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  1. I'm done with PT...YEA!
  2. Cervical foraminal stenosis?
  3. Back pain MRI translation questions
  4. Left Arm Weaker After Surgery - Help
  5. Numbness in left pointer finger
  6. M.R.I Translation/Questions
  7. Spinal Stenosis, Neuropathy, Cervical Spine, Bulging discs, Acdf
  8. Let me elaborate
  9. Oh sorry totally forgot a question I had and it is a tally the one I wanted to ask
  10. What do you all think
  11. Cervical ESI
  12. C4-C7 ACDF in 2009
  13. Recent MRI's,disturbing symptoms possible chiari?
  14. Frustrated!!!
  15. Mri analysis
  16. New lumbar MRI. So why am I still in pain?
  17. Unhappy with nhs care
  18. Hi Im new looking for advice and support:)
  19. Need help with MRI results
  20. Thoracic radiculopathy with scapular pain 9 mos post fx
  21. PT has turned against me!
  22. My pre-laminoplasty MRI
  23. Terrible Neck Spasms After Having Nerves Burned
  24. How do you cope?
  25. Laminoplasty
  26. Newly MRI'd
  27. Stenosis vs compression
  28. Thoracic - focal bulges - uncertain clinical significance
  29. New Member -Cervical problem lead to sacroiliitis?
  30. update, since neurosurgeon
  31. Help - MRI showing three cervical herniations with spondylosis and stenosis
  32. Titanium Mesh Disc Implant??
  33. Cervical MRI Report. What does it mean?
  34. Pop rock sound in neck and spine. Year long headache
  35. Scared and more scared
  36. Help with understanding MRI please
  37. PLEASE help with MRI results!
  38. 6 weeks post-op extreme neck pain
  39. c5/c6 c6/c7 surgery
  40. Post Cervical Surgery Issues
  41. Syrinx Questions- sorry so long
  42. Herniation @ t7/8 with sryinx
  43. Core exercises for core strengthening
  44. Update on drooping eyelid...
  45. pressure from others that you are healed since you had surgery
  46. New Symptoms... drooping eyelid, decreased nasolabial fold
  47. Hello
  48. 2nd say of PT, have questions?
  49. Cervical stenosis - MRI results & surgical decision
  50. Help with reading MRI results of C-Spine PLEASE
  51. Please explain PT to me?
  52. New symptoms
  53. How do you use the computer?
  54. nerve damage causing muscle twiches
  55. Emotions up and down
  56. home after 10 days... 3 level ACDF
  57. plate removal after acdf c-5-6, 6-7. Decision needed!
  58. Could someone please help me w this MRI?
  59. Hi, I'm new with MRI results and alot of questions.
  60. Shoulder and arm pain for too long
  61. Being a pain in the neck :(
  62. Cervicogenic headaches?
  63. Home from spine surgeon... UPDATE
  64. Me again wanting advice re quickly progressing symptoms... thanks
  65. Moderate to severe Neural forminal compromise
  66. I'm frustrated .....
  67. Extreme Tiredness
  68. Hello, not sure if this is the right board.
  69. Me again, grasping at straws...
  70. What does this MRI mean???
  71. Cancelled surgery...
  72. Cervical nerve compression c5-6
  73. New to boards and surgery date
  74. Still in hospital...
  75. Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome after Cervical fusion
  76. ACDF Post-Op Severe Neck Pain
  77. Side effects of Hydrocodone & Tizanidine
  78. cervical myelomalacia help
  79. Not sure what the correct term is
  80. Need Help with MRI Results
  81. Need help with MRI results
  82. Do I have any options left?
  83. dr told me to get ssdi
  84. mri results waiting to see orthepeadic clinician
  85. Teusday is the day...
  86. complex and confusing
  87. Muscle relaxer question
  88. Toddler Spinal Cord
  89. Anyone like me?
  90. acdf 567 recovery, depression, anxiety expections from family 7 weeks Post Op
  91. Pre-op day yesterday...
  92. Feeling better, but new symptom
  93. Hospital for Special Surgeries in NYC
  94. Left side of face numbness
  95. question about noise in head
  96. recent tethered cord surgery
  97. Broken Titanium Screws
  98. Intubated after surgery?
  99. Interpret Myelogram
  100. Ortho Spine Surgeon v. Neurosurgeon
  101. Spinal pre-op blues.
  102. Numbness from chin to incision site after ACDF
  103. cervical disc disease
  104. So I'm curious...
  105. Airy noise/ringing in the ears
  106. I feel like crying! Symptoms suddenly worse.
  107. :confused: Please Help With Clarification of MRI Results!
  108. Ready to say "screw it" to ALL dr's!
  109. Help With X Ray Please
  110. mri results not understood
  111. Spine surgeons office called today
  112. I have a date!!!!!
  113. pain in right shoulder blade down to right hand
  114. Vitamins and weight gain
  115. Concerned due to Not a good candidate for surgery
  116. daughter has hemangioma on lower back
  117. Looking for some advice new symptom on continued back pain.
  118. Stopped driving...
  119. Post op recovery from Spinal Surgery, depressing
  120. MRI results interpretation
  121. Results from last weeks MRI.
  122. mri result so confused
  123. Stitches are sticking out help
  124. Help understanding MRI results
  125. Need reconstructive spine surgery
  126. I guess I'm all yours now!
  127. Removal of Cervical Instrumentation
  128. Well! I guess my "crunchy neck" is something - but what??
  129. Beyond irritated with the neurosurgeon
  130. Bad day today...
  131. acdf post surgery nearly 4 months!
  132. Social Security Disability
  133. MRI report HELP!!!
  134. shoud i be driving a car
  135. More confused after appt with NS
  136. C3 - T3 spinal decompression and fussion
  137. I Need help with MRI results of my cervical spine, having a lot of symptoms
  138. neck is a mess need advise
  139. Saw two neruologist yesterday.
  140. Question for those with c4/5 issues
  141. What is going on with my neck!??
  142. spasticity
  143. Upper arm pain - is it related to C6-C7 herniation?
  144. Can anyone help me understand my MRI results?
  145. pain after surgery for ACDF C5-C6
  146. Trying to understand the pain process
  147. Finally some information :)
  148. Cevical related or nerve related?
  149. Back to the drawing board- saw NS
  150. Pinched Nerve?
  151. Cervical Spine MRI - what does it mean? thanks!
  152. Leg issues and odd pains
  153. Found a spine doc! (for C6-C7 herniation)
  154. Cyst In Neck Spinal Cord
  155. Posterior Cervical Laminectomy - Postoperative Dizzeness
  156. Need advice
  157. Reappearing symptoms after ACDF surgery-not sure what to do
  158. 2 Years post op L4-S1 fusion
  159. Help with MRI and doctor type
  160. Neck-pls help-doesnt sound muscular
  161. Return to normal activity after C6-C7 fusion?
  162. cervical spine MRI
  163. MRI question
  164. Clumsiness after laminectomy
  165. Needs help with my ayrinx
  166. MRI results are in - make little sense
  167. C6-C7 herniation and puzzlement
  168. Cervical spine injury puzzle
  169. anterior cervical discectomy next week, dont know what to expect...
  170. As promised, mri results... VERY LONG POST!
  171. Need to vent... sorry, probably long and full of self pity.
  172. My thoughts on pain
  173. new to board... neck is a mess
  174. Continued Muscle Tightness & Spasms Need Advice
  175. Severe Lower back pain!
  176. Pain injection info please?
  177. disc rupture c4-5
  178. Cervical MRI help
  179. cervical lamanectomy
  180. New here... please help me understand MRI
  181. Two weeks post acdf pain
  182. Reverse Cervical Lordosis
  183. Help with MRI reaults please
  184. what's the difference between...
  185. horrible pain - and like ear ache and toothache
  186. Activities to Avoid; Exercises to Try
  187. Mri
  188. cervical osteophytes
  189. Help understanding my mri report
  190. MRI help -dizziness and loss of coordination of left leg
  191. Posterior Foraminotomy - C5-C6
  192. Question for those who have had fusion??
  193. 6 yrs post C4-6 fusion..new symptoms-CRAP
  194. Feedback from Fushion patients?
  195. C6 Cord Compression
  196. Emg
  197. help with mri translation
  198. Help! Been to 3 docs for stiff pain! Frustrated
  199. Cervical Epidural injection?
  200. post acdf 7 weeks
  201. Advice for Posterior Incision
  202. Does degenerative disease of the cervical spine common for TMJD sufferes?
  203. Medication in the days before acdf surgery
  204. My baby finger is on fire
  205. 3 Months Post-Op Spinal Fusion at L5/S1
  206. Laminectomy Surgical & Postop, MRI,CT Report Help Requestd
  207. disc issues and height loss????
  208. Steroid injections??
  209. Lumber MRI Question
  210. Nesting for my surgery, sleeping area,pillows... etc.
  211. c5c6 c6c7 t11t12 L1L2
  212. Nerve Damage in S2, S3, S4
  213. Got GREAT news today!
  214. Problem with Meds, need others experience
  215. Please share your recovery,Does it hurt any more to have bone spurs/cysts removed?
  216. C3 through C6 ACDF...
  217. Posterior Cervical Laminectomy Patients - How Are You Now
  218. 4 days post-op 3 level acdf w/ corpectomy
  219. understanding my myelogram Please Help
  220. C7-T1 ACDF and Foraminotomy recovery
  221. question about spinal surgery
  222. MRI from 2010
  223. MRI Help- can anyone help answer some questions
  224. Help with MRI report
  225. herneated disc on C7, surgery to prevent nerve dying?
  226. Burning feeling in spine??
  227. Lifestyle Changes for Herniated Disc Sufferers
  228. Spinal cord injury
  229. hydrocodone vs. Oxycodone
  230. Post op
  231. Medication side effects breathing problems
  232. DDD of my whole cervical Spine???
  233. Cervical fusion advice :)
  234. Help understanding MRI And best doctor/specialist to see..
  235. myelomalacia im terrified please help
  236. dumbbell tumor???
  237. spondylosis
  238. What do you know about facet joints?
  239. Why wear a collar when you have hardware?
  240. Attention to people between 50 and 65 post surgery with degenerative disc disease
  241. Spasms Returned With a Vengence
  242. 4weeks post op ACDF
  243. Acdf c-6-7
  244. How do you pass the time while recuperating?
  245. What do you do if you can't walk outside?
  246. serious neck injury
  247. ACDF 3 weeks ACDF and starting light jogging etc.... advice???
  248. Three-Level ACDF 1/11/12 - Pain??
  249. My MRI Result please help
  250. Pain management specialist disagrees with MRI report of cervical & lumbar disc issues

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