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  1. lifting and sitting post-op lumbar lam.
  2. What kind of surgery for bone spurs?
  3. Information on disc replacement Prodisc-c
  4. Botox failed. Now what?
  5. Post ACDF muscle relaxers
  6. Did anybody experience this?
  7. Can anybody help me with these MRI results?
  8. mattress for degenerative disk
  9. Postpone low back surgery???
  10. Third times a charm?
  11. Incomplete ACDF
  12. cervical laminectomy ?
  13. CT thoracic spine results -- can someone please explain them
  14. Update on my neck problems. Possible ADR, or ACDF in the near future
  15. The plan.....posterior cervical foraminotomy 5/22
  16. MRI Results - Please can anyone explain
  17. weird post-op symptoms, anyone else have them?
  18. MRI Results..Neck and Arm pain is driving me crazy!
  19. Can you help with mri results?
  20. Pregnancy with spondylolisthesis s1-l5 grade IV
  21. Still Neck Pain After Surgery
  22. C5-6-7 Issues
  23. Slipped disk or something worse?
  24. Anyone had a CT Myelogram - how long did headache last?
  25. rough martial arts class, now...
  26. Would like advice on MRI and looking for Fort Lauderdale area members.
  27. ACDF and voice issues?
  28. Can this happen!!!!
  29. Upcomming meeting to review MRI
  30. fusion C-5, C-6, C-7
  31. question about pain relievers for ACDF
  32. reversal cervical lordosis disk bulges,dessication. Please help
  33. reversal cervical lordosis disk bulges,dessication. Please help
  34. Sharp thoracic pain 12 weeks after cervical fusion
  35. Collars for ACDF recovery
  36. Tomorrow 3rd surgery in 5yrs........+ Fibromyalgia
  37. what is this post-op pain??
  38. Would like info on Discograms and Artificial Disc Replacement
  39. Circulatory Problems, Cellulitus, Osteomylitis, CSF Leak?
  40. Circulatory Problems, Cellulitus, Osteomylitis, CSF Leak?
  41. Pain after Botox
  42. What is considered 'normal' for the incision line after surgery?
  43. Is insomnia normal after disectomy and fusion?
  44. has anyone else had this with pain meds?
  45. ACDF recovery question
  46. cervical collar question
  47. Weight Gain Post ACDF
  48. My Neck Problem prt 2
  49. PLEASE -- I Need Help with MRI Results
  50. Cervical and Thoracic Spinal Pain in 16 year old...
  51. Are my symptoms related to my neck?
  52. Help!!! They want to cut me.
  53. Upper and Lower back pain post ACDF C5-6
  54. Botox questions
  55. Hello...
  56. I can't believe I'm asking this post-op question...
  57. Discography (Discogram)
  58. sharp upper back pain after cervical fusion
  59. Neck Cracking
  60. cervical facet & arm pain
  61. Will they have to shave my hair?
  62. Need help my fused vertebrae titanium screws broke
  63. Help! I have been diagnosed with Cervical Myelopathy and Scared to have Surgery
  64. New pain and swelling in foot
  65. Some Suggestions Prior to ACDF
  66. "settling" of plate and screws after fusion
  67. Which nerves affect the various body parts?
  68. Highlights of last week's MRI...take a look (please)
  69. Help - numbness..tingling...
  70. NECKPATIENT--Are you here ??
  71. Help with CT Scan results please
  72. Help with CT Scan results please
  73. Feelbad---Are you here ??
  74. Cauda Equina Syndrome
  75. Need Help finding a surgeon
  76. Havin 4 level fusion, when can I travel?
  77. Cervical Spondylosis and Headaches
  78. Going for first Facet Block tomorrow.I think I should feel better from surgery by now
  79. pre-surgery pain, but post surgery
  80. Dr. Jho
  81. mri results
  82. What to ready prior to ACDF?
  83. Hi JulyG and Neck Patient, it's Erin
  84. Fortune teller needed!! Is Surgery my future?
  85. Return to work after surgery
  86. C-spine MRI
  87. spondolythesis paralysis
  88. back-to-back surgeries scheduled -please chime in
  89. I have chronic tension headache caused by
  90. Any idea what this could mean?
  91. Thorasic spine surgery
  92. shoulder pain,I need advice
  93. what causes pain starting at base of head and neck down top shoulder going down my a
  94. considering surgery (anterior cervical discectomy and fusion) any advice???
  95. I'm so confused I'm not even sure where to post this
  96. consulting spinal at Cleveland Clinic
  97. Traction?
  98. pain down my arm and across shoulders
  99. Chronic Cervical Spinal Cord Edema
  100. Too young for degenerated disc?
  101. help w/ name of surgery and opinions
  102. Mild Disk Bulge
  103. tingling toes
  104. Facet injections -- expections
  105. Dizziness that will not go away
  106. Bilateral foraminal narrowing
  107. Saw PM today and I will be having a Facet block on March 21..have questions???
  108. My Mri,please read and help me
  109. Post Spinal Fusion and Cage Inset
  110. Anyone experiencing problems with the shoulders due to the neck
  111. Help MRI question
  112. What kind of doctor
  113. Bone Spurs in the neck
  114. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome after ACDF?
  115. Can spur-disc on thoracic spine cause numbess/tingling all over?
  116. Nerve Pain And Burning Leg Sensation
  117. ADR's?
  118. Range of motion?
  119. 3rd neck surgery what is next?
  120. before you have fusion surgery!
  121. transversemylitis
  122. Corpectomy...a question please could some one answer
  123. degenerative spine & ddd
  124. Scolios and Kyphosis- Can I Get Surgery?
  125. What do you do about lessened mobility?
  126. Posterior Cervical Foraminotomy....experiences?
  127. Posterior Fusion C3-7 on the 13th
  128. Help with Spinal Stenosis
  129. MRI questions
  130. Anyone had more pain after x-rays????
  131. Intraoperational stem trial
  132. Round 1 and Round 2....
  133. 6 year old diagnosed with syrinx
  134. horrid upper back pain...help
  135. Two failed rhizotonomies -- so now facet joint injections?
  136. Stenosis at age 39!
  137. Neck Pain
  138. Injections ??
  139. pain in neck and right shoulder
  140. Streching techniques for stiff body
  141. Pain medications
  142. Numb/Aching Hands
  143. Zanaflex
  144. Sammy?? Feelbad?? Memere??? Missing you all!!
  145. help with MRI report.
  146. Crushing upper back pain
  147. cervical CT scan - any thoughts??
  148. Trying to understand my mri results of the cervical spine
  149. What are the symptons of MS
  150. fentlyn patches what are the side effects
  151. 2nd opinion on Thursday for Cervical Stenosis/Surgery, etc. (m)...
  152. CSF fluid in brain.....
  153. Yesterday I had medial nerve branch block in the left lumbar area
  154. c5 c6 compresssion
  155. Overcoming extremity weakness w/o surgery
  156. 3 c-spine surgeries later and ........
  157. How can two mri's show completely different results?
  158. Neurostimulation / Spinal Cord Stimulation
  159. Intraspinal stimulator
  160. Surgery And I Am Worried!
  161. HELP...Diagnosed Over One Year After My Accident...Lots Of Questions !!!
  162. MRI Results: Neck and Back Pain
  163. Question for SKZ
  164. spinal stenosis
  165. 2 Weeks Post Op - Still in Agony
  166. Soon to have acdf surgery and was wondering
  167. sammy?
  168. headaches eye pain
  169. Pain down my arm and in between my shoulder blades
  170. What can i do to help fuse ?
  171. Anyone had ACDF then posterior a few years later?
  172. Neck Problem
  173. What else could it be?
  174. Chab & Ladybumblebee
  175. what is juvenile disc disorder
  176. Results?
  177. Please explain where the pain is coming from...
  178. dr visit
  179. Spinal cord compression and lower back pain
  180. Killer Headaches
  181. Had my acdf surgey 1-22-08
  182. How to read a M.R.I
  183. Bone spurs on C5/C6 impinging on esophagus
  184. Can someone help me understand my MRI?
  185. Anybody ever have a lumbar spine cyst?
  186. Recently dx w/ cervical & lumbar stenosis & have questions
  187. Recent MRI since surgery to fix part of the neck problems..trying to figure out the..
  188. Has anyone had the nerves burned in their neck for pain?
  189. Pain in neck
  190. bilateral spondylosis L5
  191. DISH - Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis
  192. myelomalacia
  193. Need advice
  194. A Success Story
  195. intense neck pain
  196. Translate my Discogram (Neck)
  197. Translate my Discogram (Neck)
  198. emg normal still weakness continues
  199. Excruciating Muscle Spasms?
  200. when I move around I feel pins and needles all over and vibrating feeling in feet and
  201. Son's surgery
  202. Degenerative disc disease in the cervical region
  203. Lightheadedness
  204. what does impinged nerve pain feel like?
  205. Lower Back Surgery
  206. Please help advise me
  207. surgery done
  208. What is definition of symptomatic?
  209. Hittman's Emg Results Today -
  210. Doug - "The Hittman" - Thinking of You!
  211. advice on what to do next
  212. Please help me with this pain long story please read
  213. 4 level posterior fusion
  214. Will Post Lami without fusion cause Kyphosis
  215. ljp from Boston or anyone else that has had laminoplasty
  216. Cervical fusion surgery
  217. Cervical Straightening L Muscle Spasm
  218. Could this pain be associated to spine?
  219. UPDATE - 6 month Post - Fusion C/5-C/7
  220. foot pain
  221. One hand gets freezing cold - I had ACDF and have 2 hern. disks
  222. missed injury c6/c7
  223. Post Surgery Fusion: Are there "Best Practices"?
  224. Back From NS and win't believe what he said~!!!!!!
  225. Headache
  226. husband getting a mylegram
  227. Not fused after 8 mos. post op.
  228. Bone Scan - "motion at a level of fusion"
  229. spondylolysis/spondylothesis
  230. Neckpatient are you out there? July needs a consult!
  231. Almost 14 Months Post Op Update
  232. 5 prev C-spine fusions NEW PAIN C2-C3 Ortho, Neuro or Chiro????
  233. T5 Burst Fracture - Surgery: 7-Level Thoracic Fusion (T2-T8) - Can You Relate???
  234. herianated disk l4 l5
  235. Please help new guy
  236. Help needed - am I normal!!!
  237. Pain In Spinal Cord
  238. Physical therapy
  239. burning pain between shoulder blades
  240. neck pain
  241. Burning Hot poker feeling at base of neck and shoulder is back!! I want to cry!!!
  242. Monarog-Good luck!!
  243. what is discectomy with fusion and plating?
  244. HELP! Anybody diagnosed with degenerative disk arthritis C5 - C7?
  245. Glucousomine/Chondrotin helpfull?
  246. feelbad surgery info.
  247. ACDF w/o Help
  248. darvecet
  249. neurosurgeons who specialize in adult tethered cord syndrome
  250. pain running down right arm with numbness

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