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  1. Old flame reunion etiquette
  2. i feel pressured for sexual acts by my bf?
  3. Husband has low testosterone...
  4. Dont Know How To Stroke ?
  5. masturbation problem
  6. My narriage is suffering because of this Please Help!!!
  7. having orgasms way too easily.
  8. Making love issues
  9. ED Problems
  10. Condom broke w/pill. Am I screwed?
  11. my girl told me that her thighs hurt
  12. Afraid to sleep/Sexsomnia woes
  13. Continuing Problem at Parties
  14. Sperm leaked through boxer
  15. i love oral with strangers is it wrong
  16. Help!
  17. Boyfriend & I feel like just friends living together? Any advice?
  18. question
  19. Can't orgasm - I tried everything
  20. Fear of sex
  21. HELP Caught Boyfriend replying to "Personals" Ads W4M
  22. sex vs. masturbation
  23. men and masturbation
  24. Need help!
  25. Partner keeps putting off testing
  26. Girlfriend has pain during intercourse
  27. my boyfriend and his porn - help needed
  28. Lost My Libido
  29. Seeking Sex Therapist in NYC
  30. any suggestions
  31. My husband looking at pictures of women
  32. Struggle to get end then keep an erection, any advice please?
  33. My girlfriend is 'lazy' in bed
  34. Trying to Figure Out if Husband Has ED and What's Causing It
  35. Suddenly interested in my dad's gf. I know this is wrong. How do I get rid of the sex
  36. I love my bf but I can't orgasm
  37. orgasm
  38. Still bleeding
  39. long distance sex
  40. Pain during sex
  41. Male or female Sexual Health issues VS Gender Issues
  42. Bumps in pubic area
  43. I think my boyfriend has a thing for my period?
  44. new relationship in 3 months we had sex ONCE
  45. Got into trouble after wet dream
  46. I am 18 and have no sex drive, any suggestions as to what is going on?
  47. My boyfriend doesn't last long in bed. Any advice?
  48. Help my partner is a chronic masturbater
  49. Masturbation
  50. Lubrication trouble sexual
  51. Pain after intercourse
  52. Problem with my girlfriend.
  53. My boyfriend never gets me off!
  54. Confused
  55. confused with my body? confused about female orgasms?! help
  56. best condom for oral sex?
  57. Is this normal way of getting it up with women?
  58. Excessive Bleeding, Pain During Sex
  59. I cant orgasm
  60. Adding to previous posts
  61. Male Impotence
  62. remembering losing virginity
  63. Oral Sex and Dental Fillings,Tempoary Crowned Top Teeth
  64. Anal sex and cheating
  65. in a sexless marriage.
  66. I need some help
  67. Is viewing porn wrong?
  68. My girlfriend says she can't feel my penis.
  69. PPH staple surgery & anal sex
  70. Tiny pinhole sized hole noticed in condom + other info + Anxiety!
  71. I have a problem which is eating me
  72. why is my husband so secretive.
  73. Boyfriend masturbating instead of sex
  74. Low to non existing sex drive at 22
  75. Sex & cystocele
  76. Does it count?
  77. Urgent! Anal masturbation blood
  78. No sex drive
  79. Different views between me and girlfriend
  80. Is it healthy having sex with my girlfriend during her period(menstruating)?
  81. Please help! Partner pressure
  82. Sex drive: NON EXISTENT. Please read!
  83. spotting after period, had a lot of sex
  84. major chest pain after masturbation
  85. My girlfriend cannot get off. I really need some input.
  86. Every time i ejaculate my sperm doesn't move!
  87. Ex-sex
  88. my husband says my vagina is huge and has disliked making love for 23 years
  89. My husband is a pathetic lover
  90. Pain no gain
  91. Awkward Question
  92. At wits end because I am not dead yet
  93. Heavy Bleeding 1-2 Weeks after Sex
  94. Sexual nightmares and dreams since I was 4 years old?
  95. Haven't had a orgasm in 6 yrs since two grand mal seizures... any advice?
  96. Cousin Masturbated w/his dads condom
  97. Tiny red bump on opening of penis
  98. Sexually Frustrated
  99. Pimples inside vagina?
  100. Resenting sex demands
  101. Problems with Sex
  102. Over-Active Sex Drive
  103. My wife won't have sex with me
  104. Question to women how do you react if your b f can t get it up?
  105. burning while sex
  106. Boyfriend says his sex drive has deteriorated
  107. Sex a question to women
  108. Sensitive Dating/Sex Question for the Ladies
  109. she pushes my finger off her clitoris why?
  110. Viagra and vacation
  111. Boyfriend is sex mad!!!!
  112. Vaginal Sore? Please help
  113. info about sex
  114. Erection just by holding a girl's hand?
  115. Slept with a girl who had HPV
  116. Pain at the base/root of penis for 8 weeks
  117. Pain with bowel movement a week after rough sex...
  118. Am I Squirting?
  119. This is maddening
  120. 2 problems when having sex with my girlfriend
  121. How to talk to him about his ED?
  122. woman's ***
  123. Uncomfortable Sex
  124. Do I have Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder?
  125. burning after sex, next day more than usual yellowish dicharge
  126. help with my male "curveball"
  127. Sore anal bump
  128. Abdominal pains! Help :(
  129. Do i have vaginismus?
  130. Afraid I might have oral herpes or a disease!
  131. Tear at the bottom
  132. How do you set rules for swinging in a relationship (swinger, sex addiction)
  133. semen smell
  134. Toe curling orgasms...
  135. How to communicate sexually without feeling dirty
  136. large penis
  137. My fiance is obsessed w/my past sex life! Why?
  138. First time sex
  139. Touching my nipples give me homesick feeling?!?!
  140. 21 y/o male, no sex drive
  141. Dementia and sex
  142. Why can't I get wet anymore??
  143. I'm no longer sexually attracted to my fiancÚ
  144. I need help checking my virginity
  145. Sudden Vaginal dryness/loss of female ejaculation
  146. A couple of issues. Dysfunction and semen problems
  147. NO ex drive female 22
  148. husbands penis is irratated
  149. Wife appears to have lost interest in me in all aspects of this relationship.
  150. Please help! So scared!
  151. Rash/itchy in pubic area
  152. Freaking out...Plan B. Help please!
  153. Pre orgasm head pain
  154. Is a walk in clinic fine to go to
  155. Mastering girl on top position with a bad knee.
  156. fights over anal sex
  157. My husband has no sex drive
  158. The denial of Fetish
  159. Ejaculation Feels very Strange
  160. 22y.o female, porn watcher
  161. how much is to much
  162. Vaginal Problems?
  163. Bi
  164. The Pill during Period
  165. First Time Sexual Problem.
  166. Serious question: should I be able to still see my hymen?
  167. Vaginal Foreign Body
  168. My husband don't want sex..PLS Help
  169. Sticky Problem... PLEASE HELP?
  170. No sex drive..
  171. itching. help??
  172. lets talk about sex!
  173. Very embarrasing question...
  174. Boyfriend and Masturbation
  175. My husband has no libdo
  176. Am I a nymphomaniac?
  177. Sex doesnt interest me
  178. is this normal?
  179. My girlfriends vagina is too wet
  180. Masturbation problems.
  181. Legal research chemicals make me want to have anal sex.
  182. Issues with intimacy
  183. My relationship... My girlfriend wants no sex?? Am I rushing it ?
  184. Husband prefers to "RELIEVE HIMSELF" but Unable to "finish" during sex with wife
  185. difficulty getting erection with wife
  186. Thoughts on "dirty talk"... Normal? Necessary? Disrespectful?
  187. Diabetic girlfriend=no sex.
  188. *** burns?
  189. Libido gone bye-bye
  190. Newly Wed Honeymoon Definitely Over
  191. In need of help
  192. Why don't I have an urge to have sex?
  193. penis scare
  194. Anxious girl in need of medical advice
  195. penis health
  196. His depression causing low sexdrive/or am I just not wanted?
  197. Why won't some women sleep with me?
  198. Pain while using vibrator
  199. pain with intercourse
  200. Ways to interest wife in sex.
  201. My husband does not satisfy me?
  202. Boyfriend has performance anxiety - what can I do?
  203. New Husband Withholding Intimacy
  204. my man has no sexual desire :(
  205. Worried if my girlfriend gets pregnant or not so please help
  206. Failure to... launch (Pun intended, kinda)
  207. sex problem (seniors)
  208. Bf has never had an interest in sex
  209. My boyfriend never ejaculates inside
  210. weird symptoms related to sex
  211. Swinging
  212. pre-mature ejaculation
  213. open relationships
  214. Cheating or not cheating
  215. can't sex
  216. Pain During Well Lubcricated Sex
  217. Normal bleeding?
  218. Too quick
  219. My boyfriend's penis is too long?
  220. Tickle fetish
  221. Am I allergic to boyfriend?
  222. Any form of contact is slowing right down
  223. rejected and feeling unworthy
  224. Masterbating in my sleep
  225. any advice on male breasts?
  226. Can't Orgasm With Partner because Partner Orgasms Too Fast
  227. lack of sexual needs
  228. Bored with sex
  229. I can't seem to have orgasm lately
  230. Hurt and Embarassed
  231. Triangle Gone Wrong
  232. Hernia causes sex problems
  233. Swallowed strangers ejaculate
  234. Unexpected dry orgasms
  235. Why do I push Wife Away?
  236. I discovered my hubbys secret fetishes. help!
  237. sciatica
  238. Not able fall asleep without masturbation
  239. masturbation
  240. small penis and testis
  241. Husband cant ejaculate
  242. Pain/irritation - partially condom-caused
  243. no feeling during sex
  244. Abdonminal pain durring and after sex
  245. Feeling Deprived
  246. Diagnosis help needed - Swelling and pain
  247. Oral sex
  248. After first time sex I'm a little worried.
  249. Painful Ejaculation during sex but not through Masturbation? :S
  250. I haven't wanted sex for 9+ months and FiancÚ is getting frustrated. Help?