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  1. New here, just wanted to share my story with people who understand!
  2. Xanax question?
  3. weird tingling, bug crawling sensations without being anxious?
  4. Europeans vs. Americans
  5. My heart worries are over...
  6. ~~removed~~
  7. I just don't understand
  8. Been on lexapro 10mg for 2 days now. Should I stop???
  9. Lyrica & Ativan
  10. Celexa and Xanax
  11. Xanax: Brand Name vs. Generic
  12. exercising
  13. ~~removed~~
  14. xanax use and bp and pulse problem
  15. Just need to talk...
  16. Prozac...........
  17. Switching to or from Lexapro to Celexa
  18. pain ~ a few questions
  19. scary sleep thing happened.. im worried
  20. topamax anyone? also panic update
  21. Xanax causing agitation?
  22. Turning the corner.......
  23. stress test
  24. Think I'm going crazy...rapid testing, need reassurance
  25. OK to take Xanax if you have low blood pressure?
  26. Another test....
  27. Needing a distraction...badly
  28. New to this board...Anxiety for 10 years
  29. fed up
  30. Not worried anymore... Not anything anymore...
  31. Why do I always find a new worry?
  32. does anyone experience anxiety with hot flashes
  33. Severe anxiety 18yrs old
  34. percocets giving me anxiety?
  35. Cold medicines , are there any that won't cause increased anxiety ??
  36. Relentless Stomach Problems
  37. Connection between zoloft and acid reflux?
  38. shooting pains
  39. When anti anxiety meds don't calm....
  40. Anxiety - Chest/lung symptoms
  41. Anyone taking or have taken BUSPAR?
  42. Anxiety/Panic and a bad diet
  43. need help understanding
  44. Words That Set Us Up for Increased STRESS-Must read!!!
  45. How do I know to go up in Meds or to Change Meds?
  46. Is monitoring ourselves part of the problem?
  47. Twitching!
  48. Too good to be true
  49. New here, and I got issues. lol
  50. svt and panic
  51. Heart Rate and Anxiety Attacks
  52. CITALOPRAM can anyone advise please
  53. Bug crawling sensation on skin, can anyone else relate?
  54. spent all weekend feeling
  55. Dispersonalization and Emotional Detachment
  56. Does Magnesium Help Anxiety
  57. anxiety in kids
  58. Came Across Terms for My Most Dreaded Symptoms...
  59. heart paused??
  60. Xanax and Long Term Use
  61. Living with an Anxiety Personality
  62. Paxil and Buspar
  63. Wat You Think Recieved This New Advice On Panic Attacks
  64. Anxiety and agitation from welbutrin
  65. Ocd
  66. Starting ZOloft
  67. can someone explain this??????
  68. ~~removed~~
  69. Paxil CR Etc.
  70. Newy...living With Anxiety......
  71. Do effects from med dosage adjustment take awhile to kick in?
  72. Lexapro 20mg
  73. How will i do it??
  74. Should a recovering addict take Xanax?
  75. heart palps/panic
  76. Acupuncture for Anxiety/Panic
  77. Hey, new to this anxiety thing so I have questions. Somone please help me.
  78. New to board-Just started Paxil
  79. Holter Monitor results came back... I have SVT!
  80. Cant like a work colleauge
  81. New To Wellbutrin
  82. Need some feedback. I am devastated!
  83. Caffeine and Anxiety
  84. Zoloft and pregnancy
  85. i knew i shouldn't have ..
  86. can someone help me?
  87. Class Participation Grade Causing Anxiety
  88. Any helpful counseling to share?
  89. question help please
  90. Fluoxetine and alchohol
  91. Hyperventilating
  92. What is it with?
  93. The tension in your body
  94. Effexor for Anxiety?
  95. floaters!
  96. Anxiety from Graves vs. My relationship
  97. Effexor Experts Is effexor reduction easy? Should I be feeling this bad?
  98. Tingling Hands with Paxil
  99. Lamictal for anxiety?
  100. Why the High Cost Of Xanax XR ???
  101. Huge mistake lol!!
  102. For the Girls
  103. Anxiety or Observant
  104. Restless/Jump out of body feeling?
  105. thankyou to all from a new member
  106. Weightloss
  107. How to bounce back from fatigue and negative thought?
  108. life completely gone??..
  109. Heart question on when your having an anxiety/panic attack....
  110. Anxiety is back a year after surgery
  111. I have serious problems
  112. Lunesta and Xanax?
  113. Dancing Heart
  114. Increased meds today......need advice
  115. Ok, now it is my mother..........HELP.
  116. tingling in left hand and foot?
  117. HOW much longer...............?????
  118. Too scared
  119. Hearing Voices At Night
  120. please...racing heart every nite
  121. flying. help.
  122. How do you differentiate btw anxiety symtoms and real physiological problems?
  123. Can Anyone Relate?
  124. Weird Symptoms (i need help)
  125. adrenal exhaustion?? severe fatigue..
  126. buzzing shock feeling..
  127. Pain meds w/anti depressants & anti anxiety meds???
  128. Anxiety enquiry
  129. Anxiety creating habits
  130. Help, I need suggestions for calming down...
  131. just started lexapro...question
  132. Any suggestions??
  133. Lexapro/PMS
  134. I Need Your Help!!!
  135. anxious and obsessed
  136. Feeling Discouraged and Down now...
  137. How can you tell?
  138. Meds for anxiety patient with high BP
  139. Rib and Chest Pain
  140. Long Story................
  141. Feels like I am burning up from the inside out!
  142. Anxiety and Alcohol...
  143. Twitching in corner of mouth...HELP PLEASE!!
  144. Can anxiety cause a sore throat?
  145. Over 3 weeks on Prozac - still feel bad
  146. This is confusing.....anyone with thoughts?
  147. Too much
  148. ativan
  149. ~~removed~~
  150. Benzodiazepines and driving
  151. Does anybody else get the shorness of breath?
  152. Starting My Magnesium!!
  153. Verge of Panic Attack As I Type.. :(
  154. Weaning Off Of Xanax
  155. fluoxetine any1?
  156. Can anxiety make your breathing feel weird?
  157. Could I have anxiety?
  158. Hoping this Klonopin will work full day 1
  159. Anxiety...
  160. What are some recommendations besides medication?
  161. In relation to my anxiety
  162. Celexa question
  163. Can bad anxiety make you feel really ill?
  164. Elevated Anxiety When sick??
  165. What is anxiety NOS???
  166. Effexor XR jolts
  167. Went to Dentist, YEAH!!, and Throwing the Ativan away!!!
  168. Anxiety Symptoms?
  169. Chills and/or sweating
  170. I have to go to the dentist today!!!!!
  171. You all are...........
  172. Ringing in Ears (Tinnitus) due to Anxiety?
  173. Ativan Side Affects?
  174. OK, You all kne by now.............
  175. what is this???
  176. Feeling Down Today
  177. What do your anxiety~panic attacks feel like?
  178. CircusSquirrel, I have a question?
  179. Boy...do I Have Anxiety Now.
  180. OK, what is the benificial........
  181. I had my First Anxiety Attack...
  182. help
  183. Is it Lexapro??
  184. Just another anxiety symptom, or something else?
  185. Fatigue, is this due to anxiety?
  186. The Linden Method?
  187. Wellbutrin for Anxiety
  188. Cymbalta: Sugar/Carb cravings + Insomnia
  189. I'd like to share a new breathing
  190. Has anyone ever experienced this (swallowing)?
  191. Bata Blockers
  192. anxious??
  193. A few questions...
  194. Symptom question for all....
  195. The Good, The.........bad, and.....
  196. new meds (again)
  197. Well, I'm hopeless,,,,,,
  198. Why SSRI's for anxiety?
  199. GAD: Getting through until the meds kick in
  200. I week on Lexapro
  201. Xanax XR
  202. Klonopin users---when do you take your med
  203. Very discouraged lately ...
  204. Anyone try ANXIETOL 7??
  205. Anyone try Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing
  206. weird sensations with Lexapro
  207. Xanax not really working?
  208. Klonopin questions.............
  209. Anxiety and Smoking (Cigarettes)
  210. Celexa questions
  211. Alprazolam question? (xanax)
  212. Anxiety worsen in the fall
  213. Thanks, magnesium & calcium
  214. Does anyone feel like they're on a boat
  215. Just started Paxil
  216. My Doctor is .............
  217. Any ladies have worse anxiety during PMS?
  218. My Crazy Thought Pattern
  219. Ever have a skipped beat feeling then you sorta nod off and your eyes close but...
  220. not sure remeron is helping
  221. Deja vu and terror?
  222. Tips for eliminating anxiety
  223. Can anxiety make you feel like you are in a dream?
  224. anxiety for days
  225. Weight loss from anxiety?????
  226. Anxiety and Pregnancy
  227. existential issues
  228. is this anxiety???
  229. What should I expect from Klonopin?
  230. Pulse rate is scaring me is this normal?
  231. new here
  232. anyone been able to..................??????
  233. Anyone take Buspar w/ xanax??
  234. Agoraphobic Dave's Intro
  235. daughter: GAD, intrusive thoughts & SI compulsions
  236. Anyone have experiences with Trazodone(Desyrel)?
  237. Saw a new doctor, new meds...
  238. just started taking zoloft
  239. new & want to share
  240. xanax tapering advice!! please help here!
  241. Cronic Fatigue by anxiety
  242. going off all meds
  243. Question about heart racing...
  244. Essential Tremor, anxiety
  245. What is the next step?
  246. Pain in left arm area has anyone had this?
  247. Anxiety and Insomnia!
  248. Anxiety Monster has come and had me for Breakfast!!!! (or has he???)
  249. New Ativan User
  250. DVT? Does anyone know about blood clots?

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