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  1. Please read and comment... re: 10 years of suffering.
  2. Excessive Dreaming
  3. Worried about REM disorder
  4. Hear myself snoring
  5. Can electroshock therapy cause insomnia ??
  6. I stop breathing when I sleep.
  7. Could I Have A sleeping problem?
  8. Loss of breath when falling asleep and daytime shortness of breath
  9. falling asleep quickly, waking up early AT THE SAME TIME...any solution?
  10. please help
  11. Waking up in the middle of night with full bladder AND thirsty
  12. can't wake up in the morning
  13. Has anyone ever tried PureSleep for Sleep Apnea?
  14. Extremely sad/angry dreams
  15. Splenda and insomnia
  16. Lorazepam causing anxiety!
  17. I Stop breathing while Im asleep and while Im awake
  18. Does this sound familiar?
  19. rythmatic jerking. constant night jerking
  20. Sleep study
  21. my mom talked to me..I answered..no recollection
  22. Can't fall asleep - eyes moving under eyelids, constantly thinking
  23. is this a sleeping problem?
  24. Alternate between ambien and lunesta
  25. Ventricular Tachycardia and sleep apnea
  26. Paralysis and sleeping during MLST
  27. Night terrors
  28. Trying to sleep, anxious rush, loss of breath, constant anxiety all day and night
  29. confused about sleep apnea
  30. Apnea
  31. Gasping for breath when i sleep
  32. Could This Be Sleep Apnea?
  33. Strange sensations when dropping off to sleep
  34. Physical "wall" when trying to sleep
  35. Can't sleep.. going on 2 - 3 hours a night..
  36. Nightmares
  37. Eyes moving while shut and trying to sleep
  38. Sleep MD & Fish Oil
  39. snoring while sleeping on my side
  40. Sleeping only 4h/day since recently... what is happening?
  41. Nocturnal anxiety!!! Seeking ADVICE!
  42. Dr wants to do a different kind of sleep study
  43. Sleep Apnea and 3 level ACDF
  44. Feel 'earthquakes' when in bed
  45. My partner is freaking me out...HELP
  46. 20 years of tranqulizers
  47. Effects of not sleeping
  48. Spells in the night
  49. Nocturnal People?
  50. lysine Relief from light sleeping?
  51. Help strange sleeping paterns!
  52. Hypopnea for a decade: what can I do?
  53. Sleep Deprivation?
  54. non-perscription addiction???
  55. cant stay awake or stay asleep
  56. sleep apnea
  57. jolting out of sleep breathless
  58. Nasal polyps & sleep disorders?
  59. provent therapy
  60. Sleep study wish me luck
  61. my husbands sleep disorder
  62. What can I do to sleeeeep
  63. question about xanax & sleep
  64. Need to stay awake
  65. Is Obstructive Sleep Apnea a major illness?
  66. Sleep study
  67. Non-prescription sleep aid.
  68. few questions about sleep....
  69. Please just one night without waking up
  70. Evalil is EVIL
  71. Remeron?
  72. Will I ever be able to sleep 7-8-9 Hours?
  73. LunaSom PM for Insomnia
  74. cpap machine and allergies
  75. Need a sleeping pill every night but I'm a poor metabolizer...
  76. Woken from sleep due to feeling of not breathing--not sleep apnea?
  77. Night Sweats HELP!!
  78. Night Sweats
  79. exessive rythmatic jerking
  80. waking scared and fuzzy
  81. Always feeling tired or sleepy?
  82. Resetting Sleep Schedule, Herbal Tea and maybe another question. Please help?
  83. Sleepy ALL the time
  84. Zopiclone 7.5
  85. Brother with a 30 hour wake cycle...
  86. sleep apnea- Low Pulse Ox?
  87. Going Crazy-please help!
  88. Waking at 2a or 3am.. can't get back to sleep
  89. This ever happen?
  90. Sleep problems, please help
  91. Problem sleeping w/someone else in the same room
  92. Tonsillectomy scheduled to help sleep apnea?
  93. White wine and trouble falling asleep
  94. I cant move when i wake up - sleep paralysis?
  95. Do I have a nightmare disorder?
  96. Just started CPAP therapy
  97. scared to sleep, i see bugs when i wake up (that arn't really there)
  98. Insomnia and Oversleeping?
  99. sleep walking?
  100. Anyone on seroquel/klonopin for quite a while?
  101. How can I sleep more than 4-5 hours?
  102. Some progress from over 1 year chronic insomnia
  103. Help!! - DSPS
  104. Sleep Paralysis
  105. My body wants to "wake up" at 10:30-PM! Help!
  106. Has anyone taken Dalmane (flurazepam) for sleep?
  107. Can You Die From Severe Sleep Apnea?
  108. Trazodone
  109. Managing time
  110. severe toddler sleep issues
  111. What is this? extremely worried and scared
  112. Numdness in arms
  113. Central sleep apnea question
  114. Sleep paralysis multiple times in one sequence/episode
  115. Constant Sleep Problem
  116. Sleep disorder?
  117. Sleeping and general tiredness.
  118. have trouble sleeping
  119. Melatonin waking him up?
  120. Ambien
  121. I Fall Asleep In Random Places!
  122. Sleep Paralysis and Blood Stain
  123. Dropping sensation as falling asleep (no associated movement)
  124. Insomnia - could Alcohol be making it worse?
  125. Is this sleep apnea?
  126. how long does ambien take to kick in?
  127. benadryl, insomnia & tinnitus
  128. What is name of condition in which you can fall asleep while driving etc.?
  129. If Dexedrine isnt working, should I try Desoxyn?
  130. What does it mean if i get no REM or SWS sleep?
  131. Does L-Tyrosine Help increase the stimulating effects of Dexedrine?
  132. Can Your Body Train Itself When to Wake Up?
  133. Sickness + Asthma = Sleeping Disorder
  134. How often do you clean the filter to your CPAP machine?
  135. devices for snoring?
  136. Kill my sleepiness!
  137. Can syptoms be related to sleep disorder?
  138. Klonopin
  139. Insomnia, no idea what to do....
  140. What is this?!
  141. I wake up sitting upright
  142. Help with DSPS
  143. Does anyone else here with Sleep Apnea have Low Testosterone???
  144. Middle of night insomnia
  145. Trazodone and iron supplements?
  146. Wht do I want to sleep all the time?
  147. Sleep Apnea caused by a food allergy?
  148. Has surgery created insomnia?
  149. Bad side effect of benadryl
  150. Sleep Apena, Testosterone and possible Polycythemia
  151. Insomnia and Beta Blocker
  152. Sleep Disorder or something else?
  153. Nightmares
  154. Hypersomnia in a 17 year old?
  155. Travel cpap machine
  156. not sleeping
  157. tongue biting
  158. My Mask Leaks
  159. I need a new Cpap Nasal Pillow
  160. CBT Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Insomnia
  161. Insomnia dilemma
  162. Temazepam
  163. Sleep apenea, low iron, low b12, high rbc, high WBC
  164. Sonata reviews?
  165. allergies because of Cpap machine
  166. insomnia, apnea, or my bipolar?
  167. Switching Sleeping Pills?
  168. rebound insomnia
  169. Heard a voice in a dream it woke me up
  170. Best natural sleep aids please?!
  171. Does Trazodone Controlled Release exist?
  172. Mrcp ii made easy
  173. ambie cr 12.5 or elavil150?
  174. Getting up by sunrise
  175. Hospital says my sleep disorder is normal ???
  176. vibrating body during sleep
  177. How many kinds/brands of CPAP machines have you tried?
  178. How many kinds of facemasks/nose pillows have you tried?
  179. has anyone experienced weight gain on Unisom?
  180. advice?
  181. Waking in middle of night
  182. Unable to get a restful sleep...
  183. Husband trouble sleeping question
  184. sleep apnea?
  185. heart-rate rises after going to sleep
  186. hearing sensitivity
  187. Is there a drug that keeps the body still while dreaming?
  188. CPAP Noise ResMed S9
  189. when insomnia cures don't work?
  190. Problems with staying asleep
  191. Not able to wake up. still very tired all day.
  192. I wake up early mornings from even the slightest noises. Help!!!!
  193. Major sleep issue
  194. Sleep Restriction Therapy / Success finally!
  195. unexplained wakefulness
  196. Falling asleep anytime inactivity takes place.
  197. sore throat
  198. OSA misdiagnosed
  199. Trazodone Question
  200. Changed sleep hours a month ago, still can't get used to it!
  201. Trying to "reset" my sleep pattern...
  202. What is happening when i sleep?
  203. What kind of a CPAP mask do you use?
  204. Cocktail for Insomnia
  205. Dreams causing sweats
  206. Has anyone tried the Thornton Adjustable Positioner?
  207. Did chin straps help your sleep apnea?
  208. Why do chin straps for a CPAP machine require a prescription?
  209. waking in the middle of the night... please help
  210. Does Testosterone Tharapy help Sleep Apnea?
  211. Insomnia and getting hot feelings
  212. Narcolepsy symptoms?
  213. i think i have been Possessed ?
  214. losing breath while sleeping
  215. Gasping For Air When I Sleep & Rapid Heartbeat
  216. Advice urgently needed I fall asleep in seconds
  217. Central sleep apnea
  218. Bad sleep problems. Help needed!
  219. Sleep appliance
  220. Sleep Apnea and Low Testosterone
  221. How do I get my doctor to change my meds?
  222. trazodone not helping me sleep anymore
  223. lunexor and ambesleep
  224. Frequent "sleep paralysis" attacks
  225. can trazadone cause ears to feel plugged?
  226. provigil
  227. to those using sleeping meds
  228. Trouble sleeping - Bent nose, breathing impaired
  229. Trazodone and Weight Gain
  230. when to quit ambien
  231. "Nature's Made Sleep"
  232. Remeron doesn't help me sleep more than 2 hours.
  233. Sleep Labs
  234. Sleep Apnea Surgery
  235. can't sleep afraid I am going to die
  236. Sweating during sleep
  237. sleep starts causing no sleep!!!!
  238. Always Tired
  239. Depressed after napping
  240. lunesta withdrawal
  241. do i have a sleeping disorder? everytime i fall asleep i feel tightness in the chest
  242. I don't know why i sleep so much, i am worried
  243. Clonazepam and Xanax for Insomnia.
  244. circadian rhythm problems
  245. Can anyone advise please?
  246. Sleep Apnea?
  247. Lunesta
  248. Problems waking up.
  249. Waking up Every couple hours...
  250. Weird fantasy of being kidnapped/held against my will.