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  1. pimples on penis & vagina
  2. Viagra not working
  3. Masturbation - Senior Citizen
  4. Glossy/Shiny Mark....(Plz read)
  5. Vaginal intercourse not stimulating enough?
  6. Stress ED, revisited. (Low sex drive?)
  7. applying stretching cream
  8. Does this mean he might have fertitlity problems?
  9. "Viagra" Does it really work for men ?
  10. my penis is not working
  11. blood in my semen for 6 months
  12. Semen consistency change
  13. young man 38 yrs old No Sex Drive
  14. Does Viagra Have an Expiration Date
  15. Performance anxiety? Frustrating!
  16. So confused! What could this be? Please help!!
  17. sex with diabetes
  18. Big problems at 21
  19. Premature Ejaculation
  20. Getting an erection again, after
  21. What Is the Best Way to Get Rid of a Hickie
  22. masturbation?
  23. Problems with Erection
  24. small pink bumps on scrotum
  25. age to start masturbation?
  26. side affects of cealis
  27. Sex & Intense Headaches
  28. i dont get it
  29. Foods for increasing Sexual health
  30. Spot on testicles
  31. Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence
  32. any over the counter alternatives to stretching cream?
  33. Pinprick Pains on Head...Damaged Nerves?
  34. Huge increase in libido using tongkat ali herb and other benefits.
  35. Lost sensitivity in penis
  36. How should the foreskin retract during sex.
  37. bump on the rim of the penis - help!
  38. Frenulum tear issue
  39. a scab from excess masturbation?
  40. Narrower head/tip than I remember....
  41. Itchy penis head
  42. need constant stimulation to maintain erection
  43. what kind of infection can cause the penus to turn purple
  44. sex problem because before i do much masturbate
  45. Is this herpes?
  46. why do I have black spots all over my testicles
  47. how to stop masturbation?
  48. Loss of sex drive-only going to be 31-What happened?
  49. vasectomy
  50. Men - can you help with my boyfriend's problem?
  51. wife's sex drive gone
  52. erection dont hold for long
  53. masturbating lube
  54. problem maintaining erection?
  55. why does my sperm come out white?
  56. Nipples are too big. please help!
  57. Erection problems.
  58. Weak Orgasms
  59. wet dreams
  60. Erection issues
  61. Can't get an erection - Anxiety and low self esteem
  62. it's hard to retract my foreskin of penis and if i retract the foreskin, i can see th
  63. watery semen
  64. No feeling in base of shaft
  65. Penis getting smaller - help
  66. Ejaculation
  67. passing out after sex
  68. Sexual Health
  69. why does my penis itch
  70. i can only get an erection when watching porn
  71. Creamy fluid under foreskin
  72. premature ejaculation, ultra-sensitive penis...
  73. bent penis
  74. Amnio acid and no sex drive
  75. how to use mandelay
  76. why is my penis not staying hard
  77. change in ***
  78. He can not hold an erection
  79. Ed
  80. does masturbation lead to less libido
  81. why cant i get an erection after an orgasium
  82. Penis size and condoms
  83. why is a man testicles cold
  84. penus problem
  85. Libido Supplements
  86. PC muscle & Orgasm
  87. after prostate surgery: Dry Orgasm
  88. sex prob
  89. it's really sensitive
  90. Sometimes I get blood clots in my urine
  91. Is there any way to decrease my curve?
  92. erection problems
  93. Penis Girth? How to Increase?
  94. Trying to enjoy porn sex and whats watery stuff etc?
  95. Masturbation
  96. not satisfied
  97. Swolen Frenulum?
  98. Blood pressure medications and libido
  99. Erection Time
  100. why do men steal panties from their mom?
  101. what is the difference between clear and white sperm?
  102. Help
  103. ho to quit masterbation
  104. slightly changes on my penis
  105. erection problem
  106. Sensitive glans
  107. my foreskin hurts when it erects why??
  108. hard testicles
  109. Msedcal help for sex problems
  110. Guys opinions :0
  111. Feel like garbage after ejaculation
  112. lump of skin on my groin
  113. Wet dreams
  114. unable to orgasm during sex or masturbation
  115. how to pee properly without exposing my penis to others.
  116. libido to zero
  117. Right testes totally shrunk
  118. what these symptoms could mean
  119. Something about my penis head...
  120. what is the difference between white sperm and clear sperm?
  121. does masturbating without lube cause rashes
  122. daily masturbation
  123. testical implant
  124. Question on erection rings.
  125. Help Plz Read
  126. Insensitive penis
  127. Red bump on base of penis and another on right (on pelvic lower region)
  128. How come I cant ejaculate
  129. orgasm
  130. need sexual advice!
  131. Waiting for circumcision to cure phimosis
  132. Problems having an erection
  133. burns when i pee male
  134. Swelling of the glands in the pelvic region
  135. Want to delay orgasm.
  136. why do we guyz get wetdreams
  137. why cant i get my pennis erected with my girlfriend
  138. I managed to bruise my penis, I think.
  139. Scrotum skin issue
  140. when i am making out with my girlfriend can't always get erect
  141. What comes first?
  142. imediate ecjaculation upon penetration, sometimes without full erection
  143. burns when i pee male
  144. Questions about venous leak
  145. Tribulus Insomnia
  146. Had to bribe the doctor in china to take a look at my extremly swollen foreskin.
  147. Pinhole phimosis
  148. Penis size
  149. swollen testie
  150. White Penis Bumps
  151. Cant Ejaculate?
  152. broken penis?! please help!
  153. does lack of sexual activity lead to anxiety
  154. Delayed Ejaculation, Phimosis?, Can't reach orgasm during intercourse
  155. Foreskin pulled back, bell end very painful/sensitive?
  156. Crazy masturbation problem.....
  157. how to treat Sebaceous glands
  158. chest pain after ejaculation
  159. sharp pain in urethra
  160. question about low testosterone
  161. 22 years old, no libido, few erections - please help me find a solution
  162. low testosterone?
  163. saliva glands swollen
  164. i don't feel a thing when i ejaculate
  165. hard intercourse
  166. do guys get wet like girls?
  167. swollen epididymis when ejaculating
  168. Question...
  169. Frenulum and foreskin
  170. Partner wont have sex or discuss it.
  171. Delayed Ejaculation, Phimosis/Frenulum Breve?, Can't enjoy oral sex :(
  172. Weak Ejaculation??
  173. Little or no sensation during sex
  174. bicycle seat and numbness
  175. my little problem
  176. why is it so difficult for me to ejaculate
  177. 365 Nights of sex
  178. what prevents men from urinating during an erection
  179. ED Troubles Again
  180. Scrotum issues
  181. Odd but true...Please help
  182. Staying hard
  183. Is this normal, or do I have seriously low sensitivty?
  184. Venous leak after priaprism
  185. why men came fast during sex
  186. pain at tip of penis
  187. what makes guys climax fast
  188. Irritation post ejaculation.
  189. Cut near foreskin
  190. Sometimes lose erraction during sex...
  191. fear of condoms
  192. No Satisfaction During Sex, No Orgasm, No Feeling, Hot Sensation During Urination.
  193. what does thin sperm mean?
  194. what is it if a guy" penis is always erect
  195. Bump on Penis
  196. Irritation
  197. natural exercise to get foreskin when ur foreskin is thin
  198. Serious problem IN BED
  199. Gaining Sexual Experience Without a Partner
  200. why does a penis sheds its skin?
  201. Performance anxiety or ED at 21?
  202. Fever and Swollen Lymph Node in Jaw after Sex
  203. Riding a road bike = ED or other reproductive problems a lot?
  204. sperm not come out what happen when mastrbating
  205. Is this ED
  206. Pressure in Testicle
  207. My boyfriend claims he can only get himself off during sex
  208. Watery Ejaculate
  209. how to use viagra for first time
  210. My Results From A Testosterone Home Saliva Test
  211. Low Testosterone?
  212. Erectile problem and low sex drive
  213. Injection treatment for PE
  214. pre-mature ejaculation and very short intercourse time
  215. why would a man having regular sex have wet dreams
  216. Need some friendly advice
  217. small red dot on penis
  218. why did my penis size get smaller?
  219. Dr. told me to avoid erections - any advice?
  220. Sexual Intercourse Assisters.
  221. questions about boyfriend's sexual problems
  222. ED Medication headache
  223. why is my scrotum so tight
  224. does masturbation effect testicel size
  225. how to treat sebaceous glands on penis
  226. Recent problems with maintaining an errection
  227. how to get rid of white pigment on the male genitals
  228. Lost erections affecting relationship.
  229. Penis hurts
  230. Bruised balls.
  231. Red bumps on base of penis
  232. does prozac lower testosterone
  233. why are men weak after mastubation.explain biologically
  234. My semen test repot.
  235. Orgasm Doesn't Feel The Way It Used To Be
  236. Complete loss of libido and erection capability
  237. stupid question: doctor's appointment
  238. Scared urinating when penetrated
  239. masturbation
  240. Itchy tube. Please help
  241. torn frenulum does it grow back together
  242. Testicle Pain...Normal?
  243. burning after ejaculation, but not whilst urinating
  244. penis
  245. my bf gets soft very fast with condom on
  246. Problems when I 'release'....not sure what this could be
  247. Problems with my epididymis when I ejaculate
  248. why men climax fast during intercourse
  249. penis injury
  250. penis don't stand up problem