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  1. Foreskin retraction during intercourse
  2. Husband not sexually aroused w/me but maintains erection all night
  3. Girlfriend experiences pain when attempting intercourse for the first time
  4. PLEASE READ - Extreme lustful feelings all of the time!!
  5. Could this be an infection?
  6. Is there any chance at all she could be pregnant?
  7. always having to make the move getting old
  8. question about sex with spouse
  9. my girlfriend and i
  10. Question about masturbation
  11. Inverted nipples
  12. Sore near Labia
  13. No intimacy
  14. Perfectly Happy, but can't say so??
  15. Female Ejaculation
  16. My wife doesn't like to kiss, touch my penis, give oral, or let me see her nude
  17. need help!
  18. Kiss N Tell
  19. No sex drive
  20. Good relationship, bad sex
  21. Just found husband used porn
  22. Masturbators
  23. Great Sex
  24. Girlfriend no sex drive
  25. Worried...
  26. multiple squirt and dehydration
  27. Pure Foot Fetish
  28. Help with PID
  29. Need to vent a little
  30. Why does penis hurt after an orgasm when I try to keep going?
  31. Frustrated
  32. long term relationship & genital warts
  33. In Need of HELP...ASAP!!
  34. My Boyfriend won't have sex with me!!!!
  35. Help!
  36. Attracted to female feet
  37. Premature ejaculation
  38. Sex concern
  39. Masturbation causing NON itching hive-like spots... Any help?
  40. Gay man wears womens underwear
  41. Excessive masturbation at a young age
  42. Wife has very low sex drive
  43. I hate being gay.
  44. Anal Sex Problem
  45. men that don't want to get dirty
  46. Sex with clothing on
  47. 24 Year Old and Have NO Sex Drive.
  48. Crying after sex
  49. Where do i go?
  50. Is I lost the virginity of my GF
  51. my boyfriend's fetish doesn't turn me on and I can't tell him please please help!!
  52. deep in shock when i saw my penis.
  53. Are female orgasms in a different league than male orgasms?
  54. ED problems all of a sudden?
  55. Mind at rest!
  56. Never had a GF and i'm sexually thirsty
  57. My BP Husband
  58. Pregnant?
  59. Boy friend masterbating every morning
  60. Another question about porn use.
  61. Want a virgin girlfriend at least once before i'm old!?
  62. Poss Pregnancy!
  63. sex after back surgery
  64. how do u kill a sex drive
  65. Easily get dry in the middle of love making.
  66. Boyfriend can't maintain erection. Why? An what can I do?
  67. what can i do?
  68. No Ejaculation?
  69. boyfriend with ed?
  70. Are prostate massagers safe and healthy?
  71. Problems in sex life w/bipolar boyfriend
  72. Dream Sex - Is he cheating??
  73. Porn should not be a part of his daily regimen
  74. Plan B
  75. Young or OLD 55
  76. Another man came in her hundreds of times
  77. Please Help
  78. Boyfriend and masturbation..am i goin crazy??
  79. No sensation
  80. Vaginal stretching
  81. fiance looks at playboys at work...normal or not??
  82. what am i doing wrong with him?
  83. Neck Obsession, Is this fetish an addiction which is destroying the marriage
  84. Question on friends situaion
  85. Ejaculation trouble with partner
  86. giving oral to a woman
  87. wife has NO sex drive
  88. female condom
  89. Experimenting???
  90. (Urgent) Sex during period
  91. Infection
  92. this Fetish is Killing me
  93. wife rarely wants sex, wants help but no doc
  94. Squirting ???
  95. oral sex
  96. Where is the touching?
  97. Can jealousy make you sick?
  98. Premature ejaculation affecting marriage
  99. Am i addicted to sex?
  100. Possible STI? please help
  101. Husband masturbating to porn escalating vulgarity
  102. Penis aching and confusion
  103. White
  104. A Few Virgin Worries...
  105. Flat red bumps near base of penis
  106. premature ejaculation
  107. Genital Herpes
  108. who can help in the bad situation
  109. Husband watching porn at work
  110. pain after masutrbation in penis
  111. Tip of the penis itch
  112. Lump on penis, probably blood clot
  113. condom size :/ need help
  114. Sexual dreams at 5 years old
  115. Prostate stimulation
  116. llittle penis
  117. Urgent Please Please Help!!
  118. penis size
  119. Embarrassing Masturbation Enquiry
  120. I've been nabbed
  121. Do medications that cause impotence affect females?
  122. viagra replacement?
  123. How long does intercourse last :/
  124. sex
  125. I cried with releif when I read the postings on this site - I felt normal again.
  126. last resort...please help....
  127. orgasm too fast
  128. Good lubrication for the shower?
  129. Help :/
  130. Intimate examinations by male doctors
  131. masturbation. baby come out right?
  132. Can enlarged prostate cause sexual problems?
  133. Seeking advice.
  134. Wife selfish in bed
  135. My boyfriend is sleeping with Trannies and Shemales
  136. Please help before my marriage falls apart
  137. sex problems with wife
  138. Very Confused...std/sti? yeast? Help?!
  139. Balantits
  140. Lack of erection, or just not interested in me anymore?
  141. vagina size
  142. ejaculate
  143. does ice cubes prevent pregnancy
  144. no erection during intracourse.......I need help
  145. sex problem
  146. sex addiction? help!!
  147. No desire to even take the Viagra, but wife needs sex!
  148. Anxiety with sex
  149. Why can't I have a normal relationship with my husband sexually?
  150. how long is too long without sex with your husband?
  151. How long is too long without sex?
  152. dirty talk during sex - boundaries?
  153. Hymen Break
  154. Does precum come out of a penis that is not erect
  155. Circumcision problem
  156. is there any lubricant that does not burn the anus
  157. Sexual Diseases Inquiry...
  158. Sex addiction
  159. I have a Question!!
  160. Hymen? Non-Virgin
  161. Failing Sex life in marriage
  162. Too Much Masturbation
  163. sexually Confused wife or husband
  164. Anal lube, creams, etc.
  165. Erectile dysfunction in man in mid-forties..
  166. wife complains too cold having sex in the winter.
  167. Sex log
  168. Am I too big?
  169. Please Help; Wife has NO libido
  170. Inverted Nipples
  171. this a bit silly but would like some info
  172. reg virginity
  173. my husband's VERY low libido
  174. Male genitalia
  175. Sexual Frequency
  176. Help, son is 10, ready for talk, but im not...
  177. cervical pain?
  178. Lower back pain after masterbation
  179. Cannot Kiss - is this normal
  180. Simple Foot Fetish or Something More?
  181. Squirting?
  182. pain and bloating after sex
  183. what is orgasm
  184. husband has no desire; never has
  185. I think my childhood messed me up
  186. Is this normal and healthy, a porn related issue.
  187. bi sexual or gay husband???
  188. First time sex
  189. Is silicone-based lubricant okay for anal sex?
  190. What is masterbation?
  191. My Girlfriend Has Lost All Interest in Sex
  192. what caused this?
  193. my husband dont satisfy me
  194. Confused and a wee bit scared
  195. Extreme Pain During Sex
  196. unable to achieve an orgasm
  197. When my boyfriend ejaculates.
  198. Excessively Sexual but not into actual sex?? Help?
  199. wife not sexual. cant stop with porn
  200. No sex has ruined my marriage
  201. Hocd vs Gay vs Curiosity
  202. Healthy uncut male cannot orgasum
  203. Condom problem, could she be pregnant?
  204. girlfriend acts strangely
  205. swollen clitoris
  206. white blood cells found when std testing
  207. frequent and annoying erections
  208. 19, and barely interested in sex with my boyfriend. What's wrong with me?
  209. Wife has low sex drive but masterbates often
  210. I don't know whats wrong with me
  211. nothing at all
  212. Porn & Masterbation
  213. why does a woman stay dry during sex
  214. Boyfriend likes to cuddles, but never wants to put out
  215. confusing panic with sexual urge
  216. Female need some sexual advice, and think getting addicted
  217. scared to have sex
  218. How to know which condom to choose
  219. Wifes libido is gone!
  220. fears of developing fetishes and maturbation issues
  221. Bleach smelling sperm
  222. Buring after sex
  223. Husband's testicles surgically dropped at 12 - is is he sterile?
  224. 25 and confused
  225. sex disorders
  226. It pains when I insert because foreskin slips back
  227. Please advise........
  228. How to have sex so does not hurt and is enjuoyable (only done it once before)
  229. Sick After Orgasm
  230. Masturbation
  231. HPV off a sex toy?? help plzz
  232. What is causing this?
  233. Sexual Imbalance
  234. A question on condoms/birth control/STDs
  235. heeelpp
  236. GF orgasms quickly
  237. i can only orgasm when im on top
  238. young daughters overly curious about sexuality etc
  239. penile odour
  240. Low Blood Pressure and Sexual Activity
  241. dry, itchy, and swollen
  242. itchy foreskin
  243. sex after d&c
  244. sexual urge
  245. Anal sex?
  246. Yoga makes it so much better
  247. Should I be worried, or am I just over reacting?
  248. marriage/sexlife
  249. Was I molested as a kid? And might this be why I have erection problems today?
  250. Girlfriend Desperate To Pee After or During Sex