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  1. swelling on my penis
  2. racing heart from Levitra
  3. Do I need Medical intervention for my Erections.
  4. Worried over swollen foreskin
  5. will viagra or viaGrow help me?
  6. Red Penis Glans
  7. Suddenly unable to get erection.
  8. a cut under penise
  9. 23 and Odd fluctuations in Libido
  10. Can't get an erection anymore
  11. Have had ED since 20's - Took viagra, but...
  12. Sudden onset of ED
  13. How to measure one's penis
  14. oversensitive/undersensitive during sex
  15. girlfriend stopped giving me head before sex and i no longer could last as long?
  16. girlfriend stopped giving me head before sex and i no longer could last as long?
  17. Change in husband's orgasm
  18. Loss of morning erections and zero sex drive after severely stressful event?
  19. Huge amount of nerves before sex?
  20. First Time Viagra User Need Advice
  21. High libido, not enough sex
  22. extremely hard to ejackulate with partner
  23. tryin to lower my sex drive
  24. Any help appreciated
  25. Suspensory ligament remedy?
  26. Dealing With Aging and Erections
  27. Oral sex
  28. my wife has little sex drive
  29. Sex and biting?
  30. Very sore itchy penis with white "wax" type marks on head after unprotected sex
  31. Foreskin behind head
  32. i last a little time on bed...
  33. something is wrong with my penis
  34. pimple on the frenulun
  35. Do I need Viagra or something else?
  36. Sex without Protection
  37. pain at tip of penis
  38. penis size
  39. Bump on shaft
  40. Decreased sexual sensation, etc.
  41. after male enhancement my penis shrunk
  42. fishy smell after my husband masturbates
  43. wife is a cold fish
  44. sex in the middle of the night
  45. Can't have sex with wife...
  46. I need help
  47. Difficulty maintaining erection - psychological or physical (short frenulum)?
  48. Have an over sensitive head (glands). Got a circumcision. Anyone experience this?
  49. 18 y/o w/ somewhat low testosterone and sexual problems?
  50. No penis sensitivity
  51. injury..?
  52. Sensitivity Issue
  53. My boyfriend doesn't want to have sex...
  54. Is this amount of curvature normal?
  55. Sudden loss of sexual desire?!?!? Permanent???
  56. Penis Problem! Right Side Of Foreskin Puffed Out?
  57. Unable to get/stay hard during sex
  58. Masturbation after catheter
  59. swollen foreskin after 6 days
  60. Sore Butt Crack
  61. No intercourse since marriage
  62. not sure if molloscum or herpes or something else?
  63. Post Circumcision sensitivity - need advice
  64. Circumcision
  65. Help
  66. Kinda scared not what it is
  67. Erection/Testicular issue from anxiety?
  68. Torn frenulum - Advice
  69. Scrotum very high after circumcision,
  70. erectile dysfunction
  71. Why why why why!!
  72. About to *** but holding it all back.
  73. Boyfriend erection/personality issues
  74. Please Help!!!!!!!
  75. Slight iritation
  76. Do any of those herbal ED remedies work?
  77. what is this?
  78. red rash on upper thigh growing..
  79. Bump on penis?
  80. can doctor give me something to help have intercourse?
  81. Erectile Dysfunction
  82. No sex
  83. numbness of the penis
  84. Dry skin on penis
  85. Are real women tight like Mastubators are:If so, healthy for penis head?
  86. wife has excuse afetr exuse not to have sex
  87. HIS lack of sex-drive is killin' me.
  88. Permanent Penis Shrinkage/Atrophy? HELP!
  89. raised circumcision scar
  90. Frustrated wife has a question about husband's stamina
  91. Second Orgasm Issues
  92. tiny blister on glans?!!?
  93. Will Sexual Abstinence affect Sperm Reproduction?
  94. How to increase penis size?
  95. Testicle hanging
  96. Prepubescant size testicles, sterile, age 19, due to chemo, prosthetics?
  97. Excruciating pain and blood durring ejaculation dude to condom?
  98. Little confused??? O.o
  99. 32 yo Man in a long term relationship w/ ED! Help!!
  100. Failure to ejaculate
  101. Weird Anal Fluid
  102. urethra question
  103. Why did my penis stop growing?
  104. Prostate massage?
  105. How is everyone?
  106. i think he has phimosis
  107. Can't stay hard.....What's going on
  108. Can't get full erection due to past masturbation technique
  109. help i dont release while having sexual intercourse
  110. Possibly ED... please help!
  111. Penis bleeding after sex, help?
  112. Dark line on my groin?????
  113. No longer attracted to my wife
  114. Help on penis enlargement
  115. The Opposite of Premature Ejaculation
  116. Urinating a lot!
  117. Problems after Circumsicion
  118. HELP! Bad first time sex experience (male)
  119. no morning erections, poor erections
  120. Help please! Is this a genital wart? or just normal?
  121. Damage to head of penis (possibly nerve damage?)
  122. How much is too much masturbation?
  123. How do you know if you have molluscum or just sebaceous glands?
  124. how common is blue ball syndrome?
  125. Can't climax during sex
  126. Orgasm Problem. Please read. Thanks!
  127. Glans sensitivity after 20 years of circumcision
  128. Cut on skin of penis.
  129. This hurts so damn much
  130. Penis Problems.
  131. wierd feeling during
  132. It's not strong and hard like lastime
  133. One Big Lump On Tip of Penis
  134. Wider Urethra
  135. Blood in semen after blue balls
  136. Should I get my curve checked out?
  137. Testical stitched to scrotum is a lot smaller than the one that dropped
  138. need some advice/help
  139. Need a close assistance
  140. Orgasm without erection
  141. What's this Hard Lump on my Penis?
  142. Foreskin retraction
  143. Help with very sore foreskin...please
  144. Brown/Dark blotches confined to foreskin.
  145. Growling kind of thing happening in testicals after every day masturbation
  146. how it possible ...
  147. masturbating after work
  148. a help
  149. foreskin stuck to glans
  150. seems like friction burn... but it happens so easily! so confused!
  151. solution to my PE problem?
  152. increasing male sensitivity
  153. Cant Shoot Semen as much
  154. Hard strand under skin of penis. Please help!
  155. When Using a Condom...
  156. Can't reach orgasm while she does.
  157. Unable to keep full erection
  158. sexual problem
  159. ED Penile injections
  160. is my foreskin supposed to go back when im erect?
  161. Lasting too long in masturbation/sex
  162. Personal urgent question.
  163. Dark skin due to dry masturbation, how do I solve? :(
  164. Ejaculating before orgasm
  165. Problems ejaculating/urinating.
  166. "Crack" Down Middle of Penis.
  167. Is masturbation okay?
  168. Premature ejaculation help
  169. surpress my sex drive or get rid of it
  170. Molluscum then 24/7 head pressure?
  171. Surpress sexdrive
  172. Sperm stopped flying far?
  173. burning sensation in my penis
  174. Numerous cuts around the urethra.
  175. Dorsal Penile Vein Ligation
  176. Loose Circumcisions
  177. First yeast, then urethritis, now what?
  178. 18 years old and CANNOT EJACULATE!!
  179. Hypersensitive Glans mixed with phimosis and a Prince Albert
  180. sneezes after sex
  181. Trust Issues (Small Penis)
  182. undescended testicles
  183. Prozac and sex
  184. Please help me is this a rug burn or worse :/
  185. Hard "bump" found on penis
  186. husband can't "finish" during intercourse any more
  187. my boyfriend can't get hard even with medications
  188. Age problem?
  189. Extreme Premature Ejaculation
  190. Vein replacement success
  191. problems of frequent errection n hardness like stone
  192. Premature ejaculation, will it ever end?
  193. sexual problem
  194. I ejaculate without orgasm
  195. Uncircumcised Problem
  196. Masturbation - No Lube.
  197. Heavy testicles with minor pain and itching!
  198. Am I a perv for staring at underage girls?
  199. Red Bumps Under Foreskin and Irritation and Hot Pain
  200. How can I stop having wet dreams?
  201. Is masterbating too much cause a serious problem.
  202. No erection anymore
  203. thick yellow ejaculation
  204. overly thick and light yellow ejaculation
  205. Irretractable after preputioplasty
  206. how can i get rid of this dam P.E?! plz help!!!!!!!!!!
  207. Cysts on Penis Shaft
  208. Skin below penis head pain
  209. 21 and ED, possible venous leak
  210. How should the prostate feel?
  211. Lack of sensation during sex
  212. What gives - premature ejac, long recovery, & unstable erection
  213. saggy scrotum
  214. No orgasm, but good erection and it felt good
  215. am i supposed tp feel anything DURING sex?
  216. stomach pain testicles tightening
  217. damaged the head of the penis
  218. a little bit of feces when i ejaculate?
  219. How to move passed an ED incident?
  220. Pain only during sex
  221. poor ejaculation suddenly
  222. erection issues
  223. uncircumcised penis [Q]
  224. Senior Adult Men Circumcision
  225. Worries
  226. Anxiety on several fronts
  227. Too Fast Too Hard
  228. raised spot on penis head
  229. Advise with girl/erection isssues
  230. Urethral Sounding, Pain
  231. concerned?
  232. Are these STD related??
  233. ED at 19
  234. Dry skin!
  235. 24 Experiencing trouble.
  236. Lumps on penis that feel like mosquito/bug bites
  237. Penis tingling/feeling of having to pee
  238. low sex efficiency
  239. I need help!
  240. Phimosis Question
  241. No Feeling
  242. Intercourse with phimosis
  243. Red spots and dry skin on penis shaft
  244. I can have ejaculation without erection, is it bad??
  245. bad sexual performances
  246. Epididymal Hypertension (blue balls)
  247. lost my touch?
  248. Can't last nothing no matter what. It would be even worse with a real Woman
  249. untreated penile fracture or injury that resulted with a numb penis
  250. Loss of Sensation