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  1. need some reassurance
  2. it may not always be from anxiety
  3. unrealtiy
  4. Pleas Help Quickly
  5. pvcs or skipped beats
  6. Trichotillomania
  7. Not Social Anxiety, what is it???
  8. Fear of illness
  9. swallowing and choking while speaking
  10. Lexapro & Low Heart Rate
  11. High resting pulse
  12. Does anyone have constant anxiety?
  13. Flinching/clumsiness...are these symptoms?
  14. Zoloft Side Effects
  15. Has anyone tried Yoga or Accupuncture?
  16. You must not take paxil...please
  17. I Am Going Insane..please Help
  18. Hi hillery - how did your anemia tests go?
  19. Blood Tests - please advise
  20. Side Effects with 10mg Celexa???
  21. Anxiety and Stomach Problems...
  22. Lexapro Sexual side affects
  23. New here...looking for advice on treatment.
  24. sooo scared...HELP ME
  25. generalized anxiety disorder??
  26. Hi - I'm new here...does anyone experience a burning feeling with their anxiety ??
  27. Leprexo and am I a hypchondriac?
  28. Please help with Paxil
  29. "Reishi" has anyone tried it?
  30. Started Celexa for my dizziness!
  31. Benzos for Anxiety...
  32. Clumsy Hands?
  33. some questions about anxiety and medicine
  34. Panic attacks while sleeping?
  35. "Jelly legs" anyone?
  36. Anyone on Zoloft....
  37. How many?...
  38. Anyone relate to this?...
  39. questions about Zoloft
  40. Help please :(
  41. I am in need of help im really scared
  42. HELP! I'm Suffering From Social Anxiety
  43. My anxiety is at an all time high?
  44. Effexor xr for teens?
  45. Lexapro not available in Canada???
  46. newbie battling health anxiety (long)
  48. So afraid
  49. Glad to find this place
  50. Soodle...How are you doing??
  51. am i crazy?
  52. I have questions and need advice -long
  53. Whats Wrong with me? PLS HELP
  54. Anti Dep Meds and PPl with Liver Probs.. What can WE take?
  55. Who else is dizzy/spaced out 24/7?
  56. Lack of sleep due to anxiety/stress?
  57. Only Could Happen to Me
  58. How do your panic attacks manifest themselves?
  59. how everything affects ur life
  60. anyone troubled by escalators
  61. Anxiety and Sleep
  62. Thought I had it under control
  63. Eyes and tiredness.....
  64. new to board- social anxiety disorder
  65. Can mouth problems be a sign of stress and anxiety?
  66. Am I having panic/anxiety attacks?
  67. Anxiety.... physical but really no mental symptoms..
  68. Fluorescent Lighting and Anxiety Attacks
  69. My world is collapsing around me
  70. Blood pressure very sensitive to anxiety!
  71. Effexor and weight!
  72. Neck tension - social anxiety
  73. Trying to stop xanax....
  74. I am scared to throw up
  75. Starting taking Lexapro Today...Anyone else?
  76. question about a doctors appointment...
  77. Lexapro
  78. Anybody else get hives?
  79. how to bring social anxiety up to doctor?
  80. Side effect of Wellbutrin?
  81. Quick Question
  82. My story..and thank you!
  83. Public speaking PLEASE help
  84. Zoloft?
  85. To all the dizziness sufferers
  86. Is this normal?
  87. Your Take on Paxil?
  88. Throat Clicking!!!
  89. Treatment for Anxiety (not medication)
  90. Panic Attacks at Bed Time
  91. 24/7 Spaciness. Which meds have helped you?
  92. 1 Xanax = 3 days of withdrawl symptoms?!?!
  93. Breathing issue
  94. Anybody here sometimes shake in their sleep
  95. What is my problem?!?!?
  96. 1st bowel problems, now my heart!
  97. ques ffor princessawa
  98. lexapro and birth control
  99. What is wrong with me!?!?!
  100. Goodbye Xanax
  101. Slow heart beat?
  102. I have some WEIRD scary symptoms and I don't know if its anxiety
  103. To Damndanes: Let's compare notes!
  104. Scared and panicky, and everything in between!
  105. Weird Swollowing
  106. Teen stress...
  107. xanax without prescription
  108. Xanax and alchohol, tobacco
  109. itching, tingling face...anyone else?
  110. What Was This?
  111. Weekly Prozac
  112. sensations
  113. Lets list some of our crazy thoughts...
  114. Can gas in chest cause sharp pains?
  115. nightmares
  116. Shortness of breath..could it be the xanax
  117. more confused
  118. Prozac Taken With Mood Enhancer ???
  119. Meds for anxiety? Side effects?
  120. Topamax?
  121. A cold or anxiety
  122. Question Re: Effexor XR
  123. Maybe social anxiety?
  124. Do anyone in here feel the way i feel
  125. Before Medication
  126. What do Paniac attacks feel like?
  127. What symptoms do you get with social anxiety?
  128. too sensitive to our bodies
  129. Effexor XR withdrawal ??
  130. Recovering workaholic
  131. The Bathroom
  132. Panic anyone?
  133. how do you deal?
  134. relaxation cd
  135. Paxil vs Lexapro
  136. insecure
  137. Dizziness a part of it
  138. Anxiety that mirrors serious disease
  139. Help me!
  140. i need your advice,
  141. anger problems??
  142. Anxiety & Bowels
  143. Worrying about worrying...anyone else?
  144. My bowels go nuts when nervous/excited, know any foods?
  145. need some help
  146. Increasing Lexapro dosage?
  147. Air hunger
  148. Effexor XR
  149. back again
  150. Does EVERYONE gain weight on Effexor?
  151. Long term effects of anxiety
  152. when I hear bad news,my body freaks out
  153. Vision problems
  154. Hi hillery - how are you doing?
  155. Confused on my diagnosis...
  156. Anger a part of it?
  157. Constant spaciness, head pressure, now nausea... Desperate for help.
  158. Dizziness from abrupt movement
  159. still scared to take paxil!!
  160. Neurofeedback for anxiety
  161. 3 year arm mortgage anxiety
  162. alone
  163. Anxieth and throat
  164. worrying to much mostly when waking up
  165. Chest symptoms worse than ever - terrified
  166. It may not always be from anxiety or depression
  167. ive been suffering form anxiety for the past 5 months
  168. flying
  169. craqzy mind
  170. Celexa--sexual Side Effects!?
  171. Panic Attack?
  172. Morning Anxiety
  173. Lymph Nodes
  174. Your Suggestions: Lexipro or Prozac
  175. Anxiety + diet
  176. Stressed! Waiting on results from HIV Test
  177. Stressed! Waiting on results from HIV Test
  178. Social situations heighten anxiety
  179. This is going to be a bad day
  180. Low Cortisol and High DHEA
  181. Lexipro & Blood Pressure...
  182. Lexipro & Blood Pressure...
  183. Have any of you had this happen?
  184. It is happening again!
  185. anxiety may cause sweating...ahhh!
  187. anxiety and stress.... do i have a more severe condition?? schizo maybe?? help plz..
  188. I got a ticket and now my anxiety is sky high!
  189. Lexapro Withdrawal Symptoms?
  190. Lexapro Withdrawal Symptoms?
  191. Do your legs fall asleep all the time?!!!!
  192. Questions on Lexapro??
  193. Swollen throat
  194. Stiff legs
  195. Please Oh Please Help Me!!
  196. Consistency of symptoms...
  197. Making things bigger than they are...
  198. not being able to control what I am saying.
  199. How long does it take for stress to cause "symptoms"??
  200. Does anyone else having fainting spells??
  201. A very very long post.
  202. Paxil withdrawals-how long?
  203. Twitchy muscles and where u get them
  204. Fear of Dying & Taking Meds.
  205. Wandering Mind
  206. Trying to help my nephew
  207. paxil?
  208. Afraid to Go
  209. My Story??
  210. Please.im Really Scared??
  211. Anticipation Anxiety
  212. Really tough time
  213. Does acupuncture help anyone ?
  214. ativan vs. zanax
  215. BAD chest pains
  216. Loving someone with anxiety...
  217. Overdose?
  218. Klonopin Withdrawal - HELP
  219. anxiety and back pain
  220. Has anyone tried SSRA drugs (Selective Serotonin ReUptake Accelerator)
  221. headaches
  222. effexor xr side effects
  223. Holiday Anxiety
  224. side effects from effexor xr
  225. 5-HTP and St. Johns Wort can they be helpful together?
  226. panicking now???help
  227. Xanax/Alprazolam-Good, Bad, or Indifferent...
  228. why do my ears hurt????
  229. Is it normal?plz help
  230. Anxiety in the night only - why???
  231. Anxiety and Your Love Life
  232. Anxiety triggers
  233. Is this part of Anxiety?
  234. Body Numbness
  235. headaches
  236. Maybe it isn't stress/anxiety...
  237. Irrational thoughts
  238. I'm going back into my "I have some horrible illness" phase
  239. Am I the only freak???
  240. Diazepam
  241. back to say thanks and share my story
  242. Does anyone have tremors as a symptom?
  243. Nose Bleed
  244. Not alone in this...
  245. anxiety as i go to sleep
  246. Help...
  247. Starnge jittery feeling
  248. My Times They Are A Changin'
  249. Suffering for way too long.
  250. Nervous a lot of the time

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