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  1. My 9 year anxiety story
  2. Only just realised that I suffer with anxiety
  3. anxiety back in full force
  4. Withdrawl issues with Effexor and Prozac and tingling legs
  5. New Tremors, Dose Too High?
  6. Prozac for GAD and PD... any info...
  7. My Story...
  8. my health anxiety is just out of control! I need to talk this out. LONG!
  9. Anxiety attacks coming back.
  10. Xanax and Tetanus shot??
  11. Xanax vs Valium and Blood Pressure
  12. Can lexapro be taken together with paracetamol?
  13. Exercise
  14. Zoloft, weight gain, getting off???
  15. Do i have anxiety or schizophrenia?
  16. Here we go again!
  17. anxiety symptoms
  18. Whats going on with my mind?
  19. Will panic attack lead to seizure? I'm so afraid :(
  20. Having anxiety/panic attacks again after months free from it. Please talk with me.
  21. Help ?
  22. Can you have anxiety/panic attacks when falling asleep???.
  23. Help?! Anxiety Meds?
  24. Anyone else ever have this?
  25. light headedness
  26. Widthrawal from Prozac (fluoxetine) I feel so dizzy need help
  27. It's amazing how stress can bring on anxiety then turn into health anxiety
  28. Changing Benzos, help desperately needed.
  29. Hello
  30. physical symptoms
  31. Simply Anxiety and OCD? Need some advice.
  32. Could this be anxiety?
  33. Thoughts or Feelings?
  34. Beta Blockers
  35. Could this be anxiety... so many unusual symptoms
  36. Anxiety attack vs heart attack (or something else.. )
  37. Anxiety?
  38. New, need some advice
  39. Does this sound like anxiety symptoms?
  40. Paranoia?
  41. Can an adult have separation anxiety for their child? Very scacred right now
  42. Pristiq with Abilify results
  43. Tingly sensation in throat when nervous.
  44. Off Lexapro. HELP!
  45. New to meds... any opinions on ativan/zoloft combo?
  46. anxiety? please helpp !
  47. Prozac/Anxiety/Depersonalization
  48. Adivan dose
  49. Anxiety and OCD
  50. Are You Doing Meditation – Breathing - Stretching/Yoga
  51. Anxiety takes over..
  52. Weird/Unusual sensation when breathing
  53. Extreme - Extreme Tension
  54. 20 years old, long medical history, and want to gain control of my life
  55. Am I failure for having to take anxiety medication? (Im 22)
  56. Anxiety for two years... Being sick
  57. Major déjà vu and anxiety ! Help !
  58. Social Anxiety and Long-Term Rejection
  59. The heat!
  60. ANXIETY from Hell- but it does pass
  61. How much anxiety is too much!!!!
  62. Constant worrying - I need help/advice
  63. Could this still be anxiety?
  64. Need support/encouragement.
  65. Neck pains?
  66. Advice And help please?!?
  67. Cymbalta and remeron
  68. 5 Years of Anxiety (so far)
  69. Anxiety and Buspar
  70. Shortness of breath related to xanax?
  71. Anyone This Bad ???
  72. A couple questions
  73. Can you mix zoloft and alcohol?
  74. Anxiety and Dating
  75. Coming to grips with my anxiety
  76. I have anxiety but...
  77. I have anxiety, and I'm going the doctors soon, but...?
  78. New here and need help
  79. Anxiety, Health Problem, or just Overreaction?
  80. Discontinuing Lyrica and anxiety?
  81. Just not sure where to turn
  82. paxil to wellbutrin
  83. Recently Diagnosed with Anxiety and Prescribed Zoloft
  84. Anxiety?
  85. Is this anxiety?
  86. Just Diagnosed - is this all normal?
  87. phlegm in throat?
  88. Sores caused by anxiety?
  89. Anxiety back after 5+ years!
  90. Seriously freaking out!
  91. First post just got diagnosed today
  92. I get anxious everytime I feel sick
  93. Another long night of anxiety ahead of me
  94. Prescribed Fluoxetine for Anxiety
  95. parent in hospital
  96. Is this Anxiety like they say?
  97. Anxiety/OCD - Feeling Hopeless
  98. Weird symptoms.... Really stuck....
  99. Switching from Zoloft 100MG to Effexor XR 75MG? (Severe anxiety)
  100. Celexa
  101. Prescribed Ativan for my first plane ride...
  102. Panic Attack or Allergic reaction?
  103. Depersonalization
  104. Klonopin Question... please help
  105. Time to switch meds?
  106. Why is this anxiety attack lasting so long?
  107. Passion flower for GAD?
  108. Agoraphobia, scared and not supported
  109. burning face and ears...
  110. Cymbalta
  111. Heart Rate During a Panic Attack
  112. 6-week wait for a therapist
  113. Obsessive Relationship Anxiety
  114. Zoloft Jitters
  115. I have an anxiety problem and dont know how to deal with it
  116. Work-related anxiety
  117. Sleepiness with Xanax XR?
  118. Faintness everyday??
  119. Anxiety feeling physical
  120. No meds?
  121. anxiety attack.
  122. Getting off of the Ativan
  123. help me please
  124. Hoping for the Best
  125. Anxiety disorder and prozac.
  126. Prozak
  127. Why does my anxiety keep coming back? Am I doing something wrong?
  128. questions on ekg?
  129. Need advice on Postpartum issues and anxiety. Possible Klonapin withdrawal symptoms??
  130. Similar Symptoms, but Unsure... Please Help!
  131. Hydoxyzine (Vistaril) Question
  132. Anxiety about medical problems ruining my life
  133. Mental or Physical? I really can't tell
  134. Urghhh I'm so confused!! Does anyone have any advice or suggestions?
  135. what is goin gon with me its stressing me out
  136. Scared to start Paroxetine
  137. This is absolutely ridiculous!
  138. Help please
  139. New here--horrible anxiety
  140. My brother says he has voices in his head.
  141. About to Marry Extreme Anxiety
  142. People say its anxiety please help!
  143. Issues with Zoloft?
  144. Am I dying from a brain tumor? Really freaked out, please respond quicklya
  145. Accommodations Involving Anxiety
  146. Too anxious to function
  147. What are your symptoms?
  148. Stress makes ​​anxious, stomach ache, and fart
  149. Anxiety or lymphoma
  150. Very worried about MS :(
  151. Opinions on best chronic anxiety benzo and how to ask new doc for it?
  152. New to Prozac - Help!
  153. Lexapro withdrawl
  154. I just want to have fun
  155. does anyone have earpain throat pain with anxiety
  156. Anxiety and burning mouth and tongue
  157. Fear of Doctors
  158. anxiety is making me angry!
  159. Can someone please help with xanax withdraws?
  160. Abilify
  161. Scared I'm Losing Myself
  162. really worried
  163. Really...is this anxiety? almost 24/7?
  164. Anxiety causing memory loss/freezes?
  165. Terrified of everything.....until... (vicious cycle)
  166. Fear to rest?
  167. Tightness/dizziness/loss of appetite...anxiety?
  168. Tired of being plagued by fear.
  169. My anxiety is starting up again...help!!!
  170. Escitalopram/Generic Lexapro side effects?
  171. Medications for Anxiety? What works? Need advice..
  172. Shakes, lump throat....Med advice?
  173. Desperately Seeking Advice
  174. Hoping to find someone who has shared this experience of anxiety
  175. Lexapro Stomach problems
  176. Is this anxiety? Or a heart condition?
  177. wierd throat feeling please help!
  178. Anxiety or MS
  179. Gotten used to Clonazepam?
  180. 5htp supplements for anxiety and panic attacks
  181. something wrong
  182. first post here
  183. Anyone use Zoloft for Anxiety/Panic Disorder? I need advice, please!!!!
  184. Anxious from a Rare Medical condition
  185. Symptoms,Exposure, and thoughts...
  186. head pressure and throat pressure has gone
  187. anxiety, migraine and stroke
  188. After 22 yrs of anxiety failed ECG
  189. Seeking an understanding ear
  190. Anxiety or brain tumour please help
  191. Think I'm gonna die with awful symptoms but being told its anxiety.
  192. Anxiety problems
  193. Is it okay to use old medication & for this purpose?
  194. New, need encouragement
  195. keep getting odd symptom.
  196. very odd head pressure
  197. Not taking Lexapro every day
  198. Celexa
  199. Klonopin withdrawal
  200. New to the boards.....
  201. Are these anxiety symptoms ??
  202. Anxiety or HIV?
  203. Too scared to take my meds :(
  204. I am on the beginning dose of zoloft
  205. Scared of Medication
  206. Just an update and place to release
  207. Bottom Line... does... Zolft...
  208. Feeling of someone standing behind me
  209. Please help me ! :(
  210. How can tv addiction create anxiety?
  211. Mood/Anxiety changes in waves daily
  212. Is this normal???
  213. symptoms of a panic attack???
  214. Doing something that really scares me
  215. Anxiety is a struggle everyday!
  216. blackout
  217. Back to square one? Hopefully not.
  218. Anxiety & Severe Head Sweats
  219. Symptoms of Anxiety
  220. Where to start..
  221. can someone give me some help
  222. Should I seek help? I need advice.
  223. Trying to break the anxiety cycle!
  224. Anxiety
  225. Scared this is it
  226. Anxeity sucks
  227. itchy
  228. trying to understand please advise
  229. Please help this is ruining my life.
  230. Abysmal Anxiety...please help !!
  231. Anxiety and tongue/mouth issues
  232. Help help help
  233. Terrified
  234. alcohol and anxiety/ st johns wort
  235. my anxiety is only getting worse. can anyone relate?
  236. Can SSRI's take effect within 12 hours?
  237. Knowing but not quite knowing
  238. Help with anxiety
  239. Questions about meds?
  240. Odd Type of Anxiety/Insomnia
  241. Do I have Anxiety/Stress disorder? Please help.
  242. Starting SSRI again
  243. Anxiety makes me anxious!
  244. Anxiety and High Blood Pressure problems
  245. Major set back .. really had enough
  246. anxiety, and obsessive disorder
  247. Nuts, dying or just anxious?
  248. Walking and standing problems?
  249. i have panic disorder
  250. Problems with Generic Lexapro

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