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  1. recent MRI results - interpretation for the lay person
  2. 7th. cervical vertabra
  3. choking after surgery
  4. what does narrowing of the neural foramina mean
  5. OPLL: ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament
  6. Popping sound in my neck 8 weeks post ACDF/Corpectomy
  7. Again question about wierd achiness from bellybutton to throat..
  8. extremely weird problem
  9. cyst on the spinal cord
  10. Doctor in Los Angeles?
  11. need some input please
  12. need someone to talk to
  13. Help to understand the re-read of original MRI. Can someone explain?
  14. Listen to your gut.... Good news!
  15. questions
  16. Stabbing Pain with Spasm! What is it?
  17. Had ESI on Fri! Had a hard time after and I am still very weak! Tired of all of this
  18. Questions to ask the dr. list
  19. Re-bulging after fusions
  20. Advice be careful where you step
  21. please help me
  22. Post Traumatic Syringomyelia (Syrinx)
  23. Cervical Stim and INCREASED pain and Other Symptoms
  24. Pinched nerve in my lumbar back
  25. Advice For ldunn522
  26. Having the last of 3 ESI's on Friday! Neuro Apt. Dec. 14th
  27. Need surgery for Bony Cervical Central Canal Stenosis
  28. Neck Pain
  29. Hurts to breathe,pain under & around scapula
  30. Update 6 weeks out after corpectomy and ACDF
  31. My new ZERO GRAVITY recliners
  32. How was everyones holiday, one down two to go!
  33. Radiofrequency Ablation
  34. I have been diagnosed with a Cervical Myelopathy
  35. Recent Anterior Cervical Discectomy
  36. browns-sequard syndrome
  37. numbness in the arm and tingling in the fingers
  38. bilateral facet joint hypertrophy
  39. Has anyone had Artifical Disc implanted in Cervical Spine ??
  40. disc bulge
  41. antibiotics for dental work or surgery?
  42. Where can I find Cervical Nerve Root Distribution Info. (m)..
  43. Bad muscle(?) pain in shoulder following ACDF
  44. minimal myelomalacia at C5/C6
  45. Barmc5 are you out there? Heel pain
  46. what is a paracentral disc extrusion at the level of c6-c7
  47. MRI Results (neck/thoracic) two protrusions/on spinal cord (m)...
  48. How Long should I wait before deciding on surgery??
  49. post surgery ?
  50. Pain in arm AND heel back in less than a week from injection
  51. Spinal fusion ... Anterior Cervical Discectomy
  52. The radiating arm pain is back again and worse. I am scared!!
  53. Cervical/Thoracic w/out Contrast results (m)..
  54. what is central focal disc protrusion of C4-C5
  55. how many cervical spinal epidurals to get rid of pain
  56. herinited cervical discs, lumbar discs
  57. parasthesia & burning
  58. Reversed Lordotic Curve
  59. Having increased pain and weakness in left arm since the ESI! Scared!!
  60. Women who have had MISS - on neck....
  61. mri findings
  62. Spinal Fusion L5 S1 on the 14th with fibromyalgia. What to expect.
  63. SKZ Sue How are you?
  64. Does shivering from cold give you muscle spasms?
  65. Nerve Block in the side of my neck
  66. Has anyone had facet joint injections??
  67. neuroendoscopic cervical surgery
  68. Having a transforaminal ESI tomorrow morning!
  69. FINALLY, MRI RESULTS - Can you guys give me some input?
  70. Pain down the front of my foot
  71. Help with X-Ray results
  72. cervical lordosis with mild reversal
  73. Had the MRI and X-rays today -?? about results
  74. AGH!!!!!! REINJURED 6 Mo. AFTER ACDF!!!!
  75. Neck cracking
  76. So Dissapointed!!! Frustrated!
  77. Help!!!!!!
  78. 1.5 hemangioma at T6, smaller one at T3
  79. MD Brain and Spine
  80. Surgery
  81. Help
  82. newbie [63yo] seeks advice, comments
  83. Wat Work
  84. 20 Months Post ACDF C5-C7
  85. Rjs301 .......
  86. minimal degenerative with early posterior osteophytes what does this mean in the neck
  87. why did the screws come out after my sons spinal surgery
  88. Calling all 3-level ACDF - How's your ROM?
  89. MRI Report any advice????
  90. Anterior Cervical Discectomy
  91. Advice about post-op issues
  92. Cervical Disc -- Minimally Invasive Surgery (MISS) / Endoscopy
  93. disc degeneration
  94. disc degeneration
  95. Breathing issues due to cervical spine PRE surgery.....??
  96. need advice ruptured c5-6,c6-7
  97. titanium plate and damaged nerves in feet
  98. c6 thru t1 fracture...
  99. Help With Diagnosis Please
  100. What Is Posterior Disc Osteophyte Ridging
  101. Update 5 days after corpectomy and level 3 discectomy
  102. Neck pain spreading through shoulders
  103. cervical spine problems
  104. what happends if you lost spinal fluid by jumping during a spinal tap. My mri shows
  105. For Sadie22 - questions on neck surgeries
  106. electrical shocks in head
  107. Arthritic Mass on spinal cord
  108. plugged ears
  109. Critical Information About Spinal Cord Tumors
  110. How long were you in pain before you had surgery??
  111. ESI - What To Expect?
  112. thyroid disease and tingling and numbness?? not going away
  113. Scheduled for surgery but still unsure......
  114. MRI of neck
  115. Had my first ESI yesterday since ACDF 18 months ago...
  116. Help understanding MRI
  117. I was in a car accident last year...
  118. Ttrider ?
  119. Facet block????'s Foramiotomy??
  120. help understanding mri
  121. How to function on pain management meds ?
  122. 2 Weeks post op ACDF on C5-6 and I have some questions!!
  123. bulging disc
  124. laserspineinstute of tampa, fl
  125. Questions on Neck Surgeries
  126. help interpreting MRI please...
  127. c3-c7
  128. nerve damage after fusion
  129. Mri C-spine Results
  130. Would you let a board certified orthopedic surgeon do ACDF?
  131. To have surgery or not to have surgery!!!??
  132. scared of cervical laminectomy...help!
  133. left fingers numb and right foot numb and can't bend
  134. Had Epidural in cervical spine 2 days ago still in pain help!
  135. Pain in my neck... not sure what it is
  136. 17 mo. post fusion and need more ESI - pain is back.
  137. Questions about EMG and NCV
  138. Please share experiences with cortisone injections
  139. now have muscle loss after surgery
  140. what causes pain in the right shoulder blade area that goes up to the head?
  141. If I may ask
  142. I'm at a lost sigh
  143. My mom
  144. 3 Level ACDF C4-C7 done on 09/24/07
  145. Still NOT showing signs of Fusing. What does it mean? LONG.. sorry
  146. Can this happen?
  147. My body emits a gravitational force!
  148. 4 weeks post-op ACDF and Corpectomy
  149. Help what does this mean?
  150. Neck pain again a year after acdf surgery
  151. Anyone here take a dose of oral steroids for inflamation??? WHat about trigger point?
  152. New event :Major rubberband like snap in neck
  153. Crps
  154. What happens when you lose confidence in your Doctor??
  155. Levator Scapula spasm is now formaminal stenosis?
  156. BMP Questions
  157. rosotomy
  158. OH NO...now they've added a corpectomy
  159. ACDF--How will I know when?
  160. degen cervical disc affected by weather?
  161. L C6 Selective Nerve Root Block
  162. C5 and C6
  163. Neck Patient, tell us about Selective Nerve Root blocks
  164. Pain Control
  165. Did cervical epidurals work for anyone here??
  166. Getting some Vicodin prescribed
  167. Post ACDF- Massage does it help or hurt?
  168. Best workout or exercise for us
  169. All retired or stay at homes with long time injury and pain
  170. When theres nothing left, What do they do?
  171. How do you deal with your family
  172. Tired of all this pain!!!
  173. What exercises are people doing post-fusion (if any)?
  174. Sleepless on Tylox ? ? ?
  175. Fusion c5 c6 c7 ...Questions.......
  176. Anybody take TRAMADOL (Ultram)?
  177. How are you doing (if you've had surgery 3-9 months ago)?
  178. Brand spanking new and need help!!!
  179. I have had ACDF and PCDF will anything work for me?Pain still here.
  180. Help!!! Don't know where to start!! Need your thoughts and support!!!
  181. Neck problems, not sure if this goes here
  182. Lyrica?
  183. Please list your thorasic symptoms for me
  184. can anyone shed some light on this?
  185. Foraminotomy Info?
  186. Miami J Collar vs. Philadelphia Collar
  187. Back From Neuro!! More procedures--later life fusion!!
  188. Back problems causing bowel trouble?
  189. Microdiscectomy for L5-S1 big extrusion? How many of you had it?
  190. Is this the right surgery?
  191. epidural injections??? Need advice please.
  192. Miami J Cervical Collar
  193. MRI Interpretation???
  194. 5 months post ACDF, zip, nada, zero improvement, where to turn?
  195. Help - Need c5c6, c6c7, c7t1, possible c4c5 fusion surgery
  196. C5-C6 Cord Compression and Urinary Problems
  197. wierd throat achy scratchy pain issue
  198. Has anyone had to stop working due to Cervical Pain? And what does your day look like
  199. pain in right groin
  200. Zero Gravity Recliners
  201. Does this make sense to you?
  202. Confused about my MRI and have some questions ??? Please help??
  203. recovery from spinal cord stimulator surgery
  204. morphine pump issue
  205. Quik Update
  206. Bruised Spinal Cord ACDF C3C4-C4C5-C5C6
  207. Scared..
  208. Disc Protrusion at T11-12
  209. Cervical Disc Fusion Questions ;
  210. Migraines & neck, can't take it
  211. SCS surgery today
  212. Father in immense pain, MRI result included
  213. Fiona Jo and DJL are you guys still around????
  214. Numbness and spasms 2 years post ACDF
  215. Spinal Fusion On 8/31/07
  216. Questions about injections & broad based central disc protrusion??
  217. Cor/pectomy HELP?????
  218. HELP! interpreting MRI and any suggestions for pain relife.
  219. Newly Diagnosed Lumbar Spondylosis
  220. Any one have a spinal cord stimulator?
  221. Scoliosis
  222. Tinnitus - ear ringing - Post Op ACDF
  223. acdf and chronic pain
  224. Update
  225. what to expect from acdf c5-c6??
  226. MRI results
  227. How do I post JPEG xrays?
  228. 3 mos. checkup and movement of screws???
  229. Question-unexplained bruising
  230. Spondylolesthisis (probably spelt that wrong!)
  231. Particular Neck Spasm Runs in Family
  232. Rehabilatation Dr. next, whats his job?
  233. Advil upsets my stomach. Now what?
  234. Woke up this morning and neck is really hurting!!!!! Tired of pain!
  235. EMG test really surprised DR.
  236. Is using Advil 7 months post fusion OK?
  237. newby
  238. elbow pain now
  239. l5-s1 microsurgery post operative pain in other leg
  240. Calling all ACDF patients, which side of throat was your incision?
  241. Severe pressure at the base of the skull
  242. C-spine issues leading to Parkinson's Disease
  243. Approaching two years post laminectomy
  244. numbness???
  245. Lumbar Spine Microscopic Surgery
  246. Better Posture Post Fusion and MORE! SHARE your POST fusion POSITIVES
  247. Bone scans anyone?
  248. Pain back 4 months after surgery
  249. MRI-Results
  250. multiple level fusions...more surgery?