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  1. nervous stomach??
  2. Not sure if this is Anxiety or not...
  3. for stressedteacher are you there???
  4. Feeling sick before going places.
  5. paxil to prozac?
  6. headaches from lexapro
  7. Exercise and anxiety
  8. Clonazepam question
  9. worry worry worry
  10. Topamax and anxiety/stress
  11. Anxiety??? What do you think?
  12. Racing heart--Pls help.
  13. Frustrating
  14. panic and meds
  15. Internal Shaking??
  16. Desperate... need help!! Please read.
  17. Have I had panic attacks? Allergies?
  18. anyone take Paxil & Zoloft together?
  19. Does this happen to you? Please help...
  20. Suffering from Anxiety.
  21. Whats wrong with me?
  22. Anyone on Lexapro...what side effects did you have?
  23. anyone here just take xanax (or other benzo)
  24. Anxiety/Panic driving me insane need help!
  25. Is it okay to go cold turkey
  26. Mad with new doctor
  27. Reallly need some advice.
  28. Pregnancy and anxiety
  29. general anxiety-confused
  30. Treating Anxiety/Panic Using Drug-less Therapy.
  31. Prozac for anxiety?
  32. Another lexapro question (sorry)
  33. Paxil reallying screwed me up
  34. Anxiety and Immediate Diarrhea
  35. Trouble finding words to say and always silent
  36. increase in anxiety - side effect?
  37. so im gonng try lexapro tonight...
  38. Getting scared again
  39. anxiety meds that doesn't make you sleepy all the time?
  40. can anxiety bring on changes to your menstrual cycle? Please help
  41. Mixing SSRI
  42. on new meds.
  43. Anyone with these symptoms?
  44. Questions about buspirone
  45. It's back!
  46. How long can antidepressant side effects last?
  47. Can anxiety symptoms hit you when you're not anxious?
  48. :( :( Stressed And Alone :( :(
  49. Visiual Snow - Symptom From Anixety Disorder?
  50. Zyprexa vs Risperdal and seroquel
  51. Physical Symptoms of Anxiety??
  52. Advice on anxiety attacks!!!!
  53. Choked A Couple Times & Now I'm Scared
  54. lack of enjoyment and enthusiasm
  55. Anyone have physical problems causing anxiety?
  56. Paxil, need advise
  57. Suffering and scared need some advice....
  58. Ever notice...
  59. The last straw
  60. To: Rudiraven
  61. 8 days of hell
  62. antidepressent side effects
  63. Trazodone for anxiety?
  64. To go back on meds or not?
  65. how long to recover?
  66. think I have social anxiety disorder.
  67. Help me describe this?
  68. Anxiety, what are your methods?
  69. Gad
  70. Just started taking eleva(ZOLOFT) need help!!!
  71. Seroquel
  72. When I get worked up I...
  73. Triggers?
  74. What to do at the start of a panic/anxiety attack
  75. horrible day today
  76. Can I Take Xanax With Aspirin
  77. Arghhhhhh please help
  78. Coming off Seroquel...Any suggestions?
  79. Weird thoughts
  80. Stress Test was o.k. !
  81. 12 Hr Drive Ahead
  82. Anyone experience itching taking Paxil
  83. How do you know if your meds have stopped working?
  84. is it anxiety?!?!?!
  85. What is your least favorite symptom?
  86. Anxiety is coming back
  87. Brand name VS GENERIC????
  88. trouble breathing out of no where for no reason?
  89. Afraid of Highway Driving..Anyone else????
  90. breathing trouble normal after stopping Lorazepam cold turkey?
  91. Caffeine
  92. Hello!
  93. Chest pains
  94. question about a quick sharp pain in my heart......
  95. Just cant let it go
  96. Racing heart after eating?
  97. Anybody who feels in a dream world 24 7
  98. Celexa Question!!
  99. Having trouble with Buspar
  100. Xanax XR is very different that Xanax?!
  101. immidiate PANIC/anxiety attack when waking up
  102. Not even thinking about it, then it comes back!
  103. Nightmares...coming off cymbalta:O!!!
  104. Zoloft Day 1..questions!!
  105. Started taking medication today.
  106. Need to get off Klonopin!
  107. Anyone else experience a substantial decline in cognitive abilities.
  108. Xanax 0.25mg take as needed????
  109. J2006, how are you doing?
  110. Anyone take Clonazepam?
  111. Anyone have increased anxiety after starting an antidepressent?
  112. Say a prayer that I pass stress test tomorrow !
  113. Did I have a anxiety attack or is there something wrong with me?
  114. Is this possibly anxiety?
  115. Misery
  116. Any one using Diazepam?
  117. Anxiety is winning!
  118. The cycle
  119. For those that know a little about my situation
  120. antidepressent side effects
  121. went to the doc..should i believe him?
  122. assessing your situation
  123. Side Effects with medication?
  124. panicm attacks, and hosp[ital
  125. Anxiety after delivery...
  126. dreams
  127. Does Mediating help anxeity attacks?
  128. New to this board
  129. Panic Attack Break throughs???
  130. Help I am very Worried
  131. lorazepam question
  132. antidepressent side effects
  133. intense feeling of dread?
  134. Anti-depressants....Do they work?
  135. Irregular heartbeat when laying on side?
  136. Weird, out of body, feeling
  137. My dilemma! Suggestions please!
  138. left arm pain and teeth hurting
  139. Cfs or adrenal fatigue?
  140. Is it wrong to ask?
  141. my nights have become a nightmare
  142. Blood tests, anxiety help
  143. how many mg's of Klonopin do you take???
  144. Clonazepam and Ambien?
  145. Natural Supplements for Anxiety???
  146. Anxiety freaks me out during day and sleep!
  147. How do you cope with especially bad days?
  148. Damon11176 this is for you
  149. Buspar & Xanax
  150. i want to make friends so badly, but i'm so shy and anxious about social situations!!
  151. I Found Out I'm Adopted
  152. It wasnt just anxiety!!!
  153. Newbie - an Introduction
  154. How long until side effects go away ?
  155. really its the lightheaded feeling that FREAKS me out
  156. Clonazepam
  157. Addicted/Dependency for a couple of times?
  158. Frustrated!! Want to live again
  159. Husband with anxiety
  160. effexor XR
  161. Fixations have taken over my life
  162. Hello
  163. ream world feeling allday had it gong on for 2yrs
  164. Zoloft
  165. Question about morning anxiety
  166. Anxiety attack without provocation?
  167. Xanax in the am Klonopin in pm is that ok??
  168. Doctor's Appointment Today
  169. I need help! Panic/anxiety/depression med question
  170. Anxitey anyone???????????????
  171. My Paxil Nightmare -- Please Read!!!
  172. Can you relate to this? Please read.
  173. Yearly visit to ER this a.m.
  174. Will anxiety eventually kill me?
  175. Worst few days, but thanks for the support
  176. Everything was going fine than Bam it starts
  177. How much seroquel to take
  178. Do you have more anxiety at night?
  179. recent BOOST in anxiety. help? pleaasseee
  180. Help with Celexa
  181. numbness on right side of lips and part of cheek
  182. Benzo as needed. Feedback please
  183. Need Help Anxiety!!???
  184. Switching meds info
  185. Pregnancy and Anxiety
  186. There's Hope!
  187. Anxiety Attack or Panic Attack
  188. Is there anyone like me?
  189. Anxiety and paleness? Anyone else?
  190. Anxiety and Libido
  191. 3rd driving test today help
  192. Paroxetine-can you split it?
  193. To blklagoon1
  194. Help for Husband with anxiety/panic attacks
  195. new xanax question...lol
  196. anxiety and hormones!
  197. exercise and anxiety
  198. morning feelings-anxiety
  199. Could this be anxiety...or any other suggestions please!!
  200. Magesium
  201. Can you work?
  202. Seroquel questions
  203. The same med but different result????
  204. Paxil-tired
  205. Surgery and very scared
  206. Anxiety! sucks! I need help!
  207. Temazapam
  208. natural supplements along with your meds to help with anxiety?
  209. not getting any better from this drunk out of it feeling
  210. Hi, Im new here.
  211. There Is No Hope For Me...i Tried Xanax
  212. Social Anxiety--help!
  213. Does anyone take Klonopin everyday?
  214. Med info
  215. Cymbalta...cause stroke
  216. Desperate Please Help!!
  217. Unsure what to do.
  218. antidepressants for anxiety
  219. Anxiety? or has my mind slipped away?
  220. Using Xanax Safely?
  221. Occasional crawling, moving, tingling, numbness sensation on back of head/scalp
  222. new need anxiety help
  223. Could this be anxiety?
  224. Can you take both Xanax and Ambien?
  225. Dr. just started me on Zoloft.
  226. Is this anxiety?
  227. 60 mg of Cymbalta . . . Too High to Start
  228. xanax xr does it work?
  229. Paxil dose
  230. does xanax actually produce chemicals that MAKE you have anxiety???
  231. I suffered on and off from anxiety for 20 years
  232. Anxiety and Zithromax Link? Help please!
  233. Must find a way to deal with this!
  234. woken up by a racing heart
  235. Anxiety over "Good" Things
  236. ANXIETY, Please tell me its true.
  237. advice anyone???
  238. Caffeine and Anxiety???
  239. Zoloft risks
  240. upping dose because not working
  241. mirtazapine
  242. Anybody else get this?
  243. how well do you sleep?
  244. Questions About Alprazolam (xanax)
  245. plse help me regarding ad's and the heart..
  246. Celexa Input
  247. plse help...
  248. Zoloft Side Effects
  249. How do you change meds
  250. What Benzo works for you

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