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  1. mri of neck, need help interpreting results
  2. Update from Ortho surgeon consult! New things to rule out before surgery.
  3. Massage
  4. spinal cord stimulator ?
  5. tramadol and itching
  6. Laser treatment for neck?
  7. any treatment short of surgery for L4-L5 and L5-Ls1
  8. fed up!!!!
  9. Severe Popping (slip?) two disks under cervical fusions
  10. lumbar cynovial cysts
  11. reverse lordosis
  12. Neck, shoulder, migraine issues.
  13. Spine AZ, bone-growth stimulator
  14. Anyone with broken screws ACDF?
  15. RE: CT Report to SPINE AZ
  16. neck pain mri results
  17. Bad Burning neck and scapula pain. Mornings are so hard-need support
  18. When Did You Fall on Your Head?
  19. How long can the relief from ESIs last
  20. Narcotic for neck pain?, percocet, oxycontin?
  21. neck and arm pain
  22. Failed Back Surgery Sydrome
  23. Cervical Neck Problem
  24. another ??
  25. c5-6 physical pain...
  26. Spinal Fusion (C5)
  27. message to THJ2U
  28. Cervical spine problem - Having dizziness and headache
  29. Sore Upper Arms
  30. Loss of Motion in my neck.
  31. I have a funny dull burning pain in my right foot
  32. reversal of cervical lordosis
  33. spinal cord
  34. cervical injections for facet pain
  35. Fireworks in a Neck Brace !
  36. ACDF- Recovery with children
  37. C5,6,7 troubles
  38. cirvical spondylosis
  39. Multiple cervical fusions
  40. Bad Neck Adjusment Seems to Have Led to a World of Hurt
  41. 2nd ACDF?
  42. HELP. Severe localized pain right under my neck...spinal fusion...
  43. Neck Injury PLEASE HELP!! Feeling very weird!
  44. What and MRI gonna give me?
  45. message for chablis
  46. Help! Spinal surgery 3 mos ago! Advice!
  47. 3 Years Post ACDF With New Issues
  48. How long does it take to fuse on a cervical fusion?
  49. Inner ear pain - does anyone know?
  50. Surgery Question
  51. john
  52. enlarged spinal canal
  53. Posterior Cervical Laminectomy symptoms
  54. my kid's friend from high School
  55. Whiplash and chronic neck pain.
  56. Car Accident
  57. New to this board - Bone Spur
  58. how long does it take to get relief from pain after a cervical discectomy with fusion
  59. Spine disc extrusion, need help!
  60. what does mild post op enhancement of thecal sac mean
  61. Epidural steroid injections
  62. New On Board!!!
  63. cervical surgery & yawning
  64. Post op cervical posterior foraminotomy pain issues
  65. RF -- 3 times a charm?
  66. MRI Results
  67. MRI. Can anyone translate?
  68. Mental confusion with cervical problems
  69. Questions for Neuro about 2 level ACDF C 4-5 C 5-6. Need some suggestions.
  70. Burning Of Nerves Any Advice?
  71. steroids/prednisone before possible surgery? advice please.
  72. Voltaren/Diclofenac -anyone taken?
  73. MRI Cervical Spine with & w/o contrast
  74. CENTRAL SENSITIZATION SYNDROME! just been diagnosed
  75. pain on the sacrum from squats
  76. Exercise Anyone?
  77. Had a cervical foraminotomy C5-6 on Monday
  78. 3 level ACDF still experiencing severe pain
  79. Dr. John Regan / California
  80. back pain
  81. L5/S1 Decompression; pain; Facet Joints; more pain!
  82. c 5-6 post op
  83. Neck Problem?
  84. hard cervical collars
  85. symptoms of problems with C6,7-T1,
  86. Shoulder and Arm Pain with left pointer finger numbness
  87. what is a milogram test
  88. cervical fusion draining?
  89. issues w/ surgeon, heading to post-op appt -help
  90. Cervical spondalytis
  91. spinal cord tia
  92. Neck is killing me!
  93. cortisone tablets? Would you take them?
  94. Back from 2-level revision surgery
  95. New, scared and in need help understanding MRI & Doctors Opinion
  97. neck pain
  98. whne swallowing
  99. Short Spinal Cord & Congenital Kyphosis
  100. Pregnancy and Back problems
  101. c spine 567 fused
  102. Searching for member went to Germany for surgery to stop headaches
  103. Which medications should I request?
  104. What is being pinched if when you sit and your hand goes numb
  105. tramal/tramadol/ultram itching. Safe to keep taking?
  106. syrinx in thoracic
  107. rigid back muscle
  108. Need to moan/whine/whimper/laugh/cry. Anyone care to join me?
  109. Message For Sammy
  110. Neck pain!
  111. What's the next step?
  112. Pain in the neck
  113. Neck pain
  114. ACDF 16 Wks Post-op & Still Miserable - Advice/Hope Wanted
  115. What The Heck
  116. Anterior Spinal/Cervical Decompression & Fusion 2 mos ago. Advice!
  117. CT Scan Results????
  118. profound muscle loss in leg
  119. question about tethered spinal cord
  120. What does this mean? i am still confused about some things
  121. Bulging disc pressing on spinal cord
  122. need recommendation for neuro surgeon in Boston with cerivcal ACDF experience
  123. MRI Results
  124. C6-7 now blowing out - Can't swallow - anybody else?
  125. Any Ideas ? Have posted on other boards ..Some thoughts
  126. Post Op Cervical Bracing??
  127. For those who have delayed neck surgery
  128. family med leave
  129. Results from Neuro apt. 2 level ACDF coming soon! Scared
  130. Fed up with Neck pain!! (sorry if this is long)
  131. Idiopathic spinal cord injury
  132. neck pain but no arm pain?
  133. Had the Post. Cerv. Foraminotomy on Tuesday....update
  134. Neck pain
  135. Follow-up Appt. (May 15) Surgeon now talking about ADR ..C4
  136. C5/C6 cervical epidural...now swollen wrist
  137. Need Help - MRI Spine Cervical
  138. Another one that needs help on MRI
  139. Hi, I got my Lumbar MRI results, can I post here? (1 yr post ACDF C5-6)
  140. Appt. with Neuro on Friday! Nervous and anxious, scared of more surgery,need support
  141. SpineAZ? Are you still having surgery this Thursday??
  142. Do anyone here have vertebral hemanigomas?
  143. depressed need help
  144. Neurontin ? and other pain meds
  145. numbness
  146. Throat pain?
  147. surgery day is almost here (lumbar) -tips?
  148. New To This Board - Need Your Help
  149. Any advice?
  150. If you had a cervical spine issue....
  151. July, are you out there?
  152. STILL having PAIN five months post ACDF C5-C7
  153. Burning neck/face pain/ increases with exercise/please help
  154. Can I still have an MRI?
  155. reassurance and advice re neck pain
  156. Neckpatient--How are you ??
  157. Post Cervical Surgery
  158. Questions about tears in your bulging cervical discs??? Help I am scared!!!
  159. Quest for the knowledgable neck people, is my neck the prob??
  160. Driving after ACDF
  161. Posterior cervical foraminotomy?
  162. reversal of cervical lordosis, disc bulge with mass on thecal sac
  163. Crazy Sideffects
  164. Post sx: ACDF C5-C6
  165. Please help anyone
  166. Always Get A Second Opinion!!!!!!
  167. Surgeries close together?
  168. Erin Let us know how you are!!!!!
  169. acd and ced??
  170. Living with the pain
  171. Physical Therapy
  172. More Than 1 Year after C5-6 ACDF and Problems
  173. Subluxation C5/6
  174. Elliptical machines
  175. Can you ever do traction after a fusion?
  176. New and need help with Cervical MRL, please, please.
  177. lifting and sitting post-op lumbar lam.
  178. What kind of surgery for bone spurs?
  179. Information on disc replacement Prodisc-c
  180. Botox failed. Now what?
  181. Post ACDF muscle relaxers
  182. Did anybody experience this?
  183. Can anybody help me with these MRI results?
  184. mattress for degenerative disk
  185. Postpone low back surgery???
  186. Third times a charm?
  187. Incomplete ACDF
  188. cervical laminectomy ?
  189. CT thoracic spine results -- can someone please explain them
  190. Update on my neck problems. Possible ADR, or ACDF in the near future
  191. The plan.....posterior cervical foraminotomy 5/22
  192. MRI Results - Please can anyone explain
  193. weird post-op symptoms, anyone else have them?
  194. MRI Results..Neck and Arm pain is driving me crazy!
  195. Can you help with mri results?
  196. Pregnancy with spondylolisthesis s1-l5 grade IV
  197. Still Neck Pain After Surgery
  198. C5-6-7 Issues
  199. Slipped disk or something worse?
  200. Anyone had a CT Myelogram - how long did headache last?
  201. rough martial arts class, now...
  202. Would like advice on MRI and looking for Fort Lauderdale area members.
  203. ACDF and voice issues?
  204. Can this happen!!!!
  205. Upcomming meeting to review MRI
  206. fusion C-5, C-6, C-7
  207. question about pain relievers for ACDF
  208. reversal cervical lordosis disk bulges,dessication. Please help
  209. reversal cervical lordosis disk bulges,dessication. Please help
  210. Sharp thoracic pain 12 weeks after cervical fusion
  211. Collars for ACDF recovery
  212. Tomorrow 3rd surgery in 5yrs........+ Fibromyalgia
  213. what is this post-op pain??
  214. Would like info on Discograms and Artificial Disc Replacement
  215. Circulatory Problems, Cellulitus, Osteomylitis, CSF Leak?
  216. Circulatory Problems, Cellulitus, Osteomylitis, CSF Leak?
  217. Pain after Botox
  218. What is considered 'normal' for the incision line after surgery?
  219. Is insomnia normal after disectomy and fusion?
  220. has anyone else had this with pain meds?
  221. ACDF recovery question
  222. cervical collar question
  223. Weight Gain Post ACDF
  224. My Neck Problem prt 2
  225. PLEASE -- I Need Help with MRI Results
  226. Cervical and Thoracic Spinal Pain in 16 year old...
  227. Are my symptoms related to my neck?
  228. Help!!! They want to cut me.
  229. Upper and Lower back pain post ACDF C5-6
  230. Botox questions
  231. Hello...
  232. I can't believe I'm asking this post-op question...
  233. Discography (Discogram)
  234. sharp upper back pain after cervical fusion
  235. Neck Cracking
  236. cervical facet & arm pain
  237. Will they have to shave my hair?
  238. Need help my fused vertebrae titanium screws broke
  239. Help! I have been diagnosed with Cervical Myelopathy and Scared to have Surgery
  240. New pain and swelling in foot
  241. Some Suggestions Prior to ACDF
  242. "settling" of plate and screws after fusion
  243. Which nerves affect the various body parts?
  244. Highlights of last week's MRI...take a look (please)
  245. Help - numbness..tingling...
  246. NECKPATIENT--Are you here ??
  247. Help with CT Scan results please
  248. Help with CT Scan results please
  249. Feelbad---Are you here ??
  250. Cauda Equina Syndrome