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  1. Laser Hair Removal
  2. I have a Breast Question?
  3. Anyone else out of patience?
  4. Delivery TV shows
  5. one more question i for got to ask for my freind
  6. I have question for a freind.can any one help?
  7. ovulation???
  8. When oh when will my chest stop hurting!!??
  9. Pregnant soon after giving birth
  10. My numbers have tripled!
  11. Congratulations Tinkers!!
  12. Doctor Frustrations - Glucose test, etc.
  13. August Mommies 13
  14. Would I have symptoms this early?
  15. Found out that I am due in September and all is good!
  16. Dog is acting weird...
  17. How did your best friend react when you broke the news?
  18. I need help with my HPT results please.
  19. HCG low-time table-help please
  20. Question about cramping
  21. when do you know sex of baby?
  22. July moms - swollen ankles?
  23. Madelyn Grace is here!!!
  24. I've feeling different lately...
  25. when to tell my boss?
  26. When to BD Question....
  27. Ian Christopher's birth story
  28. Okay so it looks as if I may be Preggo
  29. Period here, having headaches often..
  30. Brown discharge
  31. Finally had my baby boy!
  32. My boobs are killing me...
  33. Anyone due in October
  34. help please
  35. Cramping at 28 weeks???
  36. caffeine
  37. sex of baby
  38. just need some comfort
  39. Help im due in 2 days and husband has the flu
  40. Your Positive and Negative Advice is needed...Please!!
  41. 6 Weeks preg but No Morning Sickness!
  42. do you think I am further along?
  43. Jan/Feb moms where are you??
  44. Im not quite sure
  45. Sweet taste in mouth (8wks)
  46. 24 weeks and problems, need advice
  47. morning sickness
  48. Dylan Charles is HERE!!!
  49. Good Morning!!!
  50. july moms-- question
  51. August mommies 12
  52. Nela? You around?
  53. ultrasound question
  54. Will my pregnancy always seem to go by this slow?
  55. Question about dandruff shampoos and pregnancy...
  56. Era is here
  57. CD and Spotting
  58. back Pain
  59. Ovulation question?
  60. how do you know if you had a miscarriage?
  61. Girlfriend has polyps in uterus???
  62. very confusing result from 3 home tests
  63. Can the Pill keep your period going whilst pregnant?
  64. pregnancy with chronic pain-very distressed
  65. how early can i take a hpt?
  66. Should i be worried?
  67. my beautiful boy is here
  68. Can This Happen???
  69. withdrawl and pregnancy
  70. faint positive line?
  71. I want to be a mother
  72. Im so scared that I have miscarried already???
  73. Glucose Screening Test
  74. question
  75. Heartbeat?!
  76. Urinary Tract Infection?
  77. NEED ADVICE/STORIES about conceiving if DH has a VERY low sperm count
  78. ok ladies, need some advice
  79. I tested this morning...
  80. Anyone bleed after internal exam?
  81. Anyone become pg this way?
  82. Help Question!!??
  83. Smoking!!!
  84. Movement
  85. Eating a big before going to the hospital
  86. SEEKING Advice from my ttc buddies...
  87. July Moms - Weigh in
  88. If not labor pains then what???
  89. Blue & Red Spider veins.....is it a sign??
  90. Has this ever happen to someone before
  91. anyone else loosing weight???help please!!
  92. It's a..........................
  93. Sex and 9 month of pregnancy
  94. due date question--- for everyone
  95. Weight Gain - August Moms
  96. may mommies
  97. Pregnancy Pains?
  98. Am I Pregnant...
  99. Urgent Pregnancy Question!!!!!! Plz Hlp!!
  100. question
  101. Those Special Traditions
  102. As soon do you show?
  103. June Mommies are you still here?
  104. May Mommies.....Where is Everyone!!
  105. What Does "Vaginal Sensation" Feel Like (TCOYF Book)
  106. Here goes nothing! (Again!)
  107. Oh my aching legs
  108. Miscarriage???
  109. please help
  110. I'm off The Pill & I need advice, PLEASE!!!
  111. Has anyone been in my shoes before?
  112. We are having a BOY!!! Yippee
  113. How much iron are you taking?
  114. Comptons where are you???
  115. Any advice for easing backpain?
  116. July mommies?
  117. Nov/Dec mommies and babies?
  118. August Mommies 11
  119. worried & waiting
  120. Rectal Pressure At 7 1/2 Weeks
  121. U/S Question
  122. Could I be pregnant?
  123. It's a...
  124. Heart beat
  125. is this a symptom?
  126. please help me!!!!
  127. worried...slight pink and cramps
  128. Please share your success stories here: I am a 4 days late, ttc #1, 5 BFN's...
  129. bleeding after ski..possible miscarriage?
  130. Do you think I am pregnant?
  131. February Moms (cont)
  132. Shortness of breath or can't catch breath
  133. FriendlyRobin
  134. Morning Sickness Returning in 3rd Trimester - Ugh!
  135. early period
  136. does your body tell you sooner the 2nd time?
  137. 10 weeks and having cramps!
  138. Lousy Ultrasound
  139. How many PG from pre-***
  140. sex
  141. It's good to be here again :)
  142. d&c went smoothly. am feeling better than i thought i would
  143. Good exercises?
  144. I have a question, I need help, please.
  145. a wart and pregnant!
  146. Cystitis common in pregnancy?
  147. possibility of having a period and pregnant???
  148. Someone please help, DH has low sperm count, need advice!!!
  149. Pregnant on the Pill
  150. Cervix Question??
  151. Shocked-I'm PG
  152. Help
  153. i can't sleep! bathroom trips
  154. to angela m
  155. i must be dumb
  156. How much does it cost to have a baby?
  157. Help! I soaked in the hot tub!
  158. contractions
  159. Question about mucus plug
  160. Ultrasound Question
  161. Anyone ever experience this pain?
  162. Has anyone else found out they were pregnant this week?!
  163. lol kinda gross question lol!
  164. Is anyone on Vitex?
  165. My Friend needs help.....
  166. Hair Dryer
  167. what??
  168. Metal Taste In Mouth
  169. Kinda a Gross Question
  170. 10 weeks preggo and have unusal pain
  171. Feb Mom's weight gain
  172. planning on a baby
  173. Very Upset - Raw Chicken
  174. Lets hear some more funny stories.
  175. When do you think I will deliver?
  176. Smoking
  177. checking up on the February moms
  178. flying while pregnant
  179. Ultrasound at 5 weeks
  180. Too much Milk/Calcium
  181. FYI- Dehydration and Contractions..
  182. Does 97.8 sound like a pre-O temp or a post-O temp?
  183. Exercise Videos
  184. ways to make him come out 38 weeks pregnant and MISERABLE!!!!!!!!!!!
  185. Can anyone help me?
  186. Real Contractions?
  187. Constant Gagging
  188. Are bad menstrual-like cramps a sign of starting labor?
  189. June Mom's Baby Names
  190. Pain in left side. Worry?
  191. ectopic pregnancy
  192. Feeling swollen today
  193. Question about the Men?
  194. vbac induced?
  195. Newbie with Question
  196. still bleeding?
  197. Swelling
  198. Missed period, 3 negative HPTs--HELP!
  199. 4 positive HPTs and 1 negative - & spotting
  200. Normal?
  201. was that kick i felt?
  202. What effect does falling have??
  203. Will I feel the baby drop?
  204. low lying placenta???
  205. worried sick after surgery
  206. Could I be pregnant?
  207. tenderness @ 19 weeks
  208. How early to take maternity leave..?
  209. may mommas glucose test
  210. Has anyone else gotten stupid drunk before you knew???
  211. how are you june mommies?
  212. im very worried
  213. July mommies - updates please!
  214. August Mommies 10
  215. I Need Some Feedback ! !
  216. baby's movements
  217. question---newbie
  218. Probably just worried, but give your honest opinions..
  219. First trimester blues??
  220. Is it possible to get too much folic acid?
  221. Question about Braxton Hicks?
  222. Tyler's here!
  223. anyone pg after a loss
  224. got a question?
  225. Diego's Birth Story
  226. Need reasurrence
  227. If your tired of pickels and ice cream, try this
  228. Could I be pregnant?
  229. Crazy Question, but I am really curious!
  230. Anyone with IBS? How is it w/your pregnancy?
  231. 30 weeks and fetal movement is very low
  232. Concerned
  233. Prenatal Vitamins Question
  234. worried
  235. Worried: Anyone else pregnant and hypothyroid?
  236. Pregnancy w/ menstration?
  237. Did any one here...
  238. 35th week pregnancy (depressed)
  239. I heard the babys heartbeat
  240. okay so i know you can't tell me if i'm am pregnant but......
  241. Curious
  242. very tired, no exhausted ..zzzzzzzz
  243. when did you see a heartbeat?
  244. six weeks still not a heartbeat
  245. Another cat question, for all you cat people out there
  246. scared and worried
  247. Can a non-pregnant woman's uterus be palpated?
  248. Do you still ovulate if you don't have a period...
  249. tested positive for strep b
  250. What is wrong with me????

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