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  1. mattiscool2002
  2. before ejaculating I'm already "on the way down"
  3. Damaged Vein Along Penis Causing Neck, Head and Forehead Tightness?
  4. Curious about aversion to semen.
  5. Vitex agnus castus & Tongkat (LJ100)
  6. when men stop taking oestrogen
  7. forskin
  8. sperm color
  9. masturbation
  10. do older men have wet dreams
  11. Std?
  12. When my girlfriend gives me a blowjob, i feel like passing out.
  13. Penis - A turn to the right
  14. Wet Dreams
  15. Does Wellbutrin help PE???
  16. why a man can not climax
  17. embarassing, but i really need help
  18. Woman in need
  19. Can't depression Stunt Penis Growth?
  20. Multiple Holes on Frenulum - Disorder?
  21. How do i go about getting Ciallis or viagra?
  22. My name is _____ and i think i have ED
  23. I'm 24 years old....and I cannot stay erect!!!!!
  24. Odd pain post-ejaculation
  25. Painful, burning ejaculation
  26. small bump on penis
  27. Failure has left me 'adrift'
  28. Strange bumps on penis and pubic area?
  29. Difficulty enjoying fellatio?
  30. Enhanced and Uncontrollable Sexual Desires
  31. ejaculation
  32. Various Questions about Men's Sexuality
  33. Sexuality
  34. i had sex 6 times in a day. is it normal to feel pain?
  35. 23 year old male in good shape with ed
  36. penis erecting
  37. I Am Into Sex Husband Is Not
  38. what makes a short penis
  39. Erectile dysfunction
  40. slight burning in penis
  41. Dull tender testicle pain
  42. Considering a corticosteroid shot to the penis...
  43. Keeping an erection
  44. Erectile dysfunction question
  45. please help my boyfriend :)
  46. Premature Ejaculation Help
  47. HELP...cut, bump, and little skin coming off on the frenulum
  48. 29..All of A Sudden Relatively Low Sex Drive-hard to get hard
  49. problem with masterbutation
  50. Low sex drive
  51. Red bump on penis allergy or std?
  52. Is masturbating safe?
  53. masturbation
  54. Hubby's having some trouble in the bedroom.
  55. Small red pimple on shaft of penis
  56. Orgasm Help
  57. Help! Boyfriend can't climax while on Paxil.
  58. White dot on frenulum
  59. Post Ejaculatory depression
  60. Metallic taste in mouth after sex
  61. 26yr old male - Premature ejaculation
  62. everyday glans pain...need help
  63. My bf's Prince Albert
  64. watery semen and pregnancy.
  65. Nowhere else to turn with this low sex drive/ed problem...
  66. Phimosis
  67. Weird sensation inside penis tip
  68. poor ejaculate
  69. possible to have orgasm and ejaculation without erection?
  70. Cut on penis
  71. I think I watch porn too much??
  72. Flaccid penis sometimes shrinks but only in the middle...
  73. Doctor recommended a Frenuloplasty/surgery for my penis - have a few questions
  74. A question for the men
  75. cut foreskin on the head of the penis
  76. Back pain and now pain in pelvis and genitals
  77. sexuality question/ story. need help!
  78. Addicted to Masturbation!!!
  79. Average Age of Sexual Decline
  80. Is it safe..
  81. bump underside shaft
  82. impotence and masterbation
  83. what is smegma?
  84. Hey
  85. Penis problem
  86. Sexual Frustration and Depression
  87. Itchy Testicles and Other Symptoms
  88. About Being Gay
  89. almost 2 years after circumcision...
  90. injured penis , ...... I think...
  91. A couple questions concerning testicle sacs...
  92. Left Testicle Inside Lower Abdomen Responsible For Left Neck and Forehead Problems?
  93. Penis red and sore all over particularly when erect
  94. Not enough sex drive
  95. How Often Should I Be Getting Horny?
  96. I need sex drive reducing drugs in order to heal!
  97. when does a penis stop growing?
  98. ok y cant i ejaculate even when i have a orgasm
  99. why cant i ejacuate?
  100. Erection Problems
  101. growers and showers
  102. no ejaculation when orgasm
  103. skin rash on body after sex
  104. CONDOM Uncomfortable
  105. Urgent help reqd----A problem regarding reduction in the size of penis.
  106. a couple of things...
  107. right testicle is detached...help help
  108. Sex life/health question
  109. Bumps on my scrotum
  110. Artificial Testicle
  111. Qns
  112. Penis tingling alot?
  113. can masturbation mess you up?
  114. Decreased Feeling In Penis Due To Recent Curvature
  115. Does anyone have any up to date info about their experience at boston medical group?
  116. Maturing
  117. Size
  118. Tell me about
  119. why do i sneeze after ejaculation?
  120. foreskin skin abrasions
  121. feels like shooting nerve pain...penis shaft and head
  122. testosterone level??
  123. Penile Thrush
  124. What is this :(
  125. Pe
  126. Pain at base of Penis
  127. spotted bellend?? what drugs do
  128. Normal to have two holes in head of penis instead of one?
  129. red flakey scrotum after sex
  130. ejaculation issues
  131. Frightened During Orgasm.
  132. Sore Penis Head even when Inactive - Slight ED & Extra Flaccid
  133. How do you get a husband with low libido to visit a doctor?
  134. Sexual Side Effects from Paxil
  135. worried g/f
  136. Foreskin problem
  137. torn frenulum blisters
  138. Itchy and moisty surface...<<...PLS HELP...>>
  139. yellow semen + other weird stuff going on
  140. Strange problem with penis rigidity
  141. Ways to lower the levels of estradiol?
  142. Curbing sexual desire
  143. tramadol sexual side effects??
  144. Curbing Sexual Desire
  145. Wierd pubic hair issue
  146. Having trouble stay errected while putting on condom...
  147. Dry skin
  148. Could I Have Accidentally Severed My Spermatic Cord?
  149. Why does anal masturbation always hurt for me?
  150. My boyfriend after sex..
  151. Red itchy skin on my penis
  152. Small blister on penis
  153. condom usage (please help!)
  154. Frenulum
  155. Erection problems caused by being fat
  156. penis rim red around edge
  157. Question
  158. Higher testicle uncomfortable/hurt when have hard erection
  159. stop Quick Ejeculation?
  160. Uncontrollable arousal/erection
  161. Not looking at women( because of depression), is it bad for male mind?
  162. Loss of feeling...needs restored, please help fast
  163. Low Testosterone
  164. Is Heterosexual Anal Intercourse Unusual?
  165. Itchy foreskin?
  166. penis size, bend and normality
  167. Vasectomy
  168. probably not a good thing
  169. Pants smell like penis/masterbation. Strong body odor, smells like sweaty ***. HELP!!
  170. penis extension
  171. white dripping, bumps
  172. Masturbating under the balls?
  173. Periodic tip or shaft of penis pain after ejaculation, a non-STD problem, no solution
  174. a few questions
  175. Brown + Blue Spot on his head
  176. Could anti-depressants affect puberty?
  177. Last night, after sex
  178. Terribly embarassing experience
  179. How can I increase sexual endurance and stamina?
  180. Why can't I climax from sex? Only masturbation brings me to orgasm
  181. Questions re: Frenuloplasty aftercare...
  182. Could this be a sexual side effect???
  183. Penis is too small
  184. Penis pain on 2nd session or 3rd
  185. Swollen foreskin
  186. hiv+couples
  187. To much for me?
  188. Moving it without your hands.
  189. Paintbrush with paint on it used as *****..
  190. broken penis?? please read all. i need help urgent.
  191. Sore glans when pulling foreskin back
  192. Question about dugs and PE...
  193. My Natural Solution To Sexual Headaches / Migraines
  194. can men with ED recover from it or is it permanent?
  195. white crust under forskin?
  196. possible STD???? plz help me!!!!
  197. A part of my Foreskin Blew up to a little bubble( pretty sizeable)
  198. Less "sensitive"
  199. What are these spots
  200. Not sure..maybe im freaking out.
  201. maintaining erection problem
  202. I get on great with my girlfriend- but we don't click in bed. What should I do?
  203. 5 yr Relationship loss of Stamina!
  204. Getting a Stripper( ordered via telephone) for sexual check up. good idea?
  205. Impotence
  206. Serious Balanitis Issue, need help!!!
  207. Masturbation after getting cut.
  208. Sores/Dryness on penis
  209. Redness On Extra Skin
  210. premature ejaculation and zoloft
  211. Problems When I Ejaculate
  212. No Libido at 44
  213. Condom with foreskin
  214. Foreskin Problem
  215. Foreskin problem during intercourse
  216. ED: Promising results from a holistic approach
  217. Why is it sometimes so hard to get/maintain an erection?
  218. Pimple on head of penis? Is this normal?
  219. Inconsistencies in semen
  220. Time to put an end!
  221. Sore testicles
  222. blood in.........
  223. Increase sensitivity of penis?
  224. prostate massage
  225. erection problem during sex!!!!
  226. "unique" PE problem
  227. pimples?
  228. tight foreskin
  229. Help, Flaccid Penis, driving myself crazy
  230. trouble dealing with a fetish
  231. Two questions..
  232. Penis problem
  233. Is it normal to get an erection during a massage?
  234. My husband has wet dreams OFTEN
  235. Problems maintaining an erection (another thread)
  236. Permenant Solution For Ed & Pe
  237. Quick ejaculation
  238. ejaculation problems
  239. Slight Redness and Sensitivity
  240. Testicles
  241. Penis and ejaculation problems after a camping trip. Please help.
  242. Help me someone please
  243. Could anyone explain this to me?
  244. odd one time burning
  245. Leaking .....?
  246. Problems maintaining an erection?
  247. Boston Medical Experince
  248. havent had sex in almost a year and got some red bumps
  249. Little red (sometimes white) lump on surface of balls.
  250. Little bit freaked out

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