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  1. Meds for Panic Attacks
  2. anxiety or pstd?
  3. Weird morning
  4. feeling goofy today
  5. Could this be anxiety?
  6. how do you know when the meds are working?
  7. Jelly Legs
  8. Am I "Normal"
  9. fear of parents dying
  10. Anxiety attacks (coping with life)
  11. Need Advice
  12. Ear, Nose, and Throat?
  13. Sugar and Anxiety
  14. trying to wean off meds
  15. Zoloft induced Depersonalization?
  16. How long does it take for meds to kick in?
  17. Im tired of
  18. beta blockers best BP meds for anxiety
  19. Strange Feeling in head
  20. Irritability
  21. Medication question....someone answer this time!!
  22. zolft................so tired,any others?
  23. Will Zoloft help Anxiety/Panic Attacks???
  24. How long to be on a med before w/drawal?
  25. Different types of Anxiety and feeling ill
  26. Celexa Withdrawal
  27. best anxiety med. for weight loss
  28. heart beat
  29. Is this anxiety?
  30. Trying to get pregnant & Zoloft
  31. 22 year old college kid here........
  32. Dreams related to Anxiety?? Has anyone else.......
  33. Anyone on or has taken Effexor XR??? 1st med ever, welcoming all comments!!
  34. Mood Swings On Paxil
  35. question about xanex
  36. unable to drive help?
  37. Anxiety or MS?!?! Scared!!
  38. Feel numb on Cipramil - advice?
  39. the linden method
  40. amoryn and seredyn
  41. Question
  42. Anyone else suffer from sore spots on scalp?
  43. MAOI Antidepressants
  44. Ahhhh!! dentist appt.
  45. scalp/head problems
  46. Help Me
  47. Going on 2 weeks without
  48. having my surgery tomorrow and I am scared
  49. anyone else get this?
  50. Anyone read "Your Body's Many Cries for Water?"
  51. Is this anxiety?
  52. has anyone ever really been cured
  53. 'tight throat' after lariam, tips for chilling out?
  54. Work Discrimination about Anxiety
  55. flying!
  56. Befuddled Speech
  57. HELP! Desparetly Need a "Pro" on Lexapro! Having PROBLEMS!!
  58. Brain Fog
  59. Is this anxiety? whats wrong with me?
  60. Cylexa/Citalopram
  61. Need Lexapro Advise!!!
  62. anyone have good results with zoloft
  63. Anxiety and alcohol
  64. Anxiety associated with lung pain?
  65. wellbutrin
  66. Anyone else not happy with lexapro?
  67. strange feeling in chest
  68. Anxiety Attacks?
  69. This might sound stupid...
  70. Internist said no to zanax!!
  71. Do any Dr's. refuse to prescribe benzos to you?
  72. When did you hit rock bottom?
  73. Need help fast!!!!!!!!
  74. I perceive myself to be ugly causing lack of confidence
  75. Drinking with anxiety...
  76. question about upping paxil dose from 10-20mg
  77. Are these things for anxiety??????
  78. Palpatations, dodgy breathing
  79. Palpitations?
  80. Feeling your heartbeat in your body?
  81. Meeting people is so hard
  82. Medications
  83. anxiety and pregnancy
  84. No Way Out! Help!
  85. is it normal not to get any sideeffects from taking lexapro?
  86. Seeking Tampa PC Doc
  87. Middle of the nigh anxiety???
  88. Halcion
  89. Just need some advice...
  90. My symptoms.....anxiety?
  91. New here, I think this is where I belong...
  92. Have you always had anxiety?
  93. do they realize how much it scares me?!?
  94. inoopran xl 80 mg
  95. Calling Ms Seeker
  96. xanax...
  97. Lucinda Bassett Program - Question
  98. Klonopin Taper
  99. increase in resting pulse even not during a panic attack
  100. Will it ever get better?
  101. Educators with Anxiety
  102. worried
  103. Question regaurding anxiety attacks
  104. Expired Xanax
  105. Fish Oil Capsules and V-B12 Questions...
  106. Tom Cruise's interview
  107. Anxiety and low blood pressure
  108. am I the only one that gets these panic symptoms
  109. Alprazolam/Xanax..whenever?
  110. has anyone heard of depekote?
  111. Should i accept that i have anxiety?
  112. Neck So Stiff That . . .
  113. obsessing on things
  114. Feel like I cant breath
  115. Smaller Zoloft dose okay? (sorry long post)
  116. medications and weight gain
  117. Can this be caused by anxiety?
  118. Constantly thinking about life/death/reality
  119. Constant Tingling - Help!!
  120. Feeling Paralyzed
  121. doubts about anticonvulsants for anxiety
  122. if all these medicines do the same(restore a chemical imbalancen then why...
  123. Hope for Anxiety
  124. klonopin?
  125. Shaking hands?
  126. Is this anxiety?...or something more or something less...or am I just crazy...?
  127. Do you ever feel like you're going crazy?
  128. anyone have side effects from paxil?
  129. What should i do
  130. Anyone else have trouble concentrating
  131. xanax question
  132. Freaking Out
  133. Seredyn
  134. Wondering what my problem is....
  135. Went to neuro and got diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder...Please help.
  136. sleeping problem
  137. Scared! Need Feedback :)
  138. Feeling very strange
  139. Vision problems?
  140. Reassurance this is anxiety
  141. Lexapro-going up to 20 mg...
  142. Need support please!
  143. Does anyone know what this is called?
  144. Vistaril and Atarax
  145. Phenergan
  146. What cold meds are safe with Effexor XR?
  147. How much do benzo's lower your blood pressure?
  148. Anxiety and aspartame?????
  149. question about lexapro
  150. chronic tiredness
  151. Advice on symptoms - please help me.
  152. What Are Your Ways To Relieve Everyday Anxiety?
  153. Frustrated With Doctors!!
  154. Severe paranoia! What is going on?!
  155. Should I consider taking a med. for my problem.
  156. Going off Effexor, switched to Lexapro and Lamictal, Scared!!!!!
  157. 1st day on Lexapro
  158. does anyone else get weird thoughts ?
  159. Decreasing anxiety with lifestyle changes?
  160. how do i know if i have social anxiety?
  161. Zoloft - taking 1/2 2x a day or whole pill at once? Any Difference?
  162. Does Anyone Find,.....
  163. scared of plane flights
  164. strange sensation in mouth
  165. Do I have anxiety? panic attacks?
  166. Lexapro and Sleep Patterns
  167. Problems with girlfriend, I haven't been eating, hows this effecting my body?
  168. told boyfriend about my social anxiety
  169. confused
  170. stuck at home
  171. childhood anxiety
  172. medication
  173. Strange?New symptom
  174. Experiences with extended-release versions? (CR, XL, etc.)
  175. social anxiety/new job
  176. What dose of Zoloft worked best for you
  177. Paxil and alternatives
  178. Panic the day after drinking alcohol--please help!
  179. effexor xr in the am or pm
  180. 24/7 panicy/anxious feeling
  181. This is awfull
  182. What has happened to me?
  183. please help muscle spasms
  184. Question please anybody
  185. Question
  186. Slowly switching from Effexor XR back to Zoloft r/o
  187. asking again---who suffers insomnia
  188. Do you think I have social anxiety?
  189. Are my going to die of a life threating disease?
  190. Klonapin as needed?
  191. Lorazepam vs Klonopin
  192. worried sick!
  193. Switching from ativan to xanax without weening off, is this ok?
  194. NEED HELP lowering anxiety!
  195. Citalopram
  196. physical symptoms of stress
  197. pressure in my head: is it anxiety?
  198. On meditation and anxiety induced moodiness
  199. Anxiety Is Ruining My Life...please Help!!!!
  200. Zoloft and insomnia -- What help's???
  201. ocinaplon
  202. This Sucks
  203. Lexapro - effects - good and bad?
  204. panic attacks please help
  205. Success with combatting sexual side effects?
  206. anxiety and teeth
  207. anyone has taking lexapro for social anxiety?
  208. wellbutrin
  209. Coffee and cigarettes
  210. ever feel like you are going crazy??
  211. I take Ativan only in morning, am I experiencing withdrawal at night?
  212. is lexapro as effective as zoloft?
  213. Is this Anxiety at night?
  214. Ugh!!!
  215. Just prescribed Effexor - have questions
  216. Question....Please Anyone
  217. Restoril--Temazepam...question
  218. Zoloft and Anxiety, has anybody had this happen
  219. A ramble about anxiety, avoidance or nothing.
  220. Time to see a doctor?
  221. spontaneous attacks or no?
  222. Does anyone else have tremors that last days on end???
  223. Xanax withdrawl
  224. Worrying 24/7
  225. Short-term Memory Loss from Lexapro
  226. aching or stiffness
  227. Adrenalin surges
  228. My anxiety is controling my life!
  229. Fear of sleep?
  230. quiting buspar cold turkey
  231. vitamins
  232. Xanax and freaking out
  233. Help changed my meds,got depressed on xanax xr ?
  234. Good Experiences with meds???????????
  235. Planes and Anxiety
  236. drinkiing and drugggs
  237. klonopin helped the jerking
  238. Any Experience on Buspar???? Need Info....
  239. New Meds: Very Confused...Buspar, Xanax, and Zoloft?
  240. Do not know what is wrong with me
  241. Is this anxiety?
  242. Replacing Anxiety Attacks with worrying
  243. Just need some sympathy and good advice right now :(
  244. Question to the twitchers!
  245. Prozac and anxiety
  246. Has this happened to anyone?
  247. IS this a panic attack!? seizure? or, or, or..
  248. No breathing sensation
  249. Interesting Observation
  250. How Knowledge cured my anxiety!

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