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  1. Coxsackie Virus
  2. Polio TV Advertisement
  3. Polio - Osteoporosis
  4. Prosthetic options for lower body half
  5. Post-Polio Knee Replacement
  6. test test test
  7. Post polio syndrome
  8. Sister Kenny treatment
  9. Do post polio survivours take longer to heal from trauma?
  10. pps-bp
  11. polio, hip replacement, nerve damage
  12. Is anyone still here?
  13. Sabin vaccine distribution to Cincinnati school children
  14. Can PPS be considered for Medical Retirement
  15. Three Types of Polio
  16. polio and hip replacement
  17. Motorized wheelchairs
  18. Emg
  19. ??Polio Hips??
  20. Post polio syndrome--financial help
  21. I could use some constructive feedback
  22. Looking for a doctor in Tampa
  23. post polio syndrom, pain management with methadone
  24. I have polio on left leg
  25. hydronephosis
  26. Hernia and post Polio
  27. Best Handicapped Used Van?
  28. stem cells and polio
  29. Is it ok to give these supplements to my grandfather with pps?
  30. Polio Vaccine - very very scared
  31. the late effects of polio
  32. Pps what?
  33. Post Polio Pain
  34. I am having neck and shoulder pain: is it post polio?
  35. living alone/independently
  36. Ankle swelling and meds
  37. polio: broken bone in affected limb
  38. Polio and ankle/hindfoot fusion
  39. Post polio syndrome
  40. I had polio in 1954 at the age of 1
  41. Does any one know a post polio doctors
  42. how to straighten my polio affected leg thigh
  43. late effects of polio
  44. Nerve damage?
  45. Leg stiffness due to polio
  46. Where can I find a doc?
  47. Financial resources for Polio victims?
  48. Muscle Spasms.
  49. post-polio
  50. post polio and vitamins
  51. Low Pain Tolerance
  52. Children after Polio
  53. Anyone here have open heart surgery?
  54. Need post-polio dr in Austin Tx
  55. elbow pain, causing fingers to be sore
  56. Polio
  57. sponsorship request
  58. I'm new here...
  59. polio
  60. sugar cube 1963 , i got polio
  61. Risks of Nuclear Stress Test
  62. just had lower spine xrays done
  63. having a heart attack
  64. hello just diagnosed with pps
  65. Sis/Post Polio Patient in Oregon/Doctor or help
  66. Polio Gene?
  67. Personal Observations
  68. Post Polio Doctor, Tucson, AZ?
  69. aches and pains
  70. Anyone have these symptoms?
  71. Mild polio, need some inputs
  72. knee replacment
  73. Prolo-therapy
  74. Need PPS doctor in Austin/San Antonio, Texas area!
  75. I need a PPS Doctor in Austin or San Antonio, Texas.
  76. Janet & Vern
  77. Dana
  78. Ronnie
  79. Cheryl, Phyllis, Dana, How are you?
  80. Paralytic Polio
  81. knee replacement in "good leg"
  82. I am here
  83. Happy 4th
  84. Urinary System Question for PPSers
  85. Carolyn
  86. Cheryl
  87. Post-Polio and reflexes - still strong or reduced?
  88. Post polio and knee operation
  89. Feeling Alone & New to Board
  90. I'm not alone anymore
  91. Have a painfree weekend
  92. The Storms Of Life:
  93. The 3 types of polio
  94. The Cold!!!!
  95. Sister Kenny Treatments
  96. Another Newbie!
  97. new to the board
  98. Degenerating Disks
  99. Phyllis:
  100. Pain meds. why some work and some don't
  101. Spring Time
  102. Cheryl
  103. How much is Enough
  104. Post Polio And The Mind Game
  105. Pain and Fatigue
  106. Life after PPS
  107. An interesting article on explaining polio and pps
  108. polio
  109. Looking for PPS Doctor in Dallas/Ft worth
  110. I Was Unlucky Enough To Contract Polio In 1950
  111. Cheryl
  112. Post Polio Doctors/Clinic-Cheryl
  113. post polio
  114. New to this board
  115. trouble swallowing
  116. bay area doctors for post polio
  117. Post-polio and knee replacement
  118. doctors in Tampa post polio syndrome
  119. new member
  120. Pps and Muscle Atrophy
  121. Where Is Everyone????
  122. Post-polio survivor concerns and meds. list.
  123. provigil
  124. Polio Vaccine
  125. New here, and glad to find a message board
  126. Polio not Post Polio - VAPP
  127. Post-Polio Support Groups
  128. Having a good day
  129. anyone with RLS?
  130. Polio and Stem Cell
  131. What can I expect
  132. new to the group
  133. Poliotin Herb treatment
  134. Post-polio and knee replacement
  135. What is Polio?
  136. Polio strikes again
  137. Any polio survivors out there?
  138. My mother turned 64 and is having problems with polio
  139. Nerve damage, source?
  140. polio pain
  141. the pain of polio
  142. any polio survivors out there?
  143. Pps & Copd
  144. post polio doctors
  145. In need of help and support
  146. Remicade
  147. PPS Confusion
  148. Anxiety
  149. Need input
  150. Lifespan of a polio virus
  151. Introducing Me
  152. Just Dropped In
  153. Is anyone taking Provigil for PP pain?
  154. HELP-any polio survivors out there****
  155. What is new with PPS, and do you have it?
  156. Polio Survivors-take note****
  157. I am a polio survivor.
  158. If you know about polio surgerys pls read
  159. I think I'm P.P.
  160. My present was not a bicycle
  161. Actual diagnosis of PPS
  162. Ankle surgery - polio survivor
  163. Anybody out there....
  164. Warm Springs teachings and PPS don't mix
  165. Needing different size shoes
  166. Leg Pain and Tens Unit ?? Strighten Back ??
  167. Help With PPS Pain
  168. Flu-like symptoms?
  169. General question about PPS
  170. Polio/PPS
  171. future of polio
  172. polio plz help
  173. Weakness from Polio or just out of shape?
  174. Chronic muscle spasms
  175. Polio and COPD
  176. polio and the 50's
  177. wheel chair lift help available?
  178. post polio financial help
  179. Had polio as an infant and don't recall the acute disease.
  180. Dad with eye problems
  181. polio survivor
  182. what are the symptoms
  183. Anyone else exposed to polio as a fetus having symptoms now?
  184. Post Polio Question
  185. Can you strengthen pps muscles?
  186. Dr. Bruno on Today Show
  187. New to Post-Polio
  188. Early 1950s polio outbreak in the UK
  189. New on the Site
  190. Needing some help/advice
  191. Suggestions for relief
  192. disability question...
  193. Never ending Pain
  194. Post Polio Syndrome DRUGS
  195. new gal in town
  196. What is new with PPS, and do you have it?
  197. Need a PPS Doctor in Port Charlotte, Fl. area
  198. How would you know the difference from PPS and other Illnesses?

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