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  1. Pinching Pain
  2. Elliptical Bike
  3. Post ACDF pain
  4. acdf C5-6 C6-7
  5. Help with my Dad's Situation, Any alternatives? DRX9000?
  6. occasional pain
  7. cervical spine deterioration
  8. Cervical Lordosis & Pettibon Institute research
  9. After fusion and decompression
  10. Pain Between Shoulder Blades
  11. what is protrusion
  12. Question for those who had the surgery.
  13. Had 1st cervical epidural today. Question about side effects...
  14. T9 Compression Fracture
  15. Pain relief from cervical epidural?
  16. ACDF of Feb 24th
  17. Coughing and Belching
  18. 1-WK post C5-C6 ACDF
  19. milogram
  20. burning pains in the left shoulder blade
  21. mid back pain..what to do..physical therapy?
  22. I have recently been diagnosed with OPLL.
  23. pulsating pressure in neck
  24. Home 2 days post ACDF
  25. laser neck surgery for sever neck pain.
  26. C5 C6 disc shows small disc bulge mildly compressing thecal sac.
  27. Have an appointment set up with the surgeon
  28. need info on this
  29. my doctor gave me an xray report how do i read it
  30. Should I see a Neuro or Ortho?
  31. How did you injure yourself?
  32. hi
  33. T7-9 Fractures & Physical Therapy
  34. Thoracic-Outlet Obstruction syndrome???
  35. ACDF Surgery on Thursday
  36. EMG Results Abnormal...?
  37. Having fusion surgery Feb. 12th
  38. MRI Results. Any thoughts?
  39. Reboot Nervous System? Five major spine surgeries...
  40. Soon to have c4-c7 fused with cadavar bone and plate and have few questions
  41. Severe cord compression & chiropractor
  42. help / advise reverse curvature lordosis
  43. DDD of the c-spine with bone spurs/thumbs going numb
  44. back and neck pain
  45. C6 compression & traction + major migraines
  46. MRI Results
  47. mri scan found cyst
  48. MRI Results....
  49. spinal cord is narrowing
  50. reversal of the lordosis
  51. cervical spinal epidural, how do they know if it is in the right place
  52. The center of my spine burns then freezes
  53. emg cost
  54. Spinal Hemangioma
  55. Question about EMG I had today
  56. Oldtimer, ? spurs
  57. New here with MRI ?'s
  58. finally, mri results, need your help.
  59. Spinal tumor question
  60. welcome to the aging process
  61. Do I still go for ACDF? (Long post)
  62. belated x-ray after whiplash ... cervical spine not doing good at all
  63. spinal canal narrowing at L4/5 level
  64. neck and head pain
  65. do c5-c6 disc problems cause pain behind the right, middle back and right shoulder bl
  66. What is calcification of the c-spine?
  67. Pain in right shoulder blade
  68. Neck Pain
  69. another ACDF or facet radiofrequency rhizotomy
  70. neural foramina
  71. new would like help with mri results
  72. does a bruised spinal cord show on a mri
  73. Do I push for MRI of Lumbar region?
  74. July, how's it goin?
  75. pain in upper back when moving and taking deep breath
  76. Whats normal post op
  77. Popping/cracking in mid back
  78. Mri of cervical spine
  79. Spinology
  80. treatment for loss of normal cervical lordosis
  81. anular bulge in the neck
  82. Brand of cervical collar
  83. why does my neck click when i turn it
  84. Anterior Cervical Discectomy Scheduled
  85. Lower Back & Neck Pain - What & How was you DX?
  86. ACDF Recovery patient, just released from hospital
  87. Does the pain ever get better??
  88. cervical collar
  89. back pain gets you down
  90. do you have diastematomyelia
  91. what is a mass effect on the thecal sac
  92. Terrible pain in upper spine area
  93. 2wk post op
  94. ACDF C-5 ~ C-7 Still in pain after 5 yrs. HELP?
  95. Multiple Back/Spine Problems - docs say I'm a mystery??
  96. why am i getting sharp pains at the top of my spine?
  97. Neck/Back Pain
  98. Amrutta, neck & chest pain
  99. Laer Spine Surgery.... need help here
  100. whiplash or ruptured neck problems??
  101. spinal cord stimulator implant
  102. need to know i'm not alone
  103. Advice on Way Forward with a Neck Issue Required
  104. thoracic problems- anyone out there?
  105. moderate facet arthrosis
  106. Hello everyone, home & sore
  107. how much does an EMG test cost
  108. One week away from C4-C7 fusion. (anterior)
  109. when you hurt your t spine
  110. Problems 2 years post-ACDF C5-6
  111. If you have had a laminaplasty please give me your opinion
  112. C5-6 large disc protrusion quesion
  113. Newbie who needs ACDF
  114. how long before I can
  115. Please describe what type of headache you have
  116. Need advice on what to expect from 2nd surgery
  117. cervical neck pain
  118. reverse cervical lordosis
  119. what does all of this mean?
  120. post neck surgery
  121. Tarov cyst
  122. Botox for gait issues
  123. Curvature of Spine
  124. Inversion therapy w/failed fusion comments...
  125. cervical spine mri
  126. ACDF Post op lifting too soon
  127. sammyo1....New thread...support needed for surgery
  128. Are you fused C4-7?
  129. 4 wks post-op tomorrow and happy
  130. how long can splenius cervicis pain last
  131. ACDF Recovery patient, please advise!
  132. what is minimal disk space narrowing
  133. Can some one tell me what my report says PLEASE
  134. what is the loss of the normal cervical lordosis
  135. How bad can it get
  136. Dealing with VA doctors vs Private practice
  137. Pain between spine and shoulder blade
  138. Really worried, need some advice
  139. Need feedback DDD-frightened
  140. "Restless" feeling-anyone else have this?
  141. why does my neck click when I turn?
  142. Thoracic Spin MRI Results - What do you think?
  143. what helps with hands, arms nerve damage
  144. Spinal Stenosis
  145. MRI Result C5-6 indents spinal cord
  146. 2-wk follow-up appt went great
  147. C5/c6 And C6/c7 Levels
  148. Punched in the neck - PLEASE reply!
  149. surgery
  150. MRI Cervical results help understanding
  151. Will a SCS effect intimacy?
  152. that old burning feeling...
  153. small syrinx lots of symptoms
  154. Surgery set
  155. July needs another consult
  156. Need help with Cervical Spine MRI Results
  157. Surgery Novmber 19th ACDF C5-C7
  158. neck chest muscle spasm
  159. 5 days post-op and sick
  160. Sub Acute Degeneration of Spinal Cord and Low B12
  161. Cervical Spine Fusion
  162. myelogram
  163. Degenerative Disk Disease in pain please help!
  164. One week postop ACDF C6/7 w/PEEK cage - (m)...
  165. Advice on questions for surgeon for ACDF with fusion C5-6
  166. Bone Spurs - MRI RESULTS
  167. confused & freaked out
  168. MRI question.
  169. acdf of C4-C5 in '00, C5-C6-C-7 in '06... still in pain. now facet injections?
  170. Surgery was Nov 4th
  171. thanks for nothing folks
  172. Treatment for loss of cervical lordosis
  173. Things to keep occupied with after ACDF surgery
  174. medtronic spinal cord stimulators
  175. Surgery on Nov. 11
  176. how do I get surgery without insurance
  177. Barely hanging on. Long post, sorry
  178. Letter From Neurosurg To Thyroid Doc
  179. small syrinx lots of symptoms
  180. tingling sensation in back
  181. Muscle Spasms
  182. Second Opinion
  183. Acdf C6-c7, C5-6 Post Surgery
  184. MRI Readings In can Someone Help Read Very Scared
  185. Is this really due to my neck?
  186. nerve burn
  187. rusty hinge sounds in neck post op
  188. Anyone ever chicken out before surgery?
  189. neck surgery
  190. Oh, ouch! Steriod Epidural Shot.
  191. Running after disc surgery...??
  192. 13 year old.....please pray
  193. ACDF C5-6, Lumbar in future
  194. New to this board & having a lot of pain
  195. What Happens when you have Spinal Myelopathy? Is it Fatal? PLease Answer~
  196. Newly registered, long time reader
  197. How well do you sleep?
  198. cervical spine issues causing elbow pain?
  199. Need Advice On Fusion Or Disk Replacement???
  200. pins and needles/body weakness
  201. Severe upper back pain in AM only. Help?
  202. Do they do surgery just to remove bone spurs?
  203. Neck & Back Mri
  204. what is posterior bulging of intervertebral disc c2-3
  205. What is spine disc osteophyte complex
  206. ACDF with fusion C5-C7 amI doing the right thing?
  207. Is this muscular or related to spine-neck, thoracic?
  208. Broken Neck
  209. Surgery November 4th
  210. cervical spondalytis
  211. Eye pain with C spine stenosis
  212. MRI results
  213. new pain after c5-c6 acdf
  214. Neck caused headaches
  215. Scab on Spine
  216. Severe pain numbness is this normal?
  217. what is the code for a posterior discectomy?
  218. Cervical stenosis
  219. Really getting worried, major back pain
  220. neck and upper back pain
  221. Lilydilly.......leg pain
  222. denervation on my neck
  223. tendenitis of the spine
  224. MRI Report Help Please!!!!!
  225. Failed cervical fusion
  226. I REALLY need your advise about C spine
  227. I'm FUSED! :o) :o)
  228. MRI Results..help please
  229. Head jerking/tic
  230. neck and back of skull severe pain
  231. Disc Degenerative disease
  232. what is a pinched nerve in the cspine and the symptoms
  233. New MRI results - my C-Spine is falling apart!
  234. my grandson's neck is stuck to the side
  235. why does my neck pop click everyime i turn my head
  236. Neck pain
  237. Hemangioma of the spinal cord
  238. this neck pain and anxiety
  239. cervical decompression surgery or not??
  240. pain shooting down from both shoulders all down both arms
  241. NSAIDs & fusion
  242. My journey to a corpectomy.
  243. Neck pain followed by left shoulder pain
  244. Neck problems spreading?
  245. Help... pain spreading fast and new symptoms everyday
  246. How to tell if your fused -on x-ray
  247. MRI results and pictures...
  248. Upper back and shoulder pain radiating to jaw
  249. Headaches not going away
  250. Someone please help my spine hurts.