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  1. boyfriend wants to video tape!
  2. masturbation
  3. Irregular Sex
  4. GF has orgazim (think it is urine)
  5. need some advice?sex and TOM
  6. kissing
  7. anal sex?? Normal?
  8. question about broken hymens
  9. the husband/vibrator conflict
  10. Guys, are there any of you who would NEVER date a bisexual girl, or do a 3 way?
  11. sex sanitation question
  12. why does he want to hurt me?
  13. Back together with exboyfriend .....but he dated a bisexual girl?
  14. Some advice please
  15. argument with husband
  16. Male virgins.
  17. A Complex Problem
  18. Best Spermicidial Lubricant?
  19. are their any sexually active couples that use condoms regularly?
  20. Husband refuses to stop going on internet porn sites
  21. My boyfriend is disinterested in sex with me
  22. Sexual Fantasies ruining my marriage
  23. Rise 2
  24. hymen stitching
  25. HALP! Lots of stress and lack of sex, but both people want to save the relationship
  26. how to ejaculate during oral
  27. feeling sick
  28. question about silicone based lubricants
  29. Why Is It Wrong?
  30. Loose vagina?
  31. my bf's penis................
  32. not attracted to your husband anymore
  33. Peyronie's Disease questions!!!
  34. Cant Seem to Get Over My First Time
  35. HOW CAN I get wet during intercourse?
  36. headaches
  37. A real, first-time dilemma for me ...
  38. Always Horny :(
  39. Hymen not breaking
  40. Condom usage?
  41. cant orgasm unless im on top (bf isnt happy)
  42. Husband Using Internet For Relief!
  43. lost sexual interest:(
  44. Painful sex?
  45. Sex in water
  46. My Husband Doesn't Want Sex?!?
  47. fiance never gives me oral and no orgasm either
  48. Stop showing.
  49. what happened?
  50. Controlling ejaculation.
  51. sex too intense
  52. Husband is having web cam porn girlfriends
  53. Husband having virtual sex??
  54. balls hurt - please help me
  55. Bleeding
  56. My husband doesn't sleep in the same bed with me, help!
  57. What does my vagina smell like this?
  58. yeast infections
  59. Vaginal Bleeding Due to Fingering
  60. Curved Penis
  61. Vaginal Elasticity?
  62. first time - how long does it hurt?
  63. Very odd sexual situation has led to ZERO confidence now.....
  64. Nothing comes out when I orgasm.
  65. anal sex...
  66. Vibrating Condoms!
  67. Aphrodisiacs?
  68. fiance has zero desire for sex anymore
  69. Looking for powerful natural aphrodisiacs
  70. what does it mean when one testicle is smaller than the other producing little sperm
  71. Pain in my penis
  72. Issues...I need help =/
  73. Married lusting after a best friend help advice needed
  74. am I some kind of addict?
  75. Why does my husband masterbate in his sleep?
  76. Vasectomy
  77. 3some?
  78. female enhancement?
  79. Threesomes
  80. loss of erection just prior to insertion
  81. semen becoming clear after a while
  82. anyone
  83. Prefer that my wife initiates sex.
  84. sex performance
  85. urgent advice needed - can you restore attraction in marriage
  86. Sex Makes Me Vomit
  87. Teste damage... maybe
  88. What causes a man to masturbate instead of SEX??
  89. early errection
  90. sexual "enhancer" products
  91. What does a healthy vagina smell like
  92. pre ejaclatory
  93. about threesome
  94. Where Do You Go If Your Husbands Addicted To Internet Porn
  95. infection from oral
  96. Told me I wasn't good in bed
  97. i want to quit :(
  98. doesnt turn me on
  99. do men have to masterbate?
  100. need advice about my sexuality
  101. Orientation Confusion at 18
  102. Weird sexual issues.
  103. do sperm die in hot tubs
  104. Thrush?
  105. does sex smell bad after
  106. Having problems.
  107. Wife alergic to my semen?
  108. sex
  109. first time
  110. how long can sperm live outside the uterus
  111. erection problems
  112. orgasm problems
  113. Frustration: How do I temporarily reduce my sex drive
  114. curious
  115. need help urgently
  116. lost condom
  117. a strange question about ejaculation advice please
  118. anal sex and condom types
  119. Kissing question.....
  120. climax
  121. guy with ED
  122. Bisexuality?
  123. Virgin
  124. semen bad odor
  125. make love last longer
  126. sex won't work for us!
  127. Pain during erection.
  128. when he takes too long
  129. Anxiety?!?
  130. pregnancy after period??
  131. Female Orgasms
  132. Kinda Worried, pregnancy...
  133. Porn and extramarital affairs advice needed
  134. methadone and Libido
  135. painfull sex
  136. why married men look at porn
  137. vaginal sores
  138. Anal Sex Question
  139. Intimacy issues Ė I feel like Iím going crazy.
  140. Maybe I need a guy with ED..
  141. Is this possible?
  142. Sex without a condom
  143. do all guys pre-ejaculate?
  144. Brown spots on penis
  145. Anal sex questions, Is she cheating?
  146. why does it feel like i have to have a bm while having anal sex
  147. what is a vagina supposed to smell like?
  148. from anal to vaginal.....
  149. BDSM related
  150. Masturbation problems: male plz help!
  151. My Health Story
  152. how long does sperm stay alive outside the body
  153. what causes the vagina to expand?
  154. Question about Getting pregnant...
  155. Cunnilingus: Why am I grossed out? Help!
  156. question about condom and semen leaking from the bottom?
  157. My wife cant orgasm during sex? Please help
  158. Guys I need your opinion...please respond.
  159. Boring Sex Life
  160. is he bored?
  161. how can a doctor tell if your sexually active
  162. Don't know whats causing this inflammation...
  163. Question about my sex life.
  164. Question....
  165. Frusterated!
  166. Odd Foam Discharge Durring/After Sex
  167. Newlywed Sexual Problems
  168. piles
  169. anal sex
  170. is wrist bone come out to excessive masturbation?
  171. why semen smells
  172. Sperm
  173. do you think our desires change with age?
  174. shaving vagina
  175. I believe that I am asexual and have felt this way for ten years.
  176. I Am New Here And I Just Need To Vent And Cry
  177. semen odor
  178. STD? Help, please!
  179. Need Advice
  180. numb mouth after giving oral to my bf
  181. Expression through sex
  182. is it ED?
  183. Volume of semen
  184. not experiencing vaginal orgasm
  185. Sexuality
  186. does sperm die in hot tubs?
  187. Orangeish penis pre-ejaculartory fluid?
  188. Semen Allergy
  189. Another (I think) Yeast infection!! Help
  190. Position question
  191. female ejaculating
  192. Smelly balls and sperm
  193. May be silly but I donít know
  194. Sad, Frustrated, and Confused
  195. BF unwilling to give oral sex...
  196. Sexual problems due to anti-depression meds maybe?
  197. Semen Smells Disgusting
  198. pain when ejaculating
  199. Anal sex questions
  200. embarrsing question about sex
  201. I am so confussed! I could use your opinions
  202. why is my bf looking at page 3 girls?
  203. Question about oral sex
  204. Normal behavior in a presex relationship???
  205. How often is normal?
  206. Does she have a Yeast Infection??
  207. Seems somewhat paradoxical...
  208. She masturbates in her sleep??
  209. In near future, if T is easily accessible Women would try it?
  210. Feeling horny but can't masturbate.
  211. Sex for the first time
  212. 21 year old virgin!
  213. Anal.
  214. Orgasms?
  215. bleeding after sex
  216. Can't have sex ever and i've never even had it yet.
  217. loss of sex drive in men?????
  218. its never when i want it
  219. My boyfriend looks at porn! I don't know what to think :(
  220. Dont know what to do.
  221. Late Teenage Sexual Confusion (Long)
  222. First time question.
  223. BF keeps mentioning threesome
  224. Does Enzyte actually do anything?
  225. Sudden Sounds...
  226. My Ex doesn't finish because of ADD
  227. numb hands
  228. Why did I do it?
  229. strange fetish or not?
  230. I Got STD from hand Job, I have infection...Please help
  231. soft erections.. what to do?? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!
  232. felt offended
  233. Funny smell
  234. stomach ache's after sex?
  235. Need help find myself sexually.
  236. I need some advice, first time.
  237. My husband gets pleasure but lately I have gotten none
  238. Someone please help.. Embarassing quesiton :(
  239. Ouch
  240. sex question.
  241. cut in sex life
  242. A few general sex questions
  243. Please help why does it hurt so much
  244. 22, married and not getting any!
  245. Is thinking abuot sex everyday Healthy when you will never have it for years?
  246. selfish in the sack
  247. i love sex.. too much??
  248. Sex and emotions
  249. just a small promblem (might be in the wrong topic)
  250. Pain