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  1. What happens if I stop masturbating right in the middle of it?
  2. Tiny white spot-looking things on foreskin?
  3. Pain during sex
  4. blood in semen
  5. why does your vagina queef while your having sex
  6. vagina smell
  7. Help!
  8. Small pimple size bump near scrotum
  9. do testicles shrink from too much masturbating?
  10. why am i afraid to go further then making out
  11. Finishing A Bit Too Early. Help!
  12. Small lumps...
  13. Worried about hurting her
  14. white stuff onpanties
  15. sex
  16. Blood after Sex
  17. Small White Lumps On Penis
  18. Bumps on penis
  19. i have a lump inside my vaginal wall but it doesnt hurt
  20. outer labia size?
  21. Prozac interfereing with orgasm.
  22. what if you can get pregnant really easy and you were messing around and he stuck it
  23. when you dont clean a uncircumcised penis
  24. how do i know that a boy is a virgin
  25. My Period's Late!
  26. when semen dies.
  27. what does it mean when a guy has a wet dream about you
  28. What is a rash on your penis
  29. I have this lump..... : /
  30. how do you know if a boy is still a virgin?
  31. how to control masturbate
  32. how high is your hymen
  33. Red lump on penis
  34. i had a condom stuck in me for 3 weeks
  35. my penis
  36. Sex
  37. why do i urinate when i masturbate?
  38. Help - masturbation & sex question
  39. masturbation
  40. what should i do when my balls hurt
  41. Problem with condoms
  42. penis hurts when i pee
  43. what could be the cause of hurting balls
  44. dont feel anything
  45. Could you get pregnant from fingering?
  46. deformity in shaft. HELP!
  47. Fathers.
  48. Ejaculation Problems
  49. Testicles escaping sac.
  50. Are there ways to stimulate penis growth?
  51. Questions on various things
  52. I had sex and have become red and itchy. What is it? HELP.
  53. When is the hardest time to become pregnant?
  54. Strange Lump
  55. hurts when i pee male
  56. Blood??
  57. 15 and thinking of a sex change, please help me with some advice
  58. WET DREAMs....
  59. Depo-Provera...help!
  60. Standard of penis growth during puberty?
  61. masturbation
  62. When to Finish Sex?
  63. Help! [ orgasms ]
  64. orgasums
  65. Hormone imbalances
  66. pls help
  67. premature ejaculation
  68. Could my penis be damaged somehow?
  69. lots of preoblems...please help fast.!!
  70. Pre-*** Concern
  71. Balls have been hurting constantly lately, WHY?
  72. itchy vagina
  73. Discharge whilst not on my period.
  74. im not sure what to do?
  75. Am I normal?
  76. how do you prove you're a virgin?
  77. Problem with ejaculating
  78. HOW TO CONTROL masturbate
  79. virgin or not
  80. Worried for my life, please help! =[
  81. i thik there is something wrong with me!
  82. Should I tell her im a virgin?
  83. Help, Foreskin is Dry and Skin under foreskin peeling?
  84. does fingering hurt
  85. He doesn't seem to want sex anymore...
  86. why do I find my pants wet? is it some kind of infection?
  87. Tight Frenulum, Please Respond
  88. can we visit family doctor for breking the hymen
  89. Never orgasmed during sex..
  90. Can't ejaculate..what's up?
  91. Errection issues before sex
  92. for how long will my erection last after ejaculation with viagra
  93. handjob problems
  94. white bumps on penis
  95. dark spots inbetween scrotum and leg
  96. when i touch under my foreskin it is painful
  97. Mentally de-stimulating yourself?
  98. why does my vigina itch
  99. Penis moisture
  100. little bumps on head of penis
  101. why does the vagina tighten after an origasm?
  102. why do i have white creamy stuff in my pants
  103. Small bumps around penis and on penis :(
  104. i cant stop when i am in bathroom!
  105. A "yellow-semen" question
  106. how long does it take for semen to get out of a girls system?
  107. what is orgasm?
  108. Any possible way to kill hormones?
  109. HELP! how do i know when my penis started growth or when its finish growth?
  110. how to avoid masterbutation ?
  111. what's going on?
  112. 16 year old, lots of blood in semen
  113. sperm
  114. vaginal feeling
  115. Random things
  116. how to make ur penis thicker
  117. Sex Duration
  118. how can u prove that u are still a virgin
  119. Insensitive Penis
  120. does semen stay in your system
  121. Wetness issue
  122. Help me please.
  123. Problem.
  124. how often should i masturbate?
  125. masturbation problem
  126. Clean Up Question...
  127. How do i explain this?
  128. what is the white stuff that comes out when peeing
  129. How Do I Know If Im A Virgin 2
  130. i have Hirsuties papillaris genitalis does this mean that i cant have sex
  131. how to control on masterbutation
  132. Unsatisfied: My Size Girls, Guys anyone?
  133. When a girl is wet?
  134. why does second erection hurt
  135. how to make ur penis bigger?
  136. Excessive Masturbation?
  137. Please Help
  138. black spots on penis an testicles
  139. Oral Sex Protection?
  140. had sex for first time & my hymen hasnt broke?
  141. have i lost my virginity?
  142. virgin and cant get an erection
  143. how can doctors find if you are a virgin or not
  144. stinging sensation
  145. why do my balls hurt?
  146. sex; doesn't hurt as bad anymore, but when will it be enjoyable?
  147. SMALL Inner Labia?
  148. i broke her hymen???
  149. Blue balls serious question...
  150. How stiff should an erection be?
  151. Multiple problems, need some advice.
  152. Please help! Very nervous!!!
  153. what to do when your penis hurts
  154. please help!! i dont know if i am a virgin
  155. bloody urine with pain in abdomen
  156. Std
  157. anal sex does it hurt
  158. blood is coming out and sore glans...
  159. Pimples on shaft of penis, and itching of ball sack
  160. average penis size
  161. my one ball feels like it still need to ejaculate
  162. how long should be the penus at the age of 16?
  163. no idea wat they are, HELP please
  164. she stopped orgasming?
  165. A big conern, help would be appreciated
  166. Yeast infection??
  167. Penis shrinking at base
  168. how to make ur penis grow techniques
  169. Never masturbated, don't really feel the need....
  170. Ouch!
  171. why can't my boyfriends penis go in my vagina
  172. Different sized testicles
  173. Weird sex drive
  174. why am i peeing out blood
  175. effect of masturbation and penis enlargment
  176. Anal Masturbation-what is it?
  177. Mult-colored penis?
  178. 19 and lost sex drive
  179. Why cant i stay hard?
  180. can you brake your virginity with a girl?
  181. not orgasming
  182. Growth?
  183. Burning sensation
  184. If I am fingered am I still a virgin???
  185. Anal sex/infection???
  186. Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice
  187. can doctors find out if you are a virgin
  188. ugly vulva
  189. Penile Hygiene Question
  190. helppp me!! please
  191. How can you tell you are a virgin without leaving your home??
  192. Unusual scarring underside of penis
  193. if you find goo in your underwear under the age of 12 what sould you do?
  194. Frequent Masturbation = Quicker orgasm in sex?
  195. why itching in vigina
  196. Am i still a virgin? (technically? physically?) PLEASE Reply to this!!!
  197. tips how to have an orgasim
  198. Question about penis growth
  199. teen sex
  200. Help!!!!
  201. Question about Shaving
  202. i orgasm too quickly
  203. no feeling in nipples
  204. my penise smells when i sweat
  205. manhood problems
  206. how to stop random erections
  207. Yellowish pre-ejaculate
  208. question about first time sex
  209. Somthings wrong?
  210. sideways penis
  211. Never had a wet dream
  212. i cant orgasm!
  213. Problem reaching orgasm during oral
  214. Benign but worrying problem
  215. Size,Puberty.
  216. just for fun
  217. Shaft Issue (maybe not but thats what i wanna know)
  218. if someone has a wet dream bout u what does that mean?
  219. my penis is sore
  220. Do Girls Care if I'm Uncircumsized?
  221. what's wrong with my boyfriend?
  222. Help
  223. How Do You Masturbate on a Pillow??? Any advice?? I am a male
  224. what is th average penis size for a sixteen year old
  225. Average penis size?
  226. Masturbating to girls you know?
  227. why am i bleeding when i pee?
  228. what is sodemy
  229. how to kill your sex drive
  230. Still random erections at age 16.5
  231. help me please?
  232. why am i peeing out blood?
  233. After having sex the first time,, does my period get delayed?
  234. keep getting yeast infections
  235. about dry humping
  236. I need help please, i think i burnt my vagina???
  237. It Hurts When I Urinate
  238. Please help - hurts during sex.
  239. Penis bruise/irratation/rash?
  240. Ways to enlarge?
  241. foreskin help
  242. Hard time getting penis erected and keeping it.
  243. have to pee a lot after sex when i use condoms
  244. orgasm problem ruining our sex lives!
  245. Help me PLEEEEZ
  246. quit masturbating
  247. how to control mastabation
  248. Is this just nervousness taking its toll?
  249. what is average penis size for 16 year old
  250. Pornography and shaved penis...