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  1. Coming off geodon.
  2. chances of winning
  3. allergies and schizophrenia
  4. Just Lost Job...What Should I Do?
  5. Sever Schizophrenia
  6. 10 months still no voices.. is this common?
  7. Does this sound like Schizophrenia?
  8. schitzophrenia without hallucinations
  9. Voices
  10. Stories
  11. I've just been diagnosed with a thought disorder and am in need of some serious help.
  12. I need to find a decent U.K (Private) Psychiatrist as my NHS one is rubbish! Thanks!!
  13. could i be schizofrenic?
  14. Clozaril
  15. Needing some support
  16. major advice needed!!
  17. Voices?
  18. What's your good antipsychotic?
  19. Derealization and Depersonalization ??
  20. Glutamine acid
  21. Does anyone else see Shadow People?
  22. Experiences of diagnosis
  23. please help
  24. Schizoid Personality Disorder
  25. Schizoid Personality Disorder
  26. where do I go from here?
  27. I think I'm paranoid schizophrenic
  28. totally losing it
  29. Vitamin B3 (Niacin) to cure schizophrenia?
  30. Can you have Schizophrenia and Bipolar together?
  31. need advice
  32. Spirits/Angels/Demons... or just what? craziness!
  33. Need help
  34. alter ego = schizophrenic??????
  35. Reading
  36. All just a big bunch of garbage with medication
  37. Visual Symptoms, Schizophrenia, and Social Anxiety
  38. Resperdal effects years later
  39. Schizophrenia or shamanism?
  40. Geodon & Abilify questions, Need help!!
  41. schizophrenia help me know what i have please
  42. Am I Schizophrenic??? Please help?
  43. Fish oil, have you tried it, and does it help you?
  44. Did
  45. He's a schizophrenic, and I think I love him...
  46. Mothers Symptoms-are TICS symptoms of Schizophrenia
  47. Meds stole my soul
  48. Am I schizophrenic?
  49. Problem w/ meds
  50. Timing dysfunctions n schizophrenia
  51. nature of things, worth a read
  52. No meds- Dream lands, black holes, anger, mania, racing thoughts, voices
  53. Mild Schizophrenia without Hallucinations (most of the time)
  54. Punning, Double Meaning - Help?
  55. Suffering from bad thoughtbroadcasting people playing tricks on me
  56. im not sure what to say to my oc
  57. What drug to treat extreme agitation, nervousness, compulsions
  58. My Prolactin Level is too High?
  59. anti-depressant and seroquel
  60. I think my "disorder" is really a spirtual one..i think my mind is fine
  61. Sensing unseen people in room, even sitting right by you?
  62. Help.
  63. Schizoaffective disorder
  64. Could this be scchizophrenia?
  65. Thought Broadcasting
  66. Best job(s) for someone that has schizophrenia?
  67. eye contact
  68. Do I Still Have It, Two?
  69. Schizophrenia without the hallucinations?
  70. how do schizophrenis react to family and society
  71. strange feeling after taking invega
  72. major depression or sch
  73. Ribbons of Lavender Blue
  74. schizophrenia paranoid sub-type negative symptoms
  75. can anyone shed some light on paranoid schizophrenic?
  76. Questions and Confusion
  77. niaspan for schizophrenia
  78. Bug-like movements in the corners of eyes
  79. Paranoia
  80. getting taken seriously
  81. Stress & Medicine
  82. hi
  83. anyone on geodon for a long time?
  84. Pleaseeee Help! Am I showing signs of schizophrenia??
  85. My grandmother had schizophrenia, i have OCD?
  86. Schizophrenia is just like being on the street drugs PCP and LSD
  87. Skizotypal Disorder
  88. Please help somthings really wrong with me
  89. am i insane?
  90. Confused
  91. Depression and voices?
  92. Geodon
  93. Hallucinations Almost Gone
  94. remmision?
  95. Therapy for 'Voices'
  96. confused again
  97. Question...
  98. New here
  99. Do you have Schizophrenia?
  100. Grandiose beliefs/delusions?
  101. best doctors schizophrenia ny area
  102. Thoughts
  103. Hallucinations help.
  104. interesting predicament
  105. Invega side effects
  106. Why do anti psychotics cause weight gain?
  107. Mini relapses while on meds
  108. Rather Complex Visual Hallucination
  109. Am I having delusions?
  110. Diagnosed, but in a bit of confusion
  111. schizoaffective and thought disorder(s)
  112. Out of the frying pan into the fire
  113. OCD and Schizo
  114. Alternate scenarios
  115. Any ideas on what I have?
  116. Schizophrenia and Love?
  117. There's nothing wrong
  118. heeelllp please
  119. Depersonalization/Derealization
  120. Am I alone?
  121. uninformed on schizophrenia
  122. halucination help
  123. Schizoaffective and finding giving up cigarettes excruciating!
  124. Exacerbated Psychotic Symptoms
  125. Going round the twist!! :(
  126. scard about taking clozaril n weight gain
  127. Strange Correlation of Events
  128. Adding seeing things to the list now
  129. ashamed and embarressed
  130. Do I Still Have It?
  131. anyone on disability for schizophrenia?
  132. I need advice please
  133. Can any one tell me if I have schizophrenia
  134. is it going to stop
  135. It Went Away?
  136. My experience over the last 8 months.
  137. ocd and schizophrenia
  138. hey everybody
  139. Guess I don't have Schizophrenia
  140. Seroquel
  141. losing control
  142. It's probably nothing but It might not be. Advice?
  143. im really scared.
  144. Weight Gain and switch of meds
  145. might i have schizophrenia?
  146. Paranoia. Delusions. Voices. Hallucinations.
  147. Am I Schizophrenic?(PLEASE???)
  148. Unsure if I have Schizophrenia (or is it something else)
  149. 99% schizophrenia cure
  150. Are these delusions?
  151. Am I mentally unstable?
  152. What is Tangential Thinking
  153. Pushing the dendrites, a partial cure
  154. Schizophrenia
  155. im constantly talking to myself... driving me crazy
  156. What type is this?
  157. eye contact
  158. grandson diagnosed wiwth schizophrenia
  159. does anyone sufferin from lack of friends
  160. meds for schizophrenia
  161. No psychotic experiences for 3 weeks
  162. Question about Hallucinations
  163. Aural hallucinations
  164. Aural hallucinations
  165. Aural hallucinations
  166. Question2
  167. I think I may need help, but am too afraid to ask
  168. Schizophrenia
  169. Need some input please
  170. respiridon
  171. Just want to do the right thing
  172. CBT & Self critical thoughts
  173. Whats surpising me
  174. Reiki and Psychosis
  175. Do I have schizophrenia or just psychotic Depresion?
  176. Help for Tardive Dyskinesia
  177. Difference?
  178. Wierd Experience
  179. Cbt?
  180. Hello I have a problem
  181. What meds have you found helpful for psychosis
  182. How do you talk to your psychiatrist?
  183. Help for paranoid behavior.
  184. Antipsychotics and Depression
  185. Paranoid
  186. Problem with this alien
  187. reply to 8800gts pm
  188. Tip on Sleep
  189. Quick Question
  190. 20 yr old F - Newly diagnoised.
  191. An absurd delusion?
  192. Racing thoughts.
  193. Akathesia
  194. What can make it worse?
  195. Purpose to psychotherapy?
  196. Orthomolecular psychiatry.
  197. getting sick
  198. Fear of catching other people's emotions
  199. Sensitivity of your mood and mind to weather and time of day
  200. Bordaline Schizophrenia
  201. One of my hallucinations.
  202. How come I'm like this?
  203. Can you concentrate?
  204. I'm winning the fight for sanity
  205. drug induced psychosis
  206. Hearing Voices
  207. Catatonia or absent seizure?
  208. Have Any of You Experienced This?
  209. 25mgs of Zyprexa?
  210. what kind of schizophrenia do i have?
  211. what kind of schizophrenia do i have?
  212. Thoughts speeding up cant stop
  213. should I get checked from schizophrenia?
  214. Need help
  215. Schizophrenia or just ADHD and bad life?
  216. Again Schizoprehnia or paranormal
  217. Hallucinations
  218. Hearing voices
  219. Thought Intrusion
  220. Taking Depakote ER and Risperdal
  221. Schizophrenia and Grieving
  222. Schizophrenia and traumatic events? Please help!
  223. Worried, can anyone help me?
  224. Its wrong to stigmatize
  225. Need Help, Advice, Assurance please?
  226. paronoid schizophrenia please help
  227. Reducing meds on your own: self advocate or recipe for disaster?
  228. Other medications
  229. Seroquel and its side effects
  230. medications
  231. So i have a question. Read it and respond please :]
  232. What's wrong with me?
  233. Do I have schizophrenia
  234. How do you proceed?
  235. Hallucinations?
  236. Fear
  237. Please help me
  238. The meaning behind suffering
  239. Halodol
  240. Things I Believed
  241. Weaning off of Seroquel (Quetiapine)
  242. Oxycarbazipine- have you ever been on it?
  243. Schizophrenia or just Paranoia
  244. any feed back, please and thank you
  245. How many relatives in your family are aflicted with schizophrenia?
  246. How can you tell if you have schizophrenia or Bi poler?
  247. Need help dealing
  248. Need help dealing
  249. Thought Broadcasting and Bipolar disorder
  250. this is real! i swear i need advice