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  1. Spinal Cord Stimulator
  2. Tolerance Question
  3. Trouble with/Advice Needed - Fentanyl patch!
  4. Pain management during pregnancy..
  5. I don't know how to approach my Nuerosurgeon about changing my medicines
  6. ATT: Fentanyl/Dilaudid/Oxy users... please help w/?'s!
  7. Did I do something wrong?
  8. upper chest pain
  9. Just Need Some Advice Feeling Frustrated
  10. RFA Question
  11. PHN - post herpetic neuralgia
  12. pain from healing broken wrist
  13. Looking for Doc in Westchester NY area
  14. Medial Branch Injection
  15. Need advice on upcoming med change
  16. Pain Management/Refill issues
  17. What dose should I take? Was at 70mg of Oxy, stopped taking for a month...
  18. Looking for IN Patient Pain Mgmt Programs
  19. Does any one know Lumbar discogram & intradiscal injections of glucosamine and dext
  20. Pls Help with advice!
  21. Will taking Nucynta lower my tolerance to Percocet?
  22. Radio Frequency Nerve Block on Neck
  23. need to inform us
  24. moved from Missouri to Indiana no doctor will see me yet that I can find
  25. Oxycodone/itching
  26. Not getting pain relief
  27. I made the mistake of telling my dad I take pain pills :(
  28. Recovering from anthroscopic elbow procedure
  29. Know of any good PM docs in Phila area??
  30. Advice on pain man. doctor
  31. Morphine dependence..Slow Withdrawl..
  32. Wondering How
  33. Has anyone else had this problem??
  34. Just hanging On!
  35. Usual Consant Pain
  36. Need Help in Ohio
  37. Topiramate for back pain management
  38. Denazol or Zoladex?
  39. Neurontin for Pain?
  40. pain management in detroit area
  41. Do your pain meds affect your ability to feel a "natural high"?
  42. Can I do this? Please advise!
  43. Question about Oxycontin..
  44. dx w Myofascial Pain
  45. Newbie w Myofacial Pain
  46. Quick Question??
  47. time for change
  48. Celestone Injection Side Effects - Itching?
  49. need to rest
  50. your thoughts and experience with dilaudid vs roxicodone
  51. Thalamic Stroke and pain- what helps???
  52. How long does Oxycontin stay in blood stream?
  53. Sacroliac Joint dysfuction.... is there any relief??
  54. Unbelievable. The epidural injection worked.
  55. Nausea after epidural?
  56. PM/Internal Medicine Doctors in VA/MD/DC?!
  57. Dealing with Doctors
  58. What do you do when your percribed meds wont let you sleep?
  59. Anyone used or heard of using a SCS for SI joint pain?
  60. Does anyone know a good Dr. to see for Pain in the dc metro area?
  61. pancreatitis
  62. New here and have Q's on oxy's and fentanyl
  63. Very worried about this epidural injection. Please read.
  64. Pain in my left Shoulder/Arm and upper back.
  65. Had elbow bone spur anthroscopic procedure
  66. Pain meds and driving
  67. Chronic pain and meds
  68. Most CPers stories here about rude docs and pharmacists sound like lies.
  69. Ulner nerve damage - Looking for help on pain medication
  70. My Ongoing Pain Story
  71. Epidural Injections?
  72. Oxycontin vs. Percocet for Fibro
  73. In conflict with PM Doc
  74. Finally, A doc who gets it!!
  75. TOTALLY PO'd ( Venting )
  76. RLS info needed!
  77. Hello I am new here.
  78. Question about the Butrans patch...
  79. * need some advice!!! *
  80. Pain Management in Florida
  81. Pharmacy Issue......
  82. Anesthetic Injection into the hip bone
  83. gonebackwards
  84. It's been a while...
  85. Unable to diagnose severe abdominal pain 11 weeks post-pregnancy
  86. Looking for GREAT, UNDERSTANDING, PM DOC in Sac. Ca.
  87. Beware!!
  88. Minimally invasive lumbar discectomy with spinal fusion
  89. Myofascial release therapy - sedona
  90. Laser surgery for cervical problems
  91. cervical medial branch block andradiofrequency ablation
  92. Exalgo
  93. Experience with OxyIR v Dilaudid???
  94. Anxiety ridden in Alexandria
  95. EMG on Tuesday - still have pain and spasms
  96. lets hear your PM flak stories!
  97. IRONRANGE Minnessota Pain Meds
  98. Pittsburgh area PM Dr needed!
  99. Should I call my Dr?
  100. stories from PM...........
  101. RSI Thumb injury. Recovery Time?
  102. Off Cymbalta now on to Zoloft...
  103. Morphine dependence..how quickly?
  104. Thumb Joint Pain at 19 years old
  105. MS Contin Confusion
  106. pharmicy misscounted my meds:(
  107. Post cholecysectomy pain
  108. morphine sulfate ER to replace OxyContin? HELP!
  109. Abdominal pain
  110. Tramadol question
  111. Oxy/OxyIR questions. Help, please?
  112. Traveling with chronic pain
  113. Does anybody else ever feel like this?
  114. lumbar fusion
  115. Logging vicodin use in Excel?
  116. How do I know if a pharmacy-phone-in opioid refill request is being rejected?
  117. Sharp, acute pain in my back when I press behind my kneee?
  118. Can't find my TENS unit....
  119. Having my first Trigger Point Injections Monday
  120. MC1R gene
  121. Doctor question - please help
  122. I am having jaw/ear pain that can't be diagnosed
  123. Major problem with post-facet injection, need advice.
  124. Ever Do Something Really Stupid?
  125. Fell down flight of stairs (13 of them)
  126. I am afraid to ask my doctor for a dose increase.
  127. severe hip and leg pain
  128. I am looking for a pain management doc in Phoenix, AZ
  129. Pain management vs, suboxone
  130. any help appreciated
  131. Prices going up for norco???
  132. Good pain management Dr on Eastern Shore of MD
  133. Red hair color and pain
  134. Are my pain problems related?
  135. Re: Tramadol
  136. Freaking out over 3 yr ssdi review!
  137. Labral Tear repair not a success!!! HELP
  138. How to go to pain clinic, get meds, etc. Other doctors won't take me seriously?
  139. hello anybody on oxycodone ir?
  140. conversion
  141. Pain DR in Maryland needed (narcotics)
  142. 18 Months of muscular skeletal pain at age 18
  143. Chest pain when lying horizontal.
  144. Nervous wreck about urine drug test
  145. Humiliated in Dr. office for asking to be given...
  146. EMG tomorow!
  147. Travel to the UK with hydrocodone
  148. Fentanyl Patch
  149. meds used for pain mgt - ms contin
  150. fentanyl patch
  151. Wrist Pain...... Please Help!!
  152. Cymbalta (for pain). Diabetics, did it make your sugar high?
  153. Long acting dilaudid
  154. Problem with pharmacies???
  155. My pain doctor is wonderful! Need a little help though.
  156. Applying Watson Fentanyl 75 mcg. Patch???
  157. Help in Charlotte NC
  158. pain l5 s1 in lower back in nj
  159. Good Friend was just diagnosed with Chronic Pain~Walking in my Shoes
  160. Blah...
  161. methadone and dilaudid/ i'm scared
  162. Fentanyl patch and weight loss
  163. Concerned about taking Cymbalta
  164. Question about getting meds..
  165. Opana ER vs Oxycontin CR
  166. oxycodone
  167. Safest drug to take if you have liver/kidney problems
  168. I am 19 and Just got elbow surgery!!!
  169. morphine tolerant and operation pain was unbearable
  170. Need new pain doc in northern Colorado
  171. what med is next??
  172. attn.Fentanyl patch users, free overlays..
  173. reward for being compliant
  174. In PM but going for sugery for the reason I'm in PM I have ? and concerns Please Help
  175. So this is rich.....
  176. I will see a new Pain management doctor and have two questions
  177. How long is this prescription supposed to last??
  178. Looking for advice on dealing with chronic pain in the entire right side of my body
  179. Does hydrocodone make anyone cranky and...
  180. Scared to switch
  181. Help finding a new doctor in Ohio
  182. found a great pain dr in florida
  183. Fentanyl Patch Question
  184. Question about nerve study for lower back & legs.
  185. Latest PM Appt.
  186. inpatient pain clinics
  187. Chronic pain!
  188. Would a third cortisone shot help?
  189. Question re: early refill
  190. Need advice and fast
  191. Opinons Please
  192. Lortab to Fentanyl
  193. on Lyrica + Cymbalta to help with nerve pain in foot and calf
  194. Not managing my pain
  195. does fentanyl patch bypass the liver and go directly into the blood stream?
  196. Your pain and your pain meds
  197. Chronic Nerve Irritation in Foot
  198. Tramadol After Vicodin 500 mg.
  199. How do I make them understand?
  200. Hydromorphone 2mg ??
  201. I'm falling apart, looking for someone to talk to
  202. switched from methadone to fentynal patch having problems
  203. New meds
  204. Changing Pain Meds
  205. Haven't signed an agreement...
  206. Judgemental Office Staff!
  207. Help Finding a New PMD in Tennessee
  208. Chronic Pain patient with dislocated knee NO ONE WILL TREAT ME!!!
  209. strange question
  210. Had to Ditch my Short-acting Pain Meds...
  211. advice for pain management for 8+ months
  212. Leg pain!!!
  213. Spinal Cord Stimulator Personal Question
  214. Opana ER 30mg & no relief? Odd?
  215. Need a new Pain Management Doctor in Western Washington
  216. "mipphm' stands for mom in pain please help me.
  217. What to do when your doctor and insurance company don't trust or respect you!?!
  218. Really need help: pain, doctor, and addiction issues
  219. Please help!! Need feedback desperatley!
  220. incontenance
  221. Itching
  222. pain pump and mri's
  223. what is and what does cotisone epidural shots do for pain ?
  224. what are epidural cortisone shots
  225. Ok 1st Meeting with PM Doc. Couple of ?s
  226. Embeda Recall
  227. Vicodin ES to Norco 7.5
  228. finding the cause of your pain - how far?
  229. need inpatient pain clinic
  230. Askina Derm Fentanyl Patch Covers
  231. Medial branch block failure
  232. Rash after spinal cord stimulater
  233. ESI complications
  234. Breaking a pain contract with PM
  235. Off all meds for last 3 months now. Good and bad.
  236. Great first pm visit, few questions
  237. Easier to just go to a script MD!
  238. Looking for PM MD in Greenville NC area
  239. First PM visit monday, need advice asap!!!
  240. Anyone Ever Hear of Butrans
  241. Pain Managment and work
  242. please help depressed due to chronic pain
  243. SSI Denial Question
  244. Cymbalta Out - Wellbutrin In
  245. MYLAN fentanyl patch, please advise
  246. need help w/ pain management
  247. Looking for Pain Doc in MI
  248. Pain mgt clinic
  249. Brand New to PM and just got a referral in Maryalnd any info would be great.
  250. Center for Pain Management Maryland

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