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  1. Has anyone had any luck with meds to relieve irritability?
  2. My Bee Sting Experience
  3. My anxiety story
  4. Anxiety Taking Over
  5. Total anxiety/panic - help!
  6. Jolted awake
  7. Weird Head Pressure???
  8. Combining meds with therapy better at resolving anxiety?
  9. I have social anxiety. Is it to late?...
  10. what is wrong with me??!
  11. Can anxiety cause carpal tunnel-type feeling?
  12. On Lexapro for almost a year and NO SEXDRIVE!!!
  13. head pressure and light headed when i stand up
  14. Done With Anxiety!!!!
  15. Please read
  16. no job= anxiety and depression?
  17. can anxiety make you mad at the world?
  18. GAD-numb left leg after seeing pdoc?
  19. Anxiety and stomach issues
  20. I Don't Know what's wrong with me ?
  21. Zoloft + caffeine = uh oh
  22. SEVERE anxiety triggerED by break-ups?
  23. I can't sleep!!
  24. Anxiety
  25. Flying in 3 days HELP !
  26. anxiety and alcohol?
  27. What is your ear ringing like?
  28. Another Lexapro question- bare with me!!!
  29. Update - trying new drug
  30. Thought I was having a heart attack
  31. Not eating?
  32. Lexapro and nausea
  33. nuts
  34. Help! Scared, lonely, and nervous girl.
  35. Can you relate?
  36. Anxious, menopausal, scared
  37. Anxiety and heart rate please help!
  38. Need to Stop Being a Hypocondriac
  39. Neck twitch
  40. Shaky in morning
  41. buying Gas
  42. I need some advice
  43. Severe anxiety...is there anything else I can do?
  44. Xanax for Anxiety
  45. Anxiety, Depression & Constant, Lucid Dreams
  46. I want to be happy...
  47. Weening off Celexa (Citalopram Hydrobromide)
  48. Coffee and Anxiety
  49. Social Anxiety
  50. Question. Please read!
  51. Increased anxiety on meds
  52. Frustrated and want my Lexapro to KICK IN!
  53. Medications
  54. Anxiety Attack Question
  55. anti depressants and birth control?
  56. tried to give up
  57. can i take Clonazepam 3 times a day? That's what my Doc prescribed
  58. Tired of going to the doctors!!
  59. Questions about Prozac
  60. 20 Hour Anxiety Attacks. Does anyone else have them?
  61. Hubby is giving me more anxiety!
  62. *****ly Feeling on Skin
  63. Lexago No Go, Prozac?
  64. is this an anxiety attack
  65. citalopram
  66. Chemical Imbalance, Thyroid, or JUSTIFIED Anxiety?
  67. Zoloft withdrawal question
  68. My doc was probably wrong
  69. Very Anxious
  70. I am going insane!
  71. Zoloft Side Effects Over Time
  72. Lexapro- when did it kick in for you?
  73. Klonopin and Heart Palpitations
  74. Joint pain in hands and feet, anyone else???
  75. Nocturnal panic attacks
  76. xanax for 12 years - told to stop TODAY
  77. Insurance Won't Pay For Lexapro
  78. Lexapro Side Effect Question
  79. Coffee and Anxiety
  80. Anxiety, what else??
  81. Anxiety Meds
  82. Anxiety in romantic relationships
  83. anxiety/non epileptic seizures
  84. Lexapro and Sexual Side Effects
  85. Celexa - been on for several years - long term use - any thoughts?
  86. Anxiety symptoms after sex?
  87. Lexapro or ANY med withdrawals
  88. Can't live with, can't live without....lexapro question
  89. Are there any anti-depressant anti-anxiety meds that do NOT increase appetite?
  90. Anyone else suffer from life-long anxiety?
  91. GAD?? Can you help me switch my brain off please?
  92. partyyy anxiety x
  93. Anxiety Meds
  94. Citalopram
  95. klonopin
  96. xanax,lexapro & memory problems
  97. jolting awake feeling lighthead/dizziness/head rush few seconds
  98. Ongoing symptoms for 3 years+
  99. Disorientation : (
  100. xanax and pounding heart
  101. Postpartum Anxiety
  102. Getting Off Atenolol
  103. Stressed today
  104. Can I ask you all a question?
  105. Confused :/
  106. Anxiety Related Or Not
  107. Upping Paxil Dosage
  108. Lots of symptoms, been shown to Anxiety board
  109. Alcohol and Lexapro & Klonopin (Bad idea to mix this stuff?)
  110. how to wean off 10 mg a day of valium
  111. Scared to start antidepressant
  112. Advice pls
  113. Marinol
  114. Anyone else?
  115. med question
  116. nortriptyline and klonopin/depression
  117. Cant Handle it
  118. Globus Sensation and Anxiety?
  119. Lexapro? Do I need to up my dose?
  120. I don't know what to do anymore. Please help me!
  121. Memory loss and foibles!
  122. Has anyone had these symptoms with anxiety?
  123. klonopin causing depression?
  124. Panic Princess
  125. Fear of dying.
  126. over cautious parents?
  127. Female question for those on Zoloft...
  128. panic question
  129. all the time
  130. Have you lost your confidence?
  131. Effexor to deter ativan use?
  132. xanax xr for anxiety/panic disorder
  133. Help
  134. Can Anxiety Cause Tremors?
  135. I need someone to calm me down!
  136. Help !!!
  137. Diagnose me (no one else will)
  138. Anxiety????
  139. Question for you females.....
  140. need more reassurance to try Zoloft
  141. noticable heartbeat when lying down
  142. vision
  143. OK why is this happening again ?
  144. Medical emergencies? Help?
  145. Can Anyone Help Reassure Me That I Am Not Dying?
  146. worried about anxiety symptoms
  147. Help.....
  148. Is it in my head?
  149. Could this be anxiety attacks???
  150. 111,112,113,114 `
  151. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy--What to expect?
  152. Post Traumatic Anxiety Stress Disorder
  153. Difficulties Thinking Straight - Anxiety?
  154. Where to start?
  155. side effects of klonopin.
  156. Head Heaviness
  157. I am going crazy, Do I need to go back on Meds HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  158. Warped fear of flying (new here!) x
  159. Question about Zyrtec and anxiety
  160. ativan
  161. OCD behaviors
  162. anxiety mean depression to?
  163. Did anyone ever get this during an anxiety attack?(has to do with your eyes)
  164. Does anyone do this?
  165. help
  166. terrible anxiety about my dad.
  167. anyones stomach bothering them??
  168. flu like aching?
  169. xanax xr anxiety does it help testimonials
  170. Weird Driving Anxiety?
  171. Help! I'm going out of my mind!
  172. Horrible anxiety when something happens, anyone else?
  173. Wierd anxiety/panic attack
  174. Please please help...Anxiety / PTSD & Complicated Migraine
  175. Hypertension and Anxiety?
  176. First day of Lexapro--help!
  177. Desperately seeking advice....and a bit of support if possible....
  178. Face tingling due to stress/anxiety?
  179. can someone help me?? 2
  180. I feel Like I am Losing My Mind
  181. nervous breakdown?? bi-polar??
  182. fear of suddenly dying?
  183. Just wondering
  184. gad and insomnia issue combined!
  185. klonopin making me more anxious? possible or no?
  186. Head tingling
  187. anxiety
  188. New guys - tips, suggestions?
  189. Success Stories Please.....
  190. side effects with Effexor XR?
  191. Anxiety or something else?
  192. How much xanax do other people take?
  193. Does anyone have suggestions for spiking BP from GAD?
  194. Klonopin VS Xanax any Suggestions which one is better.
  195. chest
  196. I think it is rearing its head this time the symptoms are different
  197. anxiaty attack and panic attack
  198. teenage anxiety
  199. Desperate!!! Has Anyone Felt Like This On Xanax?
  200. Having trouble getting off ativan .. your opinion please
  201. Headaches a la anxiety
  202. Anxiety and tics
  203. How long does prozac take to work? (lost my original thread!!)
  204. Do you take celexa in the morning or at night ? Why
  205. Nausea/vomiting/stress/worry
  206. Somewhat better
  207. Situational Anxiety, please help !!
  208. Celexa and sex life: please answer me
  209. Not sure about symptoms
  210. Just started Zoloft to treat anxiety...
  211. In Desperate Need Of Suggestions
  212. I am just about at my wit's end. Is it stress or anxiety?
  213. can you take xanax with paxil
  214. Clonazepamm and Lorazepam
  215. Scared Of The Trip Up
  216. xanax
  217. Has anyone lost weight due to anxiety?
  218. I don't know if this is anxiety or not--please help!
  219. Health Anxiety
  220. Is anybody else take Klonopin, xanax or other benzo alone ? (without antideoressant)
  221. Zoloft fear...need advice
  222. Psychologists
  223. Constant Fainting, dizziness, and blacking out what does it mean?
  224. Is The Heat Bothering Anyone Else?
  225. Klonopin and work: how is going ?
  226. Xanax allergic reactions?
  227. How do antidepressant medications like Zoloft or Lexapro cause weight gain?
  228. Panic attacks: the build up & the wind down
  229. Ways in which anxiety can manifest physically
  230. Klonopin : I have questions please help me I want to now if i'm not the only one
  231. Clobazam for anxiety
  232. shaking, viberating, pulsating..scared to death
  233. Help! Is this my anxiety or is it memory loss?
  234. Severe anxiety please help!
  235. Please, please help me figure this out
  236. anxiety and abandonment issues?
  237. Lexapro
  238. recurring
  239. 5-htp how much should I take???
  240. What scares you the most?
  241. hi i am new to this board an anxiety
  242. Switching from Zoloft to Prozac, anyone?
  243. Been a while since I have been here need help please
  244. SEVERE agitation on prozac. Anyone else had this??
  245. Zoloft - what do you think?
  246. Scrips and GAD
  247. possiable anxiety symptoms Help!!!
  248. Going off effexor....
  249. Have just finished university and still have anxiety ! help !
  250. Tired Tired and Tired........

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