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  1. Anxiety/panic (?) attacks/adrenaline surges during sleep - PLEASE help !
  2. is shaking uncontrollably anxiety
  3. Anxiety Non-stop?
  4. I need help with effexpr withdraw -PLESAE
  5. Stroke
  6. is this anxiety?
  7. Prozac....not sure
  8. Which medication is best for me?
  9. problem with shaking hands
  10. Anyone else experience permanent numbness from antidepressants?
  11. anyone have shortness of breath?
  12. anxiety
  13. Oh no...my teeth
  14. Is Low Dose Xanax OK w/Light Alcohol Use? Doc says Yes...
  15. Nicotine withdrawal caused depression
  16. How am I going to survive
  17. Ativan(lorazepam)
  18. VERY nervous about going....
  19. Anyone tried naturopath and these natural supplements?
  20. benzo or beta blocker?
  21. My Lexapro side effects - cause for concern?
  22. 2nd Month on Effexor SR, should I still be having side effects ?
  23. Episodes of dizziness and digestive problems... GP thinks this could be Anxiety?
  24. anxiety "pains"
  25. scared to try seroquel...
  26. Why is it that anxiety can sneak up on you?
  27. Anxiety/weight loss
  28. Help! My social anxiety is getting worse
  29. Drinking with anxiety
  30. Somebody please help me..
  31. Help!!!
  32. Oh My God< I Have Booked A Holiday, Panick!!!!!!!!!!!!
  33. Zoloft time of day question
  34. Please help
  35. I guess this is anxiety? What can I do?
  36. how many symptoms?
  37. Anxiety/Paxil advice
  38. Anxiety increase in third week of increased Anti-D!
  39. Lexapro 10mg 2nd day questions....
  40. valium vs klons vs atavin for social anxiety
  41. I'm afraid to change from ativan to Klonopin
  42. effexor xr
  43. is anxiety taking over my life???
  44. bad doc's appoitment.
  45. Anxiey Disorder?
  46. Prozac confusing
  47. Anxiety brought on by certain people...
  48. Help....cant work and broke
  49. Lifetime of anxiety it seems
  50. what is my problem? anxiety taking over, please help!
  51. Anxiety - different times of the day.
  52. Question about cutting Xanax pill in half
  53. Buspar
  54. Zoloft v Prozac
  55. will the butterfly feeling go away
  56. Dizziness and fatigue - could this be anxiety?
  57. Could this be from Anxiety?
  58. I'm having an issue with my leg, is this anxiety related?
  59. Help Questions about Zoloft...
  60. Abdominal type pressure/ pain upon waking HELP!
  61. Propranolol - beta-blocker
  62. Prozac question
  63. Today I started taking Zoloft for anxiety and depression.
  64. Antidepressants And Pregnancy
  65. Realization
  66. Diet for helping anxiety
  67. Help recommend a switch from paxil
  68. Missed Lexapro Dose?
  69. muscle twitching/jumping -- anyone else?
  70. Trouble eating? Rotating symptoms?
  71. My anxiety feels completely physical
  72. Paxil CR?
  73. Scared to Fly
  74. anti-depressants and pregnancy
  75. I've finally made the decision to go on meds
  76. Anxiety and sugar cravings...
  77. Anxiety and prozac
  78. Lamictal and anxiety...just want to share
  79. Anxiety and irregular heart beat (have you had this? help!)
  80. Is this anxiety?-just need a little nudge in the right direction
  81. Eye focusing problem/anxiety
  82. Help with options...
  83. Too much Xanax?
  84. best med for one off anxiety
  85. Panic attacks and meds
  86. Do Ssri's Make You Feel Numb
  87. Prozac, (fluoxetine 20mg) question pls
  88. buspar question
  89. Keep feeling very anxious about going insane
  90. about to start effexor....need advice/ help
  91. SSRI's causing panic attacks??
  92. I was feeling better, but has an anxiety attack tonight
  93. i keep swallowing its annoying me!
  94. getting married please help
  95. anxiety problem
  96. Still not sure if this drunk out of it feeling is anxiety.
  97. lexapro dosage
  98. ok you probably answered this before lol
  99. on cymbalta, just started xanax XR
  100. No base of support (non self-pitying post - I think...)
  101. For those new to anxiety....
  102. I call it the "Head Shakes"...anyone else experience this?
  103. Am new..not sure if anxiety...
  104. heart palps
  105. emotional breakdown - need advice
  106. Wake up, have panic attack. Repeat every morning.
  107. Long term Xanax use and Anxiety Disorder...have questions, need advice
  108. I Need Help Identifying My Problem
  109. Can Lexapro Cause Bruising?
  110. drug test
  111. anxiety has taken over
  112. breathing anxiety?
  113. Feeling worse after reading the message boards?
  114. Is this Anxiety?Please Help!!
  115. Morning anxiety + gagging
  116. Help me - What can I do? Fear of Throwing up in Public Places
  117. chills
  118. Flying on Saturday
  119. Quiting job
  120. neck tightness
  121. escitalopram (cipralex) for anxiety
  122. is this anxiety?
  123. Former Anxiety Sufferer - Starting to feel anxious again
  124. stubborn about meds/therapy
  125. Help me.. dizzys back
  126. health anxiety
  127. Anxiety around people
  128. Fears of transitioning to a new job - health insurance related
  129. Dr. sending me to psychiatrist, freaking me out !
  130. plavix and anxiety
  131. Zoloft (sertraline side effect?)
  132. HEART PALPS W/panic attc? any NON-pharm suggestions, help???
  133. Need some answers
  134. To anyone who's had a Stress Test
  135. Drinking Alcohol whilst taking Citalopram, Celexa?
  136. Brando46
  137. Probably anxiety, right?!?!?
  138. I need help
  139. Hey Zeyavia!
  140. Please Help im so upset by this,,,
  141. Going To Die
  142. Do I Really Have Anxiety Disorder???? Help!!!
  143. nervous ,worried upset
  144. Anxiety??? I feel awful!
  145. drug tests for anxiety meds????
  146. Anxiety from the heat
  147. Some Help Here plz
  148. I am assuming this is the right board.........
  149. anxiety w. no help....
  150. should i UP my dosage of xanax
  151. Buspar
  152. itchy!
  153. Zoloft beginning side effects
  154. panicky feelings night/morning
  155. How long do I put up with side effects of Effexor ?
  156. Memory issues and symptoms switch up?
  157. Question about paxil/Paroxetine
  158. Crying?
  159. Other than xanax is their another I can try
  160. Question about Safe Xanax Use
  161. Paxil withdrawal
  162. Anyone else ever experienced this?
  163. Fear of Auto Trip
  164. arms and legs feel weird
  165. Lexapro dosage
  166. spasms with xanax????
  167. Facial blushing/sweating
  168. Would this be considerd anxiety?
  169. take xanax every______hours???
  170. nerves are in a frazzle
  171. Weight gain while coming off anti depressants?
  172. anxiety triggers / memories
  173. getting off meds that aren't working
  174. Are my Drs. making the right diagnosis ?
  175. Please help w/alternative for paxil
  176. I think my OCD thoughts are getting worse
  177. Xanax catch 22
  178. I'm just so sad.....
  179. Anyone else experience this...?
  180. I feel so alone
  181. Xanax VS Klonopin VS Valium
  182. Every Day Feels Like 'The First Day of School'
  183. Anxiety is way up there -started new job
  184. Morning panic attacks
  185. Is it too early for my AD to work?
  186. Chest Pains
  187. Can you recommend a good book on Anxiety?
  188. Anyone have numb tongue and/or clenching teeth?
  189. excessive swallowing/saliva...anxiety?
  190. heart palpitations and exercise
  191. Please Help!!!-i Get Really Bad Butterflies In My Stomach
  192. Anxiety - never had the tight chest thing before...??
  193. Low blood sugar + anxiety
  194. Food equals anxiety
  195. Jaw heaviness/pain
  196. Help me understand Anxiety/Panic Attacks.
  197. sweaty cold hands
  198. Am I Dying
  199. Panick Attacks Please Help
  200. First post, a bit nervous - prozac ?'s
  201. Still more weird stuff
  202. does the dosage/ effects of xanax intensify if taken with lexapro
  203. Have to go for surgery-need help!!!
  204. nervous stomach??
  205. Not sure if this is Anxiety or not...
  206. for stressedteacher are you there???
  207. Feeling sick before going places.
  208. paxil to prozac?
  209. headaches from lexapro
  210. Exercise and anxiety
  211. Clonazepam question
  212. worry worry worry
  213. Topamax and anxiety/stress
  214. Anxiety??? What do you think?
  215. Racing heart--Pls help.
  216. Frustrating
  217. panic and meds
  218. Internal Shaking??
  219. Desperate... need help!! Please read.
  220. Have I had panic attacks? Allergies?
  221. anyone take Paxil & Zoloft together?
  222. Does this happen to you? Please help...
  223. Suffering from Anxiety.
  224. Whats wrong with me?
  225. Anyone on Lexapro...what side effects did you have?
  226. anyone here just take xanax (or other benzo)
  227. Anxiety/Panic driving me insane need help!
  228. Is it okay to go cold turkey
  229. Mad with new doctor
  230. Reallly need some advice.
  231. Pregnancy and anxiety
  232. general anxiety-confused
  233. Treating Anxiety/Panic Using Drug-less Therapy.
  234. Prozac for anxiety?
  235. Another lexapro question (sorry)
  236. Paxil reallying screwed me up
  237. Anxiety and Immediate Diarrhea
  238. Trouble finding words to say and always silent
  239. increase in anxiety - side effect?
  240. so im gonng try lexapro tonight...
  241. Getting scared again
  242. anxiety meds that doesn't make you sleepy all the time?
  243. can anxiety bring on changes to your menstrual cycle? Please help
  244. Mixing SSRI
  245. on new meds.
  246. Anyone with these symptoms?
  247. Questions about buspirone
  248. It's back!
  249. How long can antidepressant side effects last?
  250. Can anxiety symptoms hit you when you're not anxious?

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