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  1. Anxiety has screwed up my life
  2. Any one on paxil short time/ withdrawels
  3. Exercising without listening to music
  4. Drug Issues
  5. Hell Hole, if you can, please help
  6. question for billy7772
  7. Ugh, Hand tremor today
  8. Serenity?
  9. Scared! Anyone on Paxil >7 years?????
  10. Side Effects from.....
  11. Panic Attacks, I think?
  12. Anyone take lorazepam?
  13. Any Men Out There Taking Lexapro
  14. Is anxiety considered a pre-existing condition for insurance?
  15. Anxiety...
  16. I need someone to talk 2
  17. Frustrated
  18. Paxil, anti-depressants, make you crazy?
  19. Self Diagnosis: GAD/OCD, nothing more!
  20. Daytime VS Nightime Anxiety
  21. More than panic attacks
  22. Effexor Anyone??
  23. Stress or TIA?
  24. lightheaded or brain fog
  25. CBT--Who Has Successfully Used?
  26. Can someone help with these horrible symptoms?
  27. Fed Ex nightmare, now stuck at work
  28. I just had a panic attack- at work
  29. Who's my daddy
  30. Finally trying to address my anxiety
  31. Neuritis
  32. Benzo's and non benzos
  33. My life and anxiety - Read This
  34. Anxiety and lightheadedness??????
  35. Please Help!!!
  36. Lexapro and Zoloft
  37. Sickman hope you're OK
  38. I was hospitalized for a month
  39. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr
  40. celexa & lexapro
  41. Xanax extended release
  42. Does this sound stress related???
  43. Beebsqtip, I have a question!!
  44. Constant health worries
  45. One large throb in chest area, anyone else?
  46. frustrated again!
  47. has anyone been to the amen clinics?
  48. positive celexa stories please
  49. zoloft= weight gain?
  50. numbness
  51. DoC wants me to starts taking Zoloft
  52. Angel30
  53. taking zoloft and have tingling in my tongue
  54. Anxiety and Dancing
  55. Worried About Seizures
  56. what is best anti depressant for anxiety
  57. 25yr old with tachycardia out of the blue - drs say anxiety?!
  58. Helped by EMDR
  59. Derealization is back after 3 months =-(
  60. low blood sugar or anxiety
  61. I am not taking this anymore!!!!
  62. TOPROL XL - any advice??
  63. Blushing from anxiety
  64. Anxiety/Not depression
  65. stress-related itching?
  66. Anyone used Beta-Blockers?
  67. Need Advice quick!
  68. lexapro and me
  69. Chest tightness for 2 weeks
  70. hi everyone
  71. Daily upper back pain, muscular.
  72. Panic Attack every time I wake up....
  73. Buspar and symptoms
  74. anxiety so bad that can barely speak?
  75. About cbt
  76. anxiety and jittery but why
  77. Can Stress cause this?
  78. Heart problems from mixing drugs ?
  79. 5htp????
  80. Stress??
  81. Zoloft???
  82. chest bubbling movement
  83. B-vitamins and stress
  84. Increased anxiety with Lexapro
  85. May I join you all?
  86. Does anyone take xanax and SAMe ?
  87. CBT books?
  88. I found great tools to cope- Heart Math Solution not CBT!
  89. Exactly HOW does Xanax work ???
  90. Very Vivid Terrible dreams?
  91. Social anxiety- paranoia on the road
  92. TO: MJK291...your online xanax purchasing
  93. anxiety and health issues
  94. social anxiety
  95. Go for a walk
  96. Anyone get Deja Vu?
  97. chest pain??
  98. What can be done to prevent this happening?
  99. Anyone have any knowledge of Tryptozen?
  100. clothing for heavy sweating
  101. Did they give me Viagra instead of Celexa?!?
  102. Anyone here with Adult ADHD?
  103. What kind of anxiety is this?
  104. Phones.. so pathetic.
  105. The IRS: A Must Read
  106. Get these? teeth ache, back and chest tightness
  107. Social anxiety... what's causes it for me
  108. What IS anxiety?
  109. Anyone with Monday work anxiety?
  110. How long and consistant has it been?
  111. Day 3 on Klonopin and I just don't like it.
  112. benzodiazepines
  113. What disorder do you really have?
  114. ~~~Rivotril~~~
  115. Anxiety/Migraines
  116. Qlink - Drastically reduces stress & anxiety
  117. Xanax was great. 1st day on klonopin and (m)
  118. Hey Billy7772,
  119. Off xanax and on klonopin. Does this sound right?
  120. Increase Leaxapro Dosage
  121. Weird feelings in tongue?
  122. Low blood sugar??
  123. Complicated problem!
  124. Zoloft Questions
  125. Risperdal
  126. celexa for anxiety/depression anyone??
  127. Trouble sleeping next to fiancee/anxiety related?
  128. Valerian root
  129. Can someone please help me?
  130. Where's Monkyfunky
  131. Me next symptom
  132. foggy headed
  133. Waking up without a brain
  134. Confused with Anxiety
  135. Heavy Headed Feeling!! I want it to go away!
  136. Zoloft / depersonalization question
  137. new med..
  138. Had to pull over while driving
  139. what can i do about this?
  140. Stress...too much of it....
  141. Breathing problems
  142. whats the difference?
  143. Feel Dizzy with blurry eyes
  144. Amitriptyline
  145. How long would withdrawal last
  146. this might be helpful to some fo you.
  147. Alcohol/Anxiety
  148. whats up with this wierd breathing.
  149. Ativan concerns
  150. abdominal pulsing???....IBS...or something else?
  151. Swallowing problems...please help
  152. Am I going crazy/Worring to much
  153. How much Xanax is too much?
  154. The pathetic me.
  155. I feel so all alone
  156. How do you all prepare for a doctors appt? Ugh!!!!!
  157. PLEASE!!!!HELP!!! I'm losing it!!!
  158. Stress!!
  159. how can I stop these scary thoughts!
  160. who/how diagniosed
  161. Obsessive thinking/trying Lucinda Bassetts program
  162. sharp pains
  163. Deception uncovered in antidepressant clinical trials
  164. Social Anxiety--Other Alternatives
  165. Does anyone sleep horribly?
  166. Exercise and anxiety?
  167. Chest Pains
  168. Any help would be appreciated!!!
  169. seroquel?
  170. valerien for anxiety
  171. Anxiety in the morning
  172. GAD and medication...
  173. Nervous Stomach
  174. very hot face/neck. stress?
  175. Klonopin and Xanax
  176. Lexapro for Social Anxiety/Stress
  177. exaggerated startle reaction
  178. Paxil and Wellbutrin
  179. Breathing
  180. amino acids for anxiety
  181. new to lexapro
  182. please help!!
  183. I don't know how to describe this nor know what it is...
  184. CBT/Biofeedback Resources
  185. ANXIETY - doctor's favourite buzz word?
  186. can social anxiety be semi-situational?
  187. do i have aniexty disorder?
  188. Normorcrazy
  189. Another newbie needing help with driving
  190. Xanax Vs. Zoloft
  191. New Here -- Need Help
  192. Stress & Anxiety is slowly killing me
  193. strange/indigestion feeling in throat
  194. Pain
  195. Klonopin
  196. Anexity is worse after or during drinking
  197. Missed period + wacky hormoes = anxiety?
  198. Uneasy about this blunting of emotions?
  199. Work related stress and anxiety
  200. my husband went to the ER with a heart rate of 160
  201. Fear of vomiting
  202. Could all this just be stress/anxiety?
  203. symptoms
  204. anyone else out there with heart-related anxiety?
  205. Is this all just anxiety? Advice please
  206. Is it anxiety or Something else
  207. Which Benzo Is Suppose TO Be Least Addictive?
  208. Anxiety and Head shakes
  209. Need for minerals
  210. Stress and rash?
  211. 2 questions
  212. Positives About Paxil Please!
  213. meds while flying
  214. Klonopin...time to get off of it!!!
  215. Stressed Out!!!!
  216. I Think Therefore I Feel Stress.....
  217. strange situation
  218. I did some stupid stuff a couple of years ago, How do I forgive myself?
  219. do i have social anxiety
  220. CBT Therapy ...
  221. memory
  222. prozac and low sex drive
  223. someone help me with perspective
  224. Anxiety - Xanax - Symptoms??
  225. Is performance anxiety a branch to anxiety?
  226. Are u from the uk?
  227. Paxil and loss of appetite?
  228. How to relieve tension?
  229. has this happened to you?
  230. will I ever be better? (on Celexa)
  231. A question please?
  232. mindfulness for stress?
  233. Need someone to listen and understand
  234. Should I take Buspar/Buspirone?
  235. help
  236. Nerves?
  237. How much paxil cr do you take for your anxiety?? Just wondering
  238. Anxiety..a way of life.
  239. Phlegm in throat
  240. I So Need Help O God Plse Help Me
  241. How to breathe properly?
  242. Question for all those that suffer with Health Anxeity
  243. High doses of Xanax, purchasing online-need to lower!
  244. Out Of Control Xanax--Need to lwer my dose
  245. Paxil Question
  246. Anxiety and the SAT
  247. Very Worried and Anxious
  248. What helps you control your Anxiety??
  249. amount of pills per day
  250. ADD question???

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