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  1. how to handle an uncircumcised penis
  2. The Problem: In Love With An Asexual Person.
  3. lose condom
  4. how long does it take
  5. Questions. Little paranoid here.
  6. is the smell of vaginal discharge similar to smell of semen
  7. Intersex Babies
  8. I want to kill my sex drive.
  9. Sexual difficulties for the Newly Wed - please advise.
  10. odor in semen
  11. Vasectomy related issue?
  12. Erection
  13. Ever since marriage, sex has been something we both DONT look forward to
  14. how long does sperm stay alive outside of the body
  15. how long should sexual intercourse last for?
  16. Problems in bed and not talking damaged our relationship
  17. help MEEEE. does your vagina
  18. 32 year old virgin man
  19. Troubles in Paradise
  20. a bit of advice please
  21. how to last a long time in bed
  22. Why can't I have vaginal orgasms?
  23. just married no sex!
  24. Premature ejaculation.. what women think!
  25. Lowered sex drive... due to meds?
  26. bleeding during sex.. question for men and women
  27. why do men masterbate?
  28. Why would a woman wax/shave?
  29. Making Anal Sex Less Painful
  30. Does my husband love me
  31. Male Multiple Orgasms
  32. what happens if a condom is left insede
  33. can a doctor tell ?
  34. sexual problem w/bf
  35. swollen tonsils and oral sex?
  36. How to control sex irritation
  37. HELP! He feels sex is disrespectful
  38. a myth
  39. Itchy Anal Area
  40. Trepidation
  41. Help, I can't tell my doctor!
  42. Controlling ejaculation with kegel exercises.
  43. boyfriend's performace anxiety!!!?
  44. what sex life?
  45. what to do about husbands who watch too much porn
  46. Husband masturbating in his sleep.
  47. Need tips please - I want all the time, she doesn't
  48. I dont know what to do!
  49. Question about boy's sexual health
  50. question
  51. Condom Question
  52. Pain After Sex
  53. condom recovery
  54. Husband's sex addiction.
  55. If a guy drinks alcohol what will his semen taste like
  56. Masturbation pattern
  57. trying to understand uncircumcized boyfriend
  58. Sex pills
  59. My boyfriend's low self esteem is affecting our sex life
  60. Will I ever "lose it"?
  61. Female genitals
  62. Private Area Color is Darker..HELP!
  63. 1'm over 3 weeks late and my husband wont make love to me
  64. What do I do?
  65. at what temperature does sperm die
  66. Sexual Activities in your late 50's
  67. Body
  68. Question regarding the male body
  69. why cant I reach orgasm after having children
  70. Still having wet dreams at 29
  71. met a new ladyfriend and i cant stop scratching downbelow
  72. Anal Sex
  73. Needing help with uncomfortable situation...
  74. A Man with No Sex Drive
  75. protection
  76. Is oral sex and sex dangerous with Mono?
  77. bad for the marraige!
  78. Rectal polyps
  79. vaginal orgasm question
  80. Husband wants viagra?
  81. Sex life ruining relationship
  82. Would this be a deal-breaker for you??
  83. I nearly pierced my penis.
  84. Feel embarassed to see a male doctor about my penis.
  85. hi im still a virgin at 32 should i be worried?
  86. How do I get him to talk?
  87. first time and im so nervous lol
  88. question and opinions
  89. Concerned About Sex Drive
  90. Very sore after having sex
  91. Looking for a little advice perhaps...
  92. Husband's problem and having baby
  93. Condom Breaking Frequently =\
  94. Zyprexa - Can't get sexually excited !!
  95. Can bisexuality be triggered by menopause?
  96. Condom troubles....
  97. Boyfriend No longer wants sex at all please help!
  98. need to get girlfriend off pill - please help
  99. no sex please
  100. whats going on with me
  101. OMG what's wrong with me!
  102. vasectomy
  103. orgasim
  104. I am ashamed of sexual reactions
  105. Am I overreacting?
  106. Girlfriend can't orgasm
  107. New Boyfriend - Need gay relationship advice
  108. husband don't want to have sex since I got pregnant.
  109. New wife and I are having problems.
  110. Comdon with a ring???
  111. something is not right
  112. the g-spot and overweight women
  113. Painful Sex - Outside
  114. Advice on threesome with wife and her lover
  115. Where Did The Love Go?
  116. -
  117. My Boyfriend's Sex Drive is Driving Me Crazy!!
  118. Tantric
  119. I feel like a **** for things I did with my ex, and I can't get over him.
  120. Painful Sex
  121. Never Get Enough
  122. Yet Another Sexless Marriage
  123. Wife having quickie in a grocery store with her lover?
  124. Please help me i urgently need advice
  125. Boyfriend doesn't want sex :(
  126. Threesome? ok?
  127. Drunk= Hard to Ejaculate?
  128. Relationship Advice
  129. Girlfriend scared she is pregnant
  130. Messed with while asleep?
  131. big testicles?
  132. advice please
  133. boyfriend wants to video tape!
  134. masturbation
  135. Irregular Sex
  136. GF has orgazim (think it is urine)
  137. need some advice?sex and TOM
  138. kissing
  139. anal sex?? Normal?
  140. question about broken hymens
  141. the husband/vibrator conflict
  142. Guys, are there any of you who would NEVER date a bisexual girl, or do a 3 way?
  143. sex sanitation question
  144. why does he want to hurt me?
  145. Back together with exboyfriend .....but he dated a bisexual girl?
  146. Some advice please
  147. argument with husband
  148. Male virgins.
  149. A Complex Problem
  150. Best Spermicidial Lubricant?
  151. are their any sexually active couples that use condoms regularly?
  152. Husband refuses to stop going on internet porn sites
  153. My boyfriend is disinterested in sex with me
  154. Sexual Fantasies ruining my marriage
  155. Rise 2
  156. hymen stitching
  157. HALP! Lots of stress and lack of sex, but both people want to save the relationship
  158. how to ejaculate during oral
  159. feeling sick
  160. question about silicone based lubricants
  161. Why Is It Wrong?
  162. Loose vagina?
  163. my bf's penis................
  164. not attracted to your husband anymore
  165. Peyronie's Disease questions!!!
  166. Cant Seem to Get Over My First Time
  167. HOW CAN I get wet during intercourse?
  168. headaches
  169. A real, first-time dilemma for me ...
  170. Always Horny :(
  171. Hymen not breaking
  172. Condom usage?
  173. cant orgasm unless im on top (bf isnt happy)
  174. Husband Using Internet For Relief!
  175. lost sexual interest:(
  176. Painful sex?
  177. Sex in water
  178. My Husband Doesn't Want Sex?!?
  179. fiance never gives me oral and no orgasm either
  180. Stop showing.
  181. what happened?
  182. Controlling ejaculation.
  183. sex too intense
  184. Husband is having web cam porn girlfriends
  185. Husband having virtual sex??
  186. balls hurt - please help me
  187. Bleeding
  188. My husband doesn't sleep in the same bed with me, help!
  189. What does my vagina smell like this?
  190. yeast infections
  191. Vaginal Bleeding Due to Fingering
  192. Curved Penis
  193. Vaginal Elasticity?
  194. first time - how long does it hurt?
  195. Very odd sexual situation has led to ZERO confidence now.....
  196. Nothing comes out when I orgasm.
  197. anal sex...
  198. Vibrating Condoms!
  199. Aphrodisiacs?
  200. fiance has zero desire for sex anymore
  201. Looking for powerful natural aphrodisiacs
  202. what does it mean when one testicle is smaller than the other producing little sperm
  203. Pain in my penis
  204. Issues...I need help =/
  205. Married lusting after a best friend help advice needed
  206. am I some kind of addict?
  207. Why does my husband masterbate in his sleep?
  208. Vasectomy
  209. 3some?
  210. female enhancement?
  211. Threesomes
  212. loss of erection just prior to insertion
  213. semen becoming clear after a while
  214. anyone
  215. Prefer that my wife initiates sex.
  216. sex performance
  217. urgent advice needed - can you restore attraction in marriage
  218. Sex Makes Me Vomit
  219. Teste damage... maybe
  220. What causes a man to masturbate instead of SEX??
  221. early errection
  222. sexual "enhancer" products
  223. What does a healthy vagina smell like
  224. pre ejaclatory
  225. about threesome
  226. Where Do You Go If Your Husbands Addicted To Internet Porn
  227. infection from oral
  228. Told me I wasn't good in bed
  229. i want to quit :(
  230. doesnt turn me on
  231. do men have to masterbate?
  232. need advice about my sexuality
  233. Orientation Confusion at 18
  234. Weird sexual issues.
  235. do sperm die in hot tubs
  236. Thrush?
  237. does sex smell bad after
  238. Having problems.
  239. Wife alergic to my semen?
  240. sex
  241. first time
  242. how long can sperm live outside the uterus
  243. orgasm problems
  244. erection problems
  245. Frustration: How do I temporarily reduce my sex drive
  246. curious
  247. need help urgently
  248. lost condom
  249. a strange question about ejaculation advice please
  250. anal sex and condom types