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  1. Psych Pain
  2. SchizoAffective disorder
  3. "airy" dazed mental state?
  4. whats worse
  5. Question
  6. positive or negitive
  7. Do I have Schizophrenia?
  8. question
  9. Fear
  10. question
  11. Am I developing schizophrenia?
  12. An update on my illness...
  13. eplisepy and schizophrenia
  14. Top 3 things friends/fam did to help you?
  15. Does zyprexa work?
  16. stop meds
  17. Is this psychosis or just my OCD?
  18. Imbalance of Chemicals in the Brain
  19. Hospital Vs Home
  20. Psychosis VS Schizo Efective Disorder
  21. The price of Love
  22. Anyone experience overwhelming colours?
  23. Regained Normal Thinking
  24. Questioning Reality - Anyone Else Experience This?
  25. If psychiatrists cant be sure btw anxiety disorders or schizophrenia. what do you do?
  26. "Boundary Issues"
  27. might be hearing a voice?
  28. here's an actual experience with schizophrenia. No holds barred
  29. Scared I might commit a crime
  30. Seroquel question
  31. My psychiatrist wants blood tests and EKG on me- I'm scared!
  32. should i tell?
  33. we're special
  34. im not sure
  35. I have a doctors appointment on this monday (august 4th) and I'm really worried.
  36. Please help!
  37. schizophrenic with bipolar??
  38. Seroquel
  39. Do I have Schizophrenia? If so what do I do?
  40. New and scared
  41. Is this a mild case of Schizophrenia???????
  42. Schizotypal.
  43. destroy the word
  44. whats the difference
  45. Hi
  46. Becoming too much
  47. My boyfriends increasing anxiety..
  48. Do I have Schizophrenia?
  49. how bipolar manic become schizoaffective
  50. accomplishing x
  51. Dating a Schizophrenic...
  52. Dating? recently diagnosed with delusional disorder.
  53. Starting College..Need Advice!
  54. Is this real?
  55. Do I have Schizophrenia
  56. I ordered schizotab...
  57. Do all people who have schizoprenia hear voices
  58. am i schizophrenic?
  59. antipsychotic meds and weight gain/loss???
  60. please, opinions about my paranoia
  61. Married To A Schizophrenic
  62. How can I help?
  63. Clozaphine doses
  64. Pregnant with schizoaffective
  65. hypnosis and schizophrenia?
  66. Bad thoughts
  67. Please, help me. I can't take this anymore.
  68. Hello To All Zyprexa Users
  69. Has anyone had success with orthomolecular treatment?
  70. Anyone on Quetiapine or have tried it?
  71. Applying for Kaiser - experiences?
  72. Am I Schizophrenic?
  73. Talk to myself sometimes, ok a lot... could i be schizo?
  74. What sort of jobs do "recovered" schizophrenics do?
  75. Should I try Lithium
  76. My Paranoid Schizophrenia and Bi-Polar
  77. Hearing Voices In My Mind...
  78. How to deal with paranoia
  79. Hearing many voices at once?
  80. What is disorganized schizophrenia?
  81. Please help me understand - Tapping/pushing/kicking?
  82. suggestions please on dealing with a relative
  83. HELP! What is going on with me?????!
  84. How Do I Tell Others In My Life I have Schizoeffective DX?
  85. Even More Medication... Need Your Advice Please?
  86. healing schizophrenia with natural therapies
  87. Can voices make me sick enough to die of cancer ?
  88. Does anyone have an opinion of possible
  89. Does anyone with schizoaffectiver disorder hear the voices inside their head?
  90. Help any suggestions
  91. i have no idea
  92. ADVICE..Think of going off meds
  93. Unsure
  94. schizo-effective
  95. Techniques, anything
  96. when being diagnosed with Schizophrenia will you always have it
  97. please help. husband thinks i'm faking
  98. Not sure at all if I have this but....
  99. go get help? tmi, kinda long
  100. Symptom of...?
  101. Psychosis?!?! need information/help
  102. struggling and not sure why (sorry, long)
  103. some type of thing is wrong with my mind
  104. Having trouble lately
  105. Advice, please?
  106. Wrongly Diagnosed - Bipolar cycles ?
  107. Thinking your way out of schizophrenia
  108. Schizophrenia?
  109. Need help - totally confused and bewildered
  110. holistic treatment for schizophrenia
  111. Questions -- early schizophrenia or bipolar?
  112. Tired Brain?? Or brain damage???
  113. Schizophrenia or new OCD obsession????
  114. 3 Years, no improvement
  115. hi...new here...really need help
  116. Schizoaffective disorder
  117. Whats Wrong With Me?
  118. question about paranoia
  119. what now? where do i turn? is there help?
  120. am I schizoprenic or is it something else
  121. Am I...schizo?
  122. Im convinced
  123. I Think
  124. any advice would be grateful
  125. Any advice appreciated
  126. Thought broadcasting
  127. schizophrenia or multiple personality disorder?
  128. early signs of schizophrenia?
  129. No longer Schizophrenic!
  130. Niacin for schizophrenia?
  131. Something that makes me very angry
  132. hi - schizophrenia - new to here, bit scared, but glad others r here
  133. My pdoc is out to dump me!
  134. (Potential) Relationship problem
  135. How do we sum up scz quaintly?
  136. Risperidone = brain death
  137. My story
  138. Schizophrenia and cognitive impairment?
  139. How did your illness begin?
  140. Religion and crime rate with Scizophrinea
  141. wrong
  142. serious problem
  143. Any advice regarding employment law, uk
  144. How do I talk to him?
  145. Live chat?????
  146. Whats wrong?
  147. Seeing Things
  148. My Journey
  149. Survey: how long you will take drug? What you decide? Schizophrenia
  150. Schizophrenia Eye Contact Problems
  151. schizophrenia
  152. Should i support his delusions?
  153. 19 year old schizophrenic very paranoid want to talk to others
  154. Genetically predisposed, afraid of suddenly developing this illness..
  155. Someone to talk to please.
  156. seeing things. Is this schizophrenia?
  157. seeing things that are not there that doesn't cause panic
  158. Can an Oxygen Loss cause Schizophrenia ?
  159. Thinking I'm schizophrenic...
  160. i really need help
  161. Thought Disorder and Schizophrenia
  162. Self diagnosis
  163. Word Salad
  164. Schizofriendia The FRIEND grows stronger
  165. My Poem Schizofriendia
  166. Schizophrenia or just anxiety?
  167. Little by little, I'm getting worse..
  168. Running Commentary
  169. voices..please help
  170. Am getting a headache the more I read!
  171. Is this schizophrenia?
  172. Support for those leaving mental hospital ? Shared house ....
  173. Schizophrenia gone
  174. am i schizophrenic
  175. Schizophrenia or just OCD?
  176. Confused
  177. Is it schizophrenia or stupidity?
  178. Medication Woes and other woes
  179. My Story
  180. I'm Scary, they're scary, it's scary....
  181. akathisia
  182. Help
  183. New to the boards
  184. Forgetting Things
  185. help
  186. depikote
  187. Color Delusion ???
  188. Christianity or Schizophrenia?
  189. for those of you with schizophrenia
  190. please visit me I am friendly & need help
  191. Hallucination stories
  192. Do I have schizophrenia?
  193. Still need meds advice!
  194. question about sleep
  195. dreams
  196. Looking for a New Medication
  197. I was diagnosed yesterday with paranoid schizophrenia
  198. Having nightmares and seizures and medication hasnt stopped that.
  199. a-typicals, how long do they take?
  200. schizoaffective type bipolar
  201. schizophrenic or not?
  202. I need to know if I should
  203. please help me
  204. question about meds!
  205. The wonderful world of med students
  206. Dopamine
  207. Stress?
  208. new to the whole thing-help!
  209. borderline insane?
  210. ok am i schizo or ***
  211. Meds question?
  212. Hello everyone, new to boards
  213. paranoid & wondering
  214. Schizotab pills...do they work?
  215. Memory and Learning problems
  216. ok i don't know if I am schizophrenic or not
  217. Having Social Trouble
  218. Schizophrenia and relationships
  219. Disability Question
  220. question: truth or just agree???
  221. How high is your propensity for craziness?
  222. I'd like to formally introduce myself and my story.
  223. Do you feel you're a divine part of the universe?
  224. OCD or schizophrenia? I know they can co-exist.
  225. depression
  226. what is my correct diagnosis?
  227. serious side effects- advice welcome
  228. Comparing myself to people
  229. Caught Between Two Worlds
  230. Hello -- New Member
  231. Need someone's opinion
  232. Thought broadcasting
  233. Hello
  234. Trying to find a correct diagnosis
  235. Derealisation and worst symptoms in Schizophrenia?
  236. get in touch with people with schizophrenics partners
  237. Violent thoughts
  238. is anyone here gaining weight
  239. Are they waiting to tell me I'm schizoaffective?
  240. Schizophrenia or Schizo-affective disorder?
  241. copeing skills
  242. Please -- Tell me if this fits Schizophrenia.
  243. I may have a therapy solution
  244. possible schizophrenia?
  245. a chain of strange events
  246. am i schizophrenic? i have yet to recieve a diagnosis.
  247. anyone know???
  248. People with SZ unable to comprehend friendship?
  249. Insight needed please
  250. help

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