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  1. From Paxil to Lexapro
  2. My doctor told me Klonopin is the strongest benzo out there....
  3. Sleep and Anxiety
  4. Here to give support
  5. More disturbing thoughts
  6. on lexapro 10mg 2 1/2 months -nausea still
  7. Things that go numb?
  8. How long can I wait for results that
  9. Help!! Can Buspar cause these weird feelings?
  10. Accidently took an extra Lexapro this morning.
  11. My Psychiatrist Appointment is Tomorrow...
  12. feeling rushed
  13. Meditation
  14. Must get sleep
  15. I have social anxiety disorder (social phobic)
  16. I need help
  17. More Symptoms .. More Worry!
  18. is this anxiety or something else?
  19. Sudden severe dizziness
  20. xanax prescription
  21. Anyone Had Good Results on Meds???
  22. Can muscle twitches cause tingling also?
  23. Stuck deep in the mudd!!
  24. Sick to the back teeth
  25. Helpful Book for All of Us Who Suffer From Anxiety!!!
  26. Anyone feel like everything they do severely harms them?
  27. twitching, craziness, uggh! for 10 years now.
  28. Knowing the difference between anxiety and a real heart issue
  29. Stating form scratch with Lexapro
  30. I need help!!!!
  31. Who gets anxiety when they relax?
  32. Does anxiety ever go away
  33. Does anyone clamp their jaws
  34. I need encouragement
  35. Help how do I breath properly
  36. Is it just me concetrating on the symptoms?
  37. social anxiety and finding a job
  38. know Of Any Good Books?
  39. Cymbalta- good reviews please
  40. concerned for my best friend
  41. Can Anxiety cause seisures?
  42. Anti-Anxiety meds for muscle tension
  43. Antianxiety Meds and Pregnancy
  44. Two things that helped me conquer my anxiety
  45. Advice needed: Anxiety Meds & Weight
  46. Ordered The Linden Method
  47. Anxiety & Depression Meds
  48. Nervous Twitch?
  49. Xanax question
  50. Those of you on beta blockers.......
  51. Can anxiety mess with your stomach too?
  52. Celexa for anxiety
  53. I feel it's truly in my head
  54. 1 week at 20mg of Lexapro
  55. Blood work back, Freaking out !
  56. Pain in my armpit ?
  57. long term xanax use
  58. Can Buspar cause muscle twitches?
  59. Don't know how much more I can take!!
  60. Do I have Depression, or Anxiety? And what do I do?
  61. New to anxiety would love some advice!!
  62. Muscle twitches, tremors, etc
  63. Anxiety and disturbing thoughts
  64. desperate! more than one anxiety attack per day
  65. WEIRD headaches. and more.
  66. Anyone have nasty side effects from Xanax?
  67. Taking Serequel for bipolar and anxiety Please help me!
  68. Are your symptoms the same
  69. lines under my finger nail beds
  70. Swear i'm going to bite through my lower lip
  71. I Need Help With Social Problems
  72. blood work is normal & topamax update
  73. Pains with anxiety
  74. can you have anxiety without a physical reason?
  75. Anxiety Programs?
  76. aniexty medication wacking me out..
  77. really bad pains
  78. Can't Hear For A Few Seconds????
  79. Anyone else out there on amitriptyline, if so, advice !
  80. Disturbing thoughts
  81. Lozapram
  82. Dancing Heart - Still Dancing
  83. Anxiety Over Exercising?
  84. Stopping Zoloft
  85. Does anyone else get leg pain???
  86. is this anxiety?
  87. Buspar.......
  88. Medication for anxiety?
  89. Does getting colds play with you and your anxiety/panic?
  90. How can I get more energy?
  91. Question For Boxerlover
  92. Some one please help me understand..
  93. PLEASE Help, Anxiety getting worse
  94. Problemos
  95. Lexapro 20mg started 4 days ago
  96. new to board
  97. For Nuttygirl
  98. Do I sound like an anxiety sufferer to you?
  99. I have no idea if thiis related to anxiety please help
  100. Is this chest pain from anxiety?
  101. New to the board--husband has GAD
  102. Anxiety? but what caused it?
  103. xanax use and increased pulse rate
  104. resting pulse
  105. im so scard
  106. What tests have you all had done?
  107. please let me know if you experience this??
  108. New with anxiety...
  109. Can a doc help?
  110. Hi I Am New.
  111. please help im only 20 yrs old!!!!!!!!!!
  112. Are these symptoms anxiety related?
  113. Need help...drug related weight gain?
  114. Which medicine had the least...
  115. Celenex: ? for the women on it...
  116. Afraid of success?
  117. Heart obsession----who all suffers from this???
  118. touchy subject for me
  119. Contantly Worried--Anyone Else?
  120. Is this anxiety??
  121. Finally dug up the root of my Anxiety...
  122. Someone who's feeling better...
  124. New here, just wanted to share my story with people who understand!
  125. Xanax question?
  126. weird tingling, bug crawling sensations without being anxious?
  127. Europeans vs. Americans
  128. My heart worries are over...
  129. ~~removed~~
  130. I just don't understand
  131. Been on lexapro 10mg for 2 days now. Should I stop???
  132. Lyrica & Ativan
  133. Celexa and Xanax
  134. Xanax: Brand Name vs. Generic
  135. exercising
  136. ~~removed~~
  137. xanax use and bp and pulse problem
  138. Just need to talk...
  139. Prozac...........
  140. Switching to or from Lexapro to Celexa
  141. pain ~ a few questions
  142. scary sleep thing happened.. im worried
  143. topamax anyone? also panic update
  144. Xanax causing agitation?
  145. Turning the corner.......
  146. stress test
  147. Think I'm going crazy...rapid testing, need reassurance
  148. OK to take Xanax if you have low blood pressure?
  149. Another test....
  150. Needing a distraction...badly
  151. New to this board...Anxiety for 10 years
  152. fed up
  153. Not worried anymore... Not anything anymore...
  154. Why do I always find a new worry?
  155. does anyone experience anxiety with hot flashes
  156. Severe anxiety 18yrs old
  157. percocets giving me anxiety?
  158. Cold medicines , are there any that won't cause increased anxiety ??
  159. Relentless Stomach Problems
  160. Connection between zoloft and acid reflux?
  161. shooting pains
  162. When anti anxiety meds don't calm....
  163. Anxiety - Chest/lung symptoms
  164. Anyone taking or have taken BUSPAR?
  165. Anxiety/Panic and a bad diet
  166. need help understanding
  167. Words That Set Us Up for Increased STRESS-Must read!!!
  168. How do I know to go up in Meds or to Change Meds?
  169. Is monitoring ourselves part of the problem?
  170. Twitching!
  171. Too good to be true
  172. New here, and I got issues. lol
  173. svt and panic
  174. Heart Rate and Anxiety Attacks
  175. CITALOPRAM can anyone advise please
  176. Bug crawling sensation on skin, can anyone else relate?
  177. spent all weekend feeling
  178. Dispersonalization and Emotional Detachment
  179. Does Magnesium Help Anxiety
  180. anxiety in kids
  181. Came Across Terms for My Most Dreaded Symptoms...
  182. heart paused??
  183. Xanax and Long Term Use
  184. Living with an Anxiety Personality
  185. Paxil and Buspar
  186. Wat You Think Recieved This New Advice On Panic Attacks
  187. Anxiety and agitation from welbutrin
  188. Ocd
  189. Starting ZOloft
  190. can someone explain this??????
  191. ~~removed~~
  192. Paxil CR Etc.
  193. Newy...living With Anxiety......
  194. Do effects from med dosage adjustment take awhile to kick in?
  195. Lexapro 20mg
  196. How will i do it??
  197. Should a recovering addict take Xanax?
  198. heart palps/panic
  199. Acupuncture for Anxiety/Panic
  200. Hey, new to this anxiety thing so I have questions. Somone please help me.
  201. New to board-Just started Paxil
  202. Holter Monitor results came back... I have SVT!
  203. Cant like a work colleauge
  204. New To Wellbutrin
  205. Need some feedback. I am devastated!
  206. Caffeine and Anxiety
  207. Zoloft and pregnancy
  208. i knew i shouldn't have ..
  209. can someone help me?
  210. Class Participation Grade Causing Anxiety
  211. Any helpful counseling to share?
  212. question help please
  213. Fluoxetine and alchohol
  214. Hyperventilating
  215. What is it with?
  216. The tension in your body
  217. Effexor for Anxiety?
  218. floaters!
  219. Anxiety from Graves vs. My relationship
  220. Effexor Experts Is effexor reduction easy? Should I be feeling this bad?
  221. Tingling Hands with Paxil
  222. Lamictal for anxiety?
  223. Why the High Cost Of Xanax XR ???
  224. Huge mistake lol!!
  225. For the Girls
  226. Anxiety or Observant
  227. Restless/Jump out of body feeling?
  228. thankyou to all from a new member
  229. Weightloss
  230. How to bounce back from fatigue and negative thought?
  231. life completely gone??..
  232. Heart question on when your having an anxiety/panic attack....
  233. Anxiety is back a year after surgery
  234. I have serious problems
  235. Lunesta and Xanax?
  236. Dancing Heart
  237. Increased meds today......need advice
  238. Ok, now it is my mother..........HELP.
  239. tingling in left hand and foot?
  240. HOW much longer...............?????
  241. Too scared
  242. Hearing Voices At Night
  243. please...racing heart every nite
  244. flying. help.
  245. How do you differentiate btw anxiety symtoms and real physiological problems?
  246. Can Anyone Relate?
  247. Weird Symptoms (i need help)
  248. adrenal exhaustion?? severe fatigue..
  249. buzzing shock feeling..
  250. Pain meds w/anti depressants & anti anxiety meds???

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