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  1. Als fears
  2. the fear of als do I have it?
  3. is it anxiety ... Scared of ALS
  4. Question about EMG
  5. 84 y/o Mom just diagnosed
  6. Symptom help - Scared
  7. Panic attack status, fear it's ALS
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  11. Status ...
  12. Im 18 years old and i have a huge question on ALS
  13. 22 year old ALS?
  14. Feeding tubes and breathing devices
  15. my father was diagnosed with als...need help
  16. Dad newly diagnosed
  17. Help me please....so scared anyone
  18. Worried I have bulbar ALS
  19. Strange symptom
  20. ALS muscle twitching
  21. Bulbar Onset ALS
  22. VikingLady
  23. Efficacy of the new ALS drug RCH4 ?
  24. ALS Scare
  25. Someone Please respond!
  26. I'm new here and have questions
  27. Scared of ALS
  28. Am I being paranoid?
  29. I think it's ALS ...
  30. more symptoms
  31. ALS & Heart Failure
  32. Update ...
  33. Update, familiar person
  34. ALS? Very Scared
  35. 50 year old with widespread twitching and muscle spasms...
  36. als symptoms?
  37. Faciscalations in calfs ... ? Mnd
  38. Have I got als??
  39. Very scared need advise
  40. Possible ALS
  41. Symptoms?
  42. Husband "possibly" diagnosed
  43. my mind is destroying me
  44. I'm so scared that I have ALS
  45. i'm back from my neurologist appointment
  46. Need some help regarding progresson of this ugly disease
  47. need more of your wisdom please
  48. abnormal EMG
  49. Distraught over symptoms
  50. could these be symptoms of ALS?
  51. Possible symptoms, trying not to panic
  52. EMG/Clinical Exam Question
  53. ALS scare - still not sure
  54. Help please!
  55. Nerve emg anyone>???
  56. Do I have ALS? Please respond!
  57. bad emg or idk please give blunt opinions
  58. Scared!
  59. Very nervous
  60. Need reassurance pls! ALS?!?!!!
  61. body wide twitching, stiffness EVERYWERE~ PLEASE REPLY~
  62. Sound like ALS?
  63. Shaky hand and "twitching" thumb
  64. Do these symptoms sound like ALS
  65. Refuse to work with doctor!
  66. tongue twitching, calf degeneration worrying me
  67. Respiratory Onset ALS and Invasive Vent
  68. frightened at the symptoms
  69. ALS blues
  70. Muscle cramping and pain
  71. Are blood tests and EMG enough to diagnosis ALS?
  72. It's clear as day now, this is it, I'm terrified!
  73. Could anyone calm me?
  74. Please help!
  75. First time post
  76. What activities can I do with my father?
  77. Desperate for a reply!!
  78. Symptom Questions
  79. Als
  80. Should I be worried...
  81. Uvula is sticking up.
  82. Very nervous - need some advice
  83. Help for a young life with cerebral hemorrhage
  84. Need help/Advice
  85. Lymes often misdiagnised as ALS
  86. Waiting Diagnosis--Please help me understand Tests
  87. Am I being paranoid
  88. Newly diagnosed
  89. Symptoms of ALS or Just a Worried Wife?
  90. Need Advice- Please Help
  91. als or not
  92. Late ALS Diagnosis - What Should I Expect?
  93. scared of bulbar onset ALS
  94. Sister-in-law with ALS
  95. Muscle twitching for 6 months
  96. Tongue Twitches
  97. Symptoms of Al's?
  98. Jpeg tube questions
  99. Excess sweating face and legs
  100. I Refused ALS diagnoses now I'm no where...
  101. ALS - Last Phase
  102. Holding on to hope while holding on to walls.
  103. Is it ALS?
  104. At 18?
  105. Symptoms of als?????
  106. Early Symptoms?
  107. Als variants
  108. MRI Results of my head feedback PLEASE!!!
  109. acthar for ALS?
  110. Lies or Dementia
  111. Nerve entrapment vs. ALS
  112. Worried about fasciculations and weakness
  113. Jpeg tube concerns
  114. Do I Have ALS?
  115. Leave us alone !!
  116. Nontypical bulbar onset
  117. Frustrated
  118. In severe pain should I seek a new doctor?
  119. Technical problems
  120. Help! Your opinion needed!
  121. ALS - Care
  122. Do you think I have ALS?
  123. Do I have ALS? Really scared!
  124. Is this ALS/MND?
  125. Amyotrophy
  126. Is it ALS? Nervous!! I just want answers.
  127. Please help very helpful members, Rose, Wright, Alyoop etc...
  128. New to the board. Scared I have Als...
  129. How quickly do symptoms progress?
  130. 35 year old male concerned about atrophy.
  131. Worried... hoping it is BFS
  132. Does this sound like ALS?
  133. Tendon surgery in cold or hot temperature
  134. Input on neurologi
  135. Questions about Bulbar onset
  136. How to say goodbye when brother won't face dying
  137. Worrying Symptoms
  138. Als/mysathia gravis testing
  139. worried about ALS
  140. als or not need answers
  141. Not sure what's wrong with me.
  142. Questions that continue...
  143. Has Anyone started w/ PLS then ALS
  144. Help! Terrified of als!
  145. I'm worried I might have ALS?
  146. ALS, Lyme, heavy metals
  147. Prostate Cancer
  148. Mom in end stages of ALS
  149. Newbies Don't Despair..
  150. arrangements
  151. Bulbar ALS... scared i may have it.
  152. Recommended Locations For ALS Treatment and Clinical Trials
  153. Recently Diagnosed with A.L.S but praying...
  154. new here
  155. atrophy MUST come with weakness?
  156. At my wits end!
  157. My brother has ALS
  158. Slightly worried about ALS. What's going on?
  159. Twitches/pulses on the top of foot...???
  160. ALS symptoms?
  161. Weakness and Parasthesia on left side
  162. New here ALS?
  163. is this als ?
  164. All doctors said it is not ALS, Then what is this??
  165. ALS Theory
  166. I'm back. progressed a bit. Need some advice
  167. Are symptoms similar to ALS
  168. ALS like symptoms
  169. My spine.
  170. age at diagnosis als
  171. Pls Help
  172. I Need some advice. pls help me
  173. Ongoing fear of als, please help, anybody
  174. Advice on how to deal
  175. Symptoms and test results
  176. Twitching for over two months
  177. Curious about Symptoms
  178. Rapid heart rate
  179. new ALS patient
  180. Twitching, Possibly Atrophy - Please Help
  181. ***?
  182. "Talk to me Technologies, LLc"???
  183. my mom died
  184. Once an als patient is on a vent does the twitching stop?
  185. Twitching has me beat me up terribly...
  186. Im angry Im sad Im confused
  187. Do my symtpoms suggest ALS? I'm near my wits end!!!!
  188. Do you think this is als
  189. What could this BE? Scared!
  190. scared
  191. Is this symptom typical of ALS?
  192. Brother with possible ALS
  193. Worried it could be ALS
  194. This is so hard
  195. Mom diagnosed with als
  196. why do they keep giving my mom IVIG?
  197. afraid i have mnd please help
  198. Husband's father has ALS (I think)/is in hospital
  199. Mom diagnosed in January
  200. Is it ALS?
  201. just diagnosed with motor neuron disease
  202. my mom has als
  203. im afraid, so scared,
  204. Scared of symptoms, please help
  205. Husband DX with ALS Bulbar
  206. what do I say to my 2 toddlers
  207. Newbe here with questions
  208. lump on right side of throat and feelings of breathlessness
  209. My dad has ALS
  210. New to this. Abnormal emg. Concerned that is could be ALS.
  211. Re: Brand New Journey
  212. Shoulder and leg
  213. Mother with ALS
  214. What do you think I have?
  215. my dad
  216. my mom has ALS
  217. Brand New Journey
  218. Family history of ALS and I think I do
  219. Heavy legs
  220. normal EMG/NCV a good thing?
  221. just really concerned
  222. Doctor is getting me concerned...
  223. low dose naltrexone in australia and ALS
  224. my daddy died
  225. No help getting benifts from DWP
  226. Falls?
  227. Scared
  228. Terrified and feel all alone!!!!
  229. fals vs als, triggers, motor neuron disease
  230. Fear of ALS diagnosis appreciate feedback
  231. Has Had ALS for Two Years
  232. How long? Any guesses? Please
  233. Is my mom giving up?
  234. Hives with ALS?
  235. New here, Possible ALS
  236. Als
  237. constant twitches and swallowing problems
  238. Do I have ALS PLEASE HELP! Opinions please
  239. Mother got letter of benefits from government
  240. what phase? how long?
  241. Scared and Unsure, help!
  242. Step mother very hostile
  243. Veteran's Affairs Paying Benefits for ALS
  244. Caregiver Questions
  245. Night sweats and nausea?
  246. Father in law has ALS
  247. link between MS and ALS?
  248. benign fasciculations
  249. Question
  250. Does any of this sound familiar?