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  1. Taking Ativan Before Flying...
  2. Zoloft
  3. How long has your "disease" lasted so far?
  4. Strange Feeling.
  5. Is this even remotely related to anxiety, or am I ill?
  6. How long does it take to have an allergic reaction?
  7. zoloft users
  8. Stabing pain in head
  9. Panic attack WHILE you're sleeping? please help, very scared!
  10. Finally got a beta blocker...now scared to try it!
  11. Do You Suffer Occassional Days of Persistent Anxiety?
  12. every morning i throw up
  13. To anyone having palpitations
  14. Something Natural instead of meds.
  15. mri scan, please help
  16. Anxiety Issue - Can Anyone Relate?
  17. Anxiety Triggers
  18. Are these anxiety symptoms?
  19. Dont know what to do
  20. Ending this vicious cycle.
  21. Message of Inspiration!
  22. disrupted sleep
  23. Lexapro, zoloft or paxil......?????
  24. CBT success stories?
  25. Paxil and drinking alcohol
  26. Dif betwn excessive vs. obsessional worries
  27. Feeling so sick the last few days, sound like anxiety?
  28. People who take Lexapro
  29. Anyone have luck with raising Prozac dosage?
  30. Interview techniques
  31. Anxiety and vision problems?
  32. mouth ulcers
  33. scared
  34. Klonopin vs Generic
  35. Anxiety Vs MS
  36. Is this anxiety?
  37. Derealization and anxiety..please help me!
  38. Zoloft Question
  39. Anxiety, chest pain, lightheadedness
  40. Do Cigarettes Lessen the Affects of a Benzo?
  41. antidepressants for anxiety?
  42. anxiety and dating
  43. wellbutin??????????????
  44. I thought I was over the anxiety until all this stuff in the news.
  45. Anybody else have this?
  46. Xanax not working anymore
  47. I feel terrible around other people
  48. So mad/upset I am shaking...jury duty, letter to dr
  49. Prozac for Social Anxiety?
  50. Coffee and Anxiety
  51. How Many Times Have You Heard This?
  52. Anyone get anxiety from movies?
  53. Breathing and heart stopping
  54. I Think I Made My Doctor Mad-I'm Panicking
  55. Possible pain after panic attacks?..
  56. XANAX for flying
  57. worry over everything
  58. Crying Spells
  59. Anxiety w/ Joint or Muscle issues?
  60. Anyone else get this?
  61. Paxil Aware!
  62. A Couple of Questions
  63. What is UP with me???? AAARRRRGGGG
  64. Help! Has Anyone Tried Xanax XR?
  65. Dizziness!
  66. Everyday a new thing to worry about....
  67. Do you avoid people that stress you out?
  68. Bad reaction to Lexapro - other meds to try?
  69. withdrawals-benzo's
  70. My appt with the Doc last night...
  71. What's the Difference Between Anxiety Attacks v. Panic Attacks?
  72. Anyone take Vistaril? or ever taken it?
  73. yawning a lexapro sideffect
  74. fear of choking
  75. xanax addiction worries
  76. Anyone experience change in their "normal" anxiety symptoms?
  77. Zoloft and Sleeplessness
  78. Why Won't The Doc.'s Listen to Us When We Tell Them What Works?
  79. Alcohol and strange nights
  80. Need advice on SSRIs and other questions..please
  81. Knowing the Dangers of Long Term Benzo Use
  82. Derealization, spaced-out 24/7 for 15 months!!! Help!
  83. Fear of swallowing pills!
  84. Long Life v. Short Life Benzos? What Benefits Do You Get?
  85. Lexapro question
  86. Severe Social Anxiety.
  87. Question about swallowing reflex
  88. Scared of Meds(Lexapro)
  89. What therapies do you supplement meds with
  90. "Adrenaline Rushes?" I think I'm having these
  91. MRI Results
  92. Jumping out of my skin ANXIETY
  93. On My Own, Scared To Death
  94. Do You Hide Your Anxiety Problems for Fear of Embarassment of Misunderstanding?
  95. Anxiety worse in the heat?
  96. Letter to Dr
  97. Health Anxiety- Precipitated by?
  98. How to help others to understand? Desperate.
  99. convinced i have mono - but i'd be dead by now.
  100. Torturing myself with anxiety
  101. Paroxetine Going Back To Paxil
  102. Some questions about Atenolol (based on earlier thread)
  103. Help: Is this GAD? and if not what is it?
  104. Social Anxiety -please help.
  105. Does anyone else feel..
  106. good days VS bad days on Lexapro
  107. Books that help your anxiety
  108. Cigarette smoking catch 22 & Wellbutrin
  109. Breathing Issues
  110. How do I find a support group in my city??
  111. anyone ever go to a support group?
  112. I am terrified of people
  113. I made a successful trip
  114. Not Sure How Long I Can Take This.....
  115. New here/Anxiety??
  116. Is this normal?
  117. pregnancy and anxiety
  118. It's amazing
  119. Paxil And Drinking
  120. Zoloft & Sleeplessness
  121. had another attack tonight :(
  122. Missed a day of medication on accident question
  123. just wanted to add my 2 cents
  124. New here with anxiety.
  125. fuzzy, heavy, lightheaded is this anxiety, inner ear or what?
  126. Which is better Celexa or Zoloft?
  127. Has anyone been on Wellbutrin???
  128. Atenolol and Anxiety
  129. still there..
  130. Is this possible ?...
  131. Brain wiring...causes of anxiety and such? Your opinions please
  132. Ativan - Your Experiences
  133. how Lexapro makes you feel
  134. Persistent Anxiety etc. and Lexapro
  135. Separtation Anxiety :(
  136. Going of Klonopin - Going on Ativan
  137. Bad night..cant take it much longer
  138. panicky feelings
  139. Diagnosed with SAD & GAD, now dealing with family on drugs!
  140. Lexapro Q for MEN
  141. ache
  142. Success stories for dealing with anxiety?
  143. Zoloft help!
  144. Help with Lexapro (or SSRI in general)
  145. Please help..
  146. Really Need a Helping Hand today!
  147. Day 2 on Lexapro - facial twitches?
  148. Health Anxiety
  149. What do I got docs (LOL)...
  150. Hyperventilating
  151. constant nervousness
  152. dying..feeling sick
  153. unusual pain
  154. Klonopin
  155. New job on the 36th Floor!!!!
  156. how do you all react?
  157. Breathless
  158. questions about 5-HTP
  159. Personal question<
  160. Has anyone weaned off of Lexapro?
  161. Prozac/Xanax/Wellbutrin Combo
  162. update on me
  163. Moving On My Own Sunday... Scared To Death!
  164. Has anyone been on Wellbutrin
  165. Went to hospital
  166. lexapro and weight gain?????
  167. ok, Any good experiences with Buspar?
  168. Confused,
  169. nothing helps
  170. Tryin to get these sexual side effects handled
  171. Shaky ??
  172. Xanax Questions...
  173. sunburnt? pins and needles?....HELP!!
  174. Nausea, Burning, Itching, Insomnia
  175. Anyone else have weird nights like this??
  176. Spaced out 24/7, 1+ year now. Can anyone relate?
  177. Am I Stuck on an SSRI Forever?
  178. Going it with Benzos Alone . . . Can it be Done?
  179. Zoloft Withdrawals?
  180. growing..
  181. vision and anxiety
  182. Seredyn / Amoryn
  183. Why am I not normal?
  184. Just When You Think You're Well )-:
  185. All Alone
  186. I feel lost
  187. My nerves are shot and I am tired.
  188. Xanax XR.. who has used it?
  189. Panic Attacks?
  190. how can i do it without med
  191. Scared can anyone help?
  192. Heart Beat
  193. Anxious and trying to relax
  194. Ativan
  195. Atarax (hydroxyzine)
  196. Social and eating Anxiety?
  197. Is this anxiety?
  198. Burning up!
  199. Klonopin/heart damage?
  200. Anxiety?!
  201. Persistent Anxiety: Advice Needed
  202. Sob When Speaking
  203. do anxiety meds really stop physical symptoms?
  204. Anyone have anxiety that doesn't involve heart worries?
  205. Paxil vs Generic Paxil
  206. Fatigue a symptom of withdrawal??
  207. What Worrys Do You Have
  208. Anyone else?
  209. Quick question regarding symptoms.
  210. Migraine Suffers on Lexapro
  211. Anxiety, Headache and antidepressants
  212. KLONOPIN??? is that all you take?
  213. Little Hot Spot On My Arm
  214. Lexapro & Constipation
  215. Confused... is this Anxiety?
  216. is this anxiety?
  217. given Ativan
  218. Pill cutters & Lexapro
  219. Felt like CHOKING-and HYPERVENTILATED,so Scared
  220. Help please, need some advice
  221. Anbody else have this?
  222. Weird symptom
  223. Lexapro and Insomnia
  224. Zoloft Side Effects
  225. Need to Zoloft again after 5 months..will it work?
  226. Extreme stiffness in legs--can it be caused by anxiety?
  227. Effect being new to Benzos??
  228. weird feeling upon waking
  229. Anxiety aches
  230. Anxiety at bedtime..
  231. Why do we have to suffer like this ?...
  232. people that get Metallic taste in mouth.. questions..
  233. Increased Motion Sickness Anyone?
  234. Zoloft
  235. More trouble with Topamax!!
  236. Welbutrin XL
  237. Fear of dying before bedtime..
  238. Has anyone experienced anxiety when exercising?
  239. pregnant and on Lexapro
  240. How do i get family to understand?
  241. Scared to go to bed
  242. Update on Lorazepam
  243. extreme shaking
  244. read this thing about the type of test Im having and feeling very anxious after
  245. Lucinda Bassett
  246. Paxil and beta blockers
  247. weightgain in lex
  248. heart
  249. If you are on an SSRI, please read...
  250. Ugghh... what a night.. :(

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