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  1. anyone?
  2. Meds vs Psychotherapy
  3. Is this anxiety
  4. Burning/Tingling sensation
  5. pure anxiety???
  6. best way to deal with this?
  7. dull ache from base of spine
  8. CT Scan/MRI
  9. Antidepressants cause anxiety?
  10. Paxil CR Side Effects...?
  11. severe anxiety NEED ADVICE!!!!!!
  12. Cymbalta HELP!!
  13. social anxiety
  14. Just Need Someone To Commiserate With!
  15. Allergic to Xanax and need other options
  16. I Lost 10 Pounds In One Month On Celexa
  17. do i need an MRI?
  18. Im having a bad week
  19. bad weather
  20. anxiety question????
  21. Buspar questions
  22. My constant syptom of anxiety, does anyone get this?
  23. Anyone get off of Remeron?
  24. Anxiety symptoms...?
  25. What is this Fight or Flight Response?????
  26. anxiety--digestion
  27. who has switched from xanax to another benzo?
  28. anxiety leading to not being able to go out
  29. fatigue, exhausted.
  30. Depersonalisation Syndrome ?? derealization, anyone ever been through this?
  31. Is this unusual?
  32. Go off medication?
  33. anxiety all the time
  34. Anyone heard of Bupropion?
  35. Constant Chest Pain!!! Is it all anxiety related???
  36. Experiences with Beta Blockers?
  37. Bad Anxiety..weird Feeling... Need Adivce Please
  38. Help..I'm SO Confused...
  39. difference between SSRI and SNRI antidepressants?
  40. Please help
  41. Update on 7 Year Old
  42. Is anybody on Amitriptyline for Anxiety/Depression
  43. This Lexapro is making me so tired, anyone else?
  44. effexor or Cymbalta
  45. newgirl. discomfort in throat.
  46. anxiety and depression?
  47. Cbt Therapy?
  48. Am I the only One?
  49. feel like i'm boiling from anxiety?
  50. How old when anxiety started for you? Please share your story
  51. Safe cold meds to take while on celexa??
  52. How do you know if its working?
  53. Stay on Lexapro or switch to Zoloft or Wellbutrin ?
  54. Is this *ALL* Anxiety??
  55. Numerous Symptoms. No Diagnosis. Any Thoughts?
  56. GAD, Atenelol, and Such...
  57. Green Tea/Apothe Cherry
  58. i know this sounds stupid
  59. Handed in my notice - weight lifted!!
  60. Should I take zoloft?
  61. Xanax withdrawel
  62. No more art becuase of anxiety? [also, shrink questions]
  63. Side effect of lexapro?
  64. it helps
  65. Anxiety or Worse
  66. rashes and itching
  67. Cagebird, question on your meds
  68. How deal with health anxiety when real health issues?
  69. about anxiety
  70. I'm stopping Paxil, what a nightmare!
  71. Need Reassurance, feel hopeless
  72. leg cramp?
  73. Allergic to Xanax all of the sudden?
  74. Hoping for Pregnancy, but have GAD
  75. Question for Fusionqueen....
  76. Have Xanax afraid to take?
  77. Can Lexapro cause more anxiety?
  78. What is this?..will it hold me back????
  79. Xanax and grogginess
  80. Airplane or similarly trapped
  81. anxiety out of control
  82. ADHD Meds for Anxiety?
  83. Difficulty Swallowing
  84. SSRIs
  85. Cymbalta confusion!!
  86. All in My chest....
  87. Social anxiety holding me back from career
  88. St Johns Wort anyone tried it?
  89. any one ever been told inner ear infection and it ended up being anxiety disorder
  90. diffrence between psychologist and psychiatrist
  91. all night long
  92. fear of stroke or seizure
  93. Anyone taking Valium for Anxiety???
  94. Klonopin - VERY odd experience.
  95. Anxiety-Serious or Not?
  96. finally benzo free after 7 years!!!!!
  97. constant anxiety
  98. anyone else's ears and head constanly hurt
  99. Difference?
  100. anxious for social contact
  101. Levaquin and Anxiety
  102. very interesting
  103. lexapro or citalopram
  104. Problems with Confrontation
  105. Help, I Had A Re-lapse Of Depression-anxiety Today
  106. Not doing so well
  107. question for mjewell
  108. Went to the doctor, finally! Questions about meds.
  109. What IS the best Anti-Antiety (or depression) Pill for YOU?
  110. Not getting any better
  111. i wish it would stop
  112. Anxiety SSDI??
  113. Diagnosed as psychosomatic
  114. Shaky after stopping beta blockers?
  115. What are clenics/hospitals like?
  116. Anxious upon waking?
  117. I'm too scared to meet up with girls!
  118. Medical advice for someone with All types of anxiety?
  119. Feeling good on Lexapro!!
  120. Mind lingering?? please help
  121. Help
  122. Can't focus.Is it anxiety?
  123. neighbour anxiety
  124. startling.. please help
  125. Typical anxiety or plain old physical symptoms of something else?
  126. Eureka! I've Found Mine Finally!
  127. Drinking & anxiety...
  128. Chest Pains
  129. Need to let loose
  130. My abyss
  131. Xanax & Adderall
  132. .5mg xanax
  133. anyone dizzy/lightheaded all the time?
  134. mind chatter?
  135. Panic Attacks
  136. Spots/ light sensitivity!
  137. Shaking
  138. Always Anxious
  139. Anxiety and Stomach Issues
  140. No Direction
  141. L-tyrosine
  142. Needing some reassurance please!
  143. Xanax and Benadryl
  144. perfectionists?
  145. Could new BC Pill have made my anxiety worse?
  146. Body Heat
  147. Scared of going to get married!
  148. feeling sick..please help
  149. Can anyone relate?
  150. Dizzy feeling
  151. Help Me
  152. anxiety and dizziness
  153. Sooo Scared
  154. Is this a side effect for Lexapro?
  155. Just looking for some reassurance...
  156. when depression rules.
  157. antidepressant advertising and prescribing
  158. I know why its back, getting on the tube!!
  159. Nutrition-Vitamins-Minerals Testing
  160. always going to the ER?????
  161. Tea?
  162. fatigue/ exhaustion?
  163. Why so phobic
  164. Strange, sudden anxiety relapse
  165. Paxil or Zoloft numbed me forever
  166. Zoloft Question
  167. Anxious Thoughts
  168. New to this board. Allow me to introduce myself
  169. valium with zoloft?????
  170. zoloft withdrawal
  171. to people with anxiety w/o panic attacks
  172. Seroquel for Anxiety Anyone?
  173. Need relief from anxiety
  174. Anxiety/Lexapro
  175. Someone to talk to
  176. Passing out from Panic/Anxiety Attack???
  177. anyone ever....
  178. Uncomfortable *****ly Sensation?
  179. "Natural" cures?
  180. visteril for anxiety?
  181. READ, if you have silver tooth fillings!
  182. Xanax "as needed" Questions
  183. Anxiety ?
  184. Can be spills get spoiled due to cold weather?
  185. xanax.vs.xanax xr or clonopin
  186. Good to have you back SR Mom
  187. Finally
  188. Anyone Please?
  189. anxiety
  190. finally giveing in [medical advice?]
  191. What med has worked best for your anxiety ?? Confused!
  192. Question about Wellbutrin
  193. Quick ? re Xanax
  194. Questions About Benzo's
  195. cant fall asleep due to fear??????
  196. Is it healthy?
  197. anyone??????
  198. Breathing Exercises for Anxiety
  199. anxiety cause head picking?
  200. scared again
  201. GERD or Anxiety
  202. Tips for long term use of Klonopin for social anxiety
  203. hot feeling in body?
  204. lexapro and itching
  205. Blood Test
  206. I know the feeling!
  207. Buspar buddies
  208. I just feel broken.
  209. Grinding teeth any one get this as a symptom of their anxiety????????????
  210. PunkDizzle...Need Advice
  211. "Pinching"/Stabbing feeling in heart area?
  212. Nausea and Nerves - HELP!
  213. I'm starting to have major anxiety / CT test this afternoon!
  214. answer to breathing problems..
  215. Attention To:having A Rough Time
  216. Xanax withdrawl?
  217. 7 year Old "Doesn't Want To Be Alive" Now!
  218. Xanax..temporary relief?
  219. Everything bothers me
  220. switching from effexor to lexapro
  221. Here's a temorary cure
  222. Was in the hospital the other day
  223. Withdrawing Ativan
  224. Just started Xanax for anxiety...
  225. zoloft withdrawal
  226. Post Paxil weight loss
  227. withdrawal from antidepressants
  228. EFT/hypnotherapy - effective?
  229. Difference between these two benzos
  230. Lets Help Each Other!
  231. Safe to Take Beta Blockers?
  232. Paxil and Prolactin
  233. unwell/stressed or anxious, I can't tell?
  234. Symptoms without Panic
  235. S.a.d?
  236. Upped Celexa and now feel more anxious is it normal?
  237. ANXIETY help it's controling my life!
  238. Is it anxiety?
  239. I need someone to talk to
  240. Prozac Not Working
  241. Anxiety and Travel
  242. If a Benzo stops it then it must be anxiety? Yes?
  243. Any luck with "no weight gain"?
  244. Whats the difference?
  245. Why can't I take a deep breath?
  246. i need to tell someone........
  247. Did anyone else stop physical activity?
  248. Effexor and Social Anxiety
  249. First Post
  250. where to turn "lost"

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