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  1. weird head feeling
  2. Have lost four jobs in two months due to panic/anxiety..hopeless and unsure of future
  3. Do I have the record for most self diagnosed diseases?
  4. Anxiety and Relationships...
  5. withdrawal
  6. What are your experiences with CBT?
  7. Wellbutrin Question
  8. Cymbalta-Is it bad?
  9. celexa, citalopram side effects
  10. How longs it take Zoloft to work?
  11. Lexapro for Anxiety and other symptoms
  12. PARANOID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'-(((((((((((((((((((((( Or is there some truth?
  13. Worried and anxious
  14. update on my "heart" problems..
  15. Im a closed book about my symptoms
  16. Question about Meds
  17. Im coming clean about my Anxiety
  18. Happier on Lexapro??
  19. Is this world real?
  20. This is so frustrating!!!
  21. Hi mjewell....how was the doctor's appt.
  22. How do you guys live with anxiety?
  23. anxiety
  24. I'm not sure about this.
  25. holter results
  26. Rescue Remedy, does it work?
  27. Stress Leave
  28. Does anyone feel this..?
  29. Are these symptoms of anxiety?
  30. after anxiety
  31. I feel the lowest I ever have... HELP!!
  32. Talking On The Phone
  33. Anxiety - steps to recovery
  34. feeling a little better today
  35. freaky
  36. Im soooo confused :( (Warning: long)
  37. Does anyone do this..? please help
  38. Still not Better :(
  39. People who think they can identify with us.
  40. Does All The World Hate Benzos?
  41. pregnancy and anxiety
  42. Lexapro and this weird ear feeling
  43. Hands Sweating?
  44. Homeopathic + Beta Blockers
  45. Anxiety while driving on expressway?
  46. - - -
  47. Re; Cheeto3/ social anxiety & alcohol
  48. Valium Question
  49. - - -
  50. Unsupportive wife - please help!
  51. Weird feeling of heart when laying down trying to sleep
  52. Paxil and anxiety
  53. Do you get this too?
  54. dumb question..
  55. Generic or Brand of Xanax...is there a difference?
  56. Doctor gave me paxil
  57. Is it Anxiety or GERD!! please help
  58. Quick Question?
  59. Anyone taken Xanax or other benzo when prego?
  60. Lexapro Side Effects, Help?
  61. Social Anxiety ruined relationship
  62. Rhodiola
  63. fear of heart attack
  64. Like a kid in a candy store...
  65. Please help me..=(
  66. is this anxiety?
  67. Ok I need quick help-Im FREAKING OUT
  68. crazy
  69. afraid of taking meds!!!
  70. Doc give me buspirone.
  71. Just checking in....
  72. Strange Problem
  73. no energy extreme fatigue,lexapro?
  74. overweight w/anxiety
  75. Help with allergy meds
  76. Info needed here! Anxiety and more bad issues after physical work!
  77. Lexapro - your experience
  78. having probs with every thing
  79. paxil cr and alcohol
  80. Anyone else have this Clonazepam/Klonopin side effect?
  81. A fragile Mind (anxiety and OCD)
  82. only treating heartburn???
  83. Do I need to wean off of 0.25 mgs. Xanax?
  84. anyone suffer from severe fatigue w/anxiety
  85. SSRI and bed wetting?
  86. paxil and pregnancy
  87. Do I suffer anxiety?
  88. social anxiety and going on a date
  89. Just got my ativan filled
  90. Has anyone had good/positive results with Bushpar?
  91. sleep+medicine+dosage
  92. new symptom
  93. Experience with CYmbalta???
  94. anxiety and its joys
  95. Feel like exploding?
  96. This board has helped me so much...THANK YOU!!!
  97. catching breath
  98. anxiety question
  99. Still chest pains
  100. Describe your headache
  101. Results of test back today
  102. refuses valium and loses job
  103. ~REMOVED~
  104. Anxiety and Back Problems
  105. What are the effects of doxepin?
  106. Anxiety over a Shower?
  107. Alcohol & Social Anxiety
  108. sweating,people sniffling & sneezing around me.
  109. This symptom is hard to describe. Can anyone relate?
  110. New Member
  111. Feeling Great..
  112. How can you beat this without meds or therapy?
  113. Lexapro side effects...
  114. Just took preg test & Positive tonight..on Xanax!
  115. paranoid question..
  116. what to take for anxiety and ocd?
  117. Question for the girls???
  118. Is anyone drowning in debt causing bad anxiety?
  119. worry about seizures..
  120. breathing difficulty
  121. Weight gain, SSRI dosage related?
  122. Pls help me out!
  123. Is this physical or mental anxiety?
  124. heart skipping ALOT during stress?
  125. I have so many different Anxiety!!!!
  126. tell about your health anxiety
  127. Anxiety. Allergies. Lungs. Breathing. Hyperventalating.
  128. Shock feeling
  129. Choking while sleeping
  130. Somebody shine some light on this!!!
  131. heart palps and feeling faint?
  132. weird chills
  133. Xanax and like meds for anxiety
  134. Question for Misty800
  135. self talk
  136. Buspirone
  137. Is it odd that no medications work?
  138. Shaking/Trembling/Tremors 24/7? Please help!
  139. Help Is this Anxiety?
  140. numb feet and legs
  141. Need help *sigh*
  142. Constant Indigestion and Nausea
  143. HELP* Took PERCOCET & it cant be mixed with CELEXA
  144. Fear of having a heart attack...everyday!!!! help
  145. List of anxiety-related symptoms?
  146. medication??
  147. Getting off Zoloft wothout having zaps, withdrawl, etc in unexpected way.
  148. electroconvulsive therapy
  149. Anxiety worse after meals
  150. how long does xanax stay in your system
  151. Anyone take Niravam?
  152. Does anyone feel depressed after taking Klonopin (Clonazapem)?
  153. stuck in the mud...
  154. SSRI & Sexual side effects - men??
  155. Any "Xanax Free" suggestions for calming down?
  156. Paxil Cr when?
  157. Upper Gastric Symptoms
  158. Please help, Please read.. i would like honest opinions
  159. sexual dysfunction and antidepressants
  160. What's Wrong With My Heart?
  161. Red bumps when panicing??
  162. Heart Did Something Weird!
  163. Anxiety symptoms effecting neck and shoulders
  164. Does anyone get a "burning" feeling in chest from anxiety?
  165. Staying up late
  166. quitting effexor xr
  167. Are all of the SSRI's and SNRI's supposedly "hard to come off of"? Withdrawal.....
  168. Anxiety and digestion
  169. I bought myself a shiatsu "massage chair" today
  170. new here...was put on ativan
  171. anxiety
  172. feeling out of breath with simple daily activities
  173. which generic "brand" of xanax are you using...
  174. Tired all of the time now
  175. still up and down and all around!!
  176. I am having a panic Atack
  177. plz read
  178. Help Me Get Off Klonopin Please !!!!!!!!!
  179. what antidepressant are you taking for axniety?
  180. started lexapro a few days ago.
  181. Anxiety getting worse on Lexapro, Zoloft
  182. hello im new and would like some support
  183. is this anxiety?
  184. Anxiety and Rapid Heart Rate
  185. Happy Monday everyone - how was the weekend?
  186. Will this ever go away?
  187. Antihistimines for anxiety?
  188. Propranolol and Beta Blockers - How Long?
  189. Lexapro???
  190. Anxiety too much!
  191. How Do I Know if I Have An Anxiety Disorder?
  192. Bupar info
  193. Propranolol
  194. Anybody else have this problem?
  195. Gone natural?
  196. prozac and libido
  197. Should I constantly worry about this?
  198. Hi, i'm Audrey and i'm an angsty agoraphobic.
  199. where to turn "lost"
  200. tnmomofive
  201. Buspar and Zolof
  202. what are your physical symptoms, fears, and how long does your symptoms last?
  203. Some hope for me and for others, I think
  204. I really Wonder, Please help
  205. can you mix aspirin with paxil
  206. I want to share & LOL at last nights "anxiety" issue
  207. Selective Mutism
  208. fear of having a heart attack
  209. Sleep disorder causing anxiety?
  210. Anyone With Constant Health Anxieties?
  211. Hello, Advice Needed.
  212. Question about Xanax (Alprazolam) dosage
  213. Anxiety, asthma and something else?
  214. I'm noticing a pattern to my anxiety! Late afternoon/early evening....
  215. Are there any here who feel cured (or almost) and come for support of others?
  216. Fear of Intimacy
  217. Is this Anxiety, Help Please!
  218. Can anyone recommend...
  219. Ya know - why do I do it to myself? I read other boards & then freak!!
  220. Constant Tachycardia?
  221. severe fatigue, exhaustion?
  222. A message for Jennsie
  223. Has anyone ever had the chills or shakes and not been cold?
  224. Is this true? Generic Xanax XR?
  225. kinda nice
  226. anxiety and paranoia
  227. more worrying
  228. Anxiety & Work: How Can It Be Balanced?
  229. How many here with digestive issues?
  230. Need help.... I'm freaking out
  231. almost 100% at the end of the line please read and respond
  232. celexa
  233. Not Comfortable Talking On The Phone...How Do You Deal With That?
  234. hives
  235. Anyone have success with just 5 mg of Paxil?
  236. tnmomofive....
  237. Looking for a little advice or guidance
  238. Why is my body still aching?
  239. Anxiety causing high blood pressure
  240. I'm a worrysome child
  241. Please Read, zoloft and menstruation questions
  242. Ok, this is really stupid.
  243. When to be worried?
  244. Lexapro(For those who take it)
  245. First Step To Recovery I hope....
  246. trembling
  247. hair problem
  248. please help i feel so much Anxiety
  249. Try CELEXA FOR Fear of CHOKING/SWALLOWING Miracle drug for me!
  250. dizzy light headed

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