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  1. him understanding
  2. Importance of Virginity?
  3. No more intercourse?
  4. i dont like masterbating?.....
  5. Sex VS Oral
  6. Intercourse question
  7. Vaginal Secretion
  8. Condoms with Spermacide?
  9. soo confused
  10. A different kind of question(girls&guys both give input)
  11. How long does it take for an orgasm during intercourse?
  12. Oral vs intercourse
  13. is this a turn on to men? money inside a womans bra?
  14. in-grown hair????
  15. embarassing question about a guy climaxing
  16. embarrassing! too young for such a low libido
  17. G/f doesn't enjoy or want sex anymore
  18. Depo Shot Questions
  19. Should I go to the doctors??????
  20. Birth Control Pill Question
  21. When is best to bring a girl to orgasm? (& last longer?)
  22. How to help a friend...
  23. wana please bf, but can't stand the taste!...
  24. i don't seem to have a clue
  25. Erotic/Drity Talk...
  26. the pill, questions???
  27. Pre-***
  28. has anyone had....
  29. where does wetness down there come from exactly?
  30. Insult or compliment?
  31. What the heck am I to do????
  32. She went dry during sex
  33. Nonoxynol-9 reaction
  34. not sure if
  35. Getting off the Pill
  36. pill info?
  37. The pill
  38. Help?! in need of advice!!
  39. Contracting Muscles
  40. Ok...need help
  41. Want to do something special for BF-suggestions?
  42. did we have sex?
  43. Nailz- ouch?!
  44. Confused about my boyfriend
  45. He's 2 big for me!: S
  46. No libido on SSRI's
  47. Afraid of Intimacy
  48. Warming sensations condom...
  49. Loves to pleasure his woman
  50. Do all guys...???
  51. Relies heavily on porn
  52. Why does he urinate before sex?
  53. What's up with my boyfriend?
  54. Low sex drive and birth control pills
  55. condom breakage and precum... pregnancy likely?
  56. Can You Feel Her Orgasm
  57. angry at the medical world
  58. STD's and oral sex
  59. Blood Stained sheets
  60. Rimming
  61. anal sex question
  62. acne to ruin sex/dating life?
  63. Multiple orgasms for men - little semen
  64. Need Help,a female's perpective-lack of sex
  65. Is this normal?
  66. SSRI's - You take?
  67. is there a kind of soap that's safe to use on a penis?
  68. not much pleasure during intercourse
  69. Zolof and no sex drive.
  70. ovulation period
  71. Help me please!!!
  72. My husband has a hard time keeping erections
  73. Ex's are fantasy girls....
  74. Need help sorting this mastrubation issue out
  75. Lack of sex in my marriage....HELP!
  76. Some help/suggestions please
  77. boyfriend going to strippers
  78. Sex and Beauty
  79. Sexual Past Dictating The Future?
  80. Sex with Kidney Stint
  81. it meant"nothing"
  82. Has my gf had an orgasm?
  83. MY fiancee has these white recurring bumps....
  84. Help, My sex life is in danger
  85. Husbands Leaky Uncircumcised Penis
  86. Laser Hair Removal and Infertility?
  87. Situation
  88. how do guys work?
  89. Sexual dysfunction related to past?
  90. signs of anal sex?
  91. Question on question
  92. quick question
  93. When should be the right time to lose your virginity
  94. STD Question?
  95. Mucky videos
  96. Should be using a bigger condom?
  97. Sex in a pool?
  98. pleasureable for a woman?
  99. please help
  100. Am i Pregnant?
  101. husband not attracted to me anymore
  102. Scent?
  103. Something bad happened to us during sex: ECP, Birth Control, and our chances... HELP!
  104. Can Any1 Give Me Some Advice On How To Help Me Go Longer In Bed?
  105. Can Sperm Go Through Womens Underwear?
  106. girlfriends friends?
  107. Could he be gay? I'm not sure
  108. Drs won't discuss intimate sex problems with us? Anyone else have this problem?
  109. Contraception: question
  110. Guilty after EVERY sexual activity!
  111. Am I crazy?
  112. After sex with a condom
  113. Is it worth...
  114. My husband has lost interest in sex
  115. I can't keep 'it' up without unprotected oral sex
  116. clitoris squeezing
  117. Please read and give advice... extremely worried
  118. Nipple Clamps
  119. guys that can keep going and going
  120. wowzers
  121. BDSM-need advice
  122. B/F has COLD FEET after sex... ?
  123. positions questions
  124. Wife of 2-1/2 years doesn't like Giving Oral
  125. lubricent
  126. A problem
  127. is this normal, or do i need help???
  128. What to do....
  129. when condoms dont work
  130. i need help!!
  131. Spanking
  132. Female ejaculation/discharge during orgasm
  133. I Need Some Help On How To Get My Girlfriend Off!
  134. stinging, itching, red bumps
  135. Question on Sex
  136. Stomach rash after having sex
  137. jealous over porn
  138. Why do I feel bad...?
  139. Losing virginity
  140. Virginity
  141. Jelquing
  142. Some advice from me to you...
  143. Handwashing and Rubbing Alcohol kills sperm?
  144. Can anyone please help me.. :(
  145. detailed/personal question about men
  146. past or present?
  147. my gf
  148. Did I conceive while on my period?
  149. whats really cheating
  150. a question for the girls
  151. can size hurt???
  152. A little romance please
  153. A semen tummy ache?
  154. Why does my new boyfriend love to have his nipples touched?
  155. My wife is a very selfish lover
  156. virgin receiving oral sex
  157. Do you think its possible to...
  158. Sex Under Water
  159. Vasiline
  160. i stumped my gynocologist
  161. I think I made a mistake!! Opinions!!!
  162. Is the pill enough?
  163. can you get std's from nipples/breasts??
  164. What are the chances of pregnancy
  165. vaginal moles/freckles
  166. help me anybody
  167. Bleeding and not sure why....
  168. faking orgasms..
  169. is it really that bad to keep a condom in your wallet?
  170. SPECIAL RULES for the 4 Sexual Health Forums
  171. FOREplay not durringplay
  172. how quickly can you get infected and pass an STD?
  173. Can you have good sex with a good friend?
  174. Fantasy Addiction?
  175. Bleeding
  176. Period One day next day gone???
  177. Could she be pregnant??????
  178. Lubricated condoms?
  179. few condom questions
  180. I just gotta' ask...
  181. Bleeding
  182. Oral Results?
  183. Never had sex-
  184. Help Needed, where to seek
  185. Question about partner?
  186. Is this normal?
  187. Accidental sex
  188. Female orgasm question
  189. Not having orgasms
  190. Erection problem... please give opinions! =)
  191. difficulty with positions
  192. condoms with spermicide
  193. Is this strange??
  194. What are the odds of pregnancy?
  195. Can't orgasm with bf
  196. Cable720-Lets start a new thread
  197. Depressed as hell! please help
  198. antares-read please
  199. ?is it normal for a man to like being fingered back there?
  200. Difficulty achieving erection.
  201. Vagina Smell..
  202. Penis Odour
  203. Intense Sexual Feeling for guy friend
  204. not again
  205. Penis too big?
  206. worried about sex drive
  207. Embaressing but true, what can i do?
  208. sex with girlfriend isnt happening
  209. foreskin
  210. Is this normal?
  211. What Should I Do!!!??
  212. i have a weird question
  213. Foot fetish-unhealthy?
  214. The Past. Is it just that? Or should I Still Think about it?
  215. premature ejaculation
  216. The Big O while dreaming?
  217. I can't feel him ejaculate inside me
  218. Pool Sex...High or Low Risk?
  219. Question for those over 50
  220. Problem With Erection
  221. Whats wrong with our sex life????
  222. Giving oral sex to a guy!
  223. chance of pregnancy w/out sex....?
  224. Dry for at least an hour
  225. Cant go on without this!
  226. Can dry precum get you pregnant?
  227. Birth control
  228. oral sex question....
  229. First Phone Sex
  230. Test for not having had sex?
  231. help-lack of desire
  232. Male question, please help
  233. tired of insecurities
  234. hi please give me info thanks
  235. Anal Sex
  236. Just to know
  237. married men looking at naked women
  238. When they say they'll call, then don't
  239. clitoris piercings
  240. Could these things be signs of pregnancy?
  241. What is sexy?
  242. Mudstard Oil For Erctile Dysfunction
  243. First time
  244. Did a 'test', don't like the results.
  245. Any good non-sticky lubes?
  246. This is gonna be the dumbest sounding question
  247. He kept slipping out of me...& **** stimulating sex
  248. stripclubs
  249. Recommendations on Spermacide/Contraceptive jelly?
  250. waiting for a reply!!!