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  1. The Blame Game.. do you play it?
  2. Psychiatrist/Psychologist - - which one?
  3. Does Lexapro come in 5mg?
  4. Celexa
  5. nyone there? Having a bad bout right now..
  6. symptoms?
  7. Upped my dose of Zoloft
  8. me again going crazy!
  9. I don't undestand what is happening to me
  10. Increasing Dosage of Lexapro Too Soon?
  11. Anxiety over heart
  12. Prozac Question...Please help!!
  13. Anxiety or heart problem
  14. How long before Prozac overtakes the anxiety?
  15. Wow, how ironic!!!
  16. please read I'm really scared
  17. Globus Hystericus
  18. Drugs – What works for you??
  19. Terrible Experience in Therapy tonight
  20. Lexapro and sweating
  21. Benzo Tiredness Q
  22. xanax?
  23. Am I healthy?
  24. What is this? Can someone help me please!
  25. Starting Lorazepam
  26. Why am I so annoyed today!
  27. Does anxiety affect your sleep?
  28. Hi -- head shock sensations
  29. New Here - GAD - Could use some Encouragement
  30. break through sadness
  31. Scared to Death !!!!
  32. How long can anxiety last??
  33. Effects of Benzos
  34. is this just axiety yet again?
  35. Ridiculously awesome theory on anxiety!!!
  36. Is This Just Anxiety
  37. Amphetamine (adderall esp) to treat anxiety??
  38. Night sweats & loss of appetite
  39. upping your dose make it work faster?
  40. anyone gone on & off their meds
  41. help!!!! Zoloft is making me nuts
  42. New Member
  43. Seizure type of feeling
  44. Benzo's. vs. SSRI's
  45. Head rushes. How do i get rid of them? what is this?
  46. Mouth problems
  47. The doc keeps giving me meds
  48. What is this feeling?!
  49. safe to switch from lex back to effexor?
  50. So So Scared...
  51. question on anxiety/panic disorder
  52. anxiety/ocd hereditary?
  53. What else could this be??
  54. Constant dizziness for 12 yrs - is it anxiety?
  55. Symptoms even though on medication?
  56. Lexapro side effect?
  57. My 2-1/2 week diary of misery
  58. Gagging Sensation?
  59. What Benzo is recommended most
  60. Looking for some help with my anxiety/depression
  61. Mouth Issues!
  62. bad time SCARED
  63. Depakote Question
  64. Lexapro question
  65. anxiety at work
  66. morning anxiety...how about evenings?
  67. Please help
  68. Help!!!!
  69. Anxiety or more?
  70. Prozac\Xanax Question
  71. Anyone ever take prozac? EVER?
  72. Wellbutrin xl and Bupropion hcl sr -Diff??
  73. Stress/Anxiety
  74. 11 year old son with anxiety - advice needed
  75. Could this be anxiety with depression?
  76. Very low Serotonin levels
  77. Sweating?
  78. How in the heck do I quit the Xanax?
  79. Sense of unreality = Dysthemia? What's my prob?
  80. Need help Please!!
  81. Please give me some advice on travel..
  82. Conscience Loss of Breath
  83. Help I feel like I am losing it
  84. Need Help: New GAD and Health Anxiety victim!
  85. Just Dont care
  86. Could this still be lexapro withdrawal?!
  87. Lexapro question
  88. Addiction to Xanax question
  89. Xanax side effect - menstrual cramp PAIN???
  90. Health Insurance and anxiety
  91. Prozac for Anxiety?
  92. Does Anxiety EVER go away? Or are we all cursed forever?
  93. Seperation anxiety for "parent"!!
  94. anyone take buspar??
  95. Fight or Flight?
  96. Please Help Me
  97. cant orgasm on lexapro
  98. Lexapro and Lorazapem
  99. chest pain as a symptom
  100. Good Bye Room
  101. clonazepam/klonopin?
  102. seeing rainbow halos when stressed
  103. Please help Am I Insane??
  104. New here, crying, and desperate
  105. When are we going to wake up
  106. Blue Scullcap
  107. Talking in my Head..Anyone else understand?
  108. New to this. Question about meds and sypmtoms.
  109. Panicking and depressed???
  110. Panic Attack Relapse and Its Bad!!
  111. saw the psychiatrist today.. good news i guess
  112. smokers + anxiety
  113. Just Venting...
  114. Is this anxiety?
  115. anxiety or just stress
  116. Anxiety Causing Physical Problems
  117. Panic Attack Length
  118. What happens to you when you have an Anxiety/Panic attack?
  119. still suffering
  120. klonopin
  121. Was at the Dentist,now anxiety about antibiotics!!
  122. Can't Leave Room
  123. urinary tract infection symptoms?
  124. helpness
  125. Zoloft and/or Prozac
  126. lexapro and xanax...is this normal??
  127. Anxiety??
  128. How to stay calm?
  129. pregnancy and coping with anxiety
  130. Zoloft Question
  131. constant anxiety, high b.p., racing heart & epinephrine
  132. CBT does it work?
  133. Heart Anxiety, suggestions please
  134. what is giddiness?
  135. does anyone really understand
  136. Does ANyone Take Fluoxetine
  137. Any one actually have a AD help them?
  138. ok this is getting stupid...
  139. Something that has helped me
  140. Is it an Eating Anxiety???
  141. Question about 5HTP
  142. Looking for EFFEXOR advice
  143. Will This Ever Go Away
  144. Do I have anxiety?
  145. looking for somthing... advice or ways to help
  146. Anxiety + Irratibility
  147. Depression apparently
  148. Is this normal?
  149. Anxious all the time
  150. nervous wreck
  151. I don't know if I can do this anymore...
  152. Could anxiety cause this? Pressure in my head!
  153. Dizzy and test results today...
  154. How does on explain it to their doctor?
  155. severe anxiety. my story. and what can it do to you?
  156. Social Anxiety?
  157. How to Deal when Loved Ones Just don't Understand???
  158. Starting Lexapro Problems
  159. Anxiety Medication Question
  160. Panic disorder, Need help and support.
  161. Another Symptom of Anxiety (I hope)
  162. Anxiety while waiting in line?
  163. Anxiety is starting to really affect my life.
  164. Worried
  165. Scared of doctors?
  166. i can feel my pulse everywhere
  167. Need advice
  168. skipped lexapro doses help!
  169. after 6 weeks on zoloft............
  170. Obsessive thoughts...a side effect of celexa?
  171. Paxil Dose
  172. Anxiety about Flying
  173. Is this Anxiety
  174. Nervous about seeing new counselor!
  175. Quick Response please
  176. What is this?**
  177. Addictive Anti-Anxiety Meds
  178. Just a few questions about the affects of alcohol
  179. Be Calm'd
  180. Emdr
  181. Morning Dread
  182. Can anyone Help?
  183. Prozac/Xanax& Adding Wellbutrin XL
  184. Cbt
  185. Is this Anxiety??
  186. What "disease" do YOU have?
  187. thinking about going on Prozac for anxiety...got question
  188. should i be worried?
  189. can anxiety meds cause low white blood cell count?
  190. ears ringing ,fingers and neck tingling and tight chest
  191. going off paxil... support please!
  192. Does anybody on meds feel like this??
  193. Mild electrical shock across neck???
  194. Effexor and panicky
  195. Benzodiazepines...and Anxiety
  196. Muscle Twitches and aches
  197. Can my Symptoms be Anxiety? PLEASE HELP!
  198. dreading tonight!!!
  199. major attack
  200. Infertility while on Zoloft???
  201. Anxiety & Work & Life
  202. anxiety on stage
  203. Request for everyone
  204. Alcohol and Meds
  205. Do you burn when you twitch?
  206. Physical symptoms of anxiety ?
  207. Quitting Effexor
  208. Upper chest pain
  209. panic attacks and obsessive worrying
  210. Biofeedback
  211. go for a long walk
  212. anxiety about upcoming trip
  213. 2 Meds and a question?
  214. massage helpful for anxiety
  215. Anxiety?
  216. Cymbalta
  217. New to the boards!
  218. Effexor and tingling ??
  219. lexapro up down up down
  220. Paxil Withdrawal help
  221. Does anyone have short term memory problems?
  222. Night Sweats?
  223. Help me to understand
  224. Side effects from 10mg Prozac
  225. Anyone tried therapy with 5HTP for Anxiety?
  226. Celexa and Anxiety
  227. Hi Again....Im back and in need of advice....Please?!
  228. Benzos vs. ADs for anxiety and panic
  229. Bored!!!
  230. Anyone Still Taking Serzone / Nefadozone?
  231. WEIRD question
  232. I am taking 10mg of Lexapro and dont feel anything.....
  233. nightmares please HELP
  234. Black out?
  235. New to board; looking for advice
  236. Zoloft users
  237. is it ok to take aspirin with a ssri?
  238. strange...
  239. Sexual side effects with Anxiety drugs
  240. Natural Ways to Cure Anxiety
  241. anxiety,trying to get pregnant...help
  242. librium/xanax
  243. Help!!!
  244. Therapist recommendation?
  245. We are the LUCKY ones!
  246. Has Anyone Experienced Chest Pain While On Zoloft??
  247. Advice on Anxiety and weight loss
  248. What Is Health Anxiety??
  249. New to Zoloft
  250. convinced I have a terrible disease

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