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  1. I dont know what to do??
  2. Anxiety- Can I have opinions please.
  3. only buspar?
  4. Help! Is there anyone else out there?
  5. Paxil: wanting to increase dosage (titrate) with Vitamins
  6. my whole body feels as if it's trembling
  7. Feel Like I'm Regressing
  8. What just happened to me?
  9. *sigh* I guess here is where I'll get more help. :]
  10. Anyone switch from Lexapro to Celexa?
  11. Is this from my anxiety???
  12. Anxiety again?
  13. Anyone take Ativan- lorazepam long term every day?
  14. Holiday Stress And Physically Sick
  15. Social Anxiety
  16. dentist/anxiety
  17. flying anxiety/panic attacks
  18. Help With Stress & Anxiety
  19. self medicating with alcohol?
  20. pristiq for anxiety?
  21. Still anxious on lexapro/cipralex but sleeping much better
  22. natural help for anxiety?
  23. Panic attacks - need to talk to someone...
  24. On Lexapro for a year...symptoms coming back :(
  25. Dreaded Early Morning Feelings??
  26. lorazepam
  27. Cymbalta
  28. How do any of you deal with this part of anxiety?
  29. Sleep trouble taking prozac at night
  30. Afraid to leave the house?
  31. Is Xanax responsible for my weight gain?
  32. Anyone Take Anxiety Med At Bedtime--What Do You Use During The Day?
  33. Blushing too much!
  34. Cimbalta
  35. panic without racing heart
  36. Zoloft, this stuff scares me !!
  37. can side effects of lexapro START in the 3rd week of taking it?
  38. a viscious circle
  39. whats going on with me
  40. Go back on meds or not??
  41. Those who've taken Xanax-Can it do this?
  42. Celexa and emotions
  43. Antidepressants and alcohol
  44. Feeling in my chest
  45. xanax withdrawal symptoms??or something else?
  46. Low Testesterone, cause Anxiety-Depression symptoms??
  47. When does the pain stop?
  48. Twitching with anxious thoughts
  49. Anybody had problems moving to college?
  50. Massage for anxiety
  51. New here, been browsing the boards and thought I'd join.
  52. Need some advice
  53. this board
  54. I don't know if this is real. Someone help me.
  55. Beta Blocker's For Anxiety???
  56. Anxiety and everyday symptoms..
  57. Dizziness from Anxiety
  58. Worrying, especially when waking up, is starting to affect my life negatively.
  59. anxiety
  60. My Symptoms
  61. Klonopin Success Stories
  62. to those with faint feelings during panic
  63. xanax success stories
  64. what happens if you drink alcohol on paxil?
  65. On Lexapro but still have to take Xanax - why????
  66. eyes and anxiety
  67. vistaril???
  68. how to control Anxiety
  69. Overwhelmed
  70. anxiety, misdiagnosis and Lamictal
  71. don't remember if I took my pill today
  72. Anxiety Help
  73. Morning Anxiety - Update
  74. Still have pain even after ovarian cyst is gone
  75. my anxiety is not that bad anymore but i still have chest pain, why?
  76. Taking Buspar and Catapres together
  77. !!Lexapro users!! How many mg's do you take per day?
  78. I cant deal with my own mind anymore
  79. what effects will lexapro have on me for anxiety
  80. Fear of Death
  81. New to the forum ... Over Analyzation
  82. End of Mayan Calender
  83. me and my craziness
  84. experiences with zoloft, buspar or clonazepam???
  85. I need advice on anxiety medication
  86. Is This Anxiety???
  87. whoozy
  88. Can't sleep due to anxiety. Would appreciate any help.
  89. Does Anxiety age you?
  90. Anxiety and it's many side effects
  91. anxious throat?
  92. i analyze everything
  93. Remeron
  94. New symptoms. Please can anyone relate?
  95. need advice on effexor
  96. Can you help me figure out how to come off of low dose xanax?
  97. seroquel for sleep?
  98. suffering bad since stopping prozac!!! help me
  99. New to the site...but not new to anxiety
  100. mind-body connection gone
  101. everything WAS going okay...
  102. anxiety and illness
  103. Anyone on Lexapro AND Wellbutrin SR?
  104. Constant, non-stop anxiety??
  105. St Johns wort
  106. Severe anxiety because of feelings of inferiority
  107. numbness, fear and irrational thoughts
  108. SSRIs Versus Tricyclic Anti-dep.
  109. Celexa~3 times a week?
  110. what helps
  111. Heartbeat sensation
  112. Anxiety advice
  113. Medication-what works best?
  114. anxiety seems worse...on prozac
  115. Tardive Dyskensia
  116. Anxiety over having a CT Scan
  117. Wondering if it's anxiety?
  118. Stopping Lorazepam
  119. Anxiety and thyroid (and tinnitus)
  120. Can I switch from Lexapro to another med without interruption?
  121. Uncontrollable laughing a sign of anxiety or chemical imbalance?
  122. antidepressant comparison help
  123. For how long to take zoloft
  124. SSRI Issues (Lexapro/Zoloft/Prozac)...First Week(s)
  125. should i up the dosage of my zoloft
  126. Its all coming back:(
  127. does anyone
  128. anyone have similar problem?
  129. I keep having anxiety attacks
  130. skin cancer came back clean
  131. A step backward for me
  132. Feel worse in mornings
  133. Do you think I have anxiety?
  134. Help finding a med that doesn't make me nauseaus!!
  135. 5 weeks on Lexapro and still no appetite
  136. I can't live like this
  137. Seperation anxiety in kids
  138. Obsession and anxiety? Anyone?
  139. Alternative to prozac?
  140. Linden Method
  141. Constant, gnawing anxiety?
  142. Does this sound like anxiety?
  143. anyone??
  144. New to board and question about panic attacks
  145. Can anxiety affect your eyes?
  146. struggling with anxiety-- some support?
  147. how long does lexapro take to work if I just stopped it 2 weeks ago
  148. Coping with Anxiety Attacks-- What do you do?
  149. Confused about nature of my anxiety
  150. My Anxiety and Depression Has Increased
  151. Lexapro & Xanax together???
  152. I feel Like I'm going crazy!!!
  153. Irrational Fear/Anxiety
  154. in need of advice on dealing with anxiety and panic attacks
  155. some reassurance???
  156. Xanax...trying to self-detox...feeling very bad....
  157. Xanax?
  158. Do any of you get that feeling like you have a lump in your throat?
  159. Buspar users please advise me?
  160. mixing meds
  161. withdraw side affects with zoloft
  162. Lexapro & Wellbutrin Combined???
  163. feel like im going crazy please help!!!
  164. 17 year old. Anxiety. Fast heart rate.
  165. feel alittle crazy
  166. What is TEA form exercise and CBT
  167. benzo question
  168. How much lexapro for anxiety??
  169. For those who have increased their meds...
  170. Anyone teach themselves CBT?
  171. Should I quit my job?
  172. Veeent.
  173. xanax and caffiene
  174. how do i know i have anxiety and not a something wrong
  175. I am starting it .....again.
  176. 10 Hours Straight Of Anxiety
  177. Meds & Menstruation Issues
  178. Anxiety & weight loss
  179. Bata-Blockers
  180. Xanax and addiction
  181. stopping zoloft
  182. Lexapro not working after 3 weeks
  183. doage question
  184. Pill problems!
  185. I am not living
  186. Problems with generic Xanax
  187. zoloft help please
  188. Need advice for what I think is anxiety
  189. soooo
  190. Paranoid Anxiety
  191. Anxiety Causing Burning Feeling
  192. MRI Tomorrow, Help!
  193. On Cymbalta but feeling terrible lately
  194. Success with Buspar
  195. Valium ? Ativan
  196. Off celexa,then on,and now having anxiety,can't figure it out~
  197. I'm so scared, I need help. Please read.
  198. How can I tell if my psychiatrist is any good?
  199. Do I need to taper? Xanax question
  200. Ear and Jaw pain?????
  201. tapering
  202. ??????!!!!
  203. Anyone try Pristiq?
  204. Anxiety Out Of Nowhere
  205. Lexapro and Starting Side Effects - Need Encouragement
  206. should I keep taking this?
  207. restless nights, with anxiety dreams-withdrawal from anxiety meds?
  208. Prozac and exhaustion
  209. 5-HTP or Sam-e for anxiety?
  210. Dizziness and Anxiety-
  211. How To Handle "Bad" Days - Great Therapist Appt
  212. Back from test
  213. any Zoloft advice
  214. when i have anxiety i only feel the adrenaline in my heart
  215. burning and tightness in throat
  216. Buspar
  217. Anxious about taking meds!
  218. WORRY!! please please help
  219. Does Anxiety affect your relationship?
  220. Morning twitches, an effect from anxiety?
  221. People with physical anxiety symptoms Please Help Me Im scared :(
  222. Panicking-muscle twitching
  223. Is it just me or does Zoloft cause major somnolence/drowsiness?
  224. Anxiety at the traffic lights
  225. Please help! Anyone feel like they have a lump in their throat?
  226. Next logical medications to try?
  227. xanax xr
  228. Lexapro Experience
  229. I Need Medication
  230. CBC Obsession
  231. Switching from Zoloft to Cipralex??
  232. need help know about zoloft? anyone
  233. The 'head feeling'
  234. how long for klonopin to take effect?
  235. Anxieth induced by diabetic meds.
  236. The Joys Of Doctors
  237. Is this Anxiety?
  238. Sexual side effects! Help!
  239. Don't know if it's cause of my anxiety...
  240. I don't know what to do about my therapist
  241. I can't live my life like this.
  242. ~~~ Anxiety ~~~
  243. 2 weeks on Prozac and not feeling well
  244. Back on Seroxat and Ativan because of Anxiety
  245. Do you experience this?
  246. Anxiety Symptoms All Day Long
  247. i have horrible anxiety and don't know what to do..
  248. Scared of Dr. Appointment today
  249. Waking Up In Middle of Night with Racing Heart
  250. Lexapro - Side Effects Years After Stopping

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