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  1. Rash from RSD
  2. HELP for a newbie - what antidepressant are you on?
  3. dr says i have psycholigical issues
  4. Frustrrated
  5. confused
  6. sleeping & RSD
  7. Menopause
  8. Hyperbaric oxygen
  9. How can you tell if RSD is spreading?
  10. Help Moving
  11. rsd pain management
  12. been awhile- update-and new questions
  13. Triple Phase Bone Scan question
  14. need advice on possible RSD diagnosis
  15. Hey old friends. Still kicking.
  16. Chinese Medicine
  17. Red Heads / Left handers
  18. spasms in neck and shoulder, left arms jerks
  19. Need info on radio freq. nerve ablation
  20. Back from hospital again. WIth no SCS this time. :'(
  21. Been awhile, but need opinions
  22. rsd spreading
  23. Going to neurologist: is this good or bad?
  24. Dilemma ~ advice needed
  25. Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Doctor
  26. Help for RSD?
  27. Holy Moly! Back from SCS surgery!
  28. went to therapy
  29. Cymbalta for CRPS?
  30. RSD and ESR, CRP results
  31. Starting to freak out about Wed.
  32. Helo , me again.
  33. Im am so tired of hurting
  34. could my RSD be in my upper arm
  35. just diagnosed with rsd
  36. RSD and Sunburn
  37. RSD and Menopause
  38. ketamine infusions- has anyone had any luck?
  39. Need some help!! Just diagnosed with rsd
  40. What Meds do you all take?
  41. RSD in stomach / organs?
  42. no stimulator- now burning?
  43. Stomach Problems from Rx's?
  44. and they wonder why I have anger issues.
  45. Rsd, 4th day ADVICE NEEDED
  46. Warm Water Irritates my CRPS?
  47. CRPS in foot - what kind of doctor should I have as my main dr?
  48. RSD started in hand, is it possible...
  49. Has anyone seen Dr Kirpatrick
  50. It's one of those days when I wish I could just rip my leg off like a chicken leg.
  51. Physical Therapy recs for CRPS in Northern California?
  52. How close together should nerve blocks be?
  53. Spreads
  54. RSD pain vs. Central pain
  55. Tambocor (fleca´nide) for RSD pain???
  56. Headaches at base of skull?
  57. risk versus functionality...
  58. I really really wish I could make them experience this
  59. Third LSB
  60. Have an appt. finally with neurosurgeon
  61. 10 hrs sleep
  62. Can RSD cause Central Pain Syndrome?
  63. Trial stim is in.
  64. There and back again...
  65. Got the pain psychologist appt. out of the way today.
  66. RSD and bone pain
  67. SCS question and regional anesthesia
  68. Swelling
  69. Therapy for RDS/CRPS
  70. pain getting worse, nerve blocks?
  71. Interested in info on Dr Robert Knobler, Ft Washington, PA
  72. Aqua/Whirlpool Therapy
  73. Sympathetic Nevre Block
  74. I was definately approved for ssdi
  75. Bracchial Plexus Nerve block
  76. Newly diagnosed with RSD
  77. social security disability claim
  78. SCS trial set up and pm appt. today
  79. arldon4344
  80. Just been diagnosed with Bi Polar
  81. new on here and need advice
  82. RSD (now CRPS)
  83. CRPS and Flying
  84. Why not Ketmine
  85. Just diagnosed
  86. RSD World
  87. Can you feel the Temperature change??
  88. A really big Question
  89. I need some feedback, please :)
  90. Acupuncture for RSD??
  91. I am new and I have full body rsd
  92. E stimulator, pros and cons
  93. For the newly diagnosed!
  94. RSD is NOT in your head, it's finding the right doc!
  95. There is NO CURE for RSD!
  96. RSD ???
  97. Couple questions im new at this
  98. Walking through an acid pool, all day, every day.
  99. I rode my horse.
  100. Anodyne Therapy
  101. Sympathetic Nerve Block...or not
  102. Just a whiny night.
  103. Possible Hope
  104. crispy...hot burn
  105. New RSD Diagnosis....Please help
  106. Not a good appt. today.
  107. rsd
  108. Entire body is on fire and other weird things.
  109. Another spreading question.
  110. RSD spreading or eat more bananas?
  111. Need help, helping my Dr Understand RDS
  112. reflex sympathetic dystrophy
  113. Thought I'd post a smile
  114. Desperate mum....Help please.
  115. I think we've got my son better
  116. lidocaine infusions
  117. Zonegran for RSD
  118. Back from a flare
  119. pain across back with lumbar sympathetic block?
  120. Is surgery advisable on wrist with RSD?
  121. Curious about others RSD quirks
  122. RSD v. Secondary Syndrome?
  123. RSD? Yeah, I had that, no big deal.
  124. RSD support
  125. Sorry i bore you
  126. A new War story.
  127. Heavy or What
  128. New to this world...Thanks for the support
  129. Question on ketamine cream?
  130. no joke no way no life at all
  131. Nerve blocks causing exhaustion...
  132. The Pain in Me
  133. Zonegran?
  134. here we go again
  135. ablation during nerve block?
  136. hello
  137. Hospital Posters
  138. Hi.
  139. they're having a laugh
  140. Couple more questions please
  141. I dont know what this is? You decide the Title...
  142. Having a hard time today.
  143. Does the numbness and pain go away?
  144. Please help, need advice RSD
  145. PM dr. visit today... and questions.
  146. 1st Nerve Block.....any veterans who can shed some light?
  147. Say a Prayer (or 2) for me..PLEASE!
  148. 3rd block
  149. Iritis caused by RSD anyone else???
  150. Rsd and Skin/Tissue Death?
  151. embarrassed to ask??
  152. Neurontin
  153. RSD vs Conversion Disorder
  154. venting? Raging? RSD sux little acorns!
  155. Me again, 2nd block
  156. Oh dang! SCS question 2 mos post op....i hurt myself??? ugh!
  157. Question about spreading...
  158. New here looking for people's experience.
  159. Still Looking 4 Answers... 1 1/2 years later
  160. SCS Be warned
  161. checking in with my old friends...
  162. Make someone smile
  163. how can u be happy with pain?
  164. Just put me out of my misery
  165. ketamine cream
  166. Happy Easter......remember leave your Rsd at the door!
  167. blocks failed......again! now im facing fierce dragons..team sunfire?!?!
  168. what if a lumbar block doesn't work
  169. question for spouses fighting RSD
  170. RSD and true love...please answer!
  171. block worked..now what?
  172. RSD spread to incision site
  173. RSD and MUSCLE WASTING! Homie Needs Help!
  174. spinal cord stimulator and flying
  175. Does anyone know anything about WC/Disability with RSD in the state of MD ?
  176. Introduction/Homies Secrets of Pain :O)
  177. One thing! Can you have a Emotional Breakdown? Like Mental?
  178. Someone please listen to a song for me? What does it mean?
  179. Not a Question but an Expalination!?!?! I am sorry?!?!
  180. its my pain and very personal
  181. Looking for encouragement, and maybe a little sympathy...
  182. RSD help
  183. RSD and weight loss surgery
  184. RSD/CRPS anyone?
  185. just need to vent selfishly a moment
  186. Joint replacement on RSD limb?
  187. ..."RSD/CRPS!!!...what happens when you touch it s private parts"
  188. Don't know what to do...
  189. Encourageing words to keep RSD at bay!
  190. Homie Needs Advice from a master....Drop foot due too SCS Implant?
  191. ANOTHER question from me...
  192. Help with my mean sister? AND niece...
  193. If it's not RSD what else could it be?
  194. Changing pain clinics?
  195. questions re crps..some drs think i have it, one doesnt
  196. just complaining sorry
  197. mri results with CRPS
  198. High ankle sprain
  199. Can anyone help?
  200. Collagen fibres and nerves
  201. CRPS dr. in AZ?
  202. Newbie....car accident 1 1/2 yr ago could it be RSD?
  203. Rsd on top of shoulder, want tattoo on back
  204. nausea solutions (RSD)
  205. RSD has been mentioned ... Anyone from BC Canada here?
  206. Hello, just an update..4 weeks post op Lumbar SCS
  207. New to this forum with RSD question
  208. Does less sleep make you feel less pain?
  209. Do MRI scans detect scar tissue?
  210. Surgery on RSD limb, regional blocks and complications?
  211. sore skin crps suffering
  212. Pain killers may work differently for men and women
  213. depression after scs?"
  214. removal of my SCS
  215. Questions on how to explain what is going to your children
  216. Looking for RSD Doc in Illinois
  217. I made it thru 2nd SCS..Whew!
  218. No more guessing
  219. My Spinal cord implant gave me RSD!
  220. more pain and more of me
  221. Medicines and co-pays questions
  222. See the neurologist tomorrow
  223. Help! My son was dx with chronic leg pain....GENETIC RSD LINK?
  224. rsd spread fast... normal or not?
  225. RSD/Crps.....when is it enough?
  226. Oh my! Rsd is playing hard ball....who really wins the war?
  227. implant removal
  228. Can someone help me find a doc in new mexico?
  229. Disabled from RSD and SSA wants update.
  230. rsd really in the head????
  231. Post lumbar block
  232. My husband was just diagnosed with RSD
  233. RSD no RSD and then RSD again
  234. My intro
  235. Results POST Lumbar Sympathetic BLock-NEED ADVICE!
  236. CRPS v. Fibro; Which Symptoms are Which?
  237. Small Movements
  238. RSD Epilepsy?
  239. Nerve block question
  240. breast implants and RSD
  241. anyone prob. with breast implants and RSD ASAP
  242. New, with issues
  243. Anyone have Cervical SCS?????
  244. SCS Question??? Can you feel your generator?
  245. Just a thought...on the crazies and RSD
  246. How Do I Know If I Have RDS Or If It's Something Else?
  247. what removal of SCS????? i am getting my 2nd one....help!
  248. The Prodigal Daughter returns.... 8 yrs later and clean from Opiate Therapy 42 days
  249. Possible RSD (CRPS)?
  250. Please help