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  1. erection failure
  2. Sex drive through the roof
  3. not sure what to make of this...
  4. How much sex per week is average?
  5. Trouble with porn / lying husband
  6. Should I do this for him?
  7. Crying during oral
  8. Married for 2.5 years, hardly ever have sex
  9. Is this normal for a 57 yo man?
  10. Friends and sex
  11. It's all in the kiss...It makes me wonder?
  12. pain with a condom
  13. ooookay im freaking out here...
  14. bleeding after sex
  15. see it
  16. Sex
  17. First time...
  18. Sex/pornography addiction?
  19. jealous....
  20. confused
  21. healing my hood
  22. Oral sex...
  23. Question For The Girls
  24. Sex drive has taken a plunge
  25. my probs...
  26. Crying after orgasm
  27. discharge
  28. Unprotected Oral Sex
  29. Blowjobs vs intercourse?
  30. Has anyone ever been to a sex therapist?
  31. Boyfriend can't get off...
  32. Help! Female orgasm question.
  33. Worried!!!
  34. Bleeding After First Time Sex
  35. hi, a worried n00b here
  36. morning after pill
  37. Mens sex drives
  38. Blood in Seamen
  39. Help! Oral sex?
  40. question for the married men...
  41. Question...
  42. Penis abrasions? Relate to diabetes??
  43. shed some light
  44. wierd!!!
  45. Urinating While Having Sex
  46. Trouble with porn
  47. not getting enough!
  48. my bf and ejaculation troubles...
  49. masturbating diseas?
  50. missing out
  51. genitalia piercings
  52. Precum- weird times
  53. casual sex
  54. Weighty Issue
  55. his pals
  56. Help! I have an issue!
  57. Wife has no sex drive
  58. Condoms- and erections
  59. Having Sex in seawater
  60. Please Help Me
  61. Before or after food?
  62. HEMORRHOIDS(Piles) can have normal sex life?
  63. are we weird
  64. mismatched libido
  65. Can you make Anal NOT hurt so much???????
  66. Erection problems, because of nervouseness.. or thinking I "Need to get up now"
  67. Sex Or Masturbation...
  68. Foreskin question
  69. Flat please give comment
  70. Update on Men and Porn thread...
  71. Hubby has burning sensation while ejaculating and urinating
  72. My B/f Is Wearing My Thongs
  73. how long is sex?
  74. Please Help Me!
  75. Help me please!
  76. Gf will not understand why i cant have sex with her!! I cant be paranoid anymore
  77. Internet Porn Addiction
  78. What color?
  79. Men and Porn.....honest answers please.
  80. Break up with BF that doesn't put out?
  81. Outercourse can be pregnant
  82. Boyfriend's wierd request
  83. Can a guy lose interest in sex?
  84. can guys use canesten?
  85. Having trouble ejaculating.
  86. cant get my penis inside her
  87. Penis Ring
  88. Gay Help
  89. So frustrated I could just bawl!
  90. hypnotherapy
  91. Confused
  92. How does a normal vagina react to semen?
  93. Takes BF A long time w/oral sex
  94. dont want wife on bc pills,whats option B?
  95. What am I doing wrong?
  96. purple/blue bumps
  97. hmm.. this is kinda odd
  98. Getting tested for STDs and all that good stuff..
  99. small bumps under tongue
  100. Size????
  101. Question about bad-sex relationship
  102. Sexual Apettite loss in young man...
  103. Loose woman
  104. Interested in Something New...
  105. The smell/taste of a female?
  106. Question about Anal Sex
  107. penis help
  108. just a general question...
  109. i forget if i asked this or not,do you have to wash your hands?
  110. Question about an STD
  111. sex drive
  112. after the first time, she doesnt want to anymore
  113. OMG i messed up so bad, i dont know what to do, morning after pill?
  114. He cheated on me.
  115. Question about anal
  116. No more sex from long-time girlfriend...Normal??
  117. Unable to reach orgasm through masturbation.
  118. Sexual Relationship
  119. is it ture that sex helps you lose weight?
  120. Question-What does it mean when your bf of...
  121. Erection Problems only in certian positions
  122. help!?!
  123. God must shurly have a sence of humor
  124. From one extreem to another
  125. oral...
  126. What should I do?
  127. G/F dosent like oral??
  128. Advice please
  129. Need advise QUICK where do I get the morning after pill?
  130. Spermicidal condoms and the effectiveness?
  131. couple question and some advice please!!
  132. virgins question
  133. complex problem - long please read!
  134. Do women really like intercourse??
  135. guys, can you feel a girl orgasm?
  136. Dealing with stress
  137. what is my sister doing...???
  138. horomones
  139. Orgasim, ejaculation question
  140. spermacides and some basic q's how long they last etc?
  141. help. anal sex and my worry has made for no physical contact. im getting rid of
  142. pain during sex...
  143. withdrawl method.... think this would work or defeat the purpose?
  144. Non-latex condoms
  145. frustrated with my gender..
  146. My husband doesn't want to have sex much anymore
  147. bicurious
  148. My husband
  149. A Question For the Guys
  150. Blaming Larry Flynt
  151. situation advice and am i scared of sex?
  152. Sex change...?
  153. Question For Guys-need Honest Answer
  154. Getting frustrated... advice welcomed
  155. My husband is grossing me out
  156. Both First Time
  157. pain after sex
  158. only 24
  159. Asexual?
  160. My girl is so upset with me and gives me a hard time about test kit, also think im..
  161. Pain after sex??
  162. debating sex
  163. one week..how much sex?
  164. someone please help me out with sex stuff here, my stomach is in knots! new member
  165. Is this really a yeast infection cause it keeps coming from my boyfriend?
  166. Shouldn't You Feel Something
  167. Kissing
  168. whats wrong with me?
  169. my bf has a secret...
  170. mistified
  171. Another try at this...
  172. thrush
  173. Strip Club?
  174. what's wrong with me
  175. girlfriend worried
  176. My husband don't want sex much anymore
  177. Porn?
  178. Help! Tip of penis is bleeding!
  179. My BF keeps asking for Oral
  180. Weird rash on boyfriend!
  181. Mixed gender ?
  182. Women Ejaculation?
  183. My stamina has increased from Paxil
  184. Why do some have an odor and some dont?
  185. Wow I suck at sex whats there to it?
  186. Sex life with husband is frustrating!
  187. Shocked to say the least
  188. Vaginal Farts?
  189. ....removed.....
  190. Could I have HERPES??
  191. Worried about boyfriend's sex drive
  192. gf pregnant, what now?
  193. sexual appathy
  194. Just read about preparing to achieve female ejaculation - Is this true?
  195. What causes low sex drive in women?
  196. Burning while ejaculating?
  197. Razor burn
  198. long lasting problem or just an occurance?
  199. Question about un-protected sex?!
  200. Girlfriend....
  201. Astroglide ='s burning?! suggestions?!
  202. boyfriend has no sex drive
  203. Anyone feeling like this?
  204. STD Test?
  205. My wife says sex from behind hurts. Help?
  206. 25 year old male virgin and feeling hopeless
  207. How can I arrouse him more/longer?
  208. Don't want to have a foot fetish please help
  209. Need help..balls(testicles)....
  210. Orgasm embarrasment
  211. Kinda a weird question
  212. Have lost sexual desire.
  213. Question about oral sex
  214. Size of my Penis
  215. what can the problem be?
  216. Feeling depressed after orgasms
  217. Tumar Possible?
  218. frenulum problem, different, PLEASE HELP
  219. Something weird is happening
  220. Ready? Not ready?
  221. anal sex question
  222. My semen burns her?
  223. Liking the foreskin.
  224. Red irritation on penis after play time
  225. vaginal elasticity
  226. need help
  227. i need a remedy for bad gas (anybody ????
  228. too wet
  229. Girlfriend has vaginismus?
  230. Not sure what this is.
  231. Confused..How can he not know?
  232. I'm not sure what to do from here, please give me your advice.
  233. Oral sex - question for the guys
  234. burning ejaculate
  235. H-OCD discussion.
  236. Oral Health Question
  237. So sickened
  238. Wrong not to sleep together EVERY time you see each other?
  239. New partner worries
  240. Ejaculation Problem
  241. Erection Problem
  242. lubrication
  243. Just interesting
  244. can u still get hiv if he does,nt ejaculate
  245. Pleasure Gel
  246. Sex while sick?
  247. Strange Penis colors..
  248. Advice on desire differences
  249. STD...question....
  250. How do i ask my girlfriend whether she has been tested for STDs recently??