increase on my pain meds
  88. advice on asking my dr. for an increase on my pain meds
  89. Need advice on what to say my dr. for a increase on my pain meds
  90. Switching from Vicodin 10/500 to ms contin 15 mg 2X daily
  91. Natural supplement to protect the liver from acetaminophen
  92. The need for a moderately strong LA Analgesic
  93. My Journey
  94. Frustated and upset!!!!!!
  95. New Here, Pain Meds...might be tricky...(long?)
  96. Advice on pain medications
  97. Long Term Norco Use-Liver Check?
  98. A New LA Pain Med Option
  99. Ouch
  100. Why we worry about opioids
  101. are certain drugs more prone to rebound headaches?
  102. Need advice or just someone to talk to
  103. Medication working or need to be adjusted?
  104. What can i do now
  105. Ultram ER vs Ultram (Tramadol)
  106. lots of pain after osteopath exam?
  107. dianosed with cervicle dystonia
  108. Help me understand Stadol
  109. I have a question re: getting additional meds
  110. New Oxycontin generic coming
  111. Pain Meds and New Insurance worries
  112. Can you help me please?
  113. Physical pain in Check. Psychic, not so much.
  114. Roxicodone and Klonopin
  115. A thank you and a question about my situation
  116. Abdominal Adhesions
  117. worried
  118. Methadone losing its effect in one day
  119. how long does this nerve block thing hurt???
  120. PM Contract
  121. Help. Need PM in Portland, Beaverton, Tigard
  122. Nerve block??
  123. Suggestions for Long Acting Pain Med
  124. Looking for a good PM doc in Long Island NY?
  125. question about injections
  126. want to stop the new OP type
  127. help for my husband-pain and norco!
  128. Need Pain Management Dr in Alexandria, Sprinfield VA
  129. methadone/valium
  130. Chronic Pain - Treaing me down - need advice
  131. What Pain Medicine should i take?
  132. Pain Management - Need help with Meds?
  133. Baseline joint paint and now Fluoxetine-related pain around lower back/kidneys?
  134. ambeda
  135. Shoulder Pain and Nerve Damage Please Help
  136. Marinol - Pharmaceutical THC
  137. Can painkillers be smelled in our perspiration?
  138. Pain, Guilt, and Loneliness
  139. Need PM doc in Maryland...FAST
  140. A couple of pointless complaints...
  141. Drug Rehab with Pain Management..PLEASE HELP
  142. Need help
  143. What is the next step up from Norco?
  144. Tramadol withdrawal headache
  145. Breakthrough Med Combo's
  146. Fusion surgery!!! PCA pump meds?
  147. My PMD lost her license , no other doctors want to treat me
  148. Oxycontin-OP?
  149. RSD and PM
  150. what are the reasons and the solution for postoperative pain after root canal prepara
  151. Refill question... please
  152. I Need Help Finding A Pain Management Dr In NJ
  153. nerve blocks vs. opiods
  154. How Methadone has ruined my life
  155. What my PM doc had to say about Chronic Pancreatitis
  156. Oxycodon causing constipation
  157. Insurance dropping coverage
  158. Pamelor Cause Ankle or joint Pain?
  159. medication refill? help
  160. please help.
  161. What's the deal with switching PM Dr's?
  162. OxyContin Guidelines
  163. Does anyone out there think this is a lot?
  164. Klonopin and the Zombie
  165. Should I stop the Elavil?
  166. Pain Meds/Kids
  167. Neck problems-possible surgery? Need advice
  168. Itching all over.
  169. Accupuncture's not working :(
  170. What causes weight gain on meds?
  171. Ive been taking 120-150mg daily for a year
  172. Do u get nervous going to see your pain dr?
  173. Meds after surgery...
  174. Ciprofloxacin should be banned.
  175. Has anyone taken Neurontin/Gabapentin for foot pain?
  176. what's going on?
  177. pain med question, post fusion surgery?
  178. Oxycodone Overdose?
  179. anyone been 'shorted' pills by the pharmacist?
  180. insomnia from oxycodone?
  181. Amitriptyline
  182. Okay, Got Tolerance, Now What?
  183. Switching from Kadian to ???
  184. how long for dr to call back?
  185. What is this board supposed to do?
  186. I am done with pain management and doctors. Not worth it anymore.
  187. Tramadol HCL 50 mg 2-3 times daily
  188. Pain Managment and intimacy
  189. new member question
  190. Looking for PM Dr. in GA South of ATL
  191. Elavil at night for pain? Why?
  192. Pain Management in Souther Illinois
  193. Got Opana....
  194. Just got back from 2nd accupuncture appt.
  195. How to change PM - Central Florida
  196. Having to move from percs to ir oxy dosage question..
  197. How common is nausea with pain medication?
  198. Painkiller Tolerance
  199. Actual Numbers. Alcohol + Opana ER
  200. Alcohol and Long Acting Pain Meds
  201. Doc wants RFA...not sure what to do
  202. Was it withdrawals or just pain?
  203. Oxymorphone Experts, Your Opinions Please!
  204. Looking for a good pain management doctor in New Jersey
  205. Hurting, PM wont let me get my Rx til tomorow
  206. Roxane Levorphanol Unavailable?
  207. Can any M.D. Prescribe Pain Meds?
  208. Questions about different types of morphine
  209. Detox from Darvon N-100?
  210. Problem with transferring prescriptions
  211. switching from methadone to oxycontin
  212. First visit to Pain Management doc tomorrow
  213. Hydrocodone & Driving
  214. Question on early narcotics refills in Canada
  215. Hmmm.... day 33 and no refil or word from the PM.
  216. One size does not fit all
  217. Tiredness & Pain - the same old story?
  218. suffering from postherpetic neuralgia
  219. I was called an addict last night
  220. This may be why we're all considered addicts
  221. fed up. any Dr. recommendations in WI?
  222. good pm dr in kanas
  223. Isn't it Romantic! Or is it the curse?
  224. Oxycodone Vs. Percocet
  225. chronic pain med use vs. addiciton
  226. lawyers and human activists needed!
  227. Working a Job and Pain
  228. Wide rib excision
  229. Opiate Comparison Chart
  230. Deep left side pain head to toe
  231. Chronic Pain Sufferer feeling "stuck"
  232. Bad news for Pain Mgt world.
  233. im living a soap opera
  234. Need Help to Talk to Dr. Appt is Today
  235. Hurting need some help
  236. Cervical Medaial Branch Block & Cervical Radiofrequency - Help
  237. update
  238. does anyone see a problem with this??
  239. methodne and tooddler
  240. Is it wrong to suggest a med regime to my Dr?
  241. 2nd visit pm 3 hours!!!!
  242. Re-injured foot after surgery, one year later need pain management
  243. very important question urgent
  244. Pain meds and nightmares?
  245. I'm afraid I did something wrong. PLEASE read
  246. the ever impending tolerance issue
  247. tips on my pain journal!!
  248. methadone pain question
  249. Tired of being tired all the time!
  250. after my stroke...

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