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  1. Trial Run
  2. Is it logical to get a refill 5 days early?
  3. Methadone for pain DR.
  4. did hydrocodone cause my hearing loss
  5. medication
  6. New Pm needed NC|SC
  7. morphine pump
  8. Generic Dilaudid ingredients vs Brand
  9. At some point the Seeker label fits
  10. help in minnesota please
  11. LIDODERM® (lidocaine) Pain Patch 700mg
  12. First Pain Management Injections Today
  13. Stomach problems with pain meds
  14. tail bone pain and lump in pariental part of head
  15. any ideas of what happened?
  16. About to just give up. Need some advice.
  17. Exforge 10mg*/160mg
  18. Need some advice please
  19. Pharmacy and Insurance communicating?
  20. Anyone heard of a "pain psychiatrist"
  21. trigger point and epidural injections
  22. Safety regarding my medication
  23. does tramadol show up as an opiate on a standard drug test?
  24. PM in Marina Del Rey/Santa Monica CA
  25. Stellate Ganglion Block if it works how long will i have to have them
  26. Thank you to everyone that posted back, new question about the painful wounds
  27. norco
  28. severe admonial pain in lower left side
  29. Burning of nerves in my back for sciatica
  30. Excruciating pain in my arm
  31. switching from Lortab to???
  32. Painful wounds, need advice please, is this normal?
  33. how to approach doc if I'm going to run out of BT for the first time in 2 years
  34. New to Pain Management
  35. Updates
  36. Difference in oxymorphone & MS Contin withoxycodone for a drug test
  37. Difference in oxymorphone & MS Contin with oxycodone for a drug test
  38. Do all pain medications carry the risk of liver damage?
  39. Pm dr'sin new jersey
  40. Did I do something wrong? (and pain med contract questions)
  41. Transitioning from temporary pain meds to long term meds
  42. Why should we take lidoderm patches off after 12 hours?
  43. lorcet comparable to oxycontin?
  44. Dying in pain!!
  45. Oxycodone 30 mg side effects
  46. neck pain and lower back pain
  47. Nerve pain after back surgery
  48. joint pain and swelling after pain pump implant? Anyone else with this?
  49. opana er 10 mg 3xday
  50. opana er 3xday
  51. nerve simulator, for severe back pain
  52. Central Pain Syndrome
  53. Dr. wants pain medication back
  54. what does a fractured sternum feel like
  55. Approaching Doc. with Med. Increase
  56. fentanyl-vs-oxycotin
  57. What do you do when a doctor won't prescribe you pain medication for chronic pain?
  58. Oxycodone-Is 20mg a big dose
  59. Notes on dealing with the pharmacy...
  60. My Story of Pain, and doing Research along the Way
  61. central pain
  62. when I take a hydrocodone 7.5/325 pill I feel panicky
  63. Is Oxycodone the Same as Oxycontin?
  64. Unbearable pain with no end in sight
  65. Tingling and pain in back
  66. What to do?
  67. Generic VS Brand Name
  68. Does ALL narcotic pain meds make any of you very sick?
  69. surgicaly nerve damage foot drop numbness burning pain
  70. System is cleaned out norco working stronger??
  71. does oxycodone dause tinnitus?
  72. Question about epidural steroid injection...
  73. Why are narcotic prescriptions written for 30 days when most months have 31 days??
  74. Immune to Hydromorphone?
  75. Tolerance...
  76. Methadone vs Fentanyl for relief
  77. New to pain, where to start?
  78. Fentora/Duragesic Patch Conversion??
  79. other choices of pain management
  80. Pain medication fiasco...
  81. This is gonna sound weird but....
  82. MRI report – what does this mean?
  83. pain medication for myofascial pain
  84. How can I get a doctor to prescribe pain meds?
  85. pain relief
  86. TENS unit trial - what happens?
  87. I'm an idiot.. new here.. help!
  88. Vicodin headache
  89. Exalgo (hydromorphone)
  90. Looking for a pain management docotor in central nj
  91. wife in need of help with husbands pain
  92. New in Tucson Arizona
  93. Patch Question
  94. Duragesic pain patch
  95. anxiety and pain
  96. Need Private Dr.
  97. Norcos not working
  98. Liquid Hydrocodone?
  99. Hydrocodone vs Duragesic Patch
  100. Hydrocodone vs Duragesic Patch
  101. meds don't work
  102. Will I be okay
  103. I'm back...need help again!! when do you get "flagged"????
  104. Pain Mgmnt Dr on Long Island That RX's Methadone
  105. neurostimulator
  106. Oxycodone addiction question?
  107. Fentanyl Patch Changed My Life
  108. Generic Oxycontin???
  109. Cymbalta relief
  110. Cleveland area pain doctors???
  111. Filling Med early?
  112. Codein allergy
  113. Prescription question
  114. Should I be concerned?
  115. Leaving pain mgmt., trying family doc..???
  116. What size tegaderm do you use?
  117. Need Actiq in Maryland!!!
  118. Who makes generic oxycontin?
  119. from mscontin to oxy contin n feel really awful
  120. Is this dosage of Lortab considered excessive?
  121. what is the difference between loritab and percocet?
  122. Being honest about pain?
  123. hydrocodone APAP and rash?
  124. What is a "pain clinic" like?
  125. Good understanding Dr needed south central WV & area
  126. Pain pump implant
  127. insomnia
  128. release from contract
  129. Finally, a Dr. who know what she's doing!!
  130. My Story (just need to vent today)
  131. A question about PM, ethics, programs LONG post.
  132. Profuse sweating with the Fentanyl patch
  133. New to Methadone
  134. new fentanyl patch user
  135. red flagged by a crock doc. what can I do?
  136. new fentanyl patch user.
  137. Thoracic disc bulges---chronic and nonstop pain--please help!!
  138. what can you take to get off of morphine tabs
  139. What is?
  140. Yearn to not take meds
  141. morrphine not working on cancer pain now what?
  142. How to make others understand
  143. Too Many Injections
  144. Neurontin
  145. Pain Management for Chronic Kidney Stones? Need Advice Please!
  146. Spontaneous Acute Pain throughout my body
  147. My story (sorry for the length but it is a long one)
  148. Pain Management Problems
  149. Long Road
  150. Suboxone / Subutex
  151. What does RA stand for?
  152. Anyone had radiofrequency ablation for L5 & SI joint problems?
  153. A serious question
  154. PM doc in or around Albany,NY?
  155. probabley getting a rhizotomy, scared and need others experiences
  156. Generic substitute for Aviza?
  157. differences
  158. refill for tramadol? how early?
  159. Pain management, need advice
  160. What should I do?
  161. hydrocodone without acetaminophen
  162. Need some advice
  163. hydrocodone versus percoset
  164. Just got on Opana and it is a wonder drug!
  165. Is oxycodone stronger than hydrocodone
  166. Valium/percoset
  167. Recommendation for Dr. in Denver area please
  168. percocet/ tylenol and liver toxcity
  169. can anyone tell me,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  170. Methadone for Pain Management and Pregnancy
  171. PM Doc in Gilbert, Mesa, Queen Creek, AZ area
  172. Please...any and all advice welcome
  173. Percoset/nightmares
  174. Cymbalta and Weight Gain
  175. Equivalent dose of methadose to methadone
  176. Hi, Does anyone recognise this trigger point procedure
  177. Needing recommendations for a PM Doc near Joliet IL.
  178. Dr moved me from MS Contin to Fent Patch, I'm in horrible pain..need advice!
  179. anyone else have FMLA...
  180. Vicodin dosage
  181. Pain dr quits, says I need Medical Pain Mgmt? what?
  182. Hi Does anyone recognise this Trigger Point procedure???
  183. what dosage of Kadian seems to help
  184. opana or oxycontin
  185. Scoliosis surgery
  186. a really dumb question :)
  187. so frustrated with chronic tendinitis :( any advice?
  188. Pain Dr switch? Not sure what to do . . . .
  189. what is a dose for nerve pain/can vicodin help
  190. Appt in am
  191. coverage on oxy and norco
  192. Lower back muscle paid
  193. Best generic for MsContin?
  194. does the burning pain ever go away with a sacro illiac joint problem?
  195. Chronic back pain for 5 years now
  196. Update on me, 4 weeks out
  197. Nerve Damage Pain
  198. I am in real pain - doc seems to doubt me
  199. what vitamins, foods or other benefit the body while on pain medication?
  200. extreme pain in buttocks after toradol injection?
  201. nurve pain
  202. Oh no....I lost my pain meds....
  203. pain management dr. in pittsburgh pa??
  204. Help I am at the end of my rope...
  205. I opened my fentora lozenge and it is crushed...should I use it?
  206. Possible Fentanyl Patch Overdose
  207. Just need some support....
  209. can oxycodone swell up bad knees?
  210. Perscriptions
  211. What Is Safe To Use At The Same Time?
  212. No Oxy With Kaiser Insurance?
  213. Pain Medication and Erectile Dysfunction
  214. Since when does a doctor's schedule allow him to violate the Hippocratic Oath?
  215. From Oxycontin to SA Oxycodone....
  216. long-lastinr break-through medication
  217. Help in Rochester, NY pt2
  218. your rights under pain management
  219. Fibromyalgia
  220. Scared of TOO many MEDS!!!
  221. My life of pain and depression.
  222. So I am sore above my armpits, stretches for it?
  223. Pain meds and statins?
  224. want to quite vicodins with tramadol
  225. Lab results from Endocrine doc
  226. Anyone have problems with SI Joint?
  227. I finally signed up .. been reading for 2 years
  228. pain management docs
  229. how to get off neurontin
  230. HELP in Rochester, NY PM Dr. has retired!
  231. can you break tramadol er in half
  232. Back to the patch?
  233. Need info about pain meds taken with beta blockers.
  234. Dreaming of Pain.
  235. Appt with endocrine doc
  236. depressed and used oxy and now depressed again , HELP!
  237. Long term Lortab usage and Rosacia symptoms???
  238. How long after you stop pain meds until you know if you pain is real or PAWS?
  239. Need Info Fentanyl Patch to Morpnine sulfate ER
  240. desperate for a florida doctor
  241. Epidural side affects
  242. HELP!! False negative drug test, pain doc. dismissing me :(
  243. from oxicontin to opana?
  244. question about pharmacy policies
  245. crazy pain management situations
  246. Allergy to Hydrocodone?
  247. Cymbalta Withdrawal Question
  248. Help In Answering A Question...Was It Suboxone Or Subutex?
  249. help...my dr wants me 2 take suboxone for back pain!
  250. Atarax anyone?

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