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  1. Chantix does more than just help you quit smoking
  2. 4 Days Smoke Free -on Chantix
  3. one more day until I quit, i'm scared but have to do this
  4. Need to Quit Smoking
  5. Please help me on my Chantix Journey!
  6. Dr. Put Me on Chantix
  7. Is being a part time smoker bad for me?
  8. New here and smoking still
  9. Finally a Quitter
  10. So mad at myself
  11. Nicotine withdrawal while still using the patch?
  12. Quitting AND Trying to Lose Weight
  13. I'm a quitter - 4 years today!
  14. why am i so bloated from chantix
  15. where to get the injection to quit smoking
  16. Gritty Cough and E-Cig
  17. Champix Tablets
  18. How to support loved one who is quitting smoking
  19. can quitting smoking when you're old kill you?
  20. Quit smoking...now taking deep breaths?
  21. Fire safe cigarettes
  22. chantix and smokeless tobacco
  23. Newbie to this site, ususally on Depression board
  24. Really stressed out, want to start again
  25. 5 months and no smokes.... It's still hard though
  26. How to quit dipping tobacco
  27. Cold Turkey best way to go
  28. Chantix and sudden shortness of breath?
  29. 3 Months Quit but still gasping for cig :-(
  30. Chantix side effects
  31. Nicotrol inhaler question
  32. Chantix questions( Upset stomach )
  33. Non-Addictive Ciggies
  34. Chain Smoker; What To Do?
  35. Never smoking again!
  36. chantix is making me really sick do I just stop taking it
  37. Help To Quit Smoking
  38. Smoking started making me feel sick
  39. skin damage
  40. Haven't smoked since New Years Eve
  41. Lung Pain
  42. How to quit?!
  43. I stop smoking but I am bloated, please help
  44. quitting smoking and constipation :(
  45. just need to vent!!
  46. 1st day on Chantix
  47. Pink Sputum
  48. DAy two of Not smoking ~ help
  49. Ok I need some advice..I relapsed
  50. Nicotine Patch Questions
  51. Electronic Cig - Questions
  52. smokleless (stopping)
  53. 3 pks a day Want to quit because of fatigue
  54. Still have breathing issues
  55. 1 Week Smoke Free :-)
  56. one step at a time
  57. Don't stop smoking!
  58. When will my metabolism return to normal?
  59. Is this a side effect of quitting?
  60. Venting - is that ok?
  61. worried
  62. chantix ??? Help
  63. Medicaid coverage Chantix
  64. 3.5 months clean
  65. Help Me Quit Please
  66. The Patch
  67. help!!!
  68. Zyban 15 days and still smoking....
  69. I smoked a cigarette today. What does that mean? HELP!!
  70. I am going to quit but have some questions
  71. Finally kicking the habit
  72. Chantix
  73. nicotine inhaler
  74. Daily pledge
  75. Off I go on the Chantix 'coaster!
  76. On Zoloft enquiry
  77. How to Quit Smoking? (Again)
  78. chantix covered?
  79. hooked on Commit lozenges....HELP!
  80. need some advice
  81. Chantix
  82. Early stages of quitting support request.
  83. chantix
  84. Problems After Quitting Smoking
  85. I don't know what to do now
  86. nicotine
  87. One track mind about smoking again
  88. I quit using snus
  89. few question
  90. Digestive mayhem??
  91. Hope this insanity ends soon!
  92. Tarblock
  93. Commit lozenges and stomach bloating?
  94. Newbie
  95. Meds stopping--will I relapse?
  96. Why do I stil get a buzz?????
  97. Stopped taking Chantix after a year
  98. Day 8 on Chantix
  99. 44 months on the 8th! It can be done!
  100. advice on getiing off chantix
  101. Don't know what to do...
  102. Help?
  103. Just a hello & encouragement for all nicofriends
  104. Sulfonil
  105. Going cold turkey, I know I will do it!
  106. how to get a nicotine out of your system in under 4 hours
  107. Quit Day tomorrow!
  108. side effects last after quiting chantix
  109. Day 9 onChantix
  110. why does chantix make you tired
  111. Smoker for 30+ years.
  112. How I Quit (Smoked 10 yrs. Quit 9 yrs Ago)
  113. Tingling feet after quit smoking - Anyone else?
  114. This was hard to believe
  115. why does smoking cigarettes make you have a bowel movement?
  116. physical symptoms
  117. First day of quit!
  118. Nicobrevin
  119. benefits of quitting cigarettes- not sure about this one??
  120. need advice :(
  121. 3 months--should be over psychological nicotine withdrawal?
  122. Vitamins,herbs to assist with lung cleansing
  123. Cold turkey and lung cancer
  124. do you take chantix during day or at night
  125. Day 10 .. I feel weird !
  126. Chantix -- Mood swings/irritability
  127. smoking
  128. how do I get help to pay for chantix
  129. smoking
  130. March 6th is 2 months smober!! Thanks all!
  131. How can i quite smoking?
  132. Two Year Anniversary
  133. Quit smoking without using any medication?
  134. Screw Ups
  135. Does anyone else get bitter? Venting.
  136. I am smoking in my dreams...
  137. I need help, advice, or something?
  138. Skin issues after quitting?
  139. Heart palpitations when you quit?
  140. need advice asap
  141. 10 weeks stopped smoking and feel ill
  142. just slipped
  143. does chantix work for smokeless tobacco
  144. Giving up at last!
  145. Stopping again
  146. what helps the cravings go away?
  147. Never knew quitting could be so easy!
  148. Chantix in schizophrenics
  149. Feeling down
  150. HELP! Need advice on chantix
  151. Cholesterol & Triglycerides
  152. One more day & then no cig on Chantix
  153. so tired
  154. Over 24 hours smoke free
  155. cortisone (steroids) and swollen glands
  156. Help just started Chantix
  157. I'm scared - Chantix withdrawal??
  158. Nicotine Cravings Decreased/Disappearing for no reason?
  159. Here again
  160. cough up tar after quitting
  161. Need help and suggestions bustin the tobacco use
  162. I want to leave smoking. Please help me.
  163. 24 hours since I requit
  164. Help!
  165. How can I get help with the cost of the prescription of Chantix
  166. Cliche but my quit date was the 1st
  167. after effects of quitting???
  168. how do i get nicotine out of my system
  169. realy want to quit help please
  170. Started Chantix yesterday - figured I'd quit as of last night
  171. 16 days from my 1 year anniversary, Wow!!!
  172. Stopped 3 Weeks - Is it really this bad and for how long???
  173. how long does cough last after giving up smoking
  174. Stop smoking
  175. how long does smoking withdrawl go on
  176. I quit on Friday Nov 28th 2008 at 1:30 p.m.
  177. back again
  178. 9 Months!!!
  179. Day 9 On Chantix-still smoking, when will it 'kick in', no side effects...
  180. chantix & muscle pain
  181. what if i don't have the starter pack for chantix
  182. On and off again.
  183. New Here want to quit
  184. How Long Does Nicotine Stay in Your System
  185. Anybody feel like it took a year and a half to return to normal?
  186. I'm new, my quit date is tomorrow and hi!
  187. Gonna try to quit for good!
  188. acne because of stopping smoking?
  189. The patch, the gum, the lozenge?
  190. does chantix cause weight gain
  191. med interactions
  192. Trying again for the umpteenth time!
  193. I want to, I must quit smoking!
  194. I gave in to the Little White Monster!
  195. Getting my prescription tomorrow, need some advice!
  196. I am quitting Monday!
  197. How can I get my parents to stop smoking?
  198. how long for withdrawl symptoms of smoking to last
  199. I will never smoke again, I can't recommend this enough.
  200. Want to quit, need help!
  201. Made it a Year!!!!!!!
  202. My husband's having trouble, but not the way you'd think
  203. I know it wouldn't stop with just one
  204. Quit - Finally 9/15
  205. chantix side effects
  206. Quit smoking on 6/19/08, and still fighting it
  207. advice needed, pregnate and trying to quit.
  208. Getting Help Next Week
  209. Teiger checking in!
  210. why does nicotine make you ****
  211. Set my quit date for tomorrow, unsure and scared.
  212. Quitting smoking and anxiety and meds
  213. After SMoking cough sore throat
  214. Weird Situation..Need Help!!
  215. Going to quit smoking need some help.
  216. Trying to quit with NICOCURE
  217. I dont cough after quittting smoking
  218. 6 Months - Yippee!!!
  219. how long do I have to quit smoking before having gastric bypass surgery
  220. Would like suggestions if this has happened to you ??
  221. Decided to stop smoking. Need support.
  222. quit smoking - how long the symptoms last?
  223. Just disgusted with myself--time to try again
  224. Commit lozenge question
  225. I Have Stopped Smoking 3 Weeks Now
  226. Could lack of nicotine make me sick?
  227. cant stop
  228. Two year anniversary
  229. Tell me your withdrawl symtoms!
  230. Thought I was doing well...now pretty disheartened
  231. Introduction & day 1
  232. American Spirit Cigarettes
  233. Three and a half months without smoking...but I'm about to cave
  234. Don't make the same mistake I made !!
  235. Chantix - Zyban or Wellbutrin
  236. Patch and very vivid dreams
  237. Can you please help me?
  238. Hypnosis
  239. I quit. (Chantix)
  240. nicorette
  241. not smoking
  242. feel bad
  243. 5th Week Chantix - No results! Anyone Else?
  244. chantix
  245. Chantix-Smoking After Quit Date?
  246. Is this a side effect from giving up?
  247. hi everyone
  248. any tips for quitting when NOTHING works!
  249. Commit...anyone else?
  250. Smoking Cessation through Laser Therapy??

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