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  1. Viagra deception?
  2. sperm question
  3. sex drive gone and we're not even married yet
  4. how to have long sexual intercourse
  5. Sexually attraction gone!
  6. Girlfriend has low cervix - suggestions?
  7. won't look at me during sex
  8. how to prevent bladder infections after sex
  9. when bicurious becomes a problem
  10. men who masturbate
  11. estrodine for transgender medication
  12. I and my husband & our poor sex life
  13. Masturbation - chronic neck and shoulder pain?
  14. does a man ejaculate faster when he masturbates?
  15. getting a pain while in sex
  16. ejaculation
  17. My boyfriend orgasm's really fast!
  18. SPERMICIDE ALLERGY - Please Help
  19. Sex without a condom
  20. A confusing sexual fantasy since early age.
  21. pain after orgasm
  22. scrotum don't hang
  23. lost condom in me
  24. ( closed )
  25. is it possible for a vagina to be allergic to semen?
  26. What can be done with my husband and masturbating?
  27. Best lube for anal sex??
  28. I may lose everything (but don't know how to stop it)
  29. Problems in the bedroom
  30. to groom vaginal hair
  31. how to bring up vaginal smell
  32. Bleeding During/After Sexual Intercourse
  33. GirlFriend has low Sex drive and always tired.
  34. back problems and sterelity
  35. Girlfriend's vagina smells bad
  36. what kind of doctor do males see for penis
  37. no orgasms after having a baby?
  38. Still No Sex
  39. My sexuality drives me crazy
  40. can doctor tell if your virgin or not
  41. masturbation
  42. do you have to masterbate
  43. Sexual excitement = too much?
  44. is my husband lying when he says he doesn't have any sexual fantasies?
  45. does sperm have a strong odour
  46. can a doctor tell if you are a virgin
  47. What should I do??
  48. to tite
  49. Anal sex inquiries
  50. Product Protocol
  51. No sex in my relationship! :( HELP!!!!
  52. how frequently can we masturbate?
  53. how long does sperm stay alive in our body for
  54. i have trouble orgasming
  55. Talking about sex and doing things whilst sleeping Please Help
  56. vagina and ejaculation
  57. i hate sex... want suggestions
  58. Gf lost her mojo.
  59. Me and other men
  60. ? about new boyfriend.
  61. help please sensitive penis
  62. Bv
  63. why do married men masturbate?
  64. Why do guys masturbate?
  65. how long do I wait?
  66. My husband doesn't want sex
  67. When I ejaculate there isn't fluid
  68. Help, i always bleed!
  69. Anal Sex...
  70. pre-ejaculation
  71. Had Essure on Wed 11/12
  72. possible pregnancy
  73. why do guys masterbate
  74. Needing a little insight
  75. Partnered (gay man) - bored in the bedroom
  76. how to make my husband happy
  77. strange thoughts after sex
  78. vagina smells
  79. Is my husband lying?
  80. why do men masterbate
  81. My Sex Drive
  82. Enlarged lymph nodes in genital area
  83. Lack of Sex and Zoloft
  84. Are ultra-sensitive condoms more prone to breaking?
  85. Had sex in periods
  86. i can't get a full erection
  87. Why can't I do it??
  88. Viagra vrs. Livitra?
  89. Should I be worried if my next door neighbour (female) can hear me masturbating?
  90. why does my husband masturbate every day
  91. how does one know they have a sex addiction?
  92. Increasing Sensitivity For Him With A Condom
  93. My partner cheated, now i feel similar
  94. can i keep the foreskin pulled over the penis after having a frendulum tear?
  95. Sexual Attitude
  96. painful or numb intercourse
  97. Boyfriend has no sexual assertiveness... what do I do???
  98. Pre-Ejaculation and Pre-*** , What is the difference?
  99. do men masterbate
  100. Very low sex drive
  101. My husband doesnt satisfy me and doesnt seem interested in sex
  102. Vaginal moisturizer and oral sex
  103. Husband won't satisfy me.
  104. what causes the itching of the testicules
  105. i just dont like it anymore
  106. timing
  107. how to handle an uncircumcised penis
  108. The Problem: In Love With An Asexual Person.
  109. lose condom
  110. how long does it take
  111. Questions. Little paranoid here.
  112. is the smell of vaginal discharge similar to smell of semen
  113. Intersex Babies
  114. I want to kill my sex drive.
  115. Sexual difficulties for the Newly Wed - please advise.
  116. odor in semen
  117. Vasectomy related issue?
  118. Erection
  119. Ever since marriage, sex has been something we both DONT look forward to
  120. how long does sperm stay alive outside of the body
  121. how long should sexual intercourse last for?
  122. Problems in bed and not talking damaged our relationship
  123. help MEEEE. does your vagina
  124. 32 year old virgin man
  125. Troubles in Paradise
  126. a bit of advice please
  127. how to last a long time in bed
  128. Why can't I have vaginal orgasms?
  129. just married no sex!
  130. Premature ejaculation.. what women think!
  131. Lowered sex drive... due to meds?
  132. bleeding during sex.. question for men and women
  133. why do men masterbate?
  134. Why would a woman wax/shave?
  135. Making Anal Sex Less Painful
  136. Does my husband love me
  137. Male Multiple Orgasms
  138. what happens if a condom is left insede
  139. can a doctor tell ?
  140. sexual problem w/bf
  141. swollen tonsils and oral sex?
  142. How to control sex irritation
  143. HELP! He feels sex is disrespectful
  144. a myth
  145. Itchy Anal Area
  146. Trepidation
  147. Help, I can't tell my doctor!
  148. Controlling ejaculation with kegel exercises.
  149. boyfriend's performace anxiety!!!?
  150. what sex life?
  151. what to do about husbands who watch too much porn
  152. Husband masturbating in his sleep.
  153. Need tips please - I want all the time, she doesn't
  154. I dont know what to do!
  155. Question about boy's sexual health
  156. question
  157. Condom Question
  158. Pain After Sex
  159. condom recovery
  160. Husband's sex addiction.
  161. If a guy drinks alcohol what will his semen taste like
  162. Masturbation pattern
  163. trying to understand uncircumcized boyfriend
  164. Sex pills
  165. My boyfriend's low self esteem is affecting our sex life
  166. Will I ever "lose it"?
  167. Female genitals
  168. Private Area Color is Darker..HELP!
  169. 1'm over 3 weeks late and my husband wont make love to me
  170. What do I do?
  171. at what temperature does sperm die
  172. Sexual Activities in your late 50's
  173. Body
  174. Question regarding the male body
  175. why cant I reach orgasm after having children
  176. Still having wet dreams at 29
  177. met a new ladyfriend and i cant stop scratching downbelow
  178. Anal Sex
  179. Needing help with uncomfortable situation...
  180. A Man with No Sex Drive
  181. protection
  182. Is oral sex and sex dangerous with Mono?
  183. bad for the marraige!
  184. Rectal polyps
  185. vaginal orgasm question
  186. Husband wants viagra?
  187. Sex life ruining relationship
  188. Would this be a deal-breaker for you??
  189. I nearly pierced my penis.
  190. Feel embarassed to see a male doctor about my penis.
  191. hi im still a virgin at 32 should i be worried?
  192. How do I get him to talk?
  193. first time and im so nervous lol
  194. question and opinions
  195. Concerned About Sex Drive
  196. Very sore after having sex
  197. Looking for a little advice perhaps...
  198. Husband's problem and having baby
  199. Condom Breaking Frequently =\
  200. Zyprexa - Can't get sexually excited !!
  201. Can bisexuality be triggered by menopause?
  202. Condom troubles....
  203. Boyfriend No longer wants sex at all please help!
  204. need to get girlfriend off pill - please help
  205. no sex please
  206. whats going on with me
  207. OMG what's wrong with me!
  208. vasectomy
  209. orgasim
  210. I am ashamed of sexual reactions
  211. Am I overreacting?
  212. Girlfriend can't orgasm
  213. New Boyfriend - Need gay relationship advice
  214. husband don't want to have sex since I got pregnant.
  215. New wife and I are having problems.
  216. Comdon with a ring???
  217. something is not right
  218. the g-spot and overweight women
  219. Painful Sex - Outside
  220. Advice on threesome with wife and her lover
  221. Where Did The Love Go?
  222. -
  223. My Boyfriend's Sex Drive is Driving Me Crazy!!
  224. Tantric
  225. I feel like a **** for things I did with my ex, and I can't get over him.
  226. Painful Sex
  227. Never Get Enough
  228. Yet Another Sexless Marriage
  229. Wife having quickie in a grocery store with her lover?
  230. Please help me i urgently need advice
  231. Boyfriend doesn't want sex :(
  232. Threesome? ok?
  233. Drunk= Hard to Ejaculate?
  234. Relationship Advice
  235. Girlfriend scared she is pregnant
  236. Messed with while asleep?
  237. big testicles?
  238. advice please
  239. boyfriend wants to video tape!
  240. masturbation
  241. Irregular Sex
  242. GF has orgazim (think it is urine)
  243. need some advice?sex and TOM
  244. kissing
  245. anal sex?? Normal?
  246. question about broken hymens
  247. the husband/vibrator conflict
  248. Guys, are there any of you who would NEVER date a bisexual girl, or do a 3 way?
  249. sex sanitation question
  250. why does he want to hurt me?