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  1. Week 3 on Lexapro
  2. Someone Please help me explain....
  3. Depressed and anxious
  4. Is Xanax addictive?
  5. im freaking out. help
  6. otc pills or foods for anx..
  7. Anxiety and Depression
  8. Can long-term Xanax make me sick?
  9. Nausea from Lexapro
  10. Taking Zoloft...sometimes xanax..still anxiety!!!
  11. social anxiety
  12. Anyone get this from Paxil?
  13. I cant stop worrying
  14. lorazapam dependency making me sick
  15. What's the longest anxiety/panic attack you've ever had?
  16. Tell me someone understand these feelings!
  17. Success stories wanted
  18. can anxiety bring on allergies?
  19. anxiety is horrible
  20. reflex test question
  21. Insomnia with Effexor - Please Help !
  22. Am I going crazy?
  23. How many get pain between shoulder blades?
  24. can stress cause stomach noises
  25. anxiety/depression vs bipolar
  26. Is It Ok To Take Advil While On Ssri's?
  27. weird symptom
  28. Anyone here ever take Vistaril (AKA: "Atarax")?
  29. Prozac & Xanax?!!?
  30. Is this a physical symptom of anxiety?
  31. High Cortisol Levels
  32. Alternative treatments for anxiety
  33. Zoloft side effects is this common and how long
  34. Looking For Feedback About Nortriptalyne
  35. Lexapro for Anxiety?
  36. Vacation Anxiety ???
  37. Worst Sytmptom
  38. Watery eyes!
  39. Can You Drink Alcohol On Ssri's?
  40. Ativan withdrawal
  41. HELP! Zoloft and Herbal Supplements...Safe or not???
  42. anxiety symptoms
  43. adult seperation anxiety
  44. Anxiety related?
  45. I'm starting to sweat the Lexapro
  46. anyone have any good stories about paxil?
  47. Does Anyone Get Major Dizziness With Anxiety
  48. Preoccupied with thoughts
  49. Benzo withdrawl...4 months or longer???
  50. How can you relax?
  51. Zoloft Advice
  52. Recovering naturally but how long til affects stop? Please help...
  53. irritability
  54. How many with finger Tremor?
  55. food drink drugs?
  56. very bad anxiety but is there a med that doesn't cause weight gain???
  57. Why Do I Worry about my health if i'm fine?
  58. Anyone get High BP Due to Anxiety?
  59. strange feelings in head
  60. Zoloft Dialated Pupil
  61. Tingling sensations-does anyone else get this?
  62. xanax and addiction
  63. Need some advice Now
  64. Midwest Center for Anxiety
  65. Heart palps are ruining my life......
  66. Vacation of a Lifetime, and I'm Terrified
  67. Hi again everyone.
  68. changing meds... hospitalization?
  69. L 5-HTP Serotonin
  70. please help. is this anxiety.
  71. Panic Attacks..
  72. Lorazepam
  73. burning legs and other spots
  74. Leaxpro And Agitation??
  75. Valerian Root - Does it Work?
  76. Zoloft withdrawal...when will I feel normal?
  77. Lexapro and Ginkgo??
  78. HELP! Enlarged Pupils from Lexapro!
  79. Anxiety mixed with depression anyone?
  80. Lexapro Causing Anxiety!!??
  81. Inner vibrations or buzzing anyone?
  82. If 10mg of Lexapro isn't working should I try taking two at a time?
  83. Muscle Spasms, Twitches anyone?
  84. quick laugh
  85. I need help...and don't know where to turn
  86. Will They Ever Get Better?
  87. Weight gain from Lexapro
  88. Two question about anxiety...
  89. depression/anxiety
  90. Kava Kava
  91. Weird arm problem this morning...anxiety-related?
  92. Klonzapan and xanax
  93. I'm my 4th week of Lexapro, so how exactly should I be feeling?
  94. Need help with SSRI Discontinuation Syndrome
  95. Questions Questions Questions ???
  96. Need Advice Please!!
  97. Anyone researched mercury as the root cause for Anxiety?
  98. Has anyone been "cured" with therapy?
  99. Killer headache!
  100. can't sleep?
  101. I need Reassurance!
  102. Nervous about Lexapro
  103. A question for everyone here...
  104. Always scared
  105. All I have done today is cry
  106. Anxiety/Panic/Stress and Physical symptoms
  107. Sex drive and antidepressants...please r/o
  108. Lightheadedness?
  109. Celexa to Wellbutrin?
  110. Hormone or thyroid testing and anxiety?
  111. anxiety, surviving without medication
  112. Question about anxiety attacks
  113. I thought GAD/Anxiety was only a "passing" thing...
  114. How long to ween off of Klonopin? (or benzos in general)
  115. Excess of saliva anyone?
  116. Can anyone tell me what is going on??
  117. Zoloft and Trazadone dangerous?
  118. Aches and Pains
  119. Anyone try SEREDYN?
  120. Do u have anything that triggers ur panic attacks sometimes????
  121. health anxiety
  122. Anyone try Elevex-50
  123. Losing my insurance
  124. Anyone remember this post?
  125. I feel like anxiety is running my life
  126. please help :(
  127. Need Advice
  128. whats wrong?
  129. i am freaking out....whats on my arms???
  130. From paxil CR to Paxil
  131. Scared, confused, please help!!!
  132. Question about my psychiatrist
  133. What are your reactions to caffeine?
  134. Common Panic Disorder Symptoms
  135. Is this social anxiety?
  136. please help
  137. Worried This Can't be Anxiety
  138. Leah004 & Luckyfemale-???
  139. Anyone read peace from nervous suffering?
  140. Celexa and sex drive...
  141. Ever freak out thinking you didn't take your med.
  142. sculpter how r u
  143. Twitches/jerks while falling asleep
  144. Starting Zoloft
  145. Hard day yesterday and today
  146. Zoloft at 200 mg!
  147. missed Paxil dose and dizziness?
  148. Strange feeling in foot!!!!
  149. I'll Try Again,,, Please, Need Your Advise!
  150. can Anxiety cause chills/sweating?
  151. No more anxiety!!! please read
  152. What does Lexapro make you feel like?
  153. Started Lexapro on Wednesday
  154. Started on Zoloft on Tuesday
  155. Panic attacks
  156. why do I do this to myself!!!!!!!!!
  157. Trouble with Dad's death and bea's "ideas" for me...
  158. Zoloft increase?
  159. Confused about something...
  160. Any Basic Advice for newcomer to anxiety?
  161. trying a drug again
  162. zoloft terrible diarhea
  163. I did it AGAIN! 170/96!
  164. Help! I think I have Leukemia!
  165. Can this all really be anxiety? Please reply!
  166. Xanax dosage question!
  167. Those of you taking Lexapro...
  168. A Better Way to Cope?
  169. Need Advice About Lexapro Part 2
  170. Few questions about Xanax
  171. zoloft to lexapro switch
  172. Bad to mix Clonazepam with trazodone
  173. Convincing yourself
  174. What the heck is wrong with me?!?!
  175. Urgent, can I take motrin (ibuprofen) with xanax?
  176. Generalized anxiety disorder anyone??????
  177. Fear of Passing Out
  178. lexapro withdrawl question?
  179. Is this anxiety?
  180. Tapering off Klonopin - Need Advice
  181. Can having anxiety make you depressed
  182. Can Anxiety hit out of the blue
  183. Need advice with Xanax and antidepressants - need the instant relief feeling
  184. is anyone taking respirdol?
  185. It's back and I feel hopeless
  186. Help Overcoming Health Anxiety
  187. Combining Lexapro and Wellbutrin
  188. How did it start for you? Here's my story...
  189. Do You ever get this???
  190. Xanax as needed
  191. Paxil Help.....
  192. would like to know.............
  193. Does this sound familiar to anyone??
  194. Anxiety and Depression
  195. Will things ever be like they use to?
  196. I think I figure out where my anxiety came from out of the blue
  197. Fingers and hands tingle
  198. Anxiety Worse With Period Anyone????
  199. Can anxiety (ie; GAD not panic attacks) hit for no reason at all?
  201. Why do I have anxiety upon waking every morning
  202. prozac and dizziness
  203. Feeling so much anxiety, Please Help
  204. For Those Of You With Dental Anxiety...
  205. Anxiety Attacks after being on Steroids
  206. Need doseage advise on starting Lexapro.
  207. New to the board
  208. Zoloft and Alcohol
  209. Health Phobic amongst other things lol ..i have a q
  210. Lexapro is working but I am so tired...Part 2
  211. Went off benzos cold turkey - questions...
  212. Strange anxiety issue with physical affection
  213. Social Anxiety Disorder
  214. Stomach aches related to anxiety?
  215. Help, Eyebrow Falling Off!
  216. Anxiety and ADD?!
  217. Is Xanax Dangerous?
  218. 5 years of troubling symptoms
  219. New to Anxiety
  220. neck swollen
  221. sleeping problems
  222. numbness and tingling
  223. memory loss
  224. Zoloft Advice, Please!
  225. Spot in Vision, Help!
  226. Heart palpitations
  227. Searching for answers
  228. anxiety and TMJ
  229. Dental anxiety
  230. Klonopin (Clonazepam) works wonders :)
  231. Thinking about taking Zoloft. PLEASE READ
  232. How many WEAK after exercise?
  233. Feeling Faint
  234. Really Scared! Need Advise On Lexapro!
  235. driving anxiety
  236. PCP or Psych for help with anxiety?
  237. Can Xanax be taken with an SSRI?
  238. to Hry33---benzo ?
  239. need help....
  240. Restoril?
  241. Weightlessness ??
  242. Replacing one worry with another
  243. Benzo withdrawl or what?
  244. Zoloft Withdrawl Help ASAP
  245. anxiety while pregnant?
  246. read and give me feed back please I am at my edge
  247. question, unsure
  248. does lexapro?
  249. anyone like Zoloft?
  250. please read

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