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  1. Titanium Plates
  2. Torn
  3. Did anyone have artificial disc replacement of the c-spine, not spinal fusion?
  4. Need Advice on Artificial Disc Replacement,, Do I or Dont I?
  5. help me to understand MRI report
  6. C2-C3 fusion
  7. Anxious and looking for feedback
  8. Surgeon Seattle area?
  9. C5-C7 Issues
  10. Finally got my MRI results...
  11. Upper back & chest pains
  12. Internal pain pumps
  13. MRI Report Need help and advice please
  14. Son has just been diagnosed with scoliosis...worried
  15. In pain and trying to find answers
  16. Paraplegic
  17. ESI's, anyone had success?
  18. Minor Problems 8 months post ACDF
  19. My MRI of Spine???
  20. cold feet (or foot) w/ c-spine injuries?
  21. Neck Bulging Disc C5-6 C6-7......
  22. MRI Report: Help me understand it.
  23. Why do my feet hurt if i have cervical stenois
  24. Lesions
  25. Hi, I'm new here. Severe pain, can't sleep
  26. Numb patches on back?
  27. mri help ct scan cervical
  28. Does It Sound Like I'm Getting Worse or Better?
  29. Traumatic visit w/ NS
  30. Can anyone help with this!!!
  31. New Consult Pending After Failed Fusions
  32. Numbness in arms & hands
  33. mri shows 2 bulging discs
  34. Who has headaches here
  35. Burning in upperback pain??
  36. First Time ACDF C4/5 - Questions
  37. When should you choose a CT over a MRI?
  38. soft tissue density component?
  39. Bodies Exhibit
  40. ongoing problems after ACDF
  41. Anterior Compression Fractures
  42. Can a nerve block wear off?
  43. Got a CT Myelogram
  44. drugs for muscle spasm
  45. Suggestion: Sticky for surgical success stories?
  46. C4/5 issues looking for answers please.
  47. C4/5/6 problems please help!
  48. Unusual symptoms with spinal cord compression
  49. Back after my 3 level fusion surgery – still in a lot of pain!
  50. help - please
  51. Shiver on command
  52. back pain
  53. conservative treatment not working for c5-c6 hernation w/ myelopathy
  54. TMJ and Chronic Neck Pain
  55. Questions for 2nd try at ACDF
  56. Need surgery? - Read that.
  57. need mri results help
  58. at wits end
  59. Spinal cord and migraines
  60. why am i not allowed to take nsaids during fusion surgery
  61. Need Help to understand MRI report
  62. neck shoulder fatigue
  63. Acdf surgery in a few weeks
  64. why does my cervical spondylitis flare up when i get a urine infection?
  65. Advice on new treatments other than ACDF for cervical stenosis with myelopathy
  66. Is Cervical Traction Unit Helpful for Pain? Is Surgery Needed?
  67. Severe neck pain-bulging discs, questions
  68. c5 & c6
  69. My Upcoming 3 Level Fusion Surgery and the BIG BRACE!
  70. New Member recently fused C3/4. dizziness
  71. Cervical Spinal Decompression Therapy
  72. Sacralisation of L5
  73. Neck pain radiating to my throat?
  74. Laser Cervical Surgery
  75. Head and Cervical/Thoracic Injury- MRI/CT Cervical/Thoracic- Is surgery needed?
  76. Lumbar Segemation
  77. Questions about fused bone
  78. 2 week postop 2 level acdf
  79. Myleogram
  80. BMP in cervical fusion.
  81. Pop & pain in the neck after spinal fusion???
  82. C6-7 surgery questions/neuro or ortho???
  83. [Did surgeon mess up]? foraminal encroachment related to uncovertabral hypertrophy
  84. Just DX'd with Stenosis - a few ?'s is all
  85. Shoulder and Upper Back
  86. lumbar injection side effect
  87. Cerv Spondylosis-constantly flares up-help!
  88. Hardware removal
  89. my GP says the T Spine [can't] cause arm weakness n pain?
  90. Thoriac Problems please help
  91. Success
  92. Nerve Block Inj
  93. Chronic Neck Pain and vitamin B1
  94. neck & back degeneration
  95. cervical lordosis reversed
  96. dye injected into neck going down arm and hand
  97. Steroid anti inflammatory
  98. 1 yr post ACDF question
  99. 6 weeks post op -
  100. 8 week post op pain
  101. Pain in Neck then full right side numbness
  102. Looking for well regarded Neurosurgeon or Orthopedic Spinal surgeon
  103. MRI results
  104. Spinal Tumor
  105. Chiropractors and Neck Pain
  106. cervical cortisone and discomfort
  107. how will i know when my acdf surgery on my neck is healed
  108. Thorasic Degenerative Disc Disease & Disc Bulge....
  109. bone growth stimulator
  110. how do you spend your days to keep from being bored out of your mind
  111. worried sick....
  112. Please, I need your advice... SCS
  113. For those who have or had spinal cord stimulators
  114. Radiculopothy in both arms , could it be from the T spine insted of C spine
  115. syringomyelia and head trauma
  116. 4 1/2 months post op
  117. At what point is it necessary to have surgery?
  118. Headache with Left arm, back and Neck pain
  119. To have neck surgery or not?!?!?!?!
  120. ACDF c6/c7 8 weeks postop follow up
  121. Soon will be getting operation for cervical myelopathy
  122. here are my symptoms please advise
  123. cervical disc
  124. Multi-disciplinary spec. clinics: input here
  125. Neck Brace Question
  126. Does anyone know what this is?????
  127. home from surgery
  128. new to spine issues
  129. milogram
  130. Cervical Hardware Problem
  131. Newbie in desperate need of help please . .
  132. Suggestions Please: Endoscopic Disc Removal v. Cervical Disc Removal w/ fusion
  133. t6-t7 surgery question?
  134. hello all
  135. cervical spine
  136. ACDF Questions (Pre-op)
  137. Surgery scheduled, help to decipher MRI
  138. Donor Bone Compression
  139. I'm home now after posterior fusion Monday
  140. S-1 Nerve or what?
  141. Major fatigue following cervical fusion surgery
  142. Cylindrical defect in cervical spine
  143. what is uncinate and facet degenerative changes
  144. what's the best way...
  145. Epidural
  146. Anyone have a failed fusion?
  147. new numbness/tingling right before surgery
  148. MRI Spine Cervical - help with results please
  149. Artificial Cervical Disc - who knows about this?!!?
  150. Travelling on a plane with a cervical fusion
  151. does anyone have a child with tethered spinal cord
  152. straightening of the spine
  153. Anyone else had lumbar puncture done this way?
  154. s.p.occulta, tailbone curves in, lipoma, low back pain & gastro issues
  155. Post surg 2weeks!!!!!
  156. corizone
  157. Anybody here ever take neurontin and or zanaflex and or norco`s ??
  158. Question re pain and meds post ACDF
  159. Help understanding MRI results
  160. Do I need this surgery?!?
  161. List of potential complications from C5 C6 fusion with misplaced screws
  162. Another surgery, questions
  163. if surgery was done as disc c6-c7 in 2006 and now the disc 5 above the surgery site h
  164. loss of normal cervical lordosis
  165. hyperphonic endplate spurring with associated disc space narrowing at c5-c6 c6-c7
  166. 2nd surgery?
  167. epidural
  168. MRI pictures/finding comments
  169. Symptoms of spinal cord obstruction
  170. 4+ Months Post-op ACF C5-6......
  171. what did you say?
  172. perineural cyst c5-6 left with neural foramina
  173. Last surgical follow up & still left to wonder
  174. Shot
  175. nerves
  176. Just need to scream and vent somewhere
  177. Does anyone know what Vax-d is??
  178. question about fusion with bone morphogenic protein (BMP)
  179. Finger, Arm, and Facial Numbness
  180. Degenerative Disc Disease after ACDF and PCDF
  181. Status post laminectomy
  182. Is it possible to feel plate after ACDF?
  183. Spinal veterans: Need advice for year checkup C7-T1 ACDF
  184. Inpatient or outpatient?
  185. Need input after 2nd opinion & PT w/traction. Confused!
  186. Good Outcome W/ ACDF
  187. test before acdf
  188. Need help understanding findings
  189. Good Post ACDF News!
  190. New to board - problems with cervical spine
  191. Nucleoplasty VS. Laser Surgery for NECK
  192. two surgery on cervical
  193. meylin sheath damage
  194. surgery date has been set.
  195. Question about C5-c6 fusion surgery done wrong
  196. does surgery fix cervical spinal stenosis
  197. how long will my thumb be tingling after acdf surgery
  198. 2 yrs Post-Op C6 & C7 fusion w/plating
  199. Not sure what to think..black lines in spine canal
  200. help with MRI results
  201. right side paralysis from nerve block injection
  202. what to ask surgeon before posterior surgery
  203. short memory loss
  204. update C1-2 arthritis
  205. Surgery June 11th
  206. what does it mean when your reflexes do not work
  207. Spineaz
  208. explain balance problem
  209. help me understand this medical jargon!
  210. spine disorders
  211. Had dx of scoleosis when younger, but now MRI says I never had it. So much pain
  212. New to Board w/ c5-c6 hernation--facial and scalp numbness
  213. how long does the pain last after a bone graft for 3 level neck fusion
  214. Spine injury referral to calf and foot.
  215. T10 & t11 spinal chord surgery help !!
  216. 4-Week Post-Op Dr's Appointment!!! :)
  217. Injury
  218. reduced pain after fusion re-do?
  219. Strange Symptoms / Retrolisthesis
  220. Question regarding C5/6 breathing trouble....
  221. Crooked C-1
  222. lump on my left side of my neck
  223. Incision Healing
  224. Neck problems and barometric pressure
  225. what is small disc bulges and early facet
  226. Neck to back pain
  227. failed fusion - need help
  228. posterior cervical fusion
  229. Cervical or Thoracic?
  230. Lumbar puncture
  231. FIrst visit in awhile
  232. scoliosis, so much pain, help :(
  233. Heading off to hospital ACDF tomorrow...
  234. what are my options if insurance company turns down ADR
  235. Sciatica Nerve
  236. TENS after ACDF
  237. post fusion info. for those interested
  238. Massage after ACDF?
  239. Pins and Needles in legs
  240. New Problems?
  241. Arms go numb when laying down - when is surgery necessary?
  242. How many days in hospital in the US/UK for ACDF?
  243. what causes neck cracking
  244. Less Than 2 Weeks Post Op & Pain FREE!!!
  245. Letter from surgeon - smoking - Question
  246. Frustrated and need answers
  247. Cervical spinal stenosis-need help reading MRI
  248. Feel a bump, skin buckling?
  249. indigestion and heart burn post ACDF
  250. how serious is osteophyte complex

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